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Atatürk'ün emriyle Meksika'ya gönderilen Tahsin Mayatepek'in gördükleri‼️
İngiliz ajanların talan ettiği tabletler⚠️
Bilinmesini istemedikleri
Maya tabletlerinde ki SIR🔐
2023 🔎
Atatürk'ün keşfettiği SIR🔐
Batan Mu kıtasından kurtulan Mayaların Uygur nâmını alarak Asyaya gelmesi🗺
İrlanda'ya kadar yayılmaları, o bölgelere tarımı getirmeleri
Türk Tarih Tezinin İngiltere zoruyla tüm tarih kitaplarından kaldırılması
2023 ve Anadolu ⚠️
Anadolu fay hatlarının geçtiği ve ley hatlarının kesiştiği, enerji dolu topraklar bütünüdür. ✴️

Anadolu'daki manevi enerji tüm dünyaya yayılacak(3 binyıl önce ki maya tabletlernde belirtilmiş) ✅
Mısır'da ki kil tabletin sırrı❗
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A l’écran on a vu la silhouette d’un homme brandissant une pancarte se faire sortir de scène. Puis la réalisation a basculé sur un plan très large et la prestation a été stoppée #Melodifestivalen2023 #Loreen

C’est confirmé : Loreen a un boulevard pour s’imposer en finale du #Melodifestivalen2023 dans deux semaines. Elle n’a pas grande concurrence et ce qu’elle propose est conçu comme un bulldozer prêt à défoncer la scène de l’#Eurovision. Reste à savoir si jurys et public suivront
#Melodifestivalen2023 Voici l’intégralité de la prestation de Loreen sur « Tattoo ». Le côté claustro et très calculé de la mise en scène ne plaira pas à tout le monde. L’émotion débarque sur la dernière minute pour conjurer la froideur qui a précédé

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#Eurovision « Je chante, ma vie, la vôtre et un peu de romance... » #Evidemment, la chanson avec laquelle La Zarra représentera la France à l'#Eurovision 2023, a été révélée. Découvrez-là par ici et apprenez-en plus sur ce titre
Si vous vous me demandez mon avis : #Evidemment a un fort potentiel pour l’#Eurovision. L’ouverture opératique attire l’attention, la bifurcation vers un rythme pop offre un contraste surprenant et, juste quand ça ronronne, le climax arrive et laisse sur le fameux effet « wow »
Le charisme de La Zarra est un atout. Je ne le dirai jamais assez: la clé pour remporter l’Eurovision, c’est l’authenticité, l’artiste doit faire corps avec sa chanson. C’est le cas ici.
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On the night of February 4-5, 2023, #journalist Dinara #Egeubayeva reported that an armed attack (with a pistol) had been committed on her son.
The son of Dinara Egeubayeva is a citizen of a member state of the #EuropeanUnion.
This attack is connected not only with the self-nomination of Dinara Egeubayeva as a deputy to the Mazhilis from a single-mandate district in #Almaty, but also with her consistent and fair criticism of #Tokayev, interviews with victims of torture in January 2022,

@hrw @OSCE
and the requirements of an international investigation into the January executions and #torture.

This armed attack on the son of Dinara Egeubayeva is part of a systemic attack by the #Kazakh authorities on her.

@amnesty @omctorg @freedomhouse
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Ein Thread zu #Einwanderung, #Auswanderung und einen Blick von außen auf unser Land.

Vor ein paar Wochen ging dieser thread von mir durch die Decke:

Was dort fehlte: Vorschläge wie wir es BESSER machen. Das möchte ich hier nachliefern. 1/x
Das Erste was wir besser machen müssen: Wir müssen das ZIEL klar definieren.

Wenn wir über eine gesunde Wirtschaft und das überleben unseres Sozialsystem reden: Dann benötigen wir NETTO 400.000 Einwanderer pro Jahr.

Das ist die QUANTITATIVE Antwort 2/x…
Darüber hinaus wollen wir aber auch Menschen mit bestimmten Eigenschaften für unser Land begeistern.

Hier wird über Bildungsabschlüsse, Einkommen oder den (angeblichen) kulturellem Hintergrund bestimmter Länder diskutiert.

Ich halte diese Kriterien für FALSCH. 3/x
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🇺🇦 On connaît officiellement la première chanson en lice à l’#Eurovision2023 !
L’#Ukraine sera représentée par le duo TVORCHI et la chanson « Heart of Steel »
🇦🇱 Albina et la famille Kelmendi représenteront l’#Albanie à l’#Eurovision2023

🇧🇪Les Belges ont choisi : Gustaph représentera la Belgique à l’#Eurovision 2023 avec « Because of You »

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Whichever UK city gets to host #Eurovision in partnership with Ukraine next Spring, can we make this the "Welcomers Eurovision", by putting #HomesForUkraine hosts and guests right at the heart of it? (Press Association)…
More on the "Welcomers Eurovision" vision for the 2023 contest, from new @britishfuture report for the @Spiritof2012 power of events inquiry. More info & our full report here…
How to make this a Welcomers Eurovision next year with #HomesforUkraine My @CapX blog on lessons from this summer of events for future opportunities…
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#BREAKING UK says agrees with Ukraine, Eurovision to host 2023 song contest
#UPDATE Britain said on Monday it had reluctantly agreed to take Ukraine's place as hosts of next year's #Eurovision song contest after organisers said there was no prospect of the event going ahead in the war-torn country
#BREAKING Kyiv welcomes UK hosting next year's Eurovision 'on behalf of Ukraine': culture minister
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The United Kingdom will host #Eurovision 2023! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

➡️ Everything you need to know here:…
The search for next year's Host City will begin this week 🔍
Ukraine will automatically qualify for the Grand Final along with the Big 5 🏆
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Am christlichen Feiertag lehne ich mich weit aus dem Fenster mit einem #DirtyDozen zur Dreifaltigkeit des Bösen: Stock, Aitken & Waterman. Schuld am größten Internet-Hit aller Zeiten, Hitmaschinen der späten 80er. Follow me for some deep madness. 🧵…
1/ RICK ASTLEY kam aus einem engl. Kaff 1987 als Studiopraktikant nach London und wurde über Nacht zum Superstar und Inbegriff der SAW-Ära: Jahre später erlebte er ein Revival als Meme. And embraced it. Eine der prägendsten Popnummern der 80er:
2/ Dabei waren die Produzenten schon 1985 berühmt geworden und landeten ihren ersten Nr.1-Hit im UK mit DEAD OR ALIVEs "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)". Der prototypische SAW/80er-Synthpop-Sound sollte den Rest der Dekade dominieren. #DirtyDozen
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I know there are some REALLY PASSIONATE #Eurovision fans among my followers. And boy, do I have a thing for you!

Kalush Orchestra is giving away their ICONIC Pink Bucket Hat AND The Eurovision 2022 Crystal Trophy to help Ukraine defeat russian occupiers.
Money raised will be donated to the Serhiy Prytula Foundation which equips the Ukrainian military with UAVs, vehicles, communications equipment, medical aid supplies, and ambulances.

You can win the Pink Bucket Hat from the Eurovision stage by donating ₴200 (approximately €5) to get a chance to win. The bigger the donation, the more "chances."

You can donate as much money as you want and as many times as you want.

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Volevo parlarvi di un articolo uscito ieri su Libé, che considero davvero notevole. Un thread su questo perché lo merita. Image
Sebbene negli anni Libération si sia spostato verso posizioni più liberali, diventando più una testata di sinistra democratica, parliamo pur sempre di un giornale di riferimento della sinistra francese.
Perché è importante fare questa premessa, tautologica e ridondante per molti di voi che lo conoscete bene? In primis, per evidenziare la differenza abissale che intercorre tra la sinistra nostrana, quella più estrema e veterocomunista, ma non solo, e quella francese.
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This is my grandmother Stefania.
I've been thinking about her a lot since the full scale war started. Not only did she have a beautiful name and fancy style, but she also survived forced resettlement to Siberia by the Soviets in 1950s. Her story 1/
#KalushOrchestra #Eurovision
Stefania was born in 1930 in a village which now lays on the border between Lviv and Ternopil regions. It belonged to the Second Polish Republic back then. Her father Martin was Polish, her mother Teklia was Ukrainian. 2/
Unfortunately, everything I know about her is not first-hand information. She died long before I was able to ask. However, one month ago I went to her house—refugees from Kyiv live there now—and found a few old documents which interweave with her relatives' stories. 3/
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Finally, #Zelensky has ordered, or likely more accurately been forced to accept, the surrender of the men who refuse to go on dying for his ego. As I wrote more than once, had it not been for their recent use of human shields to extend the lifespan of the #Azovstl siege, and the
endless begging for the world to save them (much more from Serhyi Volyna & others than #Azov's Denys "Redis" Prokopenko), then they could have come out to the salute & applause of their Russian foes. Their more recent actions were a stain on the honor of their brave stand.
Ironically, but not surprisingly, this more shameful period is when the world media has lionized & even idolized them much more. As I noted recently, this would only serve to increase the PR value of the soon-to-be POWs held by #Russia.
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Voy a intentar dar luz y explicar todo lo que está pasando con las votaciones de #Eurovision 2022

