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Somalis are affronted by the abhorrent agenda of #Amhara agitators who are attempting to rewrite our ancestors’ #history. As an ardent #PanSomalist whose adamantly against any agenda of #Abyssinians I’d like to address revisionism of our history by Amharas with amble evidence-1/9
From 1529 to 1543 #Somali ruler from #Adal empire named Ahmed #Gurey aka Ahmed #Gran annihilated #Amhara army after many assaults. Ahmed also roamed freely across #Abyssinia for almost two decades and pillaged at will. Ashamedly #Amhara emperor Lebna Dengel run away as coward-2/9
As anticipated emperor #Dengel asked military aid from his #Portuguese ally as he wasn’t able to face Somalis alone. This will become a familiar theme for #Amharas who are actually accustomed to begging military aid from foreign allies against Somalis for almost six centuries-3/9
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🇸🇴 The #Somali Islamist group, #alShabaab, is the ‘largest, wealthiest and most deadly’ al-Qaeda affiliate remaining in the world.

🔴 Despite losing territory since 2011, the group has remained dominant, exerting control and power far beyond areas it physically controls.
💰 #AlShabaab’s continued resilience can largely be attributed to their checkpoint #taxation apparatus it has established throughout southern #Somalia.

The group categorizes its #tax system into four streams:
🚚 Transit
📦 Goods
🌾 Agricultural produce
🐐 Livestock
⚠️ Despite the group’s #checkpoints and #tax officials routinely targeted by government and international forces, #AlShabaab can easily adapt by relocating those checkpoints and replacing the tax collectors.
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#Somalia: At least 12 military flights carrying #Emirati soldiers and 250 RG-33 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles have been landing at Puntland's #Bosaso Airport on the Gulf of Aden secretly since early last month, security sources told @GaroweOnline. @modgovae. ImageImage
The GO sources add that the Emirate soldiers estimated at 180 in number are stationed at the bases of the PMPF, the #UAE-trained & funded maritime police force in the coastal city of Puntland, NE #Somalia.
It remains unknown if #Somali Govt is aware of the UAE troops' arrival in Bossaso, which comes at a critical time when the term of Puntland's current president Deni is ending and the State is facing a political stalemate over a planned controversial municipal election. #Somalia.
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🚨#BREAKING: Reports of two massive explosions in #Mogadishu, #Somalia.
🚨#UPDATE: The Explosions happened near education ministry building in #Mogadishu, #Somalia
🚨#UPDATE: Police tell #Somali state media there are "scores" of casualties after 2 blasts at a busy junction in Somalia's capital.
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950/ #Shaheed / #Geran2 UAVs buzzing early this evening over #Odesa #Odessa #Nikolaev #Kherson #Donbas
951/ 1AK artillery / #DPR battalion "Somali" at work. #Donetsk #Donbass #Lugansk
952/ RF Military equipment on the move towards #Donbas #Donbass (13x MSTA-S and 20x MT-LBu). #Kherson #Lugansk #Donetsk
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The #AlShabaab bombing in Mogadishu this weekend was meant as retaliation and deterrent against Somali government forces. Somali federal and local forces are putting serious pressure on al Shabaab in central and SW Somalia. (1/8)
An #AlShabaab suicide bomber attacked new Somali National Army (SNA) recruits in Mogadishu on Sep 25, killing at least 11 soldiers and wounding 18 others. Al Shabaab inflated the death toll to 32 in its claim.…. (2/8)
#AlShabaab has signaled it will escalate operations in Mogadishu in response to the SFG and clan militia offensive in central and SW Somalia. @USAfricaCommand and @ATMIS_Somalia are also providing air and logistical support to Somali forces.…. (3/8) Image
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🚨 Türkiye'nin Afrika'daki başarısı, tıpkı domino taşları gibi başlangıç noktası olan Somali'nin güvenliğine bağlı. Batı, şimdi tam da bu ilk dominoyu dinamitliyor.

