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TERFs don’t believe in evolution and are anti-science.

As a trans woman in the field of Paleontology I find the “biological sex as immutable fact” argument offensive as a scientist (and trans person), it’s illogical within context of our geologic past.

Let me explain.

First, I think I’m finally figuring out this whole twitter thing. It’s about cute selfies, so buckle up. That way I can trick you into learning about geology and paleontology, the real passions of my life.

Reminder: Paleontology is the study of ancient life and ecosystems.

Please remember, much like my geo-pick says. Safety first when it comes to interacting with Transphobes. TERFs and their ilk do not operate in good faith and are unwilling to accept any facts that do not conform to their twisted views of biology.

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Do you support trans rights? @Twitter #TransIsBeautiful
If you are a troll or voted no DON'T retweet
If you want to voice about what makes you support trans rights go to our server NO TRANSPHOBES ALLOWED
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There is a nationwide effort to stop people from being trans. It is happening through multiple coordinated means particularly in state legislatures. We have a fighting chance to push back in a big way and we need you to help. Here’s how.
As I have mentioned there are bills pending across the country to make it a crime to support gender affirming care for youth and other bills that seek to bar young people from living according to who they are. Here’s a map (though more are coming every day):
I want you to think for a minute about the fact that multiple states are working hard to criminalize known survival care for trans youth. The goal is to stop us from being trans. That goal is akin to a goal of killing us. You cannot force someone to be cis.
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1/ How can you not support your LGBT children 100%? I am so proud of mine especially my daughter, she is only a little girl and she works so hard so other LGBT children don’t feel alone. It wounds her deeply that other children should feel alone she has a huge amount of empathy
2/ She works through her own struggles and insecurities to support and campaign for others and I will continue to support her. She has told me I need to be a little bit quieter in public about how proud I am of her.
3/ I tell her I will try to tone it down but I’m not making any promises to that effect because I see her pain, her struggles and insecurities. It’s my responsibility as her mum to make her feel as special as I can because she is wonderful.
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This #PrideMonth please remember that if your Pride event isn’t accessible, affordable, & inviting to trans people, non-binary folks & people of color then it’s not for the entire LBGTQIA community.
This means wheelchair accessibility. This means ASL interpreters. This means NO COPS. This means gender neutral restrooms. This means hosts who don’t make racist, sexist, ableist, transphobic, fatphobic or classist jokes.
Vet your venue. Vet your people. Make Pride great for all of us. Except straight people. Pride isn’t for straight people. (I mean, you can come I guess, but I’m not interested in making Pride comfortable for heteros. Don’t @ me on this)
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MONSTER THREAD: US President Donald Trump’s transgender military ban went into force at the start of this month. It is predicated on a number of false premises, but chiefly: that trans servicepeople are a burden to the US military; and that trans identities are illegitimate. 1/
I’d like to deal with both of these propositions, as well as why this development should be alarming for anyone — even those who have taken a more ambivalent stance because they don’t support what Eisenhower once called the ‘military-industrial complex.’ 2/
First, to the idea of a burden. I’m not going to deal too much with the actual costs, though Trump has made much of the fact that trans people are ‘too expensive’ for the Pentagon. This he even claimed in his first tweets proposing the ban. 3/
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[#Thread] Malak al Kashef est une femme #transgenre défenseure des droits humains. Elle est détenue arbitrairement dans une prison pour hommes en #Egypte 🇪🇬 en raison de ses appels en faveur de manifestations pacifiques publiés sur les réseaux sociaux. ⬇️
#ActionUrgente 🚨
📅 Le 6 mars 2019, des agents de l’Agence de sécurité nationale ont effectué une descente au domicile familiale et l’ont enlevée, en raison de ses appels à #manifester après un accident de train ayant tué au moins 25 personnes au Caire le 27 février.…
Les autorités l’ont ensuite conduite dans un lieu non déclaré et, le 7 mars, elle a comparu en l’absence d’#avocat devant un procureur de la sûreté de l’État, qui a ordonné son placement en détention pour 15 jours.
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Twitter this weekend has me in so many thoughts and feelings. Part of resisting patriarchy is also resisting and interrogating homophobia and transphobia. #TransIsBeautiful. If you are attracted to trans folks, that's beautiful. No need to be ashamed of it or shame others for it
Cis men if someone thinks you're gay because you may have something feminine about you (and folks still conflate sexual orientation and gender expression) embrace it especially if you're an artist. We artists cannot be in a space where we are censoring our expression because
When we censor one form of self expression it dims all of our artistic flow. If we can stop imposing and enforcing rigid gendered expectations onto everyone especially cis straight identified men and equating those expectations with sexual orientation and manhood we can begin
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I am proudly out as trans, and I #WontBeErased.

Please support @TransEquality, which I sit on the board of, as they fight this latest affront to human rights. Liz stands in front of a bog wearing a light blue jacket. she is wearing purple lipstick and slightly smiling.
This morning I considering leaving the hotel without makeup, because I wasn't meeting clients or filming today. But I made a snap decision to put on femme battle armor after the news.

Two strangers complimented me out of the blue on my lipstick today. Worth. #TransIsBeautiful
*considered. I should learn to proofread my tweets.
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We must not give up the fight. But in the face of this affront on my existence and the existence of my community I choose love not fear. We exist and always have.

Trump Administration Eyes Defining Transgender Out of Existence
In indigenous cultures all over the world gender existed beyond the binary and folks who we would call trans today held sacred places in those cultures. Western colonialism drove those trans folks to the margins but we have always been here. Marginalizing trans folks is another
Example of the brutality of colonialism. This latest administration effort to legislate trans folks out of existence is yet another example of why the fight for gender equity must be intersectional and necessarily must include trans folks. Trans folks need everyone to stand with
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Janet Mock @janetmock
(born March 10, 1983)

✊🏽 Award-winning transgender activist
✒️ Best-selling author
@TIME Most Influential People of 2018
🎥 Writer/Producer/Director of groundbreaking new show @PoseOnFX

#LGBTVoices #GirlsLikeUs
Janet Mock is one of the most influential voices in activism and advocacy for the LGBTQ community, women, and people of color all over the world.

#GirlsLikeUs #TransIsBeautiful
“Talking and writing about my experiences have helped me finally accept the past and celebrate the fact that I was once a big dreamer who happened to be born a boy named Charles.”
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