Porque hay muchas informaciones sueltas, los medios de comunicación que en vez de informar, desinforman, y aquí no hay quien entienda nada…

Abro hilo ➡️
El tongo en los jurados de #Eurovision ha existido desde el principio de los tiempos…

Con el regreso de Malta en 1991 y Gaetano Abella (izquierda de la foto con gafas y bigote) como Jefe de Delegación se empieza a urdir una red de intercambio de votos bestial…
El jaleo que votos manipulados que ha concluido hoy con el bombazo mediático en España, comienza en 2021 cuando Filipp Kirkórov supuestamente con todo su dinero compra votos en la semifinal 2 de Rotterdam 2021 para la candidatura de Moldavia que dirige: Sugar de Natalia Gordienko
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Non so se avete letto qualcosa a riguardo, ma c'è una polemica - principalmente da parte di Romania e Moldavia, che viene rilanciata dai filo-#Putin, sull'#Eurovision. Ve ne parlo in un thread 🧵👇
Come se non bastassero le polemiche dei putinisti Worldwide sulla vittoria dell'#Ucraina all'#Eurovision e i tentativi dei media in #Russia, paese che è stato bandito dalla competizione, di sminuire il risultato da loro ottenuto e il supporto della comunità delle cittadine e…
…cittadini europei, i quali hanno dimostrato chiaramente da che parte è il loro cuore, ora i primi due stanno rilanciando un caso scoppiato principalmente in Moldavia. Ma che cosa è successo? In che cosa consiste la new entry nel repertorio filo-genocida? Cerco di spiegarvelo:
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L'Ukraine a fait vraiment un score du public énorme à l'Eurovision...
Je me suis demandé qui ça ferait le plus réagir, et comment : des félicitations ou des insultes ?

Petit graphe sur ceux ayant utilisés #Eurovision2022 et #Ukraine dans le même tweet

Explications en thread⬇️ ImageImage
Il y a des graphes dont j'aime bien vraiment la tête 😇

Ici, on voit clairement des communautés très distantes, très différentes. Toute l'Europe a parlé de l'Eurovision !

La HD globale:…

Juste la partie Fr:… Image
Tout le détail technique sur "comment faire un graph" est ici, même les outils et le code source en public!

Ça peut aussi simplement servir à mieux comprendre et interprété le résultat :)

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Sorry to "bring this up", but there's a sickening difference in Europe's treatment of Ukraine & Bosnia. In 2022, the Ukrainian song wins Eurovision. But in 1993, one year into the Bosnian war & the siege of Sarajevo, the Bosnian song finished 16. So much for "European solidarity"
The song, called 'All the world's pain', read like this:

"I can send you this song
So that you know that I'm alive, [my] love

All the world's pain is in Bosnia tonight

I stay [here] to defy the agony

And I'm not afraid to stand in front of the wall"

