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1. Question for #Exvangelical Twitter. @seelolago's most recent newsletter highlights (with skepticism) an obscure story that some college kid has accused Veggie Tales of racism. I'm not saying it's not at all; "I Can Be Your Friend" can be read as the "colorblind" approach. But.
2. The poster making the accusation that somehow got onto the internet doesn't mention "I Can Be Your Friend" or colorblindness. Instead it states that the accented characters are villains and racially coded. And I'm having trouble thinking of an example where this fully holds up
3. Are there examples that fit? Here's what I recall. The phony French accents of the peas are a largely innocent Monty Python reference. Pa Grape, with his Brooklyn accent, may be coded Jewish, but he's sometimes a villain, and sometimes a good guy. Played the prophet Nathan.
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The Christian Right is the biggest threat to democracy and human rights in the US. White evangelicals are Trump's base. Their stolen disproportionate power is the main reason Americans can't have nice things like effective universal healthcare

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #Resist
If you don't understand the ideology conservative Christians use to object to welfare and universal healthcare, here's a thread to get you started:

#Exvangelical #EvangelicalIntoEnglish #EmptyThePews #Resist
If you value the effort I put into producing this kind of content and exposing the Christofascist threat to American democracy and can afford to do so, please consider supporting me via @Patreon with a $5 a month pledge or more. Thank you!
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“The young missionary's family released a statement saying that Chau had nothing but love for the Sentinelese and they forgive those responsible for his death.”

You can’t love people you know nothing about and objectify as a mission field, and Chau is responsible for his death.
For my commentary on John Chau’s missionary efforts and death, see:…

#Exvangelical #EvangelicalIntoEnglish #EmptyThePews #MondayMood
See also my takedown of “respectable” evangelical defensiveness around the Chau affair. Toxic white Christian supremacist evangelical ideology fostered the bad behavior that got him killed #NotYourMissionField #Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #MondayMotivation…
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Proud to be featured in @CBSReligion’s documentary “Deconstructing My Religion,” written by @lizkineke. This is the first national TV exposure for the #Exvangelical movement, and that’s a huge achievement. We will not be silenced or erased. #EmptyThePews…
With scholarly perspective from @julieingersoll.
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I’m finally reading Pure by @LindaKayKlein, and I’ve decided to tweet a thread of quotes and observations over however long it takes me to finish. I’ve just started, and I’m already impressed by the prose and the insights.

#Exvangelical #PurityCulture #EmptyThePews #ChurchToo
On page 3, Klein brilliantly links Freud’s concept of the taboo to the evangelical understanding of a stumbling block. Freud: “A person may become permanently or temporarily taboo” if this person incites “forbidden desires of others” and awakens “the ambivalent conflict in them.”

“After all, my sexual energy, sometimes off-color humor, and the ‘50s pinup va-va-voom of the hips I’d recently acquired were already worrying some in my community.”

“I was taboo—guarded and guarded against—long before I had ever done anything ‘wrong.’”

She was sixteen.
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If you're angrier with myself and other #Exvangelicals for pointing out the hypocrisy and abuse in the Evangelical church than you are with these horrendous abuses and hypocrisy's, sorry to say, but you're part of the problem. #EmptyThePews [1]
Your anger shouldn't be at those of us who refuse to be silent, but with those who continue to perpetuate the harm that has chased so many out of the church. Your anger at those in pain, who have been harmed, instead of those doing the harming speaks volumes. [2]
If your desire is to truly be like Jesus, to truly emulate this saviour who came to show us the nature of God, then the reaction should be to comfort those in pain and cry out against injustices. But it's not. [3]
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This is a REMARKABLE thread that touches on so many brilliant things. I would like to take a quick stab at making some connections between this and why so many Evangelicals are conservative. It has a lot to do with #EvangelicalIntoEnglish for anyone who's been following that.
I'm going to use my father as an example because, as anyone who knows me at all is aware by now, nothing is better than a combination of parent issues and theology. My father is very into conservatism. He has listened to Rush Limbaugh my whole life, which probably tells you a lot
I struggled a lot as I got older with how exactly all this worked. It seemed that at heart my father really wanted to be a libertarian. He wanted the government to always be smaller, he didn't believe in anything resembling handouts or even most laws.
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This "study" obvs had first-rate methodology; it distinguishes between those super-really-important-how-dare-PRRI-and-Pew-ignore-them categories of self-identified evangelicals and "evangelicals by belief."

