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1) Had look thru the Goblin of the South's Instagram. A veritable treasure trove of symbolism. More dogs than you can, er, throw a stick for, natch! Also other motifs with #occultelite vibe. In this thread I'll go down that rabbit hole. #DictatorDan
2) As mentioned, many "dog shots". Seems to have more than any other #Auspol figure. Also loves purple. We know this from lie fests backdrop. (Until Biden "won", changed to blue and white, coinciding with 0 cases. Not suss at all!) But this from 2018.
3) Pink, close to purple on spectrum, is "beautiful" in the ghoul's own words. #DanMustGo
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We will probably never know the origins of the original hashtag, but we know the origins of the #IStandWithDan campaign
The origins of the #IStandWithDan Hashtag may never be known, #IStandWith….. hashtags are quite common; they are used to support people being attacked online and are quite successful.
On the 9th of July the frustration had set in, living through the first lockdown in Melbourne a friend called me in tears

The tweet attracted a lot of trolls, but mostly love from the other states, 11 minutes after I tweeted Shiannon tweeted this
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Dan trying to explain manners, facts and human decency to a two-bob Murdoch watch that thinks it’s a Rolex. You could not believe how appalling Peta Credlin’s behaviour was today. #MurdochRoyalCommission #IStandWithDan
And some Trump lover below suggested Dan Andrews didn’t let Credlin finish a question, when she didn’t let him answer any - even shouting over the top of him that Border Force is responsible for Ruby Princess. #MurdochRoyalCommission
Sorry, Phillip, all due respect meant.
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Dan Andrews in response to Peta Credlin’s insistent questions and interruptions today (15/10/2020):

“You’ve all got a job to do, but let me tell you one thing my job does not involve, and it will never involve: having patently incorrect statements made to me where I ...
2/4 …simply cop it and move on to the next question. I’m not doing that. The stakes are too high when it comes to keeping people safe for me to simply be a bystander as facts are created and as history is re-written. I will not do that, not now, not ever....
3/4 ... Are there any other questions on any matters that relate not to months and months and months ago, that are the subject of a duly formed, independent inquiry under an Act of the Victorian Parliament...
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Peta Credlin is back. Her first statement is 100% false and mistaken. Dan Andrews having none of it, calls her out on the 'simply not correct' statement by Credlin, 'whatever the motivation.' Credlin upset now, raising her voice at Dan, angry at being called out. #IStandWithDan
Credlin just now cut off Dan's response to another journalist's question. Appalling behaviour. Rambling again, drawing her own flawed conclusions, making strange claims. She's raising her voice again, Dan calls her out again for being inaccurate.
Credlin now showing her Liberal Party ambassador colours by defending the Ruby Princess disaster. You can't write this stuff, she's really digging a hole here. Bit of a Qanon feel to her ramblings.
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BRUTAL BACKFIRE: Michael O'Brien's doomed no confidence motion has failed. The Victorian Parliament backs #DanAndrews💯.

O'Brien's failure is seen as the last straw for frustrated Vic Libs, as he flails and fails to land a blow, despite months of effort. #IStandWithDan #SpringSt
The performance in the house was a SCREAM. Labor used the opportunity to detail how Andrews Government actions have limited damage, saved lives and stopped spread. Liberals were torn to shreds and weren't able to land a single blow.
Victorians are now confident any other absurdly distasteful time-wasting stunts planned by the opposition will be placed on the back-burner as the Victorian Liberal Party no doubt turns its attention to knifing its leadership problem.
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In the spirit of #ThisIsNotJournalism, I give you this #AccuracyMatters mega-thread. I will add journalists and flag their misdeeds over time to give us a look at how #COVID19 reporting has failed to the public interest test, particularly in Victoria.
First up, @samanthamaiden who famously gave us 'findings' from the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry months before they will exist:
Next we have @Adam_Creighton who tried to make a point by quoting a political activist known for his extremist views, and who bashed his spouse with a chopping board. Creighton has not retracted or apologised.
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1/Fuck. I knew this would open a can of worms. I'm not done yet. I said I held off commenting until I was decently informed. But there was one crucial thing I overlooked and I'm so sorry. It's to do with the BRI and its relationship to China's central government.
2/The BRI is critical to China's success on the world stage and to Xi Jinping's claim to the presidency for life. That's why it's so important to the CCP and why China's top brass are pushing it so exhaustively. But there's one thing about this that misleads everyone.
3/The impression we get is that the BRI is Xi's brainchild, centrally organised & executed flawlessly from top to bottom.