👇 Aşağıdaki dizide yaşananları özetledim
#SONDAKIKA #Somali #Somalia #Afrika #Turkiye #Analiz #Turkey

#1) Önce hatırlayalım, 2011 yılında üst üste kurak geçen yağmur sezonları Somali'de son dönemin en kötü açlık krizini yaratmış ve 250.000 kişinin açlıktan ölmesine sebep olmuştu.
#SONDAKIKA #Somali #Turkiye

#2) 2011'deki kıtlığın ardından, Somali tam tüm dünya tarafından kaderine terk edilmiş durumdayken CB. Erdoğan Somali'ye gitti.

Düşünün, Somali'yi 20 yıl (yirmi yıl!) sonra ziyaret eden İLK yabancı devlet başkanı oldu. O kadar unutulmuştu ülke.
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PICTURES: President @HassanSMohamud along with Afwerki visits five thousand #Somali soldiers who have been in camps in #Eritrea for training for over three years under harsh living conditions.
Some soldiers died in training as @TheVillaSomalia confirmed, as the camps are hot during the day & cold at the night, without proper care. #Eritrea is under dictator with Int'l sanctions. @HassanSMohamud receives a salute from soldiers, some wearing plastic sandals. #Somalia.
It is not yet known why the ex-@M_Farmaajo administration chose #Eritrea to train the troops as several countries were available, incl #Turkey.

The PICs show soldiers with their faces thin and sunken cheeks & eyes, a clear sign that they were in difficult condition. #Somalia.
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During May 2019-April 2020, @UNMAS data shows that #Somalia🇸🇴 was, by far, #Africa's most deadly theater for IED warfare. Main targets were #AMISOM & #SNA moving to/from their FOBs.… Image
From 2015-20, the #Somali🇸🇴 National Army #SNA suffered 1,234 injured and 725 fatalities from IEDs (according to UNMAS🇺🇳 data). 2020 was a particularly bad year.… Image
Interestingly, 2020 saw a switch in #AlShabaab IED attack methodology, far fewer large VBIEDs, to more smaller Person-Borne PBIEDs in Banadir.
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NEW: Few details on the decision to send fewer than 500 troops back to #Somalia - but focus will remain on training/bolstering #Somali forces, per @PentagonPresSec

"This is a repositioning of forces..."
Sending US forces into #Somalia periodically had become "inefficient & increasingly unsustainable" per @PentagonPresSec
#Russia, #Putin conducting war in #Ukraine in an "utterly brutal way" per @PentagonPresSec, reminding world Putin can end it now if he chooses
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The fakr ad-din mosque in mogadishu was built in the year 969 after destruction by unknown reasons the mosque was rebuild again in the 1300s

Do you guys know the italians and omanis stole the complete interior wich was decorated with indian marble ??👇

#somalia #somali

The mosque was built in 969 by Sultan Abu Bakr Fakr ad-Din of the Fakr ad-din dynasty, but some historian say it was initially named something else but was rebuild & renamed in the 1300s after the somali sultan abu bakr who ibn battuta will meet in 1331 and write about. 👇

Stone, including Indian marble and coral, were the primary materials used in the construction.The structure displays a compact rectangular plan, with a domed mihrab axis. Glazed tiles were also used in the decoration of the mihrab, one of which bears a dated inscription.
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‘The Nairobi Mafia,’ a term used by Somalis to describe a coalition of diplomats, journalists, so-called experts, consultants, international NGOs, former Somali warlords, and businessmen.

This group has now turned their attention to #Ethiopia.…
The 'Nairobi Mafia' work in cahoots and are the go-to guys for #Somali affairs (now #Ethiopia)
In fact, they have been running Somalia (planning to run #Ethiopia) from their Nairobi offices for many years (to come); advising and influencing key international players.
Most of them earn a handsome salary, live in big villas and lead a comfortable life. Hence, they regard the establishment of a Somali authority (now Ethiopia) as a threat to their livelihood. They discredit and dehumanise any Somali (anyone) who attempts to challenge their power
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How has Al-Shabaab abandoned its transnational goals to focus on local issues? A thread:

A. By 2016 al-Shabaab had to rethink its strategy. Domestically, al-Shabaab’s focus on global jihad, its draconian style of governance, had triggered a drastic decline in public support.
B. During #Somalia’s 2011 drought, for example, the group blocked aid deliveries, burned food, and killed charity workers, worsening a disaster that ultimately killed over 260,000 Somalis.
C. But a drought in 2017, al-Shabaab responded proactively, providing food relief, and digging irrigation canals for farmers. The group also did emergency provisions to communities in contested territories, who have long complained about being neglected by the #Somali government.
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THREAD!! Somalia 🇸🇴

There is so much development going on in mogadishu i urge somalis to start investing in their own country while its still affordable!!

