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Logging in #Python is something I want to master. So, starting #30DaysOfLogging from tomorrow.

Time to go from Zero(almost) To Hero.
#Day1 Basics Of Logging

1. We need logging to tell us what's happening in our code
2. Python has an inbuilt logging module which can be imported
3. DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR & CRITICAL are the level of logging available.
4. WARNING is the default logging level
#100DaysOfCode Image

The whole purpose of logging is to be able to write events to a file. This is how you can do it

If you are Python Version > 3.9 then you can use the logging.basicConfig

#100DaysOfCode #Python Image
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The title of Lauryn's Hill 1998 debut solo album "The miseducation of Lauryn hill" was inspired by Carter G Woodsons 1933 book "The miseducation of the Negro".
#BlackHistoryMonth #Day1
"you teach the Negro that he has accomplished as much good as any other race he will aspire to equality and justice without regard to race. Such an effort would upset the program of the oppressor in Africa and America" - Dr. Carter G Woodson
"The education of any people should begin with the people themselves, but Negroes thus trained have been dreaming about the ancients of Europe and about those who have tried to imitate them."- Dr. Carter G. Woodson, The Mis-Education of the Negro
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Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson founded Negro history week in 1926, to honor & teach the hidden contributions of African descendants to human history, often overlooked in Eurocentric academia. He dedicated his life to preserve those missing pages of our history
#BlackHistoryMonth #Day1
Dr. Carter G Woodson was the author of several books, dealing with medieval and modern Black history. In his book "African heroes and heroines" he speaks on the history of West African civilizations, one of the ancestral homelands of African Americans.
"The Western African and Sudanese kingdoms which the Mohammedans found on reaching the interior and the West Coast.... The first to be noticed was Kumbi, called Ghana by the Arabs.” - African heroes and heroines by Dr. Carter G Woodson
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Many of you may have ‘weight-loss’ as your new year's resolution.

I did too, for years, and it never worked.

Here are six lifestyle changes that helped me drop 55lbs (25kgs).

You probably haven’t tried #4.

+ Added some pro tips to help you.

#Summit21 #Day1
1. Little bit every day

I hit the gym right before going to uni every day.

This helped me make exercising a habit and not a chore.

Also helped me sleep better as I wouldn’t party until late so I can wake up to hit the gym.
🙌🏼 Pro Tips:

• 30min of anything > 2h of burning out
• doing it happily > cribbing
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How to crush your UX design whiteboard challenge.

Unfortunately, we don’t get taught how to do this in university.

I have interviewed in most of the top companies.

Here are five pieces of advice that will help you crush your next whiteboard design challenge.

Advice #1: Be clear on the problem you're trying to solve.

Before sketching out your ideas, make sure you understand the problem by asking questions.

You will be evaluated on how well you understand the problem.

It took me a while to realise this.

Ask questions, a lot.
Advice #2: Make sure you generate multiple ideas.

Interviewers want to see how quickly you can generate ideas.

They want to see how you decide to choose 1 out of the multiple ideas you generated.

Don't get married to one single idea, be flexible.
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Everybody should see this.

#FitMarch #Day1 #GetActiveGetHealthy
What excuse do you have for not working out? Join us!

#FitMarch #Day1 #GetActiveGetHealthy
Nahida is 88 and half years. She still works out and is this fit & healthy. What excuse do you have?
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Text: Exodus 19:2-4
Preacher: @Muyibam
Topic: Borne on the Eagle's wings

The Isrealites saw several things the Lord did to the Egyptians but they didn't realize He bore them on Eagle's wings.
No matter the physical location of a man, they could still be staying in the secret place of the Most High.
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Do you know about first Indian startup that partnered with ISRO - Indian Space Research Organization ?

#Day13 of #100days100startups #Startuprail

Startup of the Day : AgniKul Cosmos Founded by Srinath Ravichandran & Moin SPM
Agnikul is involved in building India’s private small satellite launch vehicle. Their core product, Agnibaan, is designed to carry up to 100 kg of payload to low earth orbits of up to
700 km with a plug-and-play engine configuration.

#Day1 : Mothertong
#Day2 : Hypto
#Day3 : KiloFarms
#Day4 : GreenPod Labs
#Day5 : GoFloaters
#Day7 : GoBumpr
#Day8 : Roanuz
#Day9 : Milky Delight
#Day10 : WSquare
#Day11 : Energyly
#Day12 : Pickyourtrail
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Emmanuel Buttin Sustainable Finance, European Commission, now explaining where we are w/ #TaxonomyEU

#RICanada2020 🍁 #Day1 🔘

#sustainablefinance #sustainablefinanceEU Image
by the end of 2020 we'll have the official list of economic activities to be considered 'aligned' (w/ regard to #TaxonomyEU), says Emmanuel Buttin

#RICanada2020 🍁 #Day1 🔘

#sustainablefinance #sustainablefinanceEU
one of the next steps for #TaxonomyEU, says Emmanuel Buttin, is to expand to #brown activities, the Platform on Sustainable Finance will address the issue

#RICanada2020 🍁 #Day1 🔘

#sustainablefinance #sustainablefinanceEU
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Não deu tempo personalizar como eu gostaria mas foi só o começo. Amanhã tem mais. #ImersaoReact
O importante foi aprender a usar ferramentas bastante úteis que eu ainda não havia testado, como o styled-components e fazer logo usando o fontmeme. #day1 #ImersaoReact
Aprender não né kkkk...ter um primeiro contato e entender o funcionamento básico.
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Every dream, when it comes true, lays the foundation for newer goals, newer aspirations, and newer dreams. Spending the next year studying at @IIMAhmedabad could perhaps be the biggest adventure I've signed up for yet. @PGPX_IIMA Admit!! #backtoschool #MBA…
When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills. - Chinese Proverb

#Day1 #PGPX #MBA #IIMA #DailyQuote #ThoughtForTheDay #MotivationMonday #quoteoftheday
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Did this doha series last year. Planning to do another one from tomorrow, but it will be for a shorter duration
#Day1 #Rahim

बिगरी बात बने नहीं, लाख करो किन कोय.
रहिमन फाटे दूध को, मथे न माखन होय.

If milk gets spoiled, you can’t make butter out of it similarly in life if relationship gets damaged, it’s difficult to mend it
#Day2 #Rahim
रहिमन देखि बड़ेन को, लघु न दीजिए डारि.
जहां काम आवे सुई, कहा करे तरवारि.
Rahim says we should never throw away small things for the lure of bigger one. There are places where only a needle is useful instead of a sword
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First African American female pilot and First African American holder of an international pilot license #WomensHistoryMonth #Day1
First African-American female astronaut & First African-American woman in space. #WomensHistoryMonth #Day2
Actor, writer, director, producer, author, poet, and civil rights activist. #WomensHistoryMonth #Day3
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