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Ever wonder why executives and bosses are often so resistant to doing #UX work?

Why they seem to become personally offended at the very mention of user research or #IA or prototyping, in a way as if you were suggesting a diabolical plot to overthrow the government?

From "we don’t have time for that," to "we know what our customers want," to "just make the #UI better looking," the wall of rejection is thrown up fast and furious.

Where does this come from, and more importantly, how do you deal with it?

Let’s start here: most people in management or executive positions can’t truly see what’s broken, because they’re usually only looking at the side that’s working.

And in reality, it's not their fault.

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Here are my top color tips for @figma.

A thread (1/6) 🧵
Use colors from a team library. 📒

A color library will help communicate your stylistic decisions while staying consistent across bigger projects and teams.

Colors and text could be partitioned into separate libraries your team could access without cracking ongoing work. Using colors from a team li...
Tag styles to find them faster. 🏷️

Tagging styles is a great practice to speed up your workflow in Figma. Tagging styles will allow you to quickly find the needed color, text, or component through Figma menus by typing a name containing a symbol or an included “tag” name. Tagging styles in Figma.
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Ya sabemos que es imposible arribar a una buena #UI sin antes haber hecho #research.
🧵Cómo podemos hacerlo para tomar mejores decisiones de diseño:
🤓 Entender “cómo funciona” el proyecto que estás llevando a cabo: cultura, usuarios, decisiones que fueron tomadas, equipo, objetivos, evidencias (y cómo se puede acceder a ellas).
🧐IDENTIFICAR y cerrar las brechas entre lo que comprendiste y lo que ya existe en el proyecto, para entender las posibilidades y necesidades que podés tener para seguir investigando. Si encontrás brechas sabes dónde enfocar tu investigación.
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There was a lot going on in April in terms of meetups all over the world. You can find out more about accessibility, how to learn React Native as a junior, AR apps, using SVG, libraries, debugging and much more!…
React Native Accessibility Basics via
Nivedita shares what she has learned about #accessibility and its implication in the past few months. Why should we even care about accessibility?…
Learning React Native as a Junior Engineer via
Learn how you can master #ReactNative as a beginner. What exactly is it? How does it work for #iOS AND #Android?…
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What would a Bauhaus movement of #UI design be like?

A kind of engelbartian UI designing where an interfaces potential for cultural expression, it's versatility, expressivity is explored as opposed to problem resolution and pain-point removal
What kind of interface making craft, techniques would have be synthesized

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♣︎♣︎♛┈⛧┈┈•༶ TIPS BELAJAR FISIKA UTBK 980+ ༶•┈┈⛧┈♛♣︎♣︎


THREAD.・゜゜・.・゜゜・ Image
(intro 1)
Pertama gw g pernah menduga akan bisa dapet skor utbk segini karena gw g belajar smua bab yang ada, Cuma bbrp bab aja yg gw fokusin tpi bner2 kmrn apa yg gw pelajari smuanya kluar dan untuk detailnya gw akan kasih di thread ini
(intro 2)
Banyak yg nanya gmn belajar fisika si tpi mereka lupa buat memahami alat fisika yaitu MTK. Lo harus bisa minimal hal2 dasar mtk dlu ni buat ngerjain soal fisika karena fisika itu Cuma bgian analisis aja sisanya rumus dan hitung2an ya bgian MTK, jdi yu smngt bljr mtk dlu
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Do you want to take your knowledge in #Python to the next level? Learn how to build a @WhatsApp Chatbot, how to code music recommendations like @Spotify , dive into Domain Driven Design Patterns, Data Analysis, and more!

How to Build a WhatsApp Chatbot Using #Python and #Twilio via @PoojitaGarg @GeorgiaTech
In this talk, you will learn how to create your own @WhatsApp #Chatbot that can help you set and receive daily reminders via WhatsApp…
Simple, Open Music Recommendations in Python via @robotmakesmesad
Can simple open-source tools compete with the music recommendations provided by @Spotify and other big names?…
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Here are my top 10 plugins for managing, organizing, and polishing my design system in @figma.

A thread (pt.2).
Appearance by @glmrvn

This plugin helps generate a dark and light theme from your UI kit styles.

The plugin can apply custom themes (bulk update styles) to your selection, which makes it extremely helpful for managing multi-brand projects in #figma.
Contrast by @alex_a_carr

A tool to ensure your system is digitally accessible and meets the #WCAG standards.

