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I'm not sure why the VPD deputy chief is going #contextmatters when this started because they tweeted out a graphic saying serious assaults and assaults against peace officers were going up (with big arrows!) when they are in fact down so far this year
The graphic they tweeted out also showed robberies up, and indeed they are so far this year.

But again, we go back to the fact the VPD's topline crime data shows some things are up and other things are down, while the message they communicate often frames things differently.
Another thing we didn't talk about when it comes to this framing: the VPD picked an average from 2017-2019, describing it as "pre-pandemic levels".

But these are comparing first quarter stats.

And about 80% of the first quarter of 2020 was non-pandemic times.
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These pictures of a pool 🏊‍♂️ are shared all over the 🌏, this tweet with caption "mass stupidity" was shared 1.6K times.🤔

No #context is given.

What do we see? Let's find out! 👇👇👇 1/...

#Verification 📸
#GeoLocation 🌍
We don't find the original context with Reverse Image Search. 😢

But we do find these pictures shared with captions in 🇳🇱, 🇯🇵 and 🇬🇧. We see it on an internetforum about #QAnon and in 🇷🇺 and 🇵🇱 language.

The image is intriguing. 😲 People doubt if it's #real or #fake. 2/...
In the top right corner, however, we see the logo of the French TV channel TF1 and 'Le 13h' 🟨.

With this information and the French word for swimming pool ("piscine"), we google. 🔎 3/...
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Time for #PapersThatMakeYouGoHmmm! A weekly summary of new ML papers from arXiv that make me think one or more of:

1. That looks useful!
2. That's an interesting approach!
3. A business could be built around this!
4. How did they do that?!
Fake news, noise, and tenacious Bayesians…
Reactive Power Markets for the Future Grid…
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1/ @APDillon_ @jonpsanders @JohnLockeNC @markrobinsonNC @Chad_Adams NC C19 trends through 7/27/21. NCDHHS consistently modifies their dashboard (adds tests which ⬇️ incidence) and adds death data as far back as 6/20, & is no longer updating on weekends.
2/ Overall incidence is 7.26% and has never been at 5% since testing began; no statistically significant change since the mask mandate. Overall incidence 7/28/20: 7.56%, 7/27/21: 7.26%
3/ Daily incid b/w 3.12% & 11.19% over last 14 days. Avg daily incid for 7/21 (5.2%) significantly <7/20 (8.1%). Avg daily incid: May: 6.8% June: 7.6% July 8.1% Aug 6.9% Sept 5.7% Oct 6.4% Nov 7.4% Dec 10.9% Jan 12.0% Feb 7.9% Mar: 5.4% Apr: 5.8% 5/21: 4.4%
6/21: 2.2% 7/21: 5.2%
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1/ @APDillon_ @Chad_Adams @jonpsanders @JohnLockeNC @PeteKaliner @DrKellyVictory I’m old enough to remember when we were told to stay home, wear masks in/outside, don’t go near anyone, b/c if we did any of that we “could kill grandma.”
2/ All of this is supposed to protect the vulnerable, right?

Yet there are current outbreaks at 135 SNF’s & 73 residential care facilities in NC as of 4/20/21.

Sure, NC is doing a bang up job of protecting the vulnerable 🙄
3/ NC needs to ensure policies/procedures are in place at these facilities to monetarily reward ZERO Covid cases (think reimbursement) to truly protect this vulnerable population. These facilities also need to reduce patient:CNA/nurse ratio.
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This has been circulating widely enough that it warrants addressing:

The premise for the article is that 'a lower proportion of C19 cases being hospitalized means that many people in need of care are being turned away'...

That's quite a leap. What's the evidence?...
The article cites a few local hotspots transferring patients and long ER wait times for a bed.

Neither of those situations is uncommon, especially during the fall/winter RV seasons.….
In South Dakota, where they cite sending patients home on oxygen on 11/17, capacity seems to be stable in all four regions as of today, without any "breakdown" of the system.
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About that “permanent heart damage” people associate with #COVID19...

Study published 11/13 found odds of heart damage was found to be *lower* in intubated C19 patients than in those w/ Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome from non-Covid causes.…
The much-feared “permanant heart damage” is a function of those patients already being very sick, pre-C19.

The implication is that heart damage is not a significant risk for younger, healthier people who have a low likelihood of developing any other critical illness.

This illustrates a major flaw w/ the framing of, “#COVID19 does this horrible thing!!!”—there’s no reference to how frequent that horrible thing is in the absence of COVID

In other words, so many risks we attribute to C19 were already there

This is why I harp on #contextmatters
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Here's another contributing factor as to why reported hospitalizations have increased:

Per updated (10/6) HHS guidelines, patients occupying "Observation" beds (>8hrs) are now included in Hospital admission totals.

They were not counted as admissions in July's guidelines... ImageImage
In addition to the new reporting guidelines, CMS also issued new rules, including severe financial penalties for hospitals who fail to report all required data.……
Add this to the Remdesivir FDA approval on 10/22 which made it the first and only FDA approved #COVID tx (and requires a 3-10 day hospital stay--see tweet)


CMS waiving the Utilization Review process which ensures medical necessity of admissions...

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Re: Chinese espionage in the US. #MoscowMitch is now married to #ChinasBitch @ElaineChao, who called the 1999 Cox Report on Chinese Espionage, ‘racist.’
#MoscowMitch’s ‘wife’ is current Secretary of Transportation, #ChinasBitch @elainechao. Article from 2007:…
And if that doesn’t bother you, then this fucking should: #PutinsBitch hired #MoscowMitch’s ‘wife,’ #ChinasBitch @elainechao as SecTrans. Her in 2017: “We are going to sell our infrastructure to foreign investors. Oops not foreign, I didn’t say foreign.”
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"I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech"

- Ted Lieu

It's actually kinda crazy how easy it is to take things out of context and present them in bad faith while also cutting off the beginning and end of what was said.

"...impeach AG Rosenstein. BRING IT ON..." - Ted Lieu
"...kill not only the patient who was exposed to a tainted duodenoscope but also family members, friends and hospital staff who interacted with the patient." - Ted Lieu

I hope you all realize Im stripping out context as a joke and of course Ted didnt imply what this sounds like
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1/ Just had my 3rd Taxi uncle convo where I had to explain that America is not some fantasyland where you do no work and get welfare benefits. He was genuinely shocked to hear about homelessness, the opioid epidemic and the lack of public safety
2/ He was convinced that Singapore is being overrun by foreigners and was surprised when I told him that hiring managers were struggling to hire Singaporeans because that would actually enable them to grow their ability to hire non-Singaporeans
3/ My favorite comment was when he asked me what the US government was doing to help the housing crisis in the Bay Area! “Aren’t they offering any subsidies to help the citizens? “ and also “is the government trying to help laid off manufacturing sector workers?”
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#Ethiopia: As per @fanatelevision, Takele Uma, Mayor of #AddisAbaba city, "today visited condo dwellers at #KoyeFeche site", in the southern outskirt of Addis, off #Addis-#Adama expressway. "The residents have complained about lack of infrastructure, such as water & electricity."
#ContextMatters: As early as 2012, AS asked if condominiums in #AddisAbeba were becoming "Slums in the making"… "existing problem of infrastructure in some sites such as Jemo, the biggest condominium site hosting 10, 000 houses, is not an end in itself"
"So far, the issue of lack, or in some cases absence, of a functioning infrastructure has been widely discussed as a national agenda. In the past the gov has admitted, more than once,that a few essential things have gone terribly wrong while planning for the massive construction"
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Breaking: The embattled #Somali region president Abdi Illey and key military leaders of the Liyu Police have been placed "under the federal army and police custody which were sent in to #Jigjiga yesterday. AS learned that they are being flown to #AddisAbeba at the moment.
On Sat. attempt to detain Abdi Illey failed in what is described as ill preparation by Fed. defense forces, who surrounded his "Presidential palace"… Read our source quoted as saying: "Abdi Illey will be placed under federal custody. “
Quoting @BBCSomali #BBCAmharic said Abdi Illey was detained by members of the federal army and was taken from his "Presidential Palace"… አብዲ ሞሃመድ ኡመር በቁጥጥር ስር ዋሉ -
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#Ethiopia: @addisu_arega says suggestions to change the name Oromo People's Democratic Organization (#OPDO) to Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), with a new logo (pic) are floating. He asked for public opinion. It conforms that OPDO, led by PM #AbiyAhed, is preparing to rebrand itself
Why would OPDO rebrand itself? Here's one critical look at what AS characterized as the party's 'birth defect"
#OPDO: Lost, confused and at a crossroads… OPDO is a party that suffers from ‘disparaging lack of narrative’. A must read!
#Ethiopia: #OPDO's alternative designs to rebrand its logo may face copyright issues. @addisu_arega
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