In reality, the BRI is neither centralised nor uniform in planning & implementation.
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As the world turns to Dan Andrews on how to beat second wave, our media is busy lusting for his scalp, despite overwhelming public support for our democratically elected government. Aged care? Crickets. Ruby Princess? Ruby what? Scomo lion share body count ignored. #IStandWithDan
Every journalist covering #COVID19Vic will have to reflect on their work and ask themselves if they delivered for public interest, or the interest of their employer (or budget allocator). I'm not sure many could honestly say they got this right.
Anger at the media in Victoria is white-hot. Most Victorians (and this has been thoroughly demonstrated) support their government and are working hard to do their bit to fight #COVID19Vic. The media antagonises the public daily with its batshit crazy pitchfork mob mentality.
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My 6 tweet vent
We’ve all known it for years, News Corp is a cancer on society & a protection racket paid 4 the LNP. This week a minister was described as behaving criminally & a mysterious $30m land purchase+many more.
#BoycottMurdoch #IStandWithDan
News Corp has a $10b dollar value on the ASX. The ASX wouldn't exist w/out us paying taxes & investing 2 make Australia an efficient place 2 conduct business. News Corp are on the corporate dole taking money with no mutual obligations
On top of cash gifts, News Corp has many indirect subsidies. The 1936 Tax Law gives all sporting clubs (AFL+ NRL) tax exemption,⬇️costs by 10's of millions. These subsidies give its 32K shareholders⬆️dividends than they should get
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Close up of the activity of a suspicious Twitter account I posted about earlier. This is a small snapshot of this account's recent activity. Note the use of both pro/anti-Andrews hashtags, including #SackDanAndrews and #IStandWithDan and #DanMustGo. Please take a look. Image
Also note the crossover with some of the political talking points we're seeing in the news. I find this both troubling and fascinating.
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News Corp is misreporting #COVID19Vic success, stating only a third of Victorians back Dan Andrews. TWO THIRDS of Victorians back Andrews. Lift your game, Murdoch. #IStandWithDan ImageImage
@samanthamaiden - any idea what went wrong?
@newscomauHQ it's still up, are you going to fix it?
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To the #IStandWithDan crowd. Taking a binary reading of the PCR tests over a quantitative one misrepresents the results such that up to 90% of positive cases have insignificant amounts of the virus. We do this here. 1/…
To the #IStandWithDan crowd. A GP working in aged care in VIC observed most positive cases did not exhibit respiratory illness symptoms, yet those who passed away from unrelated causes have COVID as cause of death, in accordance with a CHO directive. 2/…
To the #IStandWithDan crowd. A Lancet study of 50 high COVID case countries found "full lockdowns, and a high rate of COVID-19 testing were not associated with statistically significant reductions in the number of critical cases or overall mortality". /3…
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Shout out to the #DanMustGo whingers/bots/trolls/etc who haven't realised we stole their hashtag and now they're plugging our tweets. #DanMustGo on to become Prime Minister of Australia. #IStandWithDan #ThanksDan
I take no pleasure in saying just how pleasing it is outsmarting those pricks 🥳🎉
A random sample of #DanMustGo tweets shows only 25% have a negative sentiment. That means most people tweeting #DanMustGo on to be PM, Australian of the Year, etc can proudly say #IStandWithDan Image
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11:00PM - Tim Smith's Facebook Poll tracking 83% support for Dan Andrews, 18,000 polled so far. Wow. #libspill #IStandWithDan
11:30PM - Tim Smith's Facebook Poll tracking ~84% support for Dan Andrews, ~19,000 polled so far. #libspill #IStandWithDan
7:45AM - Tim Smith's Facebook Poll tracking ~84% support for Dan Andrews, ~26,000 polled so far. #libspill #IStandWithDan
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Game Theory - Melbourne 2020
Let’s look at the current situation in Melbourne and apply game theory to it.
We have two sides playing.
On one side we have Team #IStandWithDan.
On the other side we have Team #GiveDanTheBoot.
The board on which this game is played is the City of Melbourne. Both teams are spread evenly across the entire board.
The objective of the game is to replace the leader of Team #IStandWithDan with one that is more reasonable and open to valid, professional opinions.
This is how we all get to the next level.
The game is played like this. The leader of Team #IStandWithDan makes the rules but both teams’ players have to abide by the rules.
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Morning Tweeps

