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1. Understandably, a lot of people are focused on our glorious leader and his bargain basement Voldemort advisor, at the moment.
The anger's palpable and growing. Every tweet supporting the government is another slap in the face. Being told to "move on" is fuel on the flames.
2. We shouldn't move on. That would be insulting the memory of every person who's died and and adding to the pain of their loved ones and friends.
We must hold the government to account on this. We must hold them to account on everything they do wrong.
3. There's so much to be angry about right now and it can feel as if we're completely powerless. But we aren't.
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Let me tell you the story about how my pyjamas are connect to a High Court test case and holding the UK Govt to account ... By the end of it I hope you’ll consider supporting the #DeniedMyVote legal challenge. Every little helps & makes a real difference!…
A little over year ago, shortly after midnight. I lay in bed in my pyjamas, genuinely dreading the day that had just begun. It was the day of the 2019 EU election and I knew that 1000s of EU citizens at home in the UK would soon be robbed of their right to vote in the election.
Obviously, I can’t look into the future, but the Govt had failed to take action on an issue to do with how EU citizens had to register for voting in the UK, so there was *no doubt at all* that many were going to be disenfranchised and discriminated because they are EU citizens.
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Why does the #DeniedMyVote legal challenge still matter, and why are we sincerely urging you to help reach our crowdfunder target?

Let me connect some very important and highly relevant dots.…

"You are our friends, neighbours and colleagues, and we want you to stay"

Except we'll make your life difficult, chuck extra obstacles in your way, will give you settled status but will keep checking other stuff so you don't feel toooo settled.

This case can HELP.
First, a bit of background:

during the European Elections in May last year, thousands of EU citizens told us:

"I was #DeniedMyVote".

They were turned away at the ballot box, simply because they had not submitted an extra form that only they had to submit.
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Holy Moses.

It is also incredible - knowing all this evidence and having reports from the Information Commissioner and a Judgment on illegal coordination between the Vote.Leave and Be.Leave campaigns, as well as overspend- that both UK and EU continued Brexit negotiations.

Article 50 (1) states "Any Member State may decide to Withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements".

The result of the 2016 Referendum was cited by Mrs May in her Article 50 letter of 29 March 2017 as the basis of her Decision to start

withdrawal negotiations. A period to last two years, or longer by joint agreement.

The illegal breaches of Electoral Law, by both the Vote.Leave and Be.Leave campaigns, would have seen the result declared 'Null and Void' - EXCEPT for the fact that the Referendum

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I used to have alot of respect and admiration for @JamesBlunt until I read this interview.

Apparently we should "Get the fu*k on with #Brexit because HIS life isn't going to change" (he has a salaried tour mgr to fill out his forms...)

So @JamesBlunt what abt smaller groups of amateur/semi-prof musicians who cant afford additional red tape #Brexit will bring?

My choir went to Barcelona last yr& sang British sacred music in their beautiful cathedrals.Nxt yr's trip to Budapest at risk .2…
And @JamesBlunt what about the nearly half a million people who have already lost their jobs as a direct result of the #Brexit vote, and are now struggling to put food on the table?

Also see:…
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“When are you going back to Barcelona?” asked one of Aranza's work colleagues on a number of occasions after the referendum.

An all too familiar story for EU citizens who chose to make their home in what used to be a welcoming country. /1
#BrexitIsPersonal @InLimboBrexit
You’ll find Aranza’s story on our YouTube channel, along with >150 #BrexitIsPersonal stories filmed up & down the country.

Please take a look & help us to share them with those who can influence events. Make their rights matter. /2
It’s never been more important for all of us to stand up when our rights are threatened. So come and join us on the 12th October at the @Rally4OurRights in London. Let's #R4OR together!
For details, visit our website & sign up using the RSVP link. /3
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The panel is ready for @The3Million to explain to us @LibDems the issue of #citizensrights / #Brexit at the #LibDemConf.

You can watch it live on their Facebook.
Key points from @The3Million
⭕ Guaranteeing #citizensrights into law with primary legislation
⭕ Physical proof for Settled status
⭕ Keeping voting rights

The current EU settlement scheme is failing a third of EU citizens by forcing them to accept the wrong status.
What will happen to the EU citizens who miss the deadline to apply for Settled status?

⭕ They will become unlawful residents subject to the Hostile environment from the @ukhomeoffice

