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So I finally had a chance to watch the Law & Order episode everyone was talking about that was supposed to be similar to the #EdBuck case. Meh. Don't get me wrong L&O is one of my fav shows. But, let me be clear, the sheriff's dept. was not trying to hear from the men Buck hurt.
For those who were with me from the beginning, you remember that the FIRST set of detectives who were finally assigned (only after I published Gemmel's journal), were no Oliva Benson or Camryn Manheim advocating to arrest Buck--far, far from it.
So for me to sit here and watch a storyline so similar that makes the police out to be the heroes in the situation when in actuality that was not even the case--especially in the beginning for almost two years--I am like, meh. That's why Imma tell the REAL STORY.
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#THREAD So the camera isn't working at the jail and the hearing can't move forward. Defense counsel wants a continuance. Judge seems inclined to grant it. It looks like #EdBuck's sentencing is now going to be delayed even further...
Judge is going to try and get another courtroom so that the sentencing can move forward on April 4. Defense counsel is too busy to have the hearing later this week. He wants the hearing pushed to April 4. Judge seems to agree. Prosecutors want the hearing on Friday.
Judge is trying to figure out something.
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​Morning y’all!

​Jury deliberations kickoff THIS MORNING!

Today is also the 4th anniversary of the death of Gemmel Moore. Below is a page from his journal.

​This will be the thread for today.

#edbuck #edbucktrial
If you need to get caught up, start here 👉🏾…
"While this fight is as much about getting justice for Ed Buck’s victims it’s also about calling out all of the people and entities along the way who failed them and enabled Ed Buck."…
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​Get caught up!  Here's my day 7 recap of the Ed Buck trial. 

​Jury deliberations kickoff on Tues. morning--the 4th anniv. of the death of Gemmel Moore.

​This will be the thread for any news.​

#edbuck #edbucktrial…
Da Baby's comments about HIV and AIDS are exactly why Christopher Darden felt comfortable using the AIDS
and gay panic defense for Ed Buck's benefit.…
"If you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, or any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases, that’ll make you die in two to three weeks, then put your cellphone lighter up," said the rapper during his performance.
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ED BUCK TRIAL UPDATE: Alrighty fam! Court resumes at 9 a.m. Here’s a recap of yesterday’s testimony.

Ed Buck Trial: Day Two…

#edbuck #edbucktrial
It’s clear that Christopher Darden and Ludlow Creary’s defense of Ed Buck involves weaponizing his victim’s HIV status. Darden and Ludlow are fixated on AIDS and making sure the jury has a negative connotation when they hear it.
The only relevance HIV has in this trial is the fact that Ed Buck is HIV positive and according to his victims, specifically asked them of their status and knew that they were positive when he did what he did to them. But the defense doesn’t want to talk about that.
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ED BUCK TRIAL UPDATE: Alrighty fam! I’m in court for day two of testimony.

This will be the thread.

Oh and today I’m wearing my “I just wanna kick Chris Darden and his flunky in the ass” chucks.

