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LTT, Mumbai. ImageImage
Three hours at LTT. I have a couple of basic questions.

1. Why isn't there a help desk where workers can ask whatever doubts they have about their journey? Clueless workers asking me where they're supposed to wait, when their train is set to leave.
2. Why can't the police talk to workers with basic decency? I understand they're overworked but most of the times, the workers' are treated with disdain.

3. Why can't they put up a notice board of the train schedule? So workers at least have a some idea.
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Just before I took my phone out, she said, "Agar aisa hi chalta raha toh yaha se Modi bhi jayenge, aur waha se Yogi bhi."

Met her at Vasai the other day. She was furious, and rightly so.
"रिक्षा वाला ३०० आने का ३०० जानेका लेता है. अब इतना पैसा लाये काहासे."
"कम से कम घर जाकर नमक रोटी तो खायेंगे अपनी खेती मे."
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Bimlesh Jaiswal, a man with only one leg, managed to travel for over 1,200 km to his home on a gearless scooter. He did it with his wife and 3-year-old daughter…
My story for @PARInetwork
“I won’t lie. I am scared,” Bimlesh told me on May 15. “But I promise not to ride the scooter after 10 at night. And I will call you when I get home.”

Well, he kept the second of his promises. My phone rang on the morning of May 19. “We just reached sirji,” Bimlesh announced.
I was incredibly surprised, and moved, to hear from him. I don't think I'd have remembered or bothered to call a stranger I met on the highway. Especially after a journey like that. Rare heartwarming moment in these troubling times.
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The most astonishing part of #MigrantsOnTheRoad is
(a) Among Migrants #Mohammodans are very Few? (My own experience of last 30 days work among them) Even Seculo-Liberandu & Congis not yet named them!!!
(b) are only #Hindus being forced for such exodus???
Plz Think Image
Believe me or not I have come across around 6000 #MigrantLabours from Bihar, UP, MP, Jharkhand, WB & astonishingly I only met 34 such persons (till today) who are Muslims.
Why The #migrants are only Hindus?
is it a failure of Hindus or the Govt??? Image
I challenge any sane person just dig deep into the #migrants crisis
You find it has a deep conspiracy. Let's forget my words, read this
is the tip of the ICEBERG…
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Impact is what we journalists live for. After exposing exploitation of #MigrantsOnTheRoad, Maha govt decides to pay for Shramik trains from CM’s relief fund. Home Minister told me “Migrants dont have to travel on foot or trucks anymore. We’re running more trains & buses for free” Image
Reposting stories I did to put pressure on govt to run free buses & trains for migrants from Mumbai who paid 670-765 to reach their homes by Shramik trains. Happy to announce that migrants from Maharashtra dont have to spend a penny now as charges will be taken care by the state ImageImageImage
Home Min Anil Deshmukh also told me “Frequency of free Shramik trains & buses from Maharashtra will be increased so that migrants don’t have to resort to other means & they reach home safely.”
I hope this decision puts an end to the miseries & exploitation of #MigrantsOnTheRoad ImageImageImageImage
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Warning: Please mute this feed today if you cannot handle reality.

#MigrantLivesMatter Stories of an India that most of us don't want to admit it exists.

600 workers denied an exit from Bangalore today. No guarantees of when they'll reach home. (1/n)

with @clifroz Image
Group of construction workers thrown out by their employer. House owner increased rent, didn't return advance. They are cycling to Motihari, Bihar from Bengaluru (2/n) #MigrantLivesMatter Image
They have tried everything possible, train, vehicle, Seva Sindhu. Now cycling home from Bangalore to Bihar. They had few packets of dry noodles & empty water bottles for company. #MigrantLivesMatter
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This is at a crisis point! The problem is too huge for a simplistic solution, is that why we are stunned into inaction? #MigrantLabourers #COVID19India
Default casualties of a national crisis are people living at the margins of our collective awareness. This pricks our conscience, makes for sensational reporting, bit of outrage (like mine) but can’t Government deal with this like the disaster it is, call in NDRF, army & more?
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पिछले कुछ दिनों में मजदूरों की परेशानी बताई है, अबतक जो समझ में आया उसके अनुसार यह सब कर उनकी परेशानी खत्म तो नहीं, पर कम कर सकते हैं

1: मजदूरों के लिए ट्रक या बस की व्यवस्था की जाए.. मजदूर दिन रात चल रहे हैं, बस में या ट्रक में 12 घंटे खुशी खुशी खड़े रहकर वो चले जाएंगे (1/5)
2: सड़क पर चल रहे मजदूर सोशल डिस्टेन्स वैसे भी नहीं रख रहे, इसलिए बस में ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा लोगों को बिठाया जाए, गाँव पहुंचने पर क्वारंटाइन किया ही जाएगा

3: हाइवे पर जगह जगह पर पानी के टैंकर रखे जाएं, मजदूरों को 24 घंटे में एक बार खाना नसीब हो रहा है, पानी से मदद मिलेगी (2/5 )
4: संभव हