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"Product Design is not UX Design is not UI Design is not..."

Look, if you're doing the job right, it's all the same shit.

It's all DESIGN.

Every description I've ever read about any of the above disciplines applies to ALL THREE if you're going to be any good at it.

If you're going to make an impact. Get results. Help people.

Design of ANY kind, in general, is a holistic pursuit — you have to know a hell of a lot about a hell of a lot that is far beyond the actual tactical work you do.

Stuff that is beyond the principles and practices of good UX, good design.

Into the realm of business, technology, engineering, human psychology, cognitive behavior, the list goes on.

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1/ 🚀 Yesterday, @Humane demoed their upcoming product touted to bring the power of #AI into the physical world.

I've been looking at their patents for a while now, and wanted to share some experimentation with this new form factor! #Humane
2/ I call this WristUI; it's meant to maximize the palm interface for maximum visibility while the wrist area is used for secondary data or alternative input. Think of it like the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch. Image
3/ ⏲️ Let's explore a Timer app concept. The countdown is displayed on the palm, and you set the timer by sliding through a projected dial around your wrist. It's an intuitive and easy-to-use design. #Timer #UI Image
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1. Microsoft Copilot

GPT4 in powerpoint, excel, word, outlook, teams, more.…
2. Arcade Game

@thegarrettscott made a website that uses GPT-4 to code any arcade game you can think of and let you play it instantly.

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1. Google

Design and build beautiful, usable products with Material 3"
2. Apple

The Human Interface Guidelines contains guidance and best practices that can help you design a great experience for any Apple platform…
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👉🏻 Découvre 25 plugins Figma !

☀️ Je te file ma petite liste perso de plugins à ajouter à ton figma et à tester sur un projet ! #graphisme #ui #design #graphicdesign #tool #figma #plugin

Thread 👇🏻

➡️  Pour avoir un aperçu visuel de tes typos

➡️  T’évites de passer sur Illustrator pour une vectorisation rapide d’image.
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Usability pitfalls of disabled buttons

Disabled buttons can cause users to get blocked without knowing why, causing abandonment and frustration.

Tips on how to deal with disabled buttons from @vitalyf's video course - Smart Interface Design Patterns 👇

#design #ui #ux #uxui
Always keep buttons enabled by default

Always keep buttons enabled by default and allow users to interact with them. Disabled buttons can cause users to get blocked without knowing why causing abandonment and frustration.
Point to errors on submit

On submit, explain to users why they can’t proceed, and how to fix errors:

• For a single error, point users to the invalid input via a text link.
• For multiple errors, display an error summary at the top and link to it.
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I've been asked several times by newbies in #uiuxdesign how to get started into ui/ux design.
Got tired of explaining,so I put together a little something to help you in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Perfect for beginners! #UI #UX #Design #BeginnerTips
Everything you need to help you get started.…
Some popular designers like @LizTheWhizard @daviowhite @TheRuqayyah @ConfidentNuel @mizko @michalmalewicz were also featured 😁
Goodluck and a nice day
Retweet until it gets to every new designer out there 🙏👍
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👉 2023 - Top UI UX Trends you need to know🔥🚀

As we explore UI UX Trends 2023, #Adobe's $20 billion acquisition of #Figma still surprises us.

A UI UX collaborative prototyping tool costing so much is unbelievable. #UI #UX has evolved into a crucial business process.

Top UI Design Trends of 2023🔥

• Large font size and immersive experience
• No more parallax scrolling
• Generative AI in the design process
• Make full use of the card UI component
• Light mode with an option for dark mode
👉Large font size and immersive experience

Their websites have immersive homepages. Clean websites display only the most important information and categories. Some of the world's largest companies with multiple product segments, categories, and locations had information-packed..
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UI Designer vs. UX Designer vs. Product Designer: A Comparative Analysis
See thread👇
#uidesign #UI #design #uxdesign #uiuxdesign #productdesign #musemind Image
What Does A Product Designer Do?

