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Umm. Hasn't anyone at @MoJGovUK told @DominicRaab that a "Bill of Rights Bill" won't enter the statute books as a #BillOfRights (if passed) but only as a Bill of Rights *Act*?

We still have to wait for the Bill to be published, of course - but the petty press release:…

makes it clear this isn't a #BillOfRights; it's not even a #BillOfGoods - it's a Bill of #Bads and #Wrongs that starts off poorly, and then gets even worse...
Even as it characterises #HumanRights claims as "trivial", the Government reveals its fatuity; the example it gives 👇 refers to a ruling that simply required the UK Courts to see through *their own process*!

Just how "trivial" does this Government consider #DueProcess to be?? Confirm that interim measures from the European Court of Hum
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Happening now: @NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg briefing before extraordinary Summit of NATO Heads of State
NEW: @NATO's @jensstoltenberg calls for beefed-up defense

"Major reinforcements to our security will require major investments in defense" he says. citing a "new sense of urgency bcs we cannot take peace for granted"
"There is a need to also address the long term consequences" per @NATO's @jensstoltenberg

"There is a need to reset our deterrence & defense...we wil do what is necessary to defend & protect all allies"
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Russia claims #US wanted to spread infectious #diseases via #biolabs in #Ukraine | Mar 18
-Russia’s Der Min accused the US of developing infectious diseases in biolabs in Ukraine with the aim of spreading them to Russia disguised as '#natural outbreaks.'
'#Pentagon funded' #Biolabs near #Russian borders.
#OMG Boris @BorisJohnson
#Pentagon funded #Novichok is made in #USA and developed further in #Salisbury.
Patent No: US 9,132,135 B2.
"Methods of a treatment of #organo-#phosphorus #poison agents" issued in Sep. 2015, Pat. filed in 2008.
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#CaroleCadwalladr, seen here with her friend, the "ex-spy" Christopher Steele, has evidently been ordered to re-heat the #Skripal #Salisbury #novichok story (which Steele was involved with) because of the "biolabs" found in #Ukraine. So let's deconstruct her #disinformation. 1/11
#CaroleCadwalladr has long been known to be associated with UK intelligence. Documents reveal her connection to the discredited 'Integrity Initiative', a project intended to build a network of client journalists to promote the establishment's agenda. 2/11
This is the article we'll quickly look at, which #CaroleCadwalladr had published in The Observer today. We will see that she is the antithesis of an investigative journalist, carefully avoiding the important questions about stories like the #Skripals. 3/11…
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@dankaszeta omitted significant facts and distorted aspects of the #Skripal case in his recent talk for @edskeptics, as I will show in this thread.

Kaszeta's talk is here. It's over an hour long but I'll give ~time reference points with my remarks.

Kaszeta blocked me on Twitter long ago.

This was after I asked him how it was possible that two people as physically different as Sergei and Yulia #Skripal could be *almost simultaneously overcome* by the effects of a nerve agent they had allegedly touched hours before.

After I blocked Kaszeta back (as I do with all who block me) he tried to claim I'd blocked him first!

That's the self-described "king of nerve agent Twitter".

Ah well.

Apart from listening to his @edskeptics talk, I also looked at his book, 'Toxic'.

Let's get started.

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I've previously made a short timeline of what we're told happened to the #Skripals on the day they were poisoned (Sunday, Mar 4 2018) using only official/MSM sources. This is an expanded version, again focused on the day of the poisoning. 1/43
Sources are [numbered] and listed at the end of the thread. I have added some sourced *comments and used brackets <where the exact point in the timeline is unclear from the sources>. 2/43
9:15 #Skripal's red BMW is seen in #Salisbury in the area of London Road [1]. It is reported Sergei and Yulia were going to visit the graves of Sergei’s wife and son: Yulia’s mother and brother. 4/43
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Figsbury Ring comprises a fine set of prehistoric enclosure systems on the chalk above Salisbury in #Wiltshire looked after by @nationaltrust @NatTrustArch

A short thread for #HillfortsWednesday
Figsbury Ring, once known as Chlorus Camp, #Wiltshire @NatTrustArch - The outer circuit encloses 6.2ha with entrances on the E and W

📷 Dae Sasitorn + Adrian Warren © Sasitorn Images

For more amazing images see:

For many years, Figsbury Ring, depicted here in the Ordnance Survey for 1927 with the Roman road from Old Sarum to Winchester to the south, was thought to be a bivallate Iron Age hillfort...

