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Are you tired of being stuck in the same old IT routine? Do you crave the excitement of constantly learning and adapting to new technologies? Are you ready to become a #DevOps superhero, saving the day with your coding skills and infrastructure expertise?

🧵 What is #DevOps Dev?
🌻A #DevOps developer's job is to bridge the gap between development and operations teams. They work to automate and streamline the software delivery process, ensuring that applications are deployed quickly, reliably, and securely.
🌻 So, what is #DevOps?

It is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle while delivering features, fixes, and updates frequently in close alignment with business objectives.
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Hello everyone! Today, we'll be discussing how to use Github and Git commands for beginners. Let's get started! #Github #Git #BeginnerTutorial
🧵 [1/10]
[2/10] Github is a platform for version control and collaboration. It's a hub for developers to store, manage and share their code. #Github
[3/10] To start using Github, you'll need to create an account and download Git on your computer. You can find the download link on the Github website. #Github #Git
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👩‍💻 GitHub Importance in Data Field 🔅

📅 Data Professionals need #GitHub for source code management. It hosts Git, an open-source version control system that tracks the changes and requests of a project. Using GitHub, users can #clone the code from the central #repository to their local machine, make changes, commit
I will Tell You 3 Steps To Gather Perfect Knowledge About Github & Git

1️⃣ Tutorial
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I taught two 8-wk courses this fall @JohnsHopkinsSPH and wanted to share the resources (built in #quarto!) in case others starting in #Rstats #DataScience find it useful

🤩 Intro to R…

💃 More adv R #Git #CommandLine #SQL #APIs…
I want to say THANK YOU to all the individuals who wrote such great blog posts or vignettes about #rstats pkgs, the @thecarpentries for developing 🤩 material on #CommandLine and #Git, and @rdpeng who help develop much of the content from 1st class!

You are the true heros.
Also, I want to thank @lmwebr @BoyiGuo for each teaching a week in the 2nd class! I am very appreciative and both of you are wonderful educators.
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Ya sabes que #Git 🧡 es básico para trabajar como #programador. ¡En este HILO 🧵te dejo 5⃣ cursos GRATIS para que aprendas esta herramienta de #controldeversiones DESDE CERO! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #informatica #programacion #backend #frontend
Aquí, en sólo 1⃣h, con @_nasch_ , todo lo básico que necesitas para empezar con #Git 🧡: comandos básicos, configuración, ramas... MUY 🔝🔝🔝#informatica #programacion #backend #frontend #controldeversiones
¿Qué quieres un curso más amplio de #Git 🧡? ¡Aquí en 5⃣h @jonmircha te da muy buenas bases de esta herramienta de #controldeversiones! ¡Más que recomendable! #informatica #programacion #backend #frontend
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📊🧵 #CoditoStats 🙂

While I don't care much about numbers, I check #TwitterAnalytics from time to time mostly because of monthly summaries. Let me tell you that last 28 days were pretty intense comparing to previous period 😁

Let's look what happened! 👇 Image
First of all @davorminchorov mentioned me in his thread about enums. We initially had discussion about them under his PR (…), but this thread extended it even more 🙂

(187 engagements at this point)
That motivated me to write thread about dictionaries, how I see them from theoretical and practical point of view 🙂 If you missed it, grab it here:

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🦉 DVC is designed to improve upon past solutions to make the life of ML teams easier. Here’s how it differentiates from other related technologies:

🐱 Git
📦 Git-LFS (Large File Storage)
🗄 Git-annex

@Iterativeai @DVCorg
#mlOps #data #git #lfs

🐱 Git vs DVC

DVC builds upon Git by the concept of data files – large files that should not be stored in a Git repository, but need to be tracked and versioned.

It leverages Git's features to enable managing different versions of data, data pipelines, and experiments.

📦 Git-LFS vs DVC

DVC does not require special servers like Git-LFS demands. Any cloud storage like S3, Google Cloud Storage, or even an SSH server can be used as a remote storage.

No additional databases, servers, or infrastructure are required.

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ROADMAP para ser BACKEND Developer

¿Queréis un roadmap con RECURSOS GRATUITOS para ser un gran desarrollador BACKEND?