Product designers manage the design improvement process. Product designers brainstorm solutions to current pain points,take stakeholder input,bridge designers,engineers,and researchers. They understand the product's broad goals and its specifics. Image
What Does A UI Designer Do?

UI designers create the look and feel of digital product user interfaces. UI designers design both screens and their components.

Thus, they examine each screen's layout and its relationships with others. Image
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📚기획 용어 시리즈 모음

구글링을 해도 명확하게 뜻이 나오지 않거나 선배 동료에게 물어보기에 애매한 용어들. 실제 프로젝트를 진행하거나 Teaching을 하면서 입문자들이 가장 많이 물어보시는 부분과 실제 작업 시 필수 Use case 위주로 용어의 의미와 활용에 대해 소개합니다.
1부: 웹, 앱 UI 설계 전 알아야 하는 기본 개념

2부: UI 기획 시 알아야 하는 기초 용어

3부: 이커머스 페이지 기획 시 알아야 하는 기본 용어
4부: 검색 기획/설계를 위한 기본 용어 알고 가기

5부: 인터랙션/제스처 알아가기

6부: 시작하기 프로세스 기초개념 알기
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You can imagine incredibly creative watch concepts with #midjourney #ui All prompts available in the image descriptions 🧵 **UI UX interface design dimensional elements on Behance Dri
For the planetary explorer **UI UX interface design dimensional elements on Behance Dri
The Naturalist **UI UX interface design dimensional elements on Behance Dri
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For #ui designers try asking #midjourney for #streetwear interface designs. Pretty amazing results. Check the ALT tag for the prompt template and share your creations. 🧵 UI UX interface design side...
I’d buy this jacket Image
Classic Image
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Would be difficult to give an answer in a thread without sounding a bit reductive, but I'll try my best!

The way I personally see it, the #UI #UX tendencies are shaped by such factors as:

1. The economy (the main one)
2. Accumulation of knowledge
3. Software/Hardware


1. The economy - since we're living in a profit-driven system, this inevitably impacts all facets of our lives, eg video games

Within such system, the pursuit for the most effective ways of extracting profit can oftentimes lead to standardization of approaches and practices

Which in turn leads to trends.

A lot of the titles in the 2nd picture are AAA 3rd person action-adventure games with RPG elements. Some are GaaS'es. All of them seem profitable and safe by the people willing to invest in the ever-growing costs of developing a AAA game.
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Ask #midjourney for a cooking app #UI You wont be disappointed by the unique looking food dishes. Any of these look appetizing? UI UX interface design side by side Figma Behance Dribbble,
The cupcake topped with an orange really does it for me.
Spicy blood orange Pho?
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For #UI designers, #midjourney is a new way to find inspiration for layout and style. Is this plus #chatgpt3 the future of experience design?
A gold themed cooking app
A dating app for penguins?
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Hey @KCBGroup , this could be us... Just saying😌
#ui #ux #uxdesign Image
Whilst playing around with glass morphism, I designed a translucent card and icons. KCB might never reply but I would love to hear your thoughts on this redesign🤔 Image
On that note, it would be fun to see a fingerprint scanner and dark mode integrated into the app.📲😍 Image
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🔖 Design inspiration! Where do you find interesting websites? Below is the list of websites that I frequently visit to explore some unusual designs for inspiration:

– Minimal design ( curated by Dominic Whittle and Tom Fitzgerald at Guvnor,
– Low Carbon Websites ( curated by @Nickylewlew,
– One Page Love (, with landing pages, templates and resources, curated by @robhope,
– Interaction patterns DesignVault (, curated by @daleanthony
– Design made in Germany (…) by Andrea Bertsche,
– Japanese Design ( curated by Katoshun,
– Cyrillic design (,
– Dark Mode Design (
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If you want to get FREE UI Kits and Design Inspiration For Front-End Developers, read this 👇
1️⃣ Uistore UI Kits

Free handpicked UI Kits for your real-life projects.

