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Dans la majorité des documentations et des tutoriels (Github notamment), on peut lire la commande suivante :

👉 git push -u origin master

Mais savez-vous à quoi sert le paramètre "-u" optionnel exactement ? 🧵
#git #dev #code
-u est le raccourci pour le paramètre --set-upstream, qui comme son nom l'indique, initialise l'upstream de la branche locale.

Oui mais, ça veut dire quoi ? 🤔
L'upstream, c'est la branche de "référence" (ou source) sur un dépôt distant.

Lorsque l'on initialise l'upstream, cela revient à créer un "lien" entre votre branche locale courante avec la branche distante. 🔗
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Galera, a dica de hoje é sobre GIT. Uma ferramenta MUITO IMPORTANTE e utilizada no dia-a-dia de quem trabalha com programação e que ainda causa MUITA DÚVIDA, desde iniciantes até pessoas mais experientes. Nesta thread eu vou falar como fazer um BOM COMMIT. Bora lá? #devtips #git
Vou começar com a DEFINIÇÃO de um commit. Um COMMIT é, de maneira simples, uma FOTOGRAFIA DO REPOSITÓRIO de código com INFORMAÇÕES RELEVANTES em um determinado MOMENTO NO TEMPO.

Um CONJUNTO DE COMMITS em ordem cronológica é responsável por CONTAR A HISTÓRIA do seu repositório.
As INFORMAÇÕES RELEVANTES contidas em um commit são:

1. referência para o COMMIT PAI (se houver)
2. nome e e-mail do(a) AUTOR(A) e/ou COMMITTER
3. DATA E HORA do commit
4. MENSAGEM do commit
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💡Git Tip
- What is Alias in #git and why you should know it?
A thread🧵👇
▶️Alias is a term associated with shortcuts in Git.
▶️It compresses longer sequences of commands to make it more meaningful or contain less characters.
✨Here's how you can make one✨
Open you terminal and type👇
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How to learn Git - A RoadMap
#git #programming #100DAysOFcode
And, here are resources to learn Git
Best online courses to learn Git for beginners…
Top 10 Websites and Platforms to Learn Git for FREE in 2022 - Best of Lot…
#git #places #websites
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Die #Bundesdruckerei und die Genossenschaft #govdigital entwickeln seit 2021 ein #DigitalesZeugnis, mit #Berlin, #NRW & #RLP als Testkarnickel. Blockchain darf natürlich nicht fehlen. Seufz. /MS #Digitalisierung…
Die Forscher:innen Lilith #Wittmann und #Flüpke haben sich das #DigitalesZeugnis der #Bundesdruckerei mal vorgenommen... und autsch, wie nicht anders zu erwarten, fanden die Beiden einen Haufen Sicherheitslücken. #Digitalisierung? Fehlanzeige. /MS
"Die absolute technische Unfähigkeit eines Staatsunternehmens, das sich damit jegliches Restvertrauen verspielt hat", so das Urteil von @golem über das #Bundesdruckerei-Projekt #DigitalesZeugnis. /MS…
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¿Quieres saber cómo está el mercado de talento #tech en Latinoamérica? (incluyendo salarios)

@getonbrd lanzó su reporte anual con datos de:

23,000+ trabajos
900,000+ aplicaciones
250,000+ professionales

❤️ RT

🥷🏽 ¿Cuáles son los skills más solicitados por las empresas?

En programación en general:

💛 #JavaScript de primero (obvio Boby)

2️⃣ #CSS, #Git y #React peleándose el segundo lugar

🇺🇸 "English" en un sólido tercer lugar. Image
👩🏽‍🎨 En Diseño / #UX

El primer lugar es una pelea a cuchillo entre @figmadesign y @Adobe

Seguido de #UIDesign, #wireframes y @sketch

Y por supuesto Inglés. Image
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One of the most famous text editors is #emacs. It's especially famous for being used for programming.

But that's not all it can do. Here are some tasks I use it for that are not about code.
1. #Screenwriting.

I took a #comedy writing class where all sketches had to be formatted as a screenplay. There's a text-based file format called fountain; those files are converted to pdf.

