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1/7 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, a Sunday statement has been issued. You can read in full here:…
2/7 #COVID19 is most often spread through close contact with an infectious person via respiratory droplets. Less often, it can be spread when someone touches something with the virus on it, then touches their mouth, nose or eyes, before washing hands.
3/7 We don’t know yet exactly how long the virus causing #COVID19 lives on surfaces. Current evidence suggests it can live on objects and surfaces for anywhere from a few hours to days.
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There are lots of things that we want to be doing right now, but they aren't necessarily what we need to be doing right now - please make good choices.

There's so much you can do to protect yourself from getting infected and from passing #COVID19 on to others.
-Dr @mvankerkhove
These are 7 simple steps to protect yourself and others from #COVID19.



Protect yourself & others from getting sick: #Handwashing
🧼 after coughing or sneezing
🧼 when caring for the sick
🧼 before, during & after you prepare food
🧼 before eating
🧼 after toilet use
🧼 when hands are visibly dirty
🧼 after handling animals or animal waste
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"Yesterday, 230 thousand cases of #COVID19 were reported to WHO.

Almost 80% of those cases were reported from just 10 countries, and 50% come from just two countries"-@DrTedros
"Although the number of daily deaths remains relatively stable, there is a lot to be concerned about.

All countries are at risk of the virus, but not all countries have been affected in the same way"-@DrTedros #COVID19
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#COVID19Lagos update as at 3rd of July, 2020

📍748 #COVID19 tests were conducted on 3rd July, 2020 out of which 87 new cases were confirmed at 11.63% positivity rate.

📍42,348 #COVID19 were conducted in Lagos till date out of which 10,926 turned out positive.
📍Out of the confirmed cases 1,695 patients have since been discharged from #COVID19Lagos care centres following full recovery.

📍6, 259 of the cases monitored in communities by #COVID19Lagos response team have either fully recovered or positively responding to treatments
📍365 of the cases are currently under isolation in public and private care centres.

📍However, 2,430 active cases in the communities are yet to turn up for admission in care centres either due to fear of stigmatisation or preference for home care treatments.
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It's a hot topic why I'm not ordering a requirement to wear #masks at this time. To be clear, in alignment with @WHO, @PHAC_GC, & @CPHO_Canada, I absolutely recommend we wear #FaceCoverings when we can't keep 2 m #PhysicalDistancing. Here are 3 reasons why I don't require it: 1/8
1. Enforcement. A public health order requires a court filing and an appearance before a judge every time one wishes to enforce it on a person/business. An order would be basically unenforceable. If we don't enforce, it's effectively just a recommendation (already done that). 2/8
2. Strength of science. While science increasingly supports #facecoverings are likely effective at slowing #COVID19 spread, research is still weak. E.g. @TheLancet systematic review finds much potential benefit, but only “low certainty” that effective.… 3/8
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1/8 Here’s the [fairly] simple math on why YOUR actions matter. 1 case of #COVID19 spread to ~3 people X 10 generations of spread (IF NO #PUBLICHEALTH MEASURES) = 88,573 cumulative cases & many deaths in just ~5 weeks. See how it happens:
2/8 Think of yourself as the red dot in the middle who could spread to 3 contacts IF no #publichealth measures. This shows just 3 generations of spread from 1 (YOU) to 39 other cases in just 12 days (~4 days btw. each generation).
3/8 The degree of #COVID19 CONTROL vs. SPREAD depends on the #Publichealth measures we all continue to take. Without #PhysicalDistancing, #Handwashing, #CoughEtiquette, & non-medical masks where recommended, here is what can happen:
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I'll be updating the media on the @CityofEdmonton's ongoing response to #COVID19 shortly. I'll share a summary of my statement below👇.