...but there was something strange about the innermost circuit

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🚨@vonderleyen's 1st #SOTEU
Stay tuned:
"For me it is crystal clear–we need to build a stronger European Health Union
& to start making this a reality we must now draw the 1st lessons from the health crisis
We need to make our new #EU4Health programme future proof"@SKyriakidesEU
"...this was a global crisis we need to learn the global lessons. This is why, along with Prime Minister @GiuseppeConteIT and the Italian #G20 Presidency, I will convene a Global Health Summit next year in #Italy.
This will show Europeans that our Union is there to protect all."
"...the Commission created the #SURE programme(...)This is real European solidarity in action. And it reflects the fact that in our Union the dignity of work must be sacred."💪🇪🇺🤲"will put forward a legal proposal to support Member States to set up a framework for #MinimumWages"
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#BREAKING Russian opposition leader @navalny poisoned with #Novichok—same chemical weapon used on #Skripal in #Salisbury, UK—confirmed by German military lab. Berlin summoned Russia's ambassador; will confer w/ EU & NATO partners on appropriate response.…
@navalny Recall Russian doctors treating #Navalny in Omsk acknowledged he'd been poisoned with a toxin dangerous to himself AND others. Then the grey suits arrived, and the doctors suddenly retracted, delaying @navalny leaving for Germany. Where #Novichok was confirmed nonetheless today.
@navalny Last time Russia was caught using nerve agent poison #novichok in the Skripal case, they responded by launching massive #disinformation campaigns against the UK lab, its scientists, and even the Russian scientist who admitted creating the chemical weapon in a Soviet military lab.
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🚨‼️Putin Opponent Alexei @navalny Rushed to Hospital Unconscious, Reportedly Poisoned by ‘Toxin’ in His Tea… #Russia
@navalny ‼️ @navalny being transferred on a stretcher to an ambulance at Omsk airport. He looks unconsciousness. Toxic poisoning, probably in his morning tea, is suspected. Right now, Alexey is in intensive care, on a ventilator, in a coma, his team says #Russia
@navalny A fierce anti-corruption activist, @navalny may've been poisoned in airport cafe, returning from Siberia where he collected material for a new investigation of United Russia (Putin's party) deputies. He was helping independent candidates in local elections
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I did an article about the curious case of poisoning #Bulgaria citizen mr Elimian Gebrev, of which 3 #Russia #GRU operatives are sought for. The article is behind a paywall and in Finnish, so a thread will follow.…
At least 1 of the Gerbev poisoning suspects is related also to the #Salisbury poisoning incident which almost lead to the death of Sergei and Julia #Skripal . That was 2018. Mr. Gerbev was attacked in #Bulgaria in 2015, three years prior to Skripal. 1/…
The poison that was used in the murder attempts of Gebrev is yet unidentified. Was #novichok used in Europe already in 2015? 2/
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Extraordinary: Russian MOD just put out a threatening statement against @LaStampa journalist @jacopo_iacoboni . Jacopo and I just worked together on the story below. He pissed Russian officials off so much that MOD now tells him 'Who digs the grave, crashes into it". 👇
Here is the full statement on the Russian MOD's official facebook page:…
The thing that Russians are particularly furious about is that on March 24th @jacopo_iacoboni reported that 80% of aid Kremlin sent to italy was "useless". Russian sent: 15 massive military planes carrying 122 officers from one of the country's most secretive units
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Today is possibly .@theresa_may's last day as PM, if .@BorisJohnson can command a majority (which is in some doubt...)

So it's a great opportunity to look back at some of the *highlights* of Mrs May's premiership in memes👇
13 JUL 2016: May was appointed as PM and named her Cabinet shortly thereafter, surprising many by giving 3 of the top #Brexit-related jobs to arch-brexiters Boris Johnson, David Davis & Liam Fox. Sheer folly, or genius in making them own what they'd sold? Sadly, the former😢
5 OCT 2016: With such a narrow result, the country could be forgiven for expecting May to propose a consensual solution, as Norway PM Erna Solberg had done in a similar situation. Most Remainers would've accepted #Norway.

May's #CitizensOfNowhere speech crushed all hope.
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#Thread Let me tell you why the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s decision to re-admit Russia will prove to be an own-goal and why those who voted in favour have made a fatal error of judgement.
Your claims that Russia belongs to the CoE with all the rights & obligations this confers is self-defeating. The hallmark of the Kremlin is that it actively chooses to operate outside the norms of international law, whatever the forum and whatever the rules or rulings.
Remember the aggression against Georgia and Ukraine? 13,000 dead and counting. Vetoing and obstruction of the investigation into #MH17? The #Salisbury attack as well as election meddling around the world? Are memories so short?
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We’re at #A303Stonehenge Issue Specific Hearing, Cultral Heritage. Intros include Prof Mike Parker Pearson, other archaeologists, CBA, Stonehenge Alliance, National Trust, Historic England, DCMS (Keith Nichol), English Heritage & Wilts Council, ICOMOS-UK ……
Blick Mead /archaeology team opens with a strong objection to permanent damage to the integrity of the Outstanding Universal Value would breach the Convention on World Heritage. There’s no trade off. Protections “apply to whole area”.
This is the scene where a vital discussion is taking place with high level players discussing the "balance" of benefits v harm to the WHS. @ICOMOSUK suggest not quoting @HistoricEngland's past statements of principle. The precautionary principle invoked by a speaker.
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Dobles - Primera Ronda