👉 We need a declaratory system where EU citizens are considered lawful per default.
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I am so proud of all of you who helped get the #DeniedMyVote legal challenge crowdjustice across the line last night. This is only the beginning, but I know @the3million will continue to fight protecting our democracy as this case moves forward — it is an incredible group.
So before I head off on holiday let me say again that I hope that *together* we will continue to do all we can to ensure the group can keep going. I set up @eucitizenschamp a year ago to help with that and all of you who chose to become one have made a real difference. Thank you!
The song in the @eucitizenschamp anniversary video is called “Home” and comes from the album ”1,000 Days” by the wonderful @GuitarMoog. It will be available exclusively via the campaign in September. Learn more here:
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I’m glad this day ended in the way it did, with @the3million reaching the target for phase 2 of the #DeniedMyVote legal challenge. Big thanks again to all who made that possible! It makes me very, very happy. But as the day closes I’d like to return to this one more time ⬇️
I deliberately chose today not to mute that tweet — I would normally do that for a tweet that attracts so much attention, but I wanted to see what would happen after the first responses came in las night. Responses like this one: 2/
What I saw was a significant number of new bots. I think this should be read as a warning of what’s to come over the next few months. I do not believe that we, collectively, are prepared for this. Not sure necessarily how we can be, but it is as it is. 3/
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So, this is happening right now. Medicine & treatment shortages already. How will making things even worse make life better? ⬇️

How much more will it take to make enough people see Brexit is a bad decision?
#FaceTheFacts #DyingForBrexit
12a) Since 3Million🇪🇺🇬🇧family, friends, neighbours, colleagues who live among us were left #InLimbo - some made to pay to stay in their homes or split apart, been unwelcomed here
Then more rights were taken #EUElections2019 #DeniedMyVote #ReasonsToRevoke
12b) This is a national scandal. While our government are flailing about saving themselves, the rights of @the3million have been trampled on and now they need our help to challenge this injustice
#EUrofam #DeniedMyVote Please help if you can 🙏🏽#MyUK 🇬🇧
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From each of my followers.
That's all it takes.
With Boris Johnson taking over, democracy has never been in a more precarious place. Holding the Govt to account for #DeniedMyVote is vital. It's not just about EU citizens, it's about democracy itself.
Not sure why to support this legal challenge? Here's a great article by @IanDunt that shows why this is so important:…
Not convinced yet? Here's a very brief explainer from last weekend's #MarchForChange where @the3million spent the day talking to fellow marchers about the scandal and handing out information leaflets to ask for your help.
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Today is possibly .@theresa_may's last day as PM, if .@BorisJohnson can command a majority (which is in some doubt...)

So it's a great opportunity to look back at some of the *highlights* of Mrs May's premiership in memes👇
13 JUL 2016: May was appointed as PM and named her Cabinet shortly thereafter, surprising many by giving 3 of the top #Brexit-related jobs to arch-brexiters Boris Johnson, David Davis & Liam Fox. Sheer folly, or genius in making them own what they'd sold? Sadly, the former😢
5 OCT 2016: With such a narrow result, the country could be forgiven for expecting May to propose a consensual solution, as Norway PM Erna Solberg had done in a similar situation. Most Remainers would've accepted #Norway.

May's #CitizensOfNowhere speech crushed all hope.
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I'm glad to learn that Darren is allowed to make mistakes on forms w/ no consequences (unlike #DeniedMyVote EU citizens) &that pretending to run an independent campaign that was actually run by Vote Leave isn't a breach of electoral law he can personally be held accountable for.
Now can we talk about the seasoned politicians &strategists who willingly broke the law while knowing exactly what they were doing? (Or should we really believe they were "convinced by the independent campaign" (they ran) when it actually looked like this?
Oh, but wait -They paid the fine and dropped the appeal, didn't they? And there is absolutely nothing planned to hold to account the involved politicians.
"All fine" then.
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Dear Sarah,
The questioning of the immigration minister at yesterday's @LordsEUCom was brilliant. On the EU Settlement Scheme data sharing issue the questioning was too narrow focusing solely on Govt abuse for immigration control. The provisions go much further though.

EU Settlement Scheme data sharing concerns go much further though. It raises real general civil liberties questions. The BIC Privacy Notice @carolinenokes was referring to in the Committee meeting allows much broader sharing beyond immigration control

Beyond the public & private organisations mentioned by the immigration minister yesterday which need to see the data to fulfil their statutory duties the privacy notice allows sharing with law enforcement agencies to prevent crime.

