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“What the eye doesn't see and the mind doesn’t accept, DOES EXIST!”

👇 picture of the hands of Thomas Edison’s assistant. Later died from Cancer due exposure to the same ‘invisible’ X-Ray radiation

Why are we discussing this in 2020, during #Covid_19 ?

1/ Image
Radiation is not visible to the human eye and neither is Coronavirus.

The size of the virus is about 0.1 um, smaller than a red blood cell and even some bacteria

Both can have devastating effects , if we do not protect ourselves

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#Covid_19 can be transmitted by droplets >5 µm which can quickly form aerosols ≤5 µm.

Besides the well-known transmission by coughing and sneezing, the virus can be transmitted even during SPEECH….in fact the louder you speak, more are chances of transmission..

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Seems I lost a Tweet. That's okay, we'll try again. Go on a 5-minute adventure with me (You'll be glad you did). After that you'll want to share the adventure with your friends for sure. Pretty eye opening stuff.…

#Christians #WWG1WGA #believe #RT
Strongly recommend everyone have a read, especially those of you that are religious. The war may be on and you may not even be aware.

#QArmy #QAnon2020 #WakeUp #believers #Christian #pastors #preachers #Teachers #follow #AllInThisTogether
Didn't think it would do well to put a BREAKING THE UNITED NATIONS IS BEING CONSULTED BY SATAN AND HERE IS THE PROOF headline on it....
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The past few days have included a lot of thoughtful debate/discussion about #COVID19 and #ARDS, some snark (of which I too am guilty), and a hefty dose of HOW DARE YOU CHALLENGE A MASTER, YOUR RIGIDITY IS KILLING PEOPLE. I have a few things to say. Bear with me as I ramble a bit.
The idea that #EvidenceBasedMedicine does not allow for individualization for specific patients and changes in their clinical courses is a fallacy. Certain concepts that are known to save lives can & should be adhered to in a manner that is appropriate for the individual patient.
I thought this was obvious but that clearly is not everyone’s interpretation of #EBM. Also lung-protective ventilation does not = set it and forget it. Settings needed to maintain LPV will obviously change during a patient's course, something that experienced clinicians know.
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**Thread of massive RANT**
As a lot of you know I am making and posting fabric masks (at my own expense) for as many people as I can who need them. I have reached out to #FrontLineHeroes , People in DP and the sick and elderly in my community and beyond. People's generosity 1/
has been astounding with parcels and bags of elastic, cotton and thread arriving to help me. Last week I was in a queue and a 'Lady' (60's), overheard a mate asking me how it was going, turned to me and asked if she could get one. I said of course and we exchanged numbers. 2/
I then mentioned I only lived 5 mins away if she wanted to collect it. So she did. I went outside with the mask. She asked how much? I said No Charge. She was looking in the window where I have set up my work table as she spotted the Huskies. Also spotted all the masks. . 3/
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There’s 3 of us that work in my mortuary and it’s so incredibly hard, overwhelming and pretty scary right now. What makes it harder is that we feel completely forgotten about just because we’re not NHS. We do the exact same job but we’re employed by a council.....1/2
We love working in the death care industry and treat every patient as if they were our own family but right now the lack of support is unreal. It’s getting harder to get through everyday with a smile and our sanity..! #covid19 #deathcare #apt #coronavirus
Thank you Laura... it means a lot to us APTs to hear people do recognize what we do.. 🖤 #apt #AAPT #allinthistogether
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Yesterday our #COVID-19 serology task force @MGHPathology hosted a meeting with labs around the country/world to share our results and to openly share ideas about platforms, validations, policy & implementation in our institutes & communities
We were joined by nearly 100 colleagues from >15 institutions – Mayo, Yale, Penn, BI, BCH, NYU, Mt. Sinai and others with of course many critical clinical colleagues from @MGHpathology and @MGHMedicine. It’s clear there are lots of smart people working on these needed tests!
In the spirit of #openscience and working together against #COVID-19, we are sharing our early results with hopes they help others rapidly role out assays in their own hospitals. We now have 2 assays we are confident in at MGH – a Point-of-Care Test and an ELISA. 1st – the POCT:
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Framework for multi-level effects of #COVID19 #C19Staffwellbeing
Important to keep in mind equity and differential impacts of #COVID19 on those who are vulnerable #C19Staffwellbeing
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Unchartered waters to campaign during a pandemic, but @eleanorslegacy is asking women candidates to make a get-to-know-you-video, so my dog Ace & I did! Please watch & share #electwomen #AllInThisTogether
Who gets the “where everybody knows your name” reference? 😉
And yes it should be *uncharted 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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Now that we know just how much Trump conspired with Russia to attack America, I'd like to revisit my <THREAD> of Dec 11, 2016. Line by line. Because that story is now the subject of this IMPEACHMENT.
1. Obama and the Intel Community did *not* give up, as we can see. And yes, it was time to understand how Russia, the GOP, Trump, and others came to their decisions 2012-2016.

2. Yup, this is how Russia works when running Ops. Richly on display for many years.
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Date: April 24, 2019
#CountryOverParty #Patriotism

"What our country needs now is clear-eyed patriotism." - HRC…
🇬🇧 UK #Patriotism 🇬🇧

Big, fat, orange diaper-wearing baby headed to the UK. Both of them!…
🇬🇧 UK #Patriotism 🇬🇧

UK says, "No, Trump, we didn't spy on you ... you wanker."…
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#RM_Ott19 last panel @research_money on whole-of-govt initiatives to support #innovation. Moderated by @ChristineTrautt @CollegeCan, w/ Rob Wright ADM of @PSPC_SPAC, Wayne Moore @DFO_MPO, @NancyHamzawi ADM @environmentca, Andrea Johnston @ISED_CA, Gilles Saindon @AAFC_Canada
#RM_Ott19 RW says @PSPC_SPAC is looking beyond the usual vertical approach of governments, taking a more partnership view to drive success. WM @DFO_Science adds that bar has been set high for collab across departments, to get other ministers' / ADM's input and advice
#RM_Ott19 AJ @ISED_CA likes the "partnership" view, which aligns well with innovation portfolio of ISED. The federal family can be engaged in partnerships in one swoop (e.g. in Clean Growth Hub) rather than forcing external partners to reach out to depts separately
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#TeamPatriot has been painting a picture for about 2+ years that is now a reality. Before it may've been murky to those who aren't in the CIA, FBI, DOJ, or intelligence. Now, it's crystal clear ... even to regular Americans like me. /1
Russia had a multi-prong approach to infiltrate the election and spread propaganda. And they've been doing this a while. They sough to impact information, using Facebook and other social media. /2…
They used "legitimate" news organizations, such as Fox News -- Sean Hannity -- and other journalists, not just Wikileaks. They even coordinated messaging among legit news and social media. /3…
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