Curated free design resources to energize your creative workflow.…
2️⃣ Free Design Resources

Handpicked free UI Kits to use on your web and mobile application. Ranging from simple to complex.…
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Hey #GameDev / #GameDesign!

Tired of seeing game dev students who don't know how to make prototypes, or don't know how to be creative?

My students have just finished submitting their "Experimental Games" courseworks, and I couldn't be more proud of them.

Check out this🧵!
Taha (@TeeheeYolk) chose to explore player perspective my mashing up FPS and Platformer sections.

The result is discomforting and odd, but definitely creative!

Riley (@AllanRiley123) looked at #UI placement, and asked why we use the outside of the screen and not the inside.

Might seem counter-intuitive at first, but is it really as intrusive as you'd think?

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How to create custom inputs in @bubble⭐️

All with no-code, no custom states and no workflows.


#nocode #bubble #bubbleio #ui #buildinpublic
Step 1

Create a ”Align to Parent” group.

This will allow us to add elements with different z-index which we will need for the text to both me non-clickable but also on top of the input element.
Step 2

Add a text element.

The order here is important❗️

If you were to add the input element first, the text would be above the input and users would not be able to click the text to write, not good.
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A significantly large number of companies and organizations share three specific traits when it comes to #UX improvement and #ProductDesign in general:

1 - They don’t really know what their users or customers actually want.

2 - They’re under the mistaken assumption that surveys or their NPS scores tell them what the value of their product/service is to those users.

3 - They’re not willing to allow you to talk to those users to find out what they actually need or hope to accomplish.

I get enough emails and DMs every day to tell me that this is reality for most of you. And the question folks ask me is always the same:

What the hell do I DO?

My answer tends to ruffle some feathers, but here it is.

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I often post pics of the @Airbus #A350 flightdeck and get lots of questions about what is where and what does that do…so a little thread to help explain the screens and options that #WePilots have with them using my limited knowledge. First… the middle #aviation #airbus #Pilot
The two centre screens are electronically split into four. The upper two give information such as systems on left and anomalies on right. Lower are used to give the aircraft information from the pilots, such as route, weather, speeds, performance details, etc. #aviation
The displays in front of either pilot are configurable as the pilot wishes. The inboard display is seen here with camera and airfield navigation system displayed but it can also be primary flight instruments and navigation. The outboard is our Electronic Flight Bag. #aviation
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Time for a little sneak peek of the #UE5 #UI optimization notes I'm writing. Optimizing UI and Slate is often challenging as people aren't always aware of what's expensive within this system. We're hoping to illuminate that a bit! Here's a🧵 with some of the bigger stuff.
First off, avoid Canvas Panels whenever you can. Slate groups draw calls by LayerID. Whereas other containers condense the number of draw calls by consolidating child elements' LayerIDs, Canvas Panels increment them, so they use MULTIPLE draw calls. This makes them CPU intensive.
The reason Canvas Panels do this is to support rendering child elements on top of each other if need be. To be clear, Canvas Panels are great for highly detailed layouts or instances where you need complex Z-ordering. It's totally permissible to use them as, say, the root of a UI
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Ok, let's try something different. Useful technical/business thread for #web #makers from me.

🔌 How to build @atlassian Jira App (in #React) and business around it and why you should actually think of it!

Thread: 🧵
@Atlassian 2/12 We started @testomatio (test management system for #qa) as a classical #SaaS app but at some point, we built a Jira plugin as a complimentary interface.

The feedback from clients surprised us. Some clients preferred to use @testomatio only via Jira plugin

Why? 👇
3/12 Jira is still the source of truth for many companies in the world. And if you want to win small & big you should adjust to business needs. And business works primarily on Jira.

One unobvious conclusion:

Business doesn't want to have another app or even leave Jira
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