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🎉 #EUcitizensChampion is 1 year old. I founded it because I wanted to do more to support @the3million, the leading NGO protecting EU citizens’ rights. I am proud of what we have achieved so far. THANK YOU to donors & supporters who chose to help EU citizens at HOME in the UK ...
... HOME brings me to the amazing @GuitarMoog who’s done something very, very special: he’s recorded an album 🎵1,000 Days🎵 and is making it available *exclusively* via @eucitizenschamp in September. The album includes the song HOME used in the above video.
Learn more about @GuitarMoog’s motivation for recording the album 🎵1,000 Days🎵 and also why he chose to make it available exclusively via @eucitizenschamp on the album website here:
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The Exiting the EU Select Committee has started with EUinUK. UKinEU will follow afterwards. Watch live here:…
Clear evidence from the first panel about EUinUK reflecting many of the same issues as we face re reaching and then assisting vulnerable or hard to reach populations, such as accessibility, languages etc.
Funding is important. How to reach rural communities of EUinUK = how to reach rural UKinEU. We have had NO FUNDING from the UK or EU to help reach vulnerable or inaccessible populations (or anything else). Is this fair? There has been v limited funding made available for EUinUK.
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So @peoplesvote_uk let's keep it simple this time: the motto for upcoming marches is #LetUsBeHeard - it's a great motto. And the only thing we EU citizens have ever asked you for: a chance to be heard. You *chose* to deny us that ... 3 times in a row.… 1/
Will you choose to deny us that a 4th time? Or will you finally do the right thing, stand with us and give us a platform to address our situation? I want to be clear at the outset: I do mean a platform. An actual, proper platform. For citizens' rights campaigners. To speak. 2/
Not a place to make a short statement about the NHS.
Not an offer with conditions.
Not a 'cosmetic slot' that still denied us a platform.
Not the requirement for us to make a pitch for a slot only for you to never even have the decency to answer that. 3/
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I was so glad to be @The_Convention_ earlier this week to talk about the #DeniedMyVote scandal that affected so many @the3million. Here is, I think, the key point: this could have been prevented, but those supposedly leading us chose not to.
Ultimately, though, I also wanted to make a wider point at the end: that #DeniedMyVote cannot end now. It has to have a legacy and that legacy has to be a change of the franchise in this country.
And in any case ... this! For all of us. Never forget ✊
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Hi @ElectoralCommUK,
I’ve had multiple messages from EU citizens today who told me that in your reply to their #DeniedMyVote complaint, instead of providing a proper response to their individual case, you mention @the3million, note that they “coordinated” a complaints campaign 1/
and then just provide a template copy and paste answer that rejects any responsibility on your part as per the conclusion below. I have a few questions:
1) Why are you not providing proper responses specific to individual cases? The reasons for #DeniedMyVote are diverse. 2/
2) Why did you mention @the3million and refer to a “coordinated” campaign?
3) Why are you not taking any ownership at all of your documented and demonstrable failures? 3/
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This time last week I was dreading #EP2019. Why? Because I knew #DeniedMyVote would hit us. It wasn't called that yet, but... To learn more, listen to the new @CakeWatchCast where @ottocrat, @antoni_UK from @the3million and I discuss this huge scandal. 1/
If, after listening, you're as much in awe of the amazing work the campaigners of @the3million do as I am, please consider:
1⃣ Becoming a supporter. It's a great way to give regular support. I'm one, please join me - anyone can become a supporter! 2/
2⃣ Make a donation to #EUcitizensChampion. The funding also goes directly to @the3million but funds specific initiatives, for instance the new charity 'Settled' to support EU citizens, and the work for a Home Office monitoring research project.… 3/
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.@the3million are my heroes —passionate & determined campaigners who have spent the last 1000+ days fighting for the rights of EU citizens at home in the UK.
❤️ Please help make sure they can keep going — after #DeniedMyVote we need them more than ever!…
With much appreciation and admiration to: @NicolasHatton, @maikebohn, @antoni_UK, @monlouhawk, @alexandrabulat, @DimitriScarlato, @cos_detoma, @ilsemogensen, @KatiaWidlak, @ToniPetkova, @Alexa_Kantor and whoever I’ve now forgotten to list (sorry!). 2/
And the many activists and volunteers throughout the UK who give their time to help. Amazing! Also a shout-out to @Pipermigration and all the other experts who help, incl those at @HereForGoodLaw & @RomaSupport. Also a nod for @smismanss, @CristinaTegolo and @jablonow. 3/
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For many EU citizens #EP2019 meant #DeniedMyVote. While the outrage over it is fading, I know @the3million will continue to fight our corner. But it is on us to support them so they can. Please consider making a donation to #EUcitizensChampion to help. ➡️…
Not sure whether to donate or not? Her are the reasons of some of those who already have donated - maybe they'll help you decide:
"My family is European and I believe in the UK’s future at the heart of Europe. My Swedish husband and I have ... been married since 1972! I can’t believe he has to ask to stay in my country." ~ Rosalind
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I’m having a great Sunday morning. How’s yours? ...
Of course this comes with a serious note: this is a small selection of messages I’ve been sent via email & various social media platforms since #DeniedMyVote. Other messages are very much like these. Not a pretty sight. 1/
I’m struck in particular by the ones that have come since yesterday pm: they’re almost all about “undermining democracy” and many refer to the #DeniedMyVote legal challenge. Given patterns of wording etc and timings, I think this isn’t just random crap sent by individuals. 2/
That possibility had already been quite clear a few weeks ago with messages connected to Carl Benjamin and those rape statements: the language of messages then was so similar (also to those I’ve seen shared by others, e.g. by journalists involved in the reporting of the case). 3/
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#Deniedmyvote - British in Europe and @the3million launch a crowdfunder to hold the UK government to account after citizens were prevented from voting during the EU Elections.…
Wow! Thank you! We have reached the total required to scope the project in less than 4 hours. We're off to do some hard work and will come back to you in the next couple of weeks with the results of the project scoping.
At that point we will tell you how much we need to raise to fund any possible action so if you missed this fundraiser, hold onto the thought and be ready for the next.
If you'd like to donate to BiE to support the ongoing work we are doing, just head to our website & click DONATE
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