Os dejo 7 recursos totalmente GRATIS para aprender las BASES que cualquier desarrollador BACKEND debe conocer


#backend #code #coding #programming #coding
1️⃣Aprende las BASES DE INTERNET

Antes de empezar a programar, entiende qué es Internet, qué es el protocolo HTTP y cómo funciona un navegador

Aquí tenéis un artículo muy interesante…
2️⃣Frontend básico (HTML y CSS)

⚠️Opcional pero RECOMENDABLE⚠️

Aunque quieras ser desarrollador backend, es importante que conozcas las bases del frontend, es decir: #HTML y #CSS

Tienes el curso de @freeCodeCamp para aprender HTML, CSS y Responsive Web…
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Basic Git Commands every web developer should know.

Thread 🧵👇
1. git init

The git init command is used to initialize a new Git repository.

This command can be used to set up a new repository or to convert an existing project to a Git repository.
The git init command creates a new directory that contains all of the necessary Git files, such as the .gitignore file and the .gitattributes file.
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How can I make my skills make me money as fast as possible?

My Skills:
- Building web sites with WordPress(very experienced with this)
- Building frontend UI with html, CSS, JavaScript, and Reactjs(confident about this)
- Building backend with Django, Nodejs, and Graphql(not
too confident about this but I always get it done)
- building mobile apps with react native(I have tried my hands on this but I am no where good at it)
- I also do white board animations.

I look forward to your advices and suggestions. Thank you.
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While I touched the surface of what you can do with #Git today, it’s an extremely powerful tool that has so much more to offer 🤩

Here are some more resources, if you want to learn more about it:


📖 (my go-to resource)
And there are of course fantastic #rladies talking about using #Git:

📺 @RLadiesBmore: (by @lisalendway)
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Today's about version control and collaboration today and one of its powerful tools: #git
💡What is Git?

Using Git can be a lifesaver (and it has often been one in the past for me 🙏). It’s basically like a mini time travel machine that you use - it allows you to have version control of your work progress.
But unlike Dropbox or other tools, it does not automatically save the status quo of your work but requires you to do it actively with commits and pushes. A typical workflow looks like this 👇 Image showing a git workflow from the working directory to t
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GitArch🦉 is the most advanced, seamless, & unstoppable alternative to platforms such as @github & @gitlab.

This isn't the next step for #UnstoppableCode, this is the final destination. This is #Web3.

Let's dive in 👇/ 🧵
#GitArch🦉 is a truly decentralized & censorship-resistant hosting service for software development and version control using #Git.

Built on the @InvArchNetwork / @TinkerParachain, GitArch features git repositories stored as #NFT primitives.

Unlike platforms such as @radicle, GitArch isn’t an alternative version control solution to the git protocol (because git is already a distributed protocol).

There is an immediate UX difference compared to radicle; however, almost none compared to GitHub.

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Hello everyone 👋 my name is Cosima and I usually tweet at @cosima_meyer.
In my professional life, I work as a data scientist in the field of AI. I love my job because it allows me to work with fantastic teams to solve puzzles👩🏼‍💻 Image showing two people holding two puzzle pieces to the sk
@cosima_meyer Before working in the industry, I explored my passion for research in academia. I hold a PhD from the University of Mannheim in #politicalscience (my dissertation dealt with post-civil war stability 🕊).
@cosima_meyer While working at @MZESUniMannheim, I co-founded a #datascience blog “Methods Bites” (@mzes_ssdl) which provides several hands-on tutorials on #NLP, scraping #Twitter data, #dataviz, or how to publish your package on #CRAN.
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¿Explicar GIT con el Señor de los Anillos?¿Portfolio en Github? ¿CREAR tu mejor perfil en GIthub?

Te dejo más de 3 vídeos ESENCIALES sobre Git y Github:

🧵Abro hilo de #git #github #githubdesktop 👇
🧝‍♂️¡Vamos a comenzar por el básico! Aprendemos conceptos de forma diferente con... ¡El señor de los anillos!
🚀 ¿Usar GIT sin terminal? SI estás comenzando seguramente te interese este vídeo donde lo hago paso a paso con Github Desktop:

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J'ai pu tester pas mal de formations/plateformes d'apprentissage payantes.
Je me suis dit que j'allais vous faire un petit thread pour vous les présenter.
PS : Pensez à vous les faire financer par vos boîtes😁
PS2 : Je précise mais il n'y a aucune sponso ❌💵

Let's go!👇
On commence avec @pluralsight qui propose des formations vidéo sur un tas de sujets, langages, BDD, infra etc. Il y a même des parcours d'apprentissage qui permettent de ne pas s'égarer.

