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🔴 ENTREVISTA | @BlancaPaloma_rb, representante española en #Eurovision2023

🗣️ "Confío tanto en lo que he hecho, estoy tan segura del resultado que he dado [...] Estaba preparada para lo mejor y para lo peor"

@BlancaPaloma_rb 🔴 ENTREVISTA | @BlancaPaloma_rb, representante española en #Eurovision2023

🗣️ "Nuestra propuesta es arriesgada, profunda, con muchos matices artísticos, poéticos y que creo que también requieren de empaparse en la cultura"

@BlancaPaloma_rb 🔴 ENTREVISTA | @BlancaPaloma_rb, representante española en #Eurovision2023

🗣️ "Deberíamos sentirnos super orgullosos por haber sido valientes de presentar una candidatura así"

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Aplikasi Penghasil Saldo DANA merupakan aplikasi jenis terbaru dalam media sosial. Kini banyak sekali pengguna yang tengah mencari-cari aplikasi tersebut. Konon katanya aplikasi ini mampu memberikan saldo DANA tanpa perlu para pengguna melakukan #Eurovision2023 #amici22 #DonBelle melakukan top up terlebih dahulu. Memang pada jaman yang sudah berkembang maju sangat pesat ini ada banyak sekali aplikasi smartphone yang mampu memberikan keuntungan bagi siapapun yang memakainya.

Bahkan hal yang paling tidak masuk akal mampu… menghasilkan uang tambahan secara mudah dan juga instan. Mendengar kata tersebut pastinya membuat kalian berpikir bahwa hal seperti ini masih bisa dikatakan aneh tapi nyata karena sudah ada beberapa orang uang telah membuktikannya dan mereka benar-benar
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Персонажі НюКарнівал як виступи на Євробачення 2023

#NUcarnival #NuCarnivalUKR #Eurovision2023 Image
Ейден – Словенія 🇸🇮… Image
Астер – Бельгія 🇧🇪… Image
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Ein kleiner Thread warum Deutschland in den letzten 25 Jahren so überaus beschissen beim #EUROVISION2023 #ESC2023 #ESC ist.
Kein Grund ist die „politik“ oder das Europa Deutschland nicht mögen würde. Das ist Quatsch und beweisen durchaus die Jahre 2000,2004,2010-12 und 2018 eindeutig, dass das kein Grund ist.
Grund 1:
Die Jurys.

5 Personen aus jeweils 37 Ländern entscheiden 50% der Punkte. Die meistgehörte Musikrichtung ist Pop. Pop kommt, wenn er kompositorisch gut gemacht ist, sehr weit bei den Jurys. Siehe Loreen. Und das ist ein Problem. Dadurch dass die Jurys nur aus 5
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Day 445 of the illegal and repugnant war waged by #Russia on its peaceful neighbour - #Ukraine has never invaded or threatened another country.

The main story tonight is the #Eurovision timed attack on Ukraine which has shocked the world.

This is THE only daily thread you need:
Before we get to the Eurovision related attack, a quick reminder of Saturday's astonishing events.

Four of #Russia's aircraft shot down over Russia as they headed to bomb #Ukraine, more #RussiaOnFire and big explosions in west Ukraine, plus lots more⬇️

At #Eurovision, at elmost the exact moment #Ukraine's act Tvorchi took to the stage, #Russia's missiles bombed the duo's hometown.

The mayor of #Ternopil in west Ukraine reports a non-residential building caught fire in the city. Rescuers are working on the spot.
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Ich bin durch. Dieser Sieg ist ein gewaltiger Rückschritt in der Entwicklung des ESC. Nach vier guten Jahren voller kreativen Songs gewinnt nun eine Billige Kopie von 2012. Das ist schrecklich. #Eurovision2023
Auch die Jury ist in der Form nicht mehr tragbar.
Und wenn mir hier einer drunter haut von wegen „Deutschland ist letzter geworden weil die uns nicht in Europa mögen, oder wegen der politik“

Dann ne, daran liegt es nicht. Das schlechte Abschneiden von LOTL hat verschiedene andere Gründe, und die Band ist es nicht. #Eurovision
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it's funny that the #Eurovision2023 slogan is "United by Music" because as far as I can tell all Europeans are in fact currently pretty united in wanting to hunt those juries for sport
stating for the record that i do not personally think that we should create a Panem-style blood game within which Eurovision jurors are made to fight for entertainment. i do NOT think that. i am merely commenting on the fact that this is a common sentiment
many people have been saying things like "in the interest of furthering the European spirit of democracy, it is necessary that we cast off the dictatorial powers of the juries by throwing their members into the ocean"

Not me though, i would never say that. Just many OTHER people
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“Ukraine, thank you for the peace in Moldova 🇲🇩”

/I am not crying/

#Eurovision #Eurovision2023
#Moldova ❤️
Verka Serduchka, Ukrainian 🇺🇦 pop culture phenomenon.