Luckily, Emacs has fountain mode (…) for authoring fountain files. Image
Fountain mode is a seamless experience: while editing the files in Emacs, the pdfs are instantly generated, professionally styled, and ready to go. Image
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Putin viendo tus mensajes de #Git en los commits Image
Putin viendo tu código #JavaScript de hace 1 año Image
Putin viendo cómo creas el botón #HTML con <div> en vez de usar <button> Image
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✍️ Aprende a personalizar tu readme (presentación) de tu página de GitHub.

1: Crea un repositorio con el mismo nombre de tu usuario de github.
#github #git Image
2: Posteriormente añade selecciona ma siguiente opción y crea el Repositorio. Image
3: Luego hay que conocer la sintaxis de estos documentos, se usa markdown, aquí una guía completa sobre este:…
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Looking for the best #Career related videos in November? Look no further, we have already selected them for you!🥳…

#programming #tech
🔥First up: Dive into matters with @HelenJoScott , who tells you all the things you need to know besides how to write code well. Find out how you can be an extraordinary #developer wanted by many headhunters.…

Jump into #accessibility and let @RobPreciousA11Y elaborate on the triggers that start accessibility work at a company. @Techyrey continues by making it easier for you to stand out.🔝…

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1/ 📚 Want to learn the EXACT steps you need to take to become a #blockchain engineer?

🤝Got you covered! 🤝

It's just 4 steps:
1. Understand Why 🧠
2. Take a Course 🧑🏽‍🏫
3. Join a Hackathon, Community, and Build 👏
4. Do it! ✅

A thread and article🧵…
2/ Understand Why

You might think this is an easy step to skip, but if you don't have an unbreakable, bulletproof reason to become a blockchain engineer when it gets hard, you might back off. 💪

So create your list of unwaivering, unfaltering justification to begin your journey
You can borrow some reasons from my past article, or use some of these:

🌎 Create an impact on the world that will last forever
💨 Create a faster, digitally immersive, world
💸 Relandscape the future of finance
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10 Best Practices to use GIT on team 🔥 🔥 🔥

Always ask yourself why you are using any git command

Here consider `main` branch is `production` branch

OK ready ???
Let's make your git experience on amazing 👇

Thread 🧵 #git #github
🦋 1. Never push into main branch🔥 🔥 🔥

🔸Always create new branch & make a Pull Request (PR) to main/master branch
🔸In this way, your main/master branch stay safe
🔸And your code will get pushed only after review from team member
🦋 2. Always have protection on Main branch🔥 🔥 🔥

🔸Set a rule that no one can directly push to main
🔸Main will progress only with the merge of clean PR
🔸It protects your production branches from receiving unexpected and irreversible changes
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5️⃣ Aprende con estos cinco cursos de #Google, gratuitos y cortos. Fortalece tu carrera como #frontend #developer

⭐️ BONUS al final
❤️ RT para ayudar a la comunidad

👇🏽 THREAD Down pointing backhand index

#webdev #code #programmer #html #css #javascript #CodeNewbie
Fundamentals of Graphic Design: Aprenderás los principios fundamentales del diseño gráfico: creación de imágenes, tipografía, composición, color y forma. Principios que puedes aplicar al diseño web.…

#graphicdesign #webdesign #ui #CodeNewbie
Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4: Aprenderás sobre grids y diseño responsivo, componentes CSS y JavaScript de #Bootstrap, además sobre los preprocesadores #CSS, #Less y #Sass.…

#responsivedesign #webdesign #boostrap #CodeNewbie
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10 Git commands you should know

A thread 👇

#100DaysOfCode #DEVCommunity #git
1. Modify the most recent commit Image
2. Remove file from last commit Image
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#frontend engineers: What is your dream CI/CD pipeline? 🥰

Here is what we have at @contrahq 👇👇👇
precommit and prepush #git hooks are used to catch issues before they are pushed upstream.

* precommit runs only on staged files (takes few seconds)
* prepush runs #eslint #typescript and unit tests (takes up to 20 seconds)

Every time a commit is pushed:
1) We build a #docker image & bundle cypress and other development dependencies. This allows us to run all subsequent tasks using the same Docker image.

It is fast. Takes 2-4 minutes. 🏎
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Let's talk about Git.⚡

Git is the only thing that's it's common in our field. 99% of developers use it.

