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#ATACMS, even with software based range limits, will be extremely helpful for 🇺🇦 to be able to strike a larger set of targets w/o having to re-locate launchers. This way, same number of M270/MARS, & #HIMARS can hold a higher # of targets at risk. 👇🧵 makes little sense.
If he's stating that trading #GMLRS pod for a #ATACMS pod is counter productive then he can't be further from the truth. Anyone who can think through the implications from those on the receiving end of this capability will know what a 2-3x ⬆️ in range and 2x ⬆️ in warhead means.
It also further complicates the life of Air Defenders who currently, beyond GMLRS range, have only jury-rigged #HARM to worry about for the most part. A maneuvering #ATACMS will be challenging to defend against for several frontline Russian AD systems.
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HAPPENING NOW: A senior US defense official & a senior US military official briefing reporters on latest developments with #Ukraine-#Russia
NEW: US casts doubts on #Russia efforts to grow military by 137,000-"unlikely to succeed as Russia has historically not met personnel end strength targets" per a sr US defense official

Russia began #Ukraine war w/25% of its force conscripts & 150k soldiers short, per official
Day 187 of #Russia invasion of #Ukraine-"There have been no major geographic shifts" in past 3 weeks, per senior US military official

Russia is now firing into #Kharkiv, small gains in #Bakhmut
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1. I began reporting on the war against #Daesh in #Syria starting at the same time I began reporting on the #Russian invasion of #Ukraine. 2014. I covered #Kobane to #Baghuz in 2019. You cannot fight a war with a psychotic brutal enemy who does not follow the law of armed
2. conflict in a light way. You have to seek out and destroy the enemy. Best is while they are sleeping using artillery. The ones that remain alive, won't be sleeping and will become less able to conduct effective operations. HIMARS are great. But tube artillery is can be
3. terrifying. #Hit the HQ and ammo dumps with #GMLRS and then pour down tube artillery like a hail storm. That's what it took in Raqqa. The @USMC burned up their 155mm gun barrels. And with the SDF valor suffering huge casualties they finally crushed them
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SASC proposes a >$350 Million increases over the FY-23 US Army request for both the #GMLRS & #HIMARS - $250 Million ⬆️ in procurement of GMLRS rounds (+32% over Army request), & $100 MM (+65%) ⬆️ in HIMARS procurement. Another $10 MM goes towards ⬆️ HIMARS production rate. Image
SASC also proposes $100 Million towards #ATACMS modifications which bring back to service older missiles after a life extension and upgrades. The Army had not requested any funding to modify any additional ATACMS AURs in FY-23. This would add to the Army's ATACMS inventory. Image
SASC is also adding another $200 Million for Javelin production increase - 120+% increase over what the US Army had requested in Fiscal Year 2023. Image
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The M142 #HIMARS has an emplacement and displacement time of <3 minutes. The three person crew (gunner, driver and crew chief) can achieve a pod reload-time of 4 minutes or less. The system is capable of launching its entire payload of six Guided MLRS in about 30 seconds.
U.S. Airmen and Soldiers transport two U.S. Army M142 #HIMARS and two HUMVEES for a HIMARS Rapid Infiltration #HIRAIN exercise. With the arrival of future #PrSM, and Autonomous Multi-Domain Launcher, this mission would be able to deliver six 500+ km ballistic missiles on target.
#HIMARS operations at sea were first demonstrated several years ago. The US Army has designed and produced the Palletized Field Artillery Launcher #PFAL to also be capable of firing from maritime vessels. This requirement likely also exists on the Autonomous Multi-Domain launcher
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Under the #MLRS Fleet Expansion initiative, US Army will modernize 350 #M270 (160 A0's & 190 A1s) MLRS to the A2 configuration featuring improved Armored Cabs, Bradley ECPs 1-3, & upgrade to Common Fire Control System. M270 A1 & A2 reduce pod reload time from 4 (A0) to 3 minutes.
Under the A2 upgrade, the Army will also field Assured PNT, and enable the M270A2 platform to launch the Precision Strike Missile #PrSM. The first M270A2 #PrSm test shot is scheduled for Fiscal Year 2023.
The M270A1 &A2 variants are both capable of utilizing all currently fielded MLRS variants, and the #ATACMS. This includes the Guided MLRS with a maximum range of 84 km. The A2 variant will also be capable of firing the 150 km Extended Range #GMLRS which will be fielded next year.
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