Guido #Pella / Diego #Schwartzman a Rajeev #Ram / Joe #Salisbury 1-6 7-5 11-9

Dobles - Primera ronda

#López / #Khachanov a #DelPotro / #Cuevas 3-6 7-6 (3) 13-11

Dobles - Segunda Ronda

#González / #Zeballos a #Chardy / #Goffin 6-3 6-3
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Russia is main suspect in mystery attacks on U.S. diplomats in Cuba… via @NBCNews
Terrifying read on 9/11. US now calls Cuba embassy mystery that caused brain damage to 26 US personnel intentional “attacks”—likely by #Russia. If so, more stunning Russian aggression to add to the recent use of military-grade #Novichok nerve agent on #Skripal in #Salisbury UK.
>> GOP Senator Cory Gardner Introduces Legislation Designating Russia "State Sponsor of Terror" After Reports on Sonic Attacks. Also renews call for vote on Russia sanctions bill.… via @nielslesniewski h/t @InvestigateRU
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Russian hitmen are literally killing people who threaten criminal Kremlin networks. Yet Trump and GOP are bent on bringing down people whose life's work is protecting Americans from Russian organized crime. Bruce Ohr witch hunt sure looks like somebody's protecting the criminals
Illicit financial dealings—money laundering—between Trump’s business and Russia is the scandal that explains targeting of obscure bureaucrats like Ohr. Just coincidence Trump is purging DOJ experts on Russia, organized crime and money laundering??… #maddow
#Salisbury was a wake-up call about the risks corrupt money brings with it. UK confirms 700+ wealthy Russians among those facing visa crackdown after #Novichok attacks.… #Skripal #Russia #corruption
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Security minister @benwallaceMP spoke to me this morning on #Salisbury #GRU #Putin #sanctions. Main takeaways: 1] the govt is keen to embarrass the GRU and deter would-be spies from joining
2] @benwallaceMP went further than May did yesterday in putting the responsibility for the attack directly on Vladimir Putin: "Ultimately the responsibility lies with the leader of that country"
3] And finally, one winner from Brexit will be UK foreign policy says @BWallaceMP because the UK will have the power to act unilaterally against Russia when it comes to sanctions #russia #brexit #sanctions
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I'm going to retweet the crucial evidential pictures of the #Salisbury suspects in the correct chronological order, with some maps. It shows how quickly the suspects struck and left the city. Here's the thread:
1) Arrival in Salisbury. "Petrov" and "Boshirov" take a train to Salisbury on Sunday 4 March - after carrying out recon the day before. Here they are at Salisbury station at 11.48am. They are about a mile or so from Mr Skripal's home:
2) Ten minutes later, they're filmed on a petrol station CCTV on Wilton Road. Police say this was on the way to the attack. This makes sense if you consider the direction they are walking and their proximity to Mr Skripal's home:
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Here's what the huge police investigation into the #Salisbury attack has established about the prime suspects "Petrov" and "Boshirov":
1) They flew into Gatwick at 3pm on Friday, 2 March on an Aeroflot flight from Moscow. Flight number SU2588.
2) It's believed they travelled by train into London, arriving at Victoria station at approximately 5.40pm.
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BREAK - @metpoliceuk announce that they believe a "small bottle" found on Wednesday was the source of #novichok that killed a British citizen and left a second critically ill in hospital #Skripal #Salisbury
The small bottle was found during search of Charlie Rowley's house in #Amesbury. Scientists at Porton Down ran tests to confirm a substance it contained is #novichok. Further tests will be conducted to establish whether this is the same batch as was used against the #Skripals
Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, Head of UK Counter Terrorism Policing, said: “This is clearly a significant and positive development."
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Some interesting news developments in the U.K. today. Firstly, foreign secretary @BorisJohnson has just resigned over Brexit - 2nd senior minister in 2 days. Will @theresa_may have a govt left by Friday, to welcome @realDonaldTrump? #TrumpUKVisit
Secondly, police in #Salisbury say they are currently dealing with a medical incident involving a man, close to where the #SkripalPoisoning took place. Unclear at the moment if it’s related.
Update on Salisbury: local police say the medical incident has been dealt with and is “not part of the ongoing major investigation”. Phew!
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>> NEW INCIDENT near #Salisbury:: Two collapse in #Amesbury, UK—near site of Russian spy #Skripal poisoning by military grade chemical weapon - BBC News…
#BREAKING: Police now say pair found unconscious in Wiltshire U.K. were poisoned with Novichok, same chemical nerve agent that poisoned ex-Russian spy Sergei #Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, just 4 months ago… #Amesbury
BREAKING >> Following detailed analysis of samples, British counter-terrorism police confirm unconscious man & woman in #Amesbury have been exposed to the nerve agent #Novichok—the same nerve agent that poisoned Yulia & Sergei #Skripal #Russia #Wiltshire
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