You can also watch LIVE on the City's YouTube channel:
As you all know, @YourAlberta announced further details and a June 12 timeline for Stage two of its Relaunch Strategy. And as we heard from Adam today, the City will be reopening a few more amenities next week, which is encouraging.
I know that Edmontonians are keen to see our fantastic recreation facilities and pools open but as previously mentioned - we are still working through plans to do so safely, while also taking into account the City's financial limitations due to #COVID19.
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1/10 As restrictions are relaxed, places are reopening & the weather warms, we should all be feeling better, right? Yet this is not necessarily the case for many of us. Some are still concerned esp. about risks of #COVID19 severe outcomes. #COVIDCoping
2/10 The reality is we have adapted staying at home into our daily routines over the weeks and months of the #COVID19 pandemic and it has now become our habit.
3/10 Some habits that we’ve developed during #COVID19, like more frequent #handwashing and spending more time with our families, can be good things that we’ll want to carry on with going forward. #COVIDCoping
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1/30 In two forthcoming pieces, I examine #Japan's response to the #COVID19 #coronavirus #pandemic. I'll summarize the main non-theoretical points here (long thread alert!).
2/30 #Japan’s figures have always looked good compared to many other countries, which initially led to suspicion that the ‘real’ numbers of #COVID19 #coronavirus infections & death were being played down.
3/30 #Tokyo Metropolitan Government at least has now released full #COVID19 figures, including general death rates, seeming to put this argument to rest (but these figures are also now being challenged).…
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1/6 Did you know that #handwashing with soap & water destroys
the novel #coronavirus that causes #COVID19? Soap molecules are attracted to fat so they get into the virus’ shell (made of fat & protein), then break it apart.
2/6 This causes the virus to dissolve in water, disintegrating so it flushes down the drain. Any kind of soap will do! You don’t need antibacterial or other specialsoaps. #SaveLivesCleanYourHands
3/6 What you do need, is the right amount of time and care to rub the soap all over every part of your hands – that’s why you should #WashYourHands
for at least 20 seconds.
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1/8 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: despite a jump ↑ in the daily case count, with Quebec reporting >1,300 back-dated cases, our current case doubling time is 20 days, slowed from 3-5 day doubling early on in the epidemic.
2/8 As we inch closer to social & economic reopening, many people are feeling a range of emotions from excited anticipation to nervous apprehension. Mixed feelings are understandable, given uncertainties that lay ahead. #COVIDCoping
3/8 Our collective efforts have slowed the growth of #COVID19 overall. In some places, the epidemic has been brought under good control & the time is right for a cautious reopening. #publichealth
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With #Covid_19, we are generating more wastes, especially medical waste.
What are the impacts of this on the environment, and most importantly, on #sanitationworkers?

Join us on #WASHDriversHangout this week as we discuss with Oluwafemi Ariyo, @Harryphem.

Meet our guest, #WASHDriversHangout

@Harryphem is a fellow of @WSSCCouncil. He holds a Masters degree in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, and he currently works as an Industrial Water Chemical and Treatment Personnel in the private sector.

#Covid_19 #Mask
We'll begin #WASHDriversHangout in less than 10mins.

Our topic is #Covid_19 and #MedicalWaste: Assessing the safety of Sanitation Workers.

Our guest is @Harryphem.

The session will be moderated by @vicogunsola

#MaskUpNigeria #mask
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1/10 Today I presented an update on #GOC modelling that includes two types of approaches: 1. forecasting for short-term predictions & 2. dynamic modelling for hypothetical “if, then” planning scenarios. #COVID19
2/10 In forecasting models, #GOC uses real data from #COVID19 cases in 🇨🇦 to make short-term predictions of the number of cases & deaths we might expect if #epidemiology drivers & #publichealth measures stay relatively stable.
3/10 Today’s #GOC forecast model gives a short-term prediction out to May 5th of between 53,000-67,000 #COVID19 cases & 3,300-3,900 deaths, but ↑ cases in high-risk individuals can ↑ case fatality rate, leading to underprediction.
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1/8 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: outbreaks in vulnerable settings and underserved populations continue to drive the #epidemiology of COVID-19, reminding us of the critical importance of addressing inequities. #ProtecttheVulnerable
2/8 Warmer weather & longer days can make us feel a bit antsy, as we sympathise with the kids in the back seat who wearily ask – Are we there yet? Though we’re not quite, we are on the right track & getting closer all the time. #COVID19 #KeepItUp
3/8 #COVID19 has exposed the fragility of circumstances for some populations – especially those living in long-term care homes or group housing + those experiencing homelessness or vulnerable indigenous communities. #ProtecttheVulnerable
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Did you miss this week's #WASHDriversHangout with @Temple_Oraeki? No worries. Here are the highlights.
A Society is only as healthy as it's most vulnerable member. Access to water in unequal, yet we're all vulnerable @NGRPresident @sanwatforall @ClimateWed
According to @WaterAidNigeria, over 50 million Nigerians lack access to clean water. #handwashing is an impossible task for majority these. @Temple_Oraeki shared some #palliative measures to make water a priority. #WASHDriversHangout #coronavirus #Sdg6 #leavenoonebehind
#Covid_19, especially the emphasis on hand washing, is offering developing countries an opportunity to restore/invest in public water systems. This is a huge project, but NOW is the time to ACT. #EndWaterPoverty #ClaimYourWaterRight #COVID19Response #SDGs #Sdg6 #Water
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Currently many hardworking individuals are making, importing, selling & donating facemasks, respirators and #PPE to protect healthcare workers & the community from #COVID19 transmission. This thread aims to explain some of the standards and regulatory issues around this. #Thread
So why is it that everyone suddenly wants to have facemasks? Mostly it is not a fashion statement, though with companies from Prada, Gucci and LV "making" facemasks (generally this just means importing from China), it does make you wonder.…
The basic premise is simple – #SARSCoV2 (the virus that causes #COVID19) is generally transmitted by moist droplets. We want to stop those droplets from entering your mucosa (the pink bits of your eyes, mouth & nose) through #spatialdistancing, #handhygiene & #barrierprotection.
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1/9 To stay healthy & prevent spread of #COVID19 we MUST use multiple prevention measures TOGETHER like keeping 2 metres away from others, frequent #handwashing, covering coughs… – we need layers of protection. #Olderadults #LayerUpCOVID
2/9 As #COVID19 research emerges, #Publichealth experts & researchers across 🇨🇦 critically evaluate the strength of new evidence before recommending safe ways to change practices. Prevention MUST be layered. #LayerUpCOVID
3/9 🇨🇦’s Special Advisory Committee on #COVID19 reached consensus on NON-MEDICAL masks/FACIAL COVERINGS’ use in public as an added layer of protection to help YOU PROTECT OTHERS by reducing spread of droplets, even before you have symptoms. #LayerUpCOVID
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Q: Do all encounters with #COVID present the same risks for becoming infected and becoming very sick?

