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1/5 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: With continued acceleration of infection rates in several areas + still rising hospitalizations & deaths, ↓ close contacts + keeping ↑ protections is everyone’s responsibility to save lives! #Everyday #COVIDhero…
2/5 The #COVID19 virus spreads from an infected person through respiratory droplets & aerosols created when an infected person coughs, sneezes, sings, shouts, or talks. Larger gatherings and indoor settings pose a higher risk.…
3/5 Droplets vary in size from large droplets that fall to the ground rapidly (within seconds or minutes) near the infected person, to smaller droplets, sometimes called aerosols, which linger in the air under some circumstances. #COVID19
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1/4 During the months of restrictions, schools, workplaces, businesses and other public settings modified spaces and implemented protocols and policies to reduce the risk of #COVID19 spreading. #COVIDLife #COVIDLiving
2/4 As individual Canadians, we likewise modified our behaviours and became adept at practicing personal protective measures including #PhysicalDistancing, good #HandHygiene, #CoughEtiquette & #MaskOn where appropriate.
3/4 The challenge now is to stay the course, no matter how weary we may feel, because #PublicHealth efforts are not enough on their own; keeping #COVID19 at manageable levels in #Canada DEPENDS ON ALL OF US. #SlowBurn #AllinThisTogether
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: today #GOC provided an update on COVID-19 #epidemiology in Canada as well as an update to the modelling we are using to inform planning and approaches for ongoing epidemic control.…
2/4 #COVID19 daily case counts are increasing at an accelerated rate. Though Monday’s daily case count included over 459 weekend cases, 1,307 cases were new on Monday, bringing the latest 7-day average to 1,058 cases
3/4 Though some increase in #COVID19 cases was expected with reopening, the accelerated rate of epidemic growth is concerning and will escalate unless #PublicHealth AND individual precautions are strengthened + we work together!
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1/5 Here is a short check list of the top things we all need to be doing to improve our position on the #COVID19 defence and to get #Canada back on the safer #SlowBurn:
2/5 #StayHome and away from others if you develop any symptoms of #COVID19, even if mild. Consult your local #publichealth authority for information on testing in your area. Find out more about symptoms here:…
3/5 Rethink your bubble. Limit your #ContactBubble to just the people who are in your existing household and/or your small, consistent and trusted in-person contacts. Smaller is safer. Quality over quantity. #COVID19
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1/3 The ongoing increase in #COVID19 daily case counts in #Canada indicates accelerated epidemic growth. Now is the time for each of us to redouble our efforts to slow the spread of the virus. Increase your #COVIDKnowHow…
2/3 All Canadians need to #BePartoftheSolution: keep your number of contacts low and consistently follow proven effective measures to slow the spread: maintain #PhysicalDistancing, #handwashing and #MaskOn, as appropriate.
3/3 We’ve come too far and lost too much to give up now – let’s reconfirm our commitment to work #TogetherApart and redouble our efforts to knock #COVID19 daily case counts back down to the #SlowBurn. #BePartoftheSolution
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1/4 Since the pandemic began, #publichealth officials like myself have talked a lot about what each one of us can do to protect ourselves, our families and our communities from #COVID19. #physicaldistancing #handwashing #MaskOn…
2/4 Being tested when you are experiencing symptoms of #COVID19 is an act of kindness - it means you are choosing to not only protect yourself, but also protect those around you. #BePartoftheSolution #COVIDKindness
3/4 When a #COVID19 test comes back positive, that starts the process of local #publichealth notifying others who may have been exposed, so contacts can take steps to self-isolate and get tested if they develop symptoms. #TestandTrace
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1/5 If you are thinking of hosting an event for people outside of your #contactbubble, ask yourself if you, someone in your household, or someone you are inviting may be at high risk of developing complications from #COVID19.…
2/5 People at high risk include #olderadults, people of any age with compromised immune systems or chronic medical conditions & people living with obesity. Think twice about attending/hosting a gathering if you/others are at high risk.…
3/5 The next best thing hosts can do to reduce risk is to go with safer options, like virtual events or outdoor events. With colder weather, gathering outdoors, while bundled up will reduce #COVID19 risk. Let’s get creative!