#Exvangelical #EvangelicalIntoEnglish #ChristianAltFacts #EmptyThePews
What's wrong with what sounds like a reasonable sociological distinction to make? The more salient sociological difference here is between white evangelicals and evangelicals of color. Lifeway's approach obscures those differences to make white evangelicals look better.
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If you value my work, I’d be grateful for your support this #GivingTuesday. I’m going to post Patreon links of other creators and projects I support below. Feel free to reply with your own!

#GivingTuesday2018 #Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #TuesdayMorning #TuesdayThoughts #Resist
First up, @crystalcheatham! I’ve been on her podcast, “Lord Have Mercy,” and I also support it! Crystal is smart, funny, open, and talks a lot about sex as well as religion and spirituality. She’s also the entrepreneur behind @OurBibleApp:
Next up, @kitchencultpod, an #Exvangelical podcast hosted by @bluepupboi and @haettinger! This show (full disclosure—I’ve been a guest) provides valuable content. Check it out!…

#EmptyThePews #GivingTuesday2018 #GivingTuesday
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1. Don't be taken in by that @saletan piece in @Slate trying to distance evangelicals from Trump. It's part of a PR blitz by slick evangelical leaders and their allies who are skilled at gaining an undeserved image of moderation:…

2. While the vast majority of white evangelicals share the views of Falwell and Jeffress, who @saletan inaccurately calls "un-Christian," a number of in fact hardline conservative white evangelical leaders who have criticized Trump give cover to extremists. @Saletan was taken in.
3. The piece I linked in the first tweet above will give you a primer on why Ed Stetzer's "moderate" image is smoke and mirrors derived from intellectual dishonesty. Let's take a look at some of the other usual suspects, beginning with @MJGerson.…
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#ExvangelicalConfessions: Circa 4th grade I wrote a poem that began with, “Way back in 1621, the first Thanksgiving was begun.” And it’s probably good that I don’t remember the rest of it. 😆

#ChristianAltFacts #Exvangelical #EmptyThePews
#Livetweeting now from my locked bedroom. My pastor is reading some kind of devotional about gratitude. I definitely heard him mention Charles Spurgeon. I chose a good time to introvert out. I should have brought some alcohol in here, though. #Thanksgiving2018
The ‘Pilgrim’ “Jesus Loves Me” song has started. The chorus is “Thank you, Lord Jesus, ... thank you for everything.” The verses are patriotic pablum. Free to worship, mountains, “the land in which we live,” etc.

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Conservative evangelicals literally teach people how to be mean. The system is toxic to the core.
I know progressive Christianity is problematic too, but I'll take it ANYDAY over the blatant violence against vulnerable people that I still see in conservative evangelicalism.
I sometimes critique Progressive Christians for being fauxgressive and not being clear about certain views, but man, conservative evangelicals obscures their views to NEXT LEVEL. They say they love when they HATE. It's so chilling.
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This is true, but...

Evangelical doctrines of inspiration are meant to construct the Bible as the "ultimately true" of which all other ancient and modern claims are lesser imitations.

You can't convince someone who's operating out of that.

#Exvangelical #ChristianAltFacts
Said doctrines:

Verbal-plenary inspiration: The very choices of words in the Bible were sovereignly overseen by God.

Inerrancy: The text is inerrant in every affirmation it contains.

#Exvangelical #ChristianAltFacts
Now IN THEORY, these teachings could more carefully account for the differences between modern science/history and ancient genres of writing.

#Exvangelical #ChristianAltFacts
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Let me say more.

[A Thread.]

I'm specifically talking about evangelical Christian ministries. Though my experience is only based on one mostly, I think that experience and what we know about evangelical culture sheds light on the situation.

#EmptyThePews #Exvangelical
Fresh out of grad school I was a church funded "missionary" at a small non-profit for girls who had been sex trafficked. I spent 2 months working there before they closed.
Before I went I had a funny feeling about how things would go and the leadership. But alas, I went because that's where God wanted me to be.

I was right.
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So I tracked down a copy of my old 5th grade "Heath" textbook. I'm going to upload a much larger thread with tons of pictures from this later, but I wanted to give you a sample of what using #ABeka christian school curriculum is like.
#EmptyThePews #Exvangelical
Yes, that really does say that looking at pornography (dirty pictures) is what made Ted Bundy into a serial rapist and murderer. Yes they felt it necessary to tell this to CHILDREN on the cusp of puberty. Yes it absolutely traumatized me and caused me a great deal of shame.
Yes, I did have a deep fear in middle school that I might grow up to be a serial murderer because I had seen my friend's dad's playboy collection in second grade because of this fucking book that is commonly used in Christian schools and home school programs.
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1. A mini-thread for those shocked by #ChristianAltFacts and wanting a deeper dive into what sort of subculture indoctrinates children into such absurd and terrifying beliefs. The mindfuck starts young, and as a kid you’re pressured to convert other kids:…
2. Here’s an essay on what being educated in the would be “respectable” version of that subculture was like. Cognitive dissonance galore!

3. Here's an essay that brings moral foundations theory to bear on analysis of authoritarian religious communities. White evangelicalism is overwhelmingly authoritarian.…

#ChristianAltFacts #Exvangelical #EmptyThePews
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If your religion indoctrinates children into believing they are born sinful and without inherent goodness, you are committing child abuse.

Children are NEVER born with a sinful nature. In fact, sin is just a social construct to keep you in line.
If you teach your child that he/she/they made God or Jesus unhappy by being a fucking human being and making mistakes, you are a monster.
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We are ex-evangelicals. If you are a corrupt, evangelical leader, you should fear us. We are here to shed light in all of the dark corners of your world. You have protected these dark spaces at great cost to us, to all of us. #EmptyThePews #Exvangelical @thelifeafterorg
The people who own the scars due to the protection of this darkness have found their voices, and we will expose your rot, your corruption, your filth, your lies.

Our screaming voices will not be silenced by people who are desperate to keep power and privilege.
We are here to seek justice. We will speak these truths boldly for ourselves and for the souls who have died in your war.

The LGBTQ+ community is full of your victims. They are told they are an abomination, and they believe this lie until it kills them.
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Imagine if @elizabethjdias and the @nytimes were willing to face this truth, or at least to listen to those of us making the case.

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #FridayMotivation #Resist
Also, hey, you know what's better than a handful of completely not representative profiles of young evangelicals? Data, that's what. Just sayin'.

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1. I am eternally grateful to @ninaburleigh for pioneering the inclusion of #Exvangelical voices in analysis of evangelicals. I still wish this piece didn’t end with a vapid and misleading Russell Moore quote on evangelical millennials supposedly being very different politically.
2. Young evangelicals are not going to change the rabid right-wing authoritarian horror show that is white evangelicalism. They will ultimately conform or be forced out. That’s how evangelicalism works, and in part it’s about money.
3. Evangelical institutions cannot stop being deeply invested in the culture wars when their funding comes from the Ahmansons, the Kochs, and the National Christian Foundation, “probably the single biggest source of money fueling the pro-life and anti-LGBT movements.”
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1. On the Christian Right, this is known as “presuppositionalism.” In my high school AP biology class (yes, really)—a class where we did a recombinant DNA lab with bacteria—we watched a “flood geology” video that serves as an example of how this works.

#EmptyThePews #Resist
2. The narrator was a “creation scientist” who explained that when “evolutionists” look at the Grand Canyon, b/c of their presuppositions, they conclude it took million of years to form. He insisted the same evidence could support the conclusion of rapid formation by Noah’s flood
3. Presuppositionalism is Christian fundamentalism’s version of post-truth. It spread from Christian Reconstructionism, the most radical, hardline Calvinist form of dominionism, into “mainstream” evangelicalicalism via homeschooling and Christian school curricula.
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I was working, painting a house in my spare time to get some extra cash when a man came to ask for directions.

I politely said that I was not from there, but then he started talking to me about corruption.
Corruption is a very popular subject in Brazil nowadays. There were a lot of corruption scandals revealed and the workers party took all the blame, even though there are far more politicians from other parties, mostly conservatives, stealing much more money.
The case the man told me about was small. A local company overpriced the government. The man was mad about it. He clearly wanted to do something about it and I was supporting him. I said he should denounce the parties involved to the right authorities.
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1. Let's talk about some of the striking new data we have showing the extent to which white evangelicals are the single most racist and nativist demographic in America. No white Christian demographic is doing great. But evangelicals are the absolute worst. #EmptyThePews #Resist
2. I'll start with the nicest thing you can say about white evangelicals, which is that 16% of them say they will never approve of Trump. That's a minority within a minority, and overall the demographic is defined by nativism.…
2-a. I and I suspect most in the #Exvangelical community have never understood this 16% of white evangelicals. A word of caution--saying they will never approve of Trump doesn't mean they all won't vote GOP. But there are a few genuinely progressive white evangelicals out there.
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