A: No. Definitely worth reading this full article but here is a summary = TL;DR = too long; didn't read
Prolonged one-on-one encounters with infected individuals (ex: a visit with a person with the virus or patient care in a health setting with infected individuals) carry greater risk of infection than short, indirect exposures (ex: passing someone on a run, delivery package).
When more virus enters your body, your body must work harder to control the spread of the virus. Keep up the #handwashing and #SocialDistancing to avoid encounters. Protect those that can't avoid repeat and prolonged encounters with appropriate #PPE.
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1/7 There is a lot of discussion on use of face masks. It can help to break the discussion into two main considerations regarding the TYPE of mask & the conditions for safe USE of masks in different circumstances/settings. #COVID19
2/7 MEDICAL MASKS for #healthcare workers in patient care settings is PRIORITY #1 – we MUST conserve these masks for use by & ONLY by #healthcare workers or others providing direct care to #COVID19 patients.
3/7 NON-MEDICAL MASKS (e.g. homemade face masks) may stop you from touching your nose and mouth. A non-medical mask could help maintain #coughetiquette by covering your cough if you are ill or have early symptoms of #COVID19. BUT BEWARE:
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"As we enter the 4th month since the start of the #COVID19 pandemic, I am deeply concerned about the rapid escalation and global spread of infection"-@DrTedros #coronavirus
"Over the past 5 weeks, we have witnessed a near exponential growth in the number of new #COVID19 cases, reaching almost every country, territory and area"-@DrTedros #coronavirus
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Back to basics public health measures IF only @POTUS would listen !
Rule 1: Listen to your scientists! Public Health experts should do daily briefings NOT @realDonaldTrump or @VP Politicians must step aside and let scientists lead the war against #COVID19 @DrDzul @ProfAdeeba ImageImage
Rule 2: Enforce extreme NOT slow and/or incremental #SocialDistancing like Italy!

eg Clear Florida’s beaches.

China lockdown the #COVID19 epicenter #Wuhan and sent 40,000 HealthCare Providers #HCP to assist Image
Rule 3: Like Malaysia lockdown dangerous #HotSpots.

#MCO enforces #StayHome orders.

Provide and ensure food, medicines etc delivery to quarantined, old, poor, infirmed and their families

Go into #freeze mode or risk overwhelmed and overburdened hospitals like Italy, Spain ImageImage
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LIVE NOW: Launch of the #COVID19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan with @DrTedros. #coronavirus

"I am pleased to join colleagues at this critical moment in the fight against the #coronavirus pandemic.

I want to begin by reiterating the Secretary-General’s comments that now is the time for solidarity in the face of this threat to all of humanity"-@DrTedros #COVID19
"As you know, the pandemic has accelerated over the last two weeks and while #COVID19 is a threat to people everywhere, what’s most worrying is the danger the virus poses to people already affected by crisis"-@DrTedros #coronavirus
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Pass the message: Five steps to kicking out #coronavirus:
WHO and @FIFAcom launched joint campaign to equip football ⚽ community to tackle #COVID19 👉

"Pass the message to kick out #coronavirus" promotes five key steps for people to follow to protect their health in line with WHO guidance:
-Coughing etiquette
-Not touching your face
-Physical distance
-Staying home if feeling unwell.
Be safe from the #coronavirus:
“It starts with your hands. Please wash your hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based solution”-@Alissonbecker, WHO Goodwill Ambassador, @LFC goalkeeper #SafeHands
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Today is #WorldWaterDay.
Healthcare facilities need good water, sanitation and hygiene services to contain #COVID19 and prevent and contain future disease outbreaks.
#Handwashing is key to preventing the spread of #COVID19. But 2 in 5 healthcare facilities globally do not have 🧼 and 🚰 or alcohol-based hand sanitizer at points of care. #WorldWaterDay #SafeHands
There is no more critical site than a healthcare facility when it comes to fighting a pandemic disease like #COVID19. Facilities must be able to maintain hygiene to stop further infection. #WorldWaterDay
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