Mention spéciale pour le parcours #Python et #Git👌
Il y a quelques années, un ami m’a fait découvrir @acloudguru quand j’ai voulu me mettre sérieusement à AWS et franchement c’est le 🔥!

Vous avez accès à énormément de contenu vidéo sur AWS, GCP, Azure et même sur les outils DevOps !
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ROADMAP para ser BACKEND Developer

¿Queréis un roadmap con RECURSOS GRATUITOS para ser un gran desarrollador BACKEND?

Os dejo 6 recursos totalmente GRATIS para aprender las BASES que cualquier desarrollador BACKEND debe conocer


#backend #code #coding #programming #coding
1⃣ Aprende las BASES DE INTERNET

Antes de empezar a programar, entiende qué es Internet, qué es el protocolo HTTP y cómo funciona un navegador

Aquí tenéis un artículo muy interesante…
2⃣ Frontend básico (HTML y CSS)

Aunque quieras ser desarrollador backend, es importante que conozcas las bases del frontend, es decir: #HTML y #CSS

Tienes el curso de @freeCodeCamp para aprender HTML, CSS y Responsive Web:…
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If you're a #dataScientist working in #rstats, you've probably heard of #docker, but might not know why you'd care or how to get started...

Here's a thread summarizing my talk from #useR2022 from a few weeks ago, and a link to my free online book📕!

Docker is a general tool for packaging code with its dependencies.

So in the data science world, Docker is a tool for reproducibility + portability. Docker can make it easy to share your work with others, or to keep it safe for later.
When you think about reproducing an R project, there are layers of reproducibility, as you make things more reproducible, it also takes more work.
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Dans la majorité des documentations et des tutoriels (Github notamment), on peut lire la commande suivante :

👉 git push -u origin master

Mais savez-vous à quoi sert le paramètre "-u" optionnel exactement ? 🧵
#git #dev #code
-u est le raccourci pour le paramètre --set-upstream, qui comme son nom l'indique, initialise l'upstream de la branche locale.

Oui mais, ça veut dire quoi ? 🤔
L'upstream, c'est la branche de "référence" (ou source) sur un dépôt distant.

Lorsque l'on initialise l'upstream, cela revient à créer un "lien" entre votre branche locale courante avec la branche distante. 🔗
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Galera, a dica de hoje é sobre GIT. Uma ferramenta MUITO IMPORTANTE e utilizada no dia-a-dia de quem trabalha com programação e que ainda causa MUITA DÚVIDA, desde iniciantes até pessoas mais experientes. Nesta thread eu vou falar como fazer um BOM COMMIT. Bora lá? #devtips #git
Vou começar com a DEFINIÇÃO de um commit. Um COMMIT é, de maneira simples, uma FOTOGRAFIA DO REPOSITÓRIO de código com INFORMAÇÕES RELEVANTES em um determinado MOMENTO NO TEMPO.

Um CONJUNTO DE COMMITS em ordem cronológica é responsável por CONTAR A HISTÓRIA do seu repositório.
As INFORMAÇÕES RELEVANTES contidas em um commit são:

1. referência para o COMMIT PAI (se houver)
2. nome e e-mail do(a) AUTOR(A) e/ou COMMITTER
3. DATA E HORA do commit
4. MENSAGEM do commit
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Here begins a fun thread of the finished lightboards that we make together during the ϟ Enlightning stream. ♫

Also- a big THANK YOU to all who come out to watch ϟ Enlightning, and also to those who take the time to watch the recording. I appreciate you.

What is a Small Batch Loop? Featuring guest @cote Image
Dockerfiles Vs. Cloud Native Buildpacks featuring guest @ciberkleid Image
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💡Git Tip
- What is Alias in #git and why you should know it?
A thread🧵👇
▶️Alias is a term associated with shortcuts in Git.
▶️It compresses longer sequences of commands to make it more meaningful or contain less characters.
✨Here's how you can make one✨
Open you terminal and type👇
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How to learn Git - A RoadMap
#git #programming #100DAysOFcode
And, here are resources to learn Git
Best online courses to learn Git for beginners…
Top 10 Websites and Platforms to Learn Git for FREE in 2022 - Best of Lot…
#git #places #websites
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