Beyond the lyrics, the journey that the Bosnian band had to embark on to reach #Eurovision in itself deserved victory. To get out of sieged Sarajevo, they had to run across open fields, with Serb snipers shooting. Yet Europe didn't think Bosnia deserved a "solidarity victory".
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A distanza di qualche ora dalla vittoria dell'#Ucraina all'#Eurovision, ho guardato un po' di siti di stampa russi per curiosità, volevo sentire il grado di rodimento regnate in Moscovia in relazione all'evento. Ho preparato una piccola rassegna da condividere con voi. Un thread:
Partiamo da Фонтанка (Fontanka): i highlights del loro pezzo sono i bookmaker, che avrebbero previsto la vittoria e che prima della semifinale la probabilità di vincita era del 49%. #Russia #Eurovision
Poi, parlano dell’appello dei musicisti ad aiutare l'#Ucraina, #Azovstal, la quale viene indicata come dichiarazione politica e vietata dal regolamento. Proseguono sottolineando che il voto è cambiato drammaticamente con la somma del voto popolare.
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Os distéis cuenta de que ayer en #Eurovision no se conectó con ciertos países, ¿verdad? Pues hay polémica. Rumanía dice que se alteraron sus resultados y no se les permitió dar los verdaderos. Ojo que si la EBU accede a evaluar irregularidades, podríamos subir a segunda posición.
El lío viene porque hay enfado en Moldavia y Rumanía con que el jurado rumano no diera puntos, se supone, a Moldavia. Su canción aboga por la reunificación entre ambos países, tema sensible. Rumanía dice que sus 12 puntos eran para Moldavia, pero que la EBU se los dio a Ucrania.
Como la polémica se magnifique y la EBU se vea obligada a rectificar, el ránking final puede variar. No afectaría tanto a la victoria de Ucrania como a nuestro puesto, por ejemplo. Se dice que a UK se le dieron puntos que no le correspondían, mientras que a España se le quitaron.
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🔴 #Eurovision Je ne me souviens plus où j'ai lu (les lamentations d’un blessé de guerre): chaque fois que quelqu'un me fait l'aumône, j'ai l'impression de recevoir un coup de poignard dans le coeur.

Comment l’aumône se réconcilie-t-elle avec la dignité ?
Sous la forme de la 🔽
miséricorde communautaire, la fière Ukraine a reçu un crachat dans les yeux.
Parce que l’aumône ne suffisait pas, il y a eu fraude.
La charité chrétienne s'est transformé en propagande et que fait l'homme Zelensky, symbole d'honneur et de vérité ?
Au lieu de rejeter l'aumône 🔽
avec indignation, au lieu de se mettre en colère comme il le fait de manière si convaincante vis-à-vis des politiciens étrangers pour réclamer de l'argent et des armes, eh bien, le « grand » Z exulte.
Au lieu de jeter le prix au visage des organisateurs, il fait semblant de 🔽
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Unconfirmed : SURRENDERED: in #Azovstal
US General Eric Olson
British Lieutenant Colonel John Bailey
4 #NATO military instructors.
There is news of Canadian French Turkish officers still hiding inside tunnels
#SnakeIsland #Mariupol #Donbass #Ukraine @WIONews #Kiev @foxnews
Whereabouts of this US army Major General Roger Cloutier is not known , he was last seen in #Mariupol
US Admiral Eric Olson (Highly decorated special ops commander born in #Tacoma , Wa USA

@Ukraine @GeneralBakshi @WIONews #UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine #Kiev #SnakeIsland #BlackSea #Donbass #Britain #Eurovision
@TulsiGabbard @RandPaul
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Il commento di Maria Zakharova, la portavoce del Ministero degli Esteri russo, sulla vittoria dell’Ucraina ad #Eurovision ⤵️
“Concordiamo sul fatto che senza la vittoria dell'Ucraina all'Eurovision, il quadro di ciò che è accaduto a questo Paese non sarebbe completo. Costumi nazionali e strumenti musicali, due Baba Yaga agli archi, breakdance e urla su Azovstal dal palco.
L'Europa si è guadagnata una standing ovation.
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#RussianCulture: #Eurovision message sent by #Kalush to help #Azovstal was heard not only by free people. Narcissistic #Russia'ns responded by dropping bombs with gloating messages on #Mariupol. Russians respond to art with literal bombs, destruction vs creativity #CancelRussia ImageImage
Not just unable to isolate Ukraine, but being isolated themselves, frustrated Russians are happy to dive deeper in mud of their hatred. This is #RussianCulture, but it's not military cult yes, it's bombs but this is rather an example of their criminal culture of small time thugs.
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