Run the plugin and select a layer. The plugin will instantly tell the contrast ratio between the background and foreground of your selection.
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#React and #ReactNative videos were definitely in the flow in 2021 and are expected to dominate 2022 as well! Better catch up on the top 10 #meetupvideos from last year so you won’t be falling behind. 😎…

#programming #developing #programmer #developer
Expert guide to React Navigation by @callstackio
Satya Sahoo and Mateusz Kosoń, #softwareengineers at Callstack, are talking about the #React Navigation library. During the conversation, they cover a wide range of topics related to it.…
Improving apps with Custom Hooks and React-Query by @_zachdtaylor
Zach Taylor will be going over two things that can greatly help you improve the quality of your React code: custom hooks and react-query.

#reactquery #customhooks #programming #react…
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I have made a lot of custom #UI components for @SkivvrNoCode. In a #NoCode app #UX is very important, and I am paying a lot of attention to interactions.
What should you remember when building your custom controls? As an example, I would use an input control from Skivvr 🧵⬇️ Image
👉 Different input states
👉 Labels, placeholders, and tooltips
👉 Keyboard interactions
👉 Mouse interactions
👉 Smart behaviours
👉 Autocomplete
👉 Tab order
👉 Hover, Active, Disabled states: how the input will look, when the user interacts with it, or when it's disabled. Defining a style for an Active state is especially important to highlight a focused input. Image
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👉 Además de alojar la mayoría de proyectos #OpenSource, @github es un buen lugar para descubrir contenido interesante.

🏅 Aquí te dejo 10 repositorios para #devs que deberías conocer. Cada uno de ellos te aportará algo.

#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie

¡Dentro hilo! 🧵⬇️ Cartel: 10 repositorios de github para developers que deberi
1. Free Programming Books…

⭐️ Este repo tiene que ser el primero. De los repositorios con más estrellas de #Github. No solo encontrarás libros de programación en múltiples idiomas, también otros recursos y videos.
2. Developer Roadmap…

Otro de mis favoritos. ¿Quieres saber por dónde empezar tu camino #desarrollo web? Aquí tienes hojas de ruta con las tencnologías y conceptos que debes saber para dominar un “camino”.
Por ejemplo #frontend, #backend, #DevOps...
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¿Eres #developer, pero te cuesta diseñar?

Hoy en "Diseño para desarrolladores": 10 pequeñas acciones para mejorar tus diseños

🚀 RT para salvar un #programador a la vez

#uidesign #ui #ux #webdesign #diseno #disparades

👇🏽 UN HILO 👇🏽
En tus textos usa al menos 1.5 de alto de línea.

Por ejemplo si el tamaño de fuente es 16, multiplícalo por 1.5 y te da 24 (o sencillamente usa line-height: 1.5 en css).
No deformes tus imágenes, cambia el tamaño sin cambiar el ratio o usa crop, pero nunca las deformes.
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If you want to #learntocode, focus on learning and understanding concepts.

Here's a small thread to help you out! 👇🏻
Start with #HTML because it'll allow you to quickly get something on the screen. That is the ultimate motivator, and the feedback loop is perfect: edit, save, refresh!
The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) Website includes an awesome tutorial for HTML:…

While exploring HTML, start using a tool like VSCode, which is a free Integrated Development Environment (#IDE).
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Aprende a mejorar el #UX, el #SEO y la #accesibilidad de tu sitio web con estos:

🚀 9 trucos de #HTML

🎁 Regalo al final ;)

❤️ RT para compartir.

Enfocar un <input /> cuando tu página carga.

Es una buena practica de #UX si tienes una pagina donde la tarea comienza en un input.

Por ejemplo Google enfoca el campo de búsqueda al cargar.
Agrega el atributo "download" para forzar a el navegador a descargar el archivo del <a>.

Por ejemplo algunos navegadores abren PDF pero quizás necesitas forzar que el usuario lo descargue
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Anyone perusing the top articles of major media outlets last weekend would have read several pieces on the extraordinary #shortages being witnessed in the U.S. #economy today, and particularly those in the #labor market.
The tone of many articles was pessimistic, suggesting that the #supply-side #shortages and dislocations may be systemic, or long-term, but we think there’s evidence that the U.S. #economy will display considerably greater dynamism and resilience than the pessimists believe.
First, it’s vital to recognize that this is a #supply constraint problem, not one of #demand. Indeed, strong demand is being driven by a host of powerful influences: 1) household balance sheets never been cleaner and HH #wealth is $25 trillion greater now than pre-Covid level.
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1/ I build the Customenu startup and I’ll #buildinpublic, using this thread.

What is #customenu?

A digital menu platform for #restaurant.

Instead of using boring paper were to check the #dishes, you can see a nice representation on your smartphone.
2/ This is the second release and this time I decided to share my journey on Twitter.

I started for the first time, one year ago in June. It was a pandemic situation and in #Romania, new rules were coming for the #restaurants' businesses.
3/ Only me thinking about this project.