So you should learn it. At least the basics. And use it. On all your projects.

Let's start the thread.🧵

#100DaysOfCode #git #github #javascript #CodeNewbie #js What is Git? Let's learn th...
⭐ What is Git?

Git is a version-control system for tracking changes.

This allows you to save different versions of your projects and come back to them when necessary.

This also allows you to work in a team in a much better, organized way. ⬇
⭐ First steps.

On your project, your first command should be:

git init

This will initialize a new repository, this repository is a hidden folder called .git that tracks the changes made to files in your project and builds a history over time. ⬇
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🧵 M E G A T H R E A D

Check out all of my amazing threads that cover various topics like #JavaScript, #React, my favourite podcasts and many more...

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie
Thread #1: This is the place where you can find most of the amazing resources, tutorials, code snippets, tips and tricks about #JavaScript. Happy Coding Days 😎

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #React
Thread #2: This is the place where you can learn most of the thing about #React. Find out some of the best resources, tutorials, code snippets, tips and tricks to enhance your React skills.

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #JavaScript #ReactHooks
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Few Computer Science Legends you should know about


(They are really inspiring developers)
* Dennis Ritchie *

"Father of the 'C' programming language"
Created UNIX operating system with colleague Ken Thompson .
Received Turing Award in 1983.
Modern computing would not have existed without Dennis Ritchie.

Read More:…
* Linus Torvalds *

Created Linux Kernel and Git.
Linux kernel is the kernel for Linux operating systems (distributions) and other operating systems such as Android and Chrome OS.

Read More:…
#Linux #git #android
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Just merely finishing up tutorials/webinars/courses won’t do you good in the long term. 🧵 (1/4)

Up your game by implementing some core concepts from that new knowledge by building a side project.

#tech #tutorial #tutorialhell #git #programming #webdev #oss
For that you need an idea. If you got one then go ahead! But if not then simply visit Github and look for some open source projects on the tech/language/framework you just learnt.


1. You bake the core concepts into your brain by actually implementing them. (2/4)
2. Your degree of awareness about the tech is more than what you had right after completing the tutorial.

3. If you are new to Github, you learn about VCS and how to contribute to an OSS.

4. Your Github contribution graph shows green. (3/4)
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A thread on #HeadlessCMS where you will know most of things about what it is, how is it different to traditional #CMS, why it matters, pros & con's, and the most popular Headless CMS.

👇 #100DaysOfCode
So before you understand what this #HeadlessCMS is all about, in the first place you should know need to understand the difference between a Headless CMS and a conventional (or traditional) #CMS.

👇 #100DaysOfCode
Traditional #CMS platforms, like Joomla for instance, come with a front-end delivery layer, otherwise known as the “head” — that dictates how the content is presented to the end-user (1/3).

,👇 #HeadlessCMS #100DaysOfCode
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Choosing the right tech stack is one of the most important decisions when building a software product.

The ability to scale quickly depends on many factors but having the proper tech stack may be the most important one.

(Thread) 👇
1/ Tech stacks not only impacts the scalability in terms of performance but also provides flexibility and agility to evolve the product, eases the development of ecosystems, and attracts and retains talent.
2/ I am sharing in this thread, some of the components of our tech stack at @intraway that are working great for us.
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$ git gud
> git: 'gud' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

Here's why you should learn Git:
* Basics are pretty easy!
* (Almost) every developer team & job requires it
* Stop worrying about breaking your code
* because you can always revert back🙌

#100DaysOfCode #Git

🧵⬇️ Image
How to get started in a few tweets:

1. Download git
2. Use a terminal and navigate to your project
3. Run "git init"
4. Create a GitHub account
5. Create a repo 👉
6. git config --global 'your name'
7. git config --global ''
8. Follow the steps GitHub tells you (see image) Image
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#Git Tips 👉 This is how to remove sensitive data from history, after a push 😎

#GitHub #DevTips #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #301DaysOfCode
#Git Tips 👉 To show all the tracked and untracked files. #GitHub #DevTips #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #301DaysOfCode
#Git Tips 👉 This one comes in handy when you accidentally commit something with a typo or misleading commit message. The -v is optional, but I like it coz it shows lot of info about changes which helps to write a more descriptive commit message. #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie
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