Here are some of the projects!!

Somalis invest now!

Sunrise appartements by: @ebsahin2020

#somalia #somali #muqdisho

Safari appartements in mogadishu the project just started recently!

Invest now its cheap!!

Rayan busnise center in mogadishu project is still ongoing!!

Invest now!!
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1/ The UN🇺🇳 & @_AfricanUnion🟩 have now both conducted "independent" assessments of how best to provide international support to #Somalia🇸🇴 after 2021. The 🇺🇳 team recommended continuing with a reconfigured @amisomsomalia, the AU🟩 team a hybrid AU-UN multidimensional mission.
2/ The AU🟩 team's envisaged AU-led-UN-hybrid mission (AU-UNMIS) would be 50% police (IPOs + FPUs), 35% military, 15% civilian personnel with expanded political powers for the head (Joint🇺🇳🟩 Special Representative). Overall personnel numbers r unspecified.
3/ The @AUC_PAPS appears to want the hybrid AU-UNMIS to be comprised of only #African personnel but financed💰 entirely by the UN's🇺🇳 assessed peacekeeping contributions. I was unclear about the logistics & mission support model the AU🟩 team envisage.
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Sambalooshe, former spy agency, NISA,
director speaking to VOA:
- I hired Ikran Farah in April, 2017 as an agent in my office; later I appointed her to Human rights and Gender of NISA.
- former Deputy NISA, Guled, also confirms Ikran being NISA agent,
- Speaking to VOA Somali, former NISA deputy, Abdisalam Guled, supports that Ikran Farah was picked up from green zone, suggesting government involvement. The area refered to is between Global Hotel & KM O, NISA HQ in Shibis, northern #Mogadishu, or Ex- Mama khadijo Ali Mahdi HQ
A curios question is: was Ikran Farah working for NISA since 2017, or did she leave the agency while she was the director of the Mayor of #Mogadishu’ office & then returned to it, or did she remain as NISA agent while she was the director of the mayor’s office, prior to his death
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A father of slain soldier who spoke to VOA avails evidence for #Somali troops taken to #Eritrea for training were deployed in #Tigray

- The father who is also Somali soldier said his son, killed by friends he recently made, was among soldiers 1/3…
- The father who is in Afgoye, outside #Mogadishu, said my son called me from Makelle, and told me that he wants to come back home. I sent him money. He was brought to Samera, Afar, then Jijiga, Hargaisa, Garowe.

It is true: he was among soldiers presented by #Puntland.
The father also reported that his son told him while in Tigray: he finished training 19 months ago
- In a curios note, the father reported that people who killed his son were people he learned recently: they were not his friends. He was stabbed to death. #Somalia
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#COVID_SSA Update #Ethiopia - 13 weeks into their 2nd wave. 7,107 new cases last week, one-third⬇️on week 60. So it could be peaking🙏but caution indicated THREAD 1/8 @EPHIEthiopia @abebawfekadu @EthiopianNomad Image
Caution 1 - cases are falling in Ethiopia, but so are the number of tests performed. The test +ve proportion (>20%) remains much too high overall 2/8 Image
Caution 2 - regional data issued by @EPHIEthiopia (latest to 18/4/21) indicates that while incidence *may* have peaked in #Addis it is rising in most other regions (having taken off later) 3/8 Image
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This 2019 article, written a year before the ethnofascist #TPLF launched war on #Ethiopia, exposes the rampant #rape &sexual violence that #women of #Tigray suffered from the rapist TPLF gang. The defeated criminal TPLF "men" are continuing their rape now!…
2) In this video clip from 2018 brodacast of #Tigray's DW-TV, a #Tigrayan woman recounts the horrible mysogynistic culture in Tigray under #TPLF, where #rape & sexual violence against Tigray's #women is a commonplace occurence, & 60% of Tigrayan womem are victims of rape.
3) #Tigrayan feminist @meazaG_, speaking to #TigrayMediaHouse in 2019, over a year before the war, explained the horrific level of #rape in #Tigray's society. She said men regularly kick & oppress women every night.Tigray ppl were victims of #TPLF. #TPLFcrimes
#Eritrea #Ethiopia
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In Africa there are 54 countries , each one of them with unique architecture and design that represent the cultural identity and history of the people.