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1/6 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦 : Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Monday statement urging all Canadians to keep up our collective efforts to control the spread of #COVID19. Read the statement here:…
2/6 #COVID19 is not gone. Be aware of the risks for exposure in your area and make informed decisions based on the latest advice, including recommendations of local #publichealth authorities in your area. #COVIDwise…
3/6 We cannot let our guard down now. We have worked too hard and come too far. Continue good #publichealth practices to reduce your risk of getting infected and spreading the infection to others. #BePartoftheSolution
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1/3 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Sunday statement discussing COVID-19 outbreak settings and things we can do to reduce spread. Read the statement here:…
2/3 Canadians have become adept at public health practices to prevent #COVID19 spread, i.e. #PhysicalDistancing keeping contacts ↓ by keeping to our #ContactBubble, #handwashing, and using good #CoughEtiquette incl. #MaskOn.
3/3 Our challenge now is to guard against #COVIDfatigue that can lead us to relax personal precautions. As we shift more of our activities indoors, we need to increase our awareness of COVID-19 risk factors in reopened settings.…
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1/3 Just one person infected with #COVID19, even if only experiencing mild symptoms, can start a chain reaction of exposures & infections, spreading to many people in their homes, workplaces, communities and other settings.
2/3 It’s on all of us to keep #COVID19 epidemic growth in check! We need to keep our #ContactBubble small and keep up #publichealth practices: #PhysicalDistancing, #handwashing and #MaskOn where distancing is difficult.
3/3 It is safest to keep to our existing close #ContactBubble, so indoor gatherings with extended family and friends, may not be right for every Canadian or every family. Read #COVID19 risks and precautions in my updated backgrounder:…
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1/3 If you are #pregnant, or thinking of becoming pregnant, consider additional precautions to protect yourself beyond practicing #PhysicalDistancing, frequent #handwashing, & wearing a mask when distancing is not possible. #MaskOn #COVID19
2/3 As always during #COVID19 try to avoid crowded places, and talk to your doctor, obstetrician or midwife about the possibility of telephone or videoconference appointments.…
3/3 If you have or suspect you have #COVID19, your best source of health information is your primary health care provider. The Government of Canada also has an online self-assessment tool.
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1/6 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Wednesday statement discussing pregnancy, maternal health and newborn care. Read the statement here:…
2/6 Canadians continue to experience the joy of welcoming new additions to their families. Newborns are vulnerable to a variety of infectious diseases and there are important measures to consider to keep them safe during #COVID19.
3/6 Friends and family will be excited to meet your bundle of joy, but it is important to ask visitors to postpone visiting if they’ve had any symptoms of #COVID19 in the last 14 days, or if they’ve had contact with a confirmed case.
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1/4 I would like to thank provincial authorities, local school boards, and educators who have been working overtime to reconfigure schools in order to lower the risk of transmitting #COVID19 in these settings. #StrongerTogether
2/4 Although 🇨🇦 is striving to maintain a #SlowBurn, the average daily case count has been increasing recently. This is concerning. When #COVID19 cases occur, including in schools, it is a reflection of what is happening in the community.
3/4 The key to keeping #COVID19 at a manageable level is for each and every one of us to keep up effective #publichealth practices at home, at work and in the public spaces we frequent. #COVIDKnowHow…
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Camera's on = #MaskUp
Camera's off = Mask off

1) @SpeakerPelosi
2) Philly Mayor makes masks manditory and bans indoor dining - Days later he is seen in Maryland dining indoors and no mask.
3) @andrewcuomo
4) #FauciFraud
#coronavirus ImageImageImageImage
1) At White House #FakeNewsMedia Press briefing. Camera's turn off, masks come off.
2)@CNN reportter @kaitlancollins
3) A Govenor, Mayor, Council member and family
4)El Paso Mayor ImageImageImage
1) KC Maskless Mayor and no social distancing as he takes a fan photo with a group of ladies.
2)Houston Mayor and Police Chief George Floyd Protest
4)Florida Congressman
#MaskUp #MaskOn #MaskOn
@POTUS ImageImageImageImage
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1/3 While most of us are enjoying #LabourDay many of 🇨🇦’s #FrontLineWorkers are on the job today keeping us and our loved ones safe. It’s up to us to #DoYourPart, by keeping #COVID19 on #SlowBurn through #fall. #TestandTrace
2/3 #COVID19 will take a mile if we give it an inch. We can all reduce the risk of COVID-19 in our communities. Small acts like #handwashing, #PhysicalDistancing, #MaskOn when and where needed have big impacts.
3/3 Downloading the free #COVIDAlert exposure app will give you information to help protect yourself. 2.2 million Canadians are already using it.…
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: On this #LabourDay Monday in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a statement discussing how we can lower our risk during the coming fall. Read my statement in full here:…
2/4 Due to reduced reporting to #PHAC over the #LabourDay holiday, new daily case numbers will be updated tomorrow. However, as of Friday, the 7-day average is now 545 cases reported daily, exceeding the mid-July bump.
