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Q is posting about Foreign assets in the media and alt media.

@PatriotsSoapbox let's look at some past posts that highlight this!

#QAnon #FakeNewsMedia #FakeNews
@PatriotsSoapbox Post 1751
@PatriotsSoapbox We have CIA/Mossad attacking 8chan and Q...
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"DoH" is an expression many associate with this guy 👇👇👇 rather than a web-based encryption technology at the center of political controversy.

DoH is a controversial technology that obfuscates which websites you look-up (and visit) by encrypting your DNS requests.

Its development recently drawing the ire of telcos, ISPs as well as UK and US regulators.

#doh #ietf #privacy 2/18
Now that I have had some time to recover from the fact that the opaque #IETF protocols I study are front-page news, here are some thoughts on DoH from an anthro who spends a lot of time w the companies that develop & implement it.

F R O N T P A G E… 3/
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Thread, to a reporter, about #Cloudflare dropping 8chan: what effect would it likely have, and in which layers of the Net should accountability live? Short version: Decisions matter even if they don’t have a simple effect, and our ideas about responsibility are changing. 1/16
I think in the short term, both guesses are probably right: CloudFlare’s decision certainly doesn’t end 8chan, it will probably rematerialize in some form elsewhere; AND there will probably be some attrition of users, who either don’t find the new site or don’t want to. 2/16
But I do think we can get too focused on whether a single decision will or will not have a definitive effect, and we overlook the cumulative and the symbolic value of a decision like Cloudflare’s. 3/16
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This is a temp #QResearch board titled
"F**k #CloudFlare Edition"...
Things are changing rapidly, so...
#8chan #QResearchBoard #QAnon #QPlus
2) 1/2 chan now shows a more familiar version of #QResearch.
2be expected, much like earlier #QAnon Boards when they were hit w/#DDoS attacks, #8chan is down for the moment, & the half chan efforts 2fill the void, continue to morph.
Here's the latest...…
3) Here's page 2 of what now appears 2be a functioning, temporary #QResearchBoard located on #HalfChan.…
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BREAKING: Cloudflare Terminating Service for 8Chan.…
Emotions cloud judgement.
Emotions cloud logic.

Cloudflare provides services to "at least 7 terrorist groups", as designated by the United States Department of State. According to the article Cloudflare provides services to the Taliban, Hamas and al-Quds Brigades among others… @POTUS
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