54 days , 54 projects one for every African nation .

I’ll start with Morocco I’ll ended in western sahara.

Enjoy Image
Day 1.

Morocco .

This 18th-Century Home renovated in the historical center of Essaouira it is an incredible example of traditional Moroccan architecture .

A traditional house renovated and decorated with a contemporary touch.

Between tradition and modernity. ImageImageImageImage
Designed by the French painter Jacques Majorelle the garden was created over the course of forty years, and consists of a labyrinth of crisscrossing alleyways on different levels and boldly-coloured buildings that blend both Art Deco and Moorish influences.

An hidden beauty ImageImageImageImage
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- #Mekele & #Adigrat - densely populated regions
- 1992-2012 (Meles)📉Infant Mortality by 36.5%
- #Ethiopia has a youthful population (60% is <25years old)
- Morality rate of mother while giving birth is high
- 42% lacked access to water
- 72% struggled to maintain sanitation
2/8 - #TigrayGenocide - Tigray:
- Remains w/out food & water
- Lack of medicine (looted/destroyed) - concern for sanitization & health +COVID-19
- Women giving birth on-route while seeking Asylum
- Current death # >9K
- Education & livelihood jeopardized
Stats from Nov. 2020:
- >222K IDP
- Critical humanitarian aid needed
- Nov. 28-#Abiy claimed victory

Stats from end of 2020 (Ethnic profiling): #Tigrayans were
- Dismissed from their jobs
- Unable to leave #Ethiopia
- Detained| jailed - corruption of the justice system
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NEW: @USAfricaCommand warns #alQaida-linked #alShabaab "remains adaptive, resilient, and capable of attacking Western & partner interests in #Somalia & East #Africa" in final @DoD_IG report on US counterterrorism ops in Africa
Despite ongoing train/advise/equip efforts by US, others "The Somali government...has not met milestones for the development of its security forces" per @DoD_IG Sean O’Donnell

#Somalia #alShabaab
In North #Africa, #alQaida in the Islamic Maghreb (#AQIM) & #ISIS-#Libya "significantly degraded & currently pose no threat to the US homeland & a minimal threat to US interests in the region" per @DoD_IG Sean O’Donnell
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Imam Ahmed/Gragn

This is a very short biography of Imam Ahmed bin Ibrahim Algazi /Ahmed Gragn by the well known history professor Lapiso G Delebo.

Enjoy #Ethiopia #Islam #Muslim

What’s his name and why do people call him Gragn?
Who Imam Ahmed really is? Where’s he from? Was he #Ethiopian ?
#Shewa #Harla #Somali #Ottoman #ShowaSultanate #IfatSultanate #WalashmaDynasty #AdalSultanate
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🧵A British pioneer sent on an expedition escaping imprisonment at the hands of the Habar Awal near Berbera, he was with Richard Burton and another man who camped at Berbera after the trade fair and had their camp raided at 2 AM, his comrades deserted him.
#Somaliland #somali Image
In the ensuing fight, Stroyan was killed by the Habar Awal - Makaahiil & Ciise musa savages, and Speke was captured and wounded in eleven places before he managed to escape. Burton was impaled with a javelin, the point entering one cheek and exiting the other. ImageImage
Burton was previously was with the Warsangeli Sultan for a few months and had exercise some kind of authority in their land, by often threatening them with the power of the governor of Aden, but that didn't mean anything to the Habar Awal.
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