#EdBuck #EdBuckTrial ImageImage
For those who need a refresher on day one’s testimony.…
Ed Buck’s next door neighbor just finished testifying about the foot traffic and Buck soundproofing his apartment after Gemmel Moore’s death. Up next is Buck’s apartment manager.
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Question @CA_Dem is #EdBuck still one of your Electors? Also who nominated him, it has to be a Senator or Representative @AlexPadilla4CA
There are 55 total, so what elected official thought Ed Buck deserved to be there? How do we find out. Was it you @AdamSchiff @RepAdamSchiff he is in your district.…
Here is #EdBuck standing up for roll call at State Assembly 12/19/16 should be noted he’s in company of the elite @SpeakerPelosi daughter @SenFeinstein granddaughter the list is long so how did Buck get there?
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Just speechless reading that filing about #EdBuck he’s weho’s Dahmer. Sick, demented, racist, predator.
One of the victims was paralyzed on the floor 7 hours after Buck slipped him some kind of tranquilizer, Buck got annoyed and demanded he leave but he couldn’t move so Buck grabbed a power saw, turned it on and came towards victim😳 #EdBuck
PS- note Grand Jury subpoena
Victims #2 and #4 were both injected by Buck while they were “sleeping” keep in mind he has a pattern of drugging these men, almost all report drinking vodka or a soda like drink he gave them. Victim #4 went to hospital all they could determine was it was a “tar-like substance”
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YASSSSSSSSSS🔥 Now we’re talking. #EdBuck facing Federal Charges!
Had a feeling homicide wanted charges😡
This also confirms @Cara_TXZEAL suspicion that with DEA on scene at Bucks house, Federal authorities were involved. Snapped this pic when the agent opened his door and dome light revealed jacket 🕵🏼‍♀️
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Crime scene tape surrounds Ed Buck’s apartment he’s apparently already been taken away, unmarked vehicles outside LEO going in and out of place #EdBuck
Two squad cars and all kinds of unmarked cars behind police tape. #EdBuck
Super sleuth detective car🚔
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BREAKING: Democratic donor Ed Buck has been arrested at his West Hollywood apartment on drug charges, per @WHDLASD. Neighbor on scene tells me Buck is currently in the back of one of the cruisers. Two gay black men previously died of meth overdoses at his apt. @FOXLA ImageImage
Video from the scene courtesy of a neighbor. @FOXLA
Buck is currently sitting in this cruiser, according to the neighbor. He says deputies have drug sniffing dogs on scene as well. Buck being charged with operating a drug house after a 37 y/o man overdosed at his WeHo apt last week, according to DA. @FOXLA Image
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Man frustrated with heart-wrenching stories being shared about #EdBuck chose to sit in the street with his candle (smart NO) but the more this story sinks in the more outrageous it feels. Sheriff appeared to arrest him which obviously didn’t go over well (cont)
If you’re going to sit in the street its the Sheriffs job to protect the people but the fact that it was in front of an apt where drugs and dead black men keep appearing with ZERO arrests is..🤷🏼‍♀️You can hear Gemmel’s grandmother as why they ignored him when he went to police.
At this point Gemmel’s friends went into the street and that’s when they closed the block and backed off which is (to their credit) a tempered way to handle it. BTW no violence, no threats just people chanting “arrest #EdBuck
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#EdBuck is a big-time Democrat donor, and now a second black male has been found dead in his home.

His fetish is to drug them to near death and perform sex acts.

Because #California is so corrupt, nothing happened with the first death. Now another young man is dead.
Here is #EdBuck with Adam Schiff. Ted Liu also takes his money.
And #EdBuck with governor Moonbeam and everyone's favorite Ted Lieu.
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UPDATE! Laquisha Jones, 30, of Los Angeles has been arrested but other assailants remain at large, despite smashing his head with a brick screaming “Go back to Mexico” @LAPDHQ @AGBecerra have said its not a hate crime.…
Meanwhile #EdBuck who killed #GemmelMoore or at the very least assisted in his death by providing him drugs and paying him to shoot up, remains free as bird point being, you suck @AGBecerra #ThrowbackThursday…
Important to note #California charged and convicted Michael Jackson’s doctor of involuntary manslaughter so there’s certainly a standard set. Too bad #GemmelMoore wasn’t a famous black man #BlackLivesMatter if they make headlines in LA.…
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🚸 (1) While the Congressional Black Caucus spends the day telling everyone @realDonaldTrump is a racist and that they’re boycotting the #SOTU a wildly unreported story comes to mind. His name was #ToussaintBirwe he was 6 years old when #SamanthaPowers motorcade killed him.
(2) In April, 2016 #SamanthaPower and her giant convoy sped down rual roads in #Cameroon with a helicopter overhead for really nothing more than a photo op to talk about how much she’d done to stop #BokoHaram #ToussaintBirwe #CR
(3) The small villages were excited to see the convoy and they lined the streets waving and little #ToussaintBirwe was struck by an SUV he flew in the air and landed on the ground with a crushed head, and THEY DID NOT STOP @OfficialCBC @RepWilson @RepMaxineWaters @RepRichmond
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