“russia, goodbye!”
Last year #Eurovision winners Kalush Orchestra, their song Stefania and goosebumps
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L'#Eurovision2023 'concours de chant' ?!
Concours de la beauferie, oui…
Quand je vois les européens de l'Est s'extasier sur l'Allemagne, Moldavie ou Finlande, V'là la tronche de l'Europe.
Ceux qui s'en amusent là, seront les 1ers à gueuler de la ringardise et bêtise normalisées.
Surenchère de beauferie, clichés de 'genres' avec des putes à poil, ou mecs torse poil habillés en rose fluo, ou drag Queen, je cite : "(ils) en ont pas chez eux, ils trouvent ça 'fun', c'est du spectacle" croient-ils. Pas encore politisé chez eux.
Sans parler du tout-anglais... Ces anglo-saxons qui ne créent rien, auront encore réussi à tout s'accaparer et à tout pourrir comme à leur habitude... Alors qu'ils ne sont même pas Europé se foutent des autres cultures...
Et 'on' laisse faire...
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As I think about this @Eurovision #Eurovision2023 , I wonder – are we truly united by music? I considered writing some scathing diatribe saying ‘no’. And then realised I was wrong.

Because this popped up on my @YouTube feed 👇
@ChoirOfTheEarth, directed by @mrbenengland, teach music line-by-line in full choir & sectional rehearsals via YouTube. You record your own voice @ home, on your📱! A team of elves / sound engineers play back YOUR performance in a live online concert.
So what? Well, I was at the Messiah in person get together in Belfast, hosted by @DownandConnor.

I thought
get a church + sing = go time 🎙️

But no. No no no no no.
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#Eurovision #Eurovision2023

russia targeted the city of Ternopil, a hometown of Ukrainian contestants - Tvorchi as they were performing on the Eurovision stage.

Explosions were reported. Image
❤️ Ternopil ❤️ Ukraine ❤️
Just like nazis russians love symbolism, numerology and astrology.

Targeting Ternopil during Ukraine’s Eurovision performance is
NOT a coincidence.
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I liked #Italy. Ok? Kill me.
#finland is being appropriately weird. Thanks! #Eurovision2023
So far two singers of #Moroccan descent on the #Eurovision2023 La Zarra representing #France and #Loreen representing #Sweden.
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Yup, watching #Eurovision2023 in the bathroom because of another russian missile strike Image
I betcha they know that more people will be at home now so if they hit residential buildings it can cause more casualties
I hope Finland will win this year
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🎤Hoy se celebra #Eurovision .

🗺️El equipo de @elOrdenMundial ha preparado contenido para que disfrutes del concurso de una manera distinta: analizando toda la geopolítica y relaciones internacionales que hay detrás.

🧵Hilo con contenidos 👇 Image
🎤Eurovisión ha estado marcado por la geopolítica desde que se emitiera por primera vez en 1956. El concurso ha sido una herramienta de poder blando para todos los países que competían.…
🎤Desde sus humildes inicios, con solo siete participantes, #Eurovision ha ido evolucionando hasta convertirse en el mayor festival del mundo y un elemento identitario fundamental de la cultura europea. Pero, no se constriñe solo a Europa.

Su historia en una imagen: Image
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NEW: Weekend @TheNewsAgents

Today eyes of Europe on Liverpool for #Eurovision2023 

But it’s only there because the war still rages. So we ask, 443 days in, as 🇺🇦 counter-offensive begins, what is the state of play? Is this a frozen war, once more?…
With @shashj @kiraincongress @scottygb

PLUS Latest in our extended political interviews, this time with @jessphillips

And yes, forget the Liverpool chat, we talked a lot about England’s true greatest city Image
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Welcome to Saturday's #UkraineWar thread on Day 444 of #Russia's invasion.

All the news as always throughout the day in one handy thread, but with a fun #Eurovision twist today which I'll explain in the next tweet.

If you want to buy me a coffee there's a link in my bio🙏💙💛
So what's all this about #Eurovision ?

Well to mark #Ukraine's "hosting" of the final in #Liverpool tonight, in my tweets today there will be winning song titles🎶 in some of the posts (not all)

Just for fun. Reply if you spot one, as it will help fight the shadow ban on my a/c
Give yourself bonus points if you know the country and year the song won!

Anyway if you missed anything yesterday, you can review Friday's thread here. A day when we had all kinds of everything going on:

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Say ‘Olá!’ to Domino’s #Eurovision2023 pizza range... if AI was in charge!

Yes, these images are 100% AI–generated!

A thread...
Germany 🇩🇪

Bratwurst? Nein! This is the BratBEST! What a banger!

#Eurovision2023 Image
United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Sunday Roast on a pizza? RULE BRITANNIA!

#Eurovision2023 Image
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How totally CRAZY has #Finland gone with Cha Cha Cha? Let's take a look.

1. This is the Finnish Association for National Conservation, the oldest environmental organisation in Finland. Not exactly your typical meme factory.
#Eurovision #euroviisut #Käärijä
2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, modifying the lyrics to tell that they still hold tightly to Sweden's NATO membership, no matter who wins.
3. Pastries offered in the ongoing government negotiations.
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Out of the gazillion ways you can get your brand in front of new audiences, guest posting is hands down my favorite.

Guest posting, also called guest blogging, just means writing and publishing an #ExitPolls #Eurovision2023 #ExitPollOnZee… article on someone else's website—ideally in your same niche—with the goal of reaching a wider audience, improving search engine rankings, and establishing your brand as an authority.… Writing about topics you know well and having other people promote your work...for free? Yes, please. The benefits of guest posting

Guest posting tends to work well as a marketing strategy because it benefits both
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What is a guest post? How is it different than a regular blog post? A Guest Post is an article written and posted on someone else's blog. When you write something on your own blog, it's just a "post," but on someone else's blog #TejRan #Eurovision2023 #Felix… Guest posts are valuable tools for reputation marketing and reputation management for several reasons, like getting your brand mentioned or occupying branded search query results. But most people use them to embed backlinks for SEO reasons.… Guest posts are often abused, though; we'll address abusive aspects later in this article.If you have found someone else's blog to write on, then you are the 'guest author'. We'll assume you are doing it both to get the word out and
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On Ireland's #Eurovision2023
there was a song called "Midnight Summer Night" by Connolly which was leading after the industry vote, and with some stagecraft would have made it to the final, but the Late Late Show viewers went for sub-Coldplay dirge. 1/

That song was far more in line with the tastes of people who actually watch and vote on the Eurovision.

I remember watching the Irish Eurosong final, and when the public vote came in and Connolly didn't win my immediate reaction was...2/ Image
Our song was exactly the sort of song someone would cynically write to try to win Eurovision, rather than writing something that had some soul. You may not like the Connolly song, but at least it isn't a soulless, failed attempt to write an anthem. 3/
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how did Azerbaijan get melodic rapping Hobbits to represent them on #Eurovision?

Merry! Pippin! 😱
The Balrog is behind you!!

#Azerbaijan #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision Image
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Tre af the big six vil blive vist i aften under semifinalen. Lad os tale lidt om dem #escdk #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
Basically, France will france, Italy will italy og Tyskland kunne ikke få fat på Rammstein. Ej, det er løgn... næsten.

Lord of the Lost har eksisteret i over femten år som band og har sanget "Blood And Glitter" med i bagagen til Liverpool.
Det er svært at forklare, men sangen er så tysk industrial rock. De rammer meget, hvad jeg tænker, når jeg tænker på tysk rock. Så nailed it, I guess. Der er en smule glam over det, hint i glitter-delen, og jeg glæder mig til at se deres performance, som er et klip fra i går.
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I aften er der første semifinale i Eurovision 2023 i Liverpool. Her er en tråd med fun facts om hver af aftenens deltagende lande samt lidt om semifinalen i sig selv #esc2023 #escdk #Eurovision2023
For det første, vi er heldige her i Danmark, at vi først er med i semifinalen på torsdag, for denne her i dag er spækket med favoritter og bookmakernes kandidater til titlen.
Derudover: Det er få sange, der bliver valgt fra til de her to semifinaler, fordi der i år kun er 37 deltagende lande, og seks af dem er automatisk med i finalen (UK, Ukraine, Spanien, Frankrig, Tyskland, Italien).
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