3/4 The increase in average daily case reports reminds us that #COVID19 is still with us, looking for an opportunity to make a comeback. Following #publichealth guidance is crucial to keeping COVID-19 on a #slowburn.…
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1/4 While the #longweekend is a time for relaxation, it’s not the time to relax our #COVID19 #publichealth practices. #PhysicalDistancing #Handwashing #MaskOn
2/4 Keeping to your close #ContactBubble is safest, but when going to public spaces make sure you assess your personal risks and check that there are controls in place to reduce spread of the virus.
3/4 Remember that just because you may know the people attending an event outside of your household and close contacts bubble, it doesn’t mean that the #COVID19 risk is in any way reduced. #COVIDKnowHow
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1/8 🇨🇦 faces a different #COVID19 situation in September, than that of February/March. Governments, businesses and Canadians have adapted to put measures in place that will help keep us on the #SlowBurn path. #SlowtheSpread
2/8 With Fall & Winter approaching, families and friends want to know if it’s safe to gather together indoors. No individual or family faces the same set of circumstances so we will need to make some choices for ourselves. #COVID19
3/8 We can’t eliminate all risk of #COVID19, and the situation may change, but asking a few “quick check” questions can help you think about the risks: 2 questions on your personal risk factors & 2 questions on settings/activities. See:…
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1/5 Over the summer Canadians have continued efforts #TogetherApart to slow the spread of the virus with #PhysicalDistancing, #handwashing, #MaskOn, all helping #SlowTheSpread. Read today’s remarks:…
2/5 As a result, nationally Canada’s #COVID19 infection rate has remained at a low and manageable level, allowing many public spaces to re-open. #TestandTrace #SlowBurn
3/5 For many, #LabourDay #LongWeekend marks the unofficial start of Fall in #Canada. Fall brings colder weather but also important holidays where we traditionally gather with our loved ones, so lets ↑ #COVIDKnowHow to keep #COVID19 ↓.
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1/6 As we have seen with #COVID19, prevention measures such as practicing #PhysicalDistancing, #Handwashing, and #MaskOn with a non-medical mask or face covering when in public can help to prevent spread of the virus.
2/6 But these measures alone cannot reduce the spread of #COVID19 to a point where Canadians can resume life as normal. To have the best shot at normalcy, what Canada, and the world, needs is a safe and effective vaccine. #VaccinesWork
3/6 The vaccine research and development process during usual times takes more than a decade before a safe and effective vaccine is approved for use in Canada. Canada, and the world, cannot wait 10 years for a #COVID19 vaccine...
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: As Canadians continue with collective efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, we are closely monitoring disease activity indicators in order to inform, adjust and adapt our response actions as needed.
2/4 Nationally, average daily case counts have remained reasonably stable in recent weeks as we keep a watchful eye on the trend of the epidemic and look out for warning signs of increasing severity and impact on high risk populations.
3/4 Regionally, we are seeing some increases in #COVID19 daily cases counts, esp. in provinces west of Ontario, reminding us that the virus can emerge anywhere and we can’t afford to let our guard down. #BePartofTheSolution
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1/5 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: routine medical appts for essential preventative health services like vaccinations #VaccinesWork, cancer screening, dental care, and management of #ChronicDiseases are a MUST DO to limit #COVID19 impact.
2/5 With #COVID19 under manageable control and daily case counts ↓ in 🇨🇦, it’s a great time for you and your loved ones to catch up on any missed appointments and get ahead with prevention visits before the fall/winter.
3/5 Don’t let things get worse before they can be made better! Never delay health visits for acute illness or injuries, #MentalHealth, problematic substance use, vaccinations, #ChronicDiseases. Not sure? Start with a call. #TakeThatStep
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Wednesday statement you can read in full here:…
2/4 Though #COVID19 continues to circulate and cases and outbreaks will still occur, we have improved our ability to manage spread going forward. We’ve built up capacity across 🇨🇦’s health, #PublicHealth, and laboratory systems.
3/4 Our economic & social spaces have been modified to reduce #COVID19 exposure risks as they have reopened and we have all learned the importance of key public health measures like #PhysicalDistancing ↔ 2m. apart...
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1/4 Early detection of #COVID19 cases when case numbers are low facilitates rapid #publichealth response to control spread. #TestandTrace #HammerandDance
2/4 Remember anyone can be infected, symptoms vary & some people can spread the virus even if they are not showing symptoms. It is important to get tested as early as possible if you develop symptoms. #COVIDKnowHow:
✔️ Check symptoms:…
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