What should do?

1. Scan a #QRCode
2. Open the #menu
3. Check #products in categories and subcategories
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5️⃣ Aprende con estos cinco cursos de #Google, gratuitos y cortos. Fortalece tu carrera como #frontend #developer

⭐️ BONUS al final
❤️ RT para ayudar a la comunidad

👇🏽 THREAD Down pointing backhand index

#webdev #code #programmer #html #css #javascript #CodeNewbie
Fundamentals of Graphic Design: Aprenderás los principios fundamentales del diseño gráfico: creación de imágenes, tipografía, composición, color y forma. Principios que puedes aplicar al diseño web.…

#graphicdesign #webdesign #ui #CodeNewbie
Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4: Aprenderás sobre grids y diseño responsivo, componentes CSS y JavaScript de #Bootstrap, además sobre los preprocesadores #CSS, #Less y #Sass.…

#responsivedesign #webdesign #boostrap #CodeNewbie
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3 steps
How to start your idea (#startup) from scratch
No needs:
- #hiring #engineers (product developers)
- #UI/#UX #designer
- #PM
- #Marketing #teams
- #angel or #vc #investors

- increasing curiosity
- #skills growth
- intentions for great

Check the thread 🧵 👇
Step #1
Use #nocode or #lowcode solutions to build your #product from scratch (needs $15-30 for domains and nocode platform)

You don't need funds or hire engineers/designers to build your product just grow your skillset.
Build on @bubble by single person 👇
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How to improve the mobile input experience of your digital product - A thread

Data input on mobile and desktop is substantially different.

Therefore, applying the same principles will lead to a catastrophic failure.

This is how we improve mobile user input experience:
1. Minimize data requirement

It is a lot more comfortable to input data on a desktop than on mobile.

Thus, the best thing you can do for improving the mobile input experience, is minimizing the amount of data required.
2. Defaults over custom input

If you know that 80% of your customers are from the US, 15% from the UK and 5% from the rest of the world, it makes sense that the US and UK be the default/top options when it comes to selecting a location.
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How to create effective user personas - A thread

User personas are key to #UX.

They help you answer one of the most important questions in #design - “Who are we designing for?”

Here’s how to start creating user personas that will help you make relatable designs:
1. Collate all existent information

The first step is to start collecting everything you know about your users in one place - it might be in a spreadsheet, a doc file, a whiteboard, an affinity diagram - whatever suits you best.
2. Research and listen

Find your way to directly interact with the users of the software.

If time and the budget do not allow then at least track the Internet footprints of the target audience and listen to what they say.
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The rewards of investing in #UX - A thread

If your business has a digital product - website or app - and you still haven’t invested in UX, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Read on to find out why investing in UX has a high ROI for your business.
1. Reduce cost down the line

With any new digital product, ⅓ of bugs identified are actual problems; most others are simply usability issues.

These issues can be avoided by relying on #UX tools like #prototyping and #usability testing.
2. Increase conversions

Humans are impatient.

Those complex websites with intricate structures are actually driving your users away.

Designing a simple website/app with an easy-to-navigate IA and
site structure can actually enhance #userexperience and increase conversions.
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7 principles for effective #design

(A short thread)
1. Emphasis

Give emphasis in descending order from the most to the least important piece of information you’re trying to present.
2. Balance and Alignment

Every element has a weight that comes from its colour, size or texture.

Creating balanced, asymmetrical designs is a great way to bring visual interest and movement.
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🚨(~Bonus Thread~) on the new @CAPolicyLab report
As the economy continues to reopen, many have wondered:

Why are initial claims for #UI for still so much higher than before the pandemic?

Are workers really entering the UI system at ~2x the rate of pre-pandemic times?

🧵 —>
In order to understand what's going on, you need to understand that there are actually 2 types of initial claims for UI:

"New Initial Claims" and "Additional Claims".

Together, these two make up total initial claims. (Focusing just on Regular UI here, not PUA)
Initial Claims are claimants applying to establish a benefit year & begin receiving payments.

Additional Claims are claims that are reopened "after there has been a break in certification of one or more weeks during which the claimant worked"

(Read that definition carefully)
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Here’s a mini checklist of 30 different questions UI designers should ask themselves when designing quality products

☑️ Is it clear to users on how to complete their desired task

☑️ Are important features and information clearly visible

☑️ Are calls to action clear and self explanatory?
Interactive Design
☑️ Do you show alerts and prompt to users to avoid mistakes

☑️ Do they know how close they are to the end of a flow (progress bar)

☑️ Do your users receive error and success feedback from your app

☑️ Do they receive suggestions on the next actions to take
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