Didn't sleep much so I don't know if I'm capable of a follow-up to yesterday, but I'll repost my #IStandWithDan video from last week. I was driving & thinking about it all & suddenly I was so annoyed I pulled over to the side of the road & filmed myself venting.
Fuck I should have warned you, I sound like Michaelia Cash in this one because I was just so bloody irate. I'm sorry, I know it's early in the morning for bleeding eardrums. 😳😂
PS. That's a coldsore, not syphilis
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@TheAge poll re support for #COVIDVIC19 lockdown extensions: Tracked 70% yes, 30% no and performed normally with votes trickling in. Then, yesterday, a sudden spike of 15,000 'no' votes occurred in a few seconds. Several more sudden spikes have been recorded. #IStandWithDan
I have tracked and recorded the sudden spikes, and have screenshots of how the poll progressed over time, with a number of sudden spikes demonstrating bot 'block votes' were purchased at least 4 times.
These two screen shots were captured 16 seconds apart, and captured a sudden spike of 'no' votes, only possible via a scripted bot 'block vote.'
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1/Victorian police said last week they were fed up with anti-COVID-restriction protesters wasting their time & resources, which are already stretched. The Commissioner made it clear that future protests or attempts to incite public unrest would warrant arrest, no more warnings.
2/Being pregnant isn't a get-out-of-jail-free card. She wasn't 'discussing a peaceful protest', she was organising one in direct violation of health restrictions. I don't question the police's decision to arrest her. I do question why they didn't arrest Sam Newman too.
3/At a guess it was because arresting him would just give him more notoriety, which is the whole reason he's doing this. No longer able to engineer his crass stunts on Channel 9, he has to resort to any means available to get attention.
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1/I was disturbed when QLD climate protests were criminalised & when Dutton wanted (& got, to my knowledge) the power to deploy troops in situations of domestic unrest (i.e. protests). He's never exercised this power but I gather that's bc the army still has the right to refuse.
2/I have protested on a number of issues, including most recently the treatment of asylum seekers under Dutton. I travelled into the city on most Fridays to sit outside the Home Affairs office with a sign. I can't do that any more due to COVID-19, but I still speak out regularly.
3/Yet I defended the police crackdown on the Melbourne protest against COVID-19 restrictions, and I support the recent police action taken re Sam Newman. I don't endorse protest for the sake of protest, especially not his brand of attention-seeking bullshit.
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Blocked by my local MP, trying to get info for my Mum who has cancer.
A thread:

I was blocked by my local MP @RyanSmithMP after asking why Mum, who has terminal cancer, & Dad with Asthma, didn’t get a mail out he claims he sent to older people in our electorate
#AusPol #SpringSt Image
Many older people don’t use social media, & would find getting COVID info difficult. When asked, @RyanSmithMP claimed he did a mail out. My parents never got this. They are both very high risk, as are many others

I emailed his office as requested & never heard anything back. Image
Yesterday after he accused the government of a “mess of poor communication” & “zero information”, I asked why I hadn’t received any information

He decided to block me instead.

Proving he is putting his political point scoring above the needs of his constituents; Mum, Dad & Me. ImageImage
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Wow! Today's #DanAndrews Press Conference was quite a ride. It started out as normal, current COVID update etc.

Then out came the #MSM they pushed him, spoke over him, ignored answered questions, went with the classic ask the same question different ways until you get an answer
that suits, they were gouging for a hateful headline. They behaved like a pack of school yard bullies, or Twitter Bot Trolls. And STILL, he handled them beautifully. They couldn't break him.

He completely ignores and dismisses the #LNP MP's trolling him constantly. Exactly as
an elected Member of the Australian Parliament should behave.

Dan Andrews played along, let the media mob go until they wore themselves out and really started to sound like a bunch of media hacks and really embarrassed themselves.

When they first went for him, and it was really
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Anyone else embarrassed by our fellow Australians who claim that a directive to wear a face mask in public equates to tyranny? 😬#COVID19Aus #IStandWithDan
As a supporter of civil and worker rights activism in mainland China, I am well aware of what genuine oppression looks like. Two-week hotel quarantine and wearing a mask in public? Tyranny? Get fucked. I'm not just embarrassed by these entitled arseholes, I'm infuriated.
BTW I'm not entering the debate on how useful face masks are or aren't. IMO handwashing & social distancing are more effective measures, but that wasn't my point here. My point was to criticise the ignorance and entitlement of those who claim mandatory mask-wearing = tyranny.
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