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This final #GAAD post is a bit of a mashup.

I want to debunk things I was confused about when I first started learning about #accessibility, esp. ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications), and give you some tips and everyday references.

Day 5 is #a11y learning 📚 -> Larene's 5 days to accessib...
Many years ago, the web started becoming more "dynamic", i.e. we started adding a bunch of JavaScript to do fancy things.

Before HTML5, we only had <div> and <span>, so these fancy things were basically invisible to assistive technology.

ARIA was created created to solve this.
ARIA is a list of HTML tags that add *semantic* meaning to an element.

<h1>, <button>, <a> generally don't need ARIA, but <div> and <span> do, especially if they are interactive.

Always use semantic HTML over using ARIA.
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Missed out on the last one, so for this year’s #GAAD I wanted to highlight colourblindness and how to better tailor game UI for it with a couple of tips, tricks and examples #gamedev #ui

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When displaying two opposing teams and only colours can be used to tell them apart, aim for ones that sit opposite one another on the colour spectrum. Orange and blue being the two most distinguishable options when accommodating for the most common colourblindness types.

When working with a variety of different colour states for similar elements it’s worth considering using icons and/or patterns as a way of indicating what each state mean.

Can have the added effect of strengthen the intent for non-colourblind users too; win-win.

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Happy global accessibility awareness day! #GAAD

I've saved the trump card of all #accessibility testing techniques for today. Did you guess it?

Learning how to use a screen reader! 🗣-> 5 days to accessibility - d...
It's hard to learn something, without seeing someone else do it first. 👀

Marc works at a university and is a Mac user. He uses the built-in screen reader (VoiceOver) to control his computer, including browsing the web.

Watch this to see how he does it 😁…
Screen readers are a type of "assistive technology" - products designed to help people with disabilities or the elderly achieve what is otherwise impossible.

There are many screen readers (SR) out there, @webaim does a great annual survey on SR usage 👏…
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Day 3 of 5! Tomorrow, there will be #GAAD events around the globe.

In Australia, tune-in to @a11ybytes Thu 21 May, 4pm AEST; 12 talks, 10 minutes each, all about #inclusion and #accessibility - this event changed my life.

Today, we're about accessibility checking tools 🔍 -> 5 days to accessibility - d...
So, we've talked about keyboard, and colour and contrast.

Other common #a11y mistakes:
❌ images without alt-text
❌ unlabelled <input>s
❌ icon-only links and buttons, with no labels
❌ and more...

Can all be found in one go with an accessibility analyser
Accessibility checkers are code analysers - they scan a web page's source code, and give back a report of all potential #a11y problems.

This report resembles something like what you would see out of a professional accessibility audit, with one big caveat 👉
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#GAAD morning, it's Day 2!

How'd everyone go with keyboard #a11y yesterday?

You may have found it slow to browse a site with just the keyboard. Yes, there is a learning curve, also, many users have software that gives them shortcuts!

Today is about colour and contrast 🖍 -> 5 days to #a11y (accessibil...
In Australia, 8% of men, and 0.4% of women have some degree of colourblindness.

We cannot use only colour to provide meaning, or risk excluding nearly 1-2 in every 20 people from the web.
Here is a sign up form, it uses colour to show whether an input is valid or invalid. In this example, the password field is invalid, it has a red border, and the other fields have a green border.

I use to simulate types of colourblindness, just hit f5
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Did you know that 70% of the web is inaccessible folks with low vision?

This Thursday is #GAAD - Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

I'll be tweeting about 5 #a11y techniques I use everyday to ensure I don't exclude people on the web.

Let's start with unplugging your mouse ->
There are many keyboard-only users out there. People who use a screen reader fall in this category. These users generally have low-vision or blindness (but not necessarily).

Also, people with motor disabilities, or injuries, that temporarily or permanently cannot use a mouse.
Keyboard accessibility is *essential* for some people, they can't operate the web without it.

However, keyboard navigation is also *beneficial for all* users - it's much more efficient to use a keyboard to fill in a complex form, than it is to use a mouse. Think, hospital admin.
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Take amazing selfies. Get optimized workout stats. Use Siri with your AirPods when your iPhone is across the room.

We're featuring tips from actress Tatiana Lee (@mstatilee) to show you how she uses her Apple devices to get things done. Check out the thread below 👇
#GAAD Do more with accessible technology
“Hey Siri, text my trainer that I'm on my way.”
“Hey Siri, start my workout playlist.”
“Hey Siri, find a juice bar nearby.”
The hands-free possibilities are endless.

Here’s how to use Hey Siri with your new AirPods:
Set up your Apple Watch as a wheelchair user, and you'll get dedicated workouts, push counts in place of step counts, and reminders to roll instead of stand.

Here's how: Wheelchair Settings on Apple WatchStep 1: In the Watch app, tap HealthStep 2: Tap Edit, then tap WheelchairStep 3: Select Yes and tap Done
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On this #GlobalAccessibilityAwarenessDay, inspired to hear @lynnekjolso talk about #Inclusivity @Microsoft. One of the best keynotes I've attended i recent years!

Being #inclusive is such a win-win, yet many businesses don't pay enough attention.

#GAAD @CdnMarketing #CMAevents
So many great takeaways from the session.

"#Diversity is I am different.
#Inclusion is I matter."

~Kathleen Hall, CVP Brand, Advertising and Research @Microsoft
"Inclusive culture drives innovation.
Inclusive products remove barriers.
Inclusive #marketing resonates."
~ @lynnekjolso
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For global accessibility day I'm taking some time to work on getting transitions in the Ember router to announce themselves to assistive technology reliably.

Looking for something quick to do?

Add role=search to your marketing site's search form.…

It makes your search box show up as a search landmark. This makes a huge difference to effectively finding it.

Looking for something a little more ambitious? Set up and use a screen reader for the day.…

Nothing improves your understanding of how it feels to use a screen reader than using one.

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Today the first game I’ve ever worked on as a UX Designer, #AltFrequencies, is out! And since it’s #GAAD I wanted to make a short thread about our development process on accessibility features and how we included them in our design @gbla11yday
Alt-Frequencies is an audio-based game which has several accessibility features, especially for blind and low-vision gamers. The game is entirely playable using only sound.
Right at the beginning of the production, we wanted to include several accessibility features within our game, to make sure that as many people as possible could enjoy it.
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I keep hearing 7.1+ & seeing Oaxaca
Just putting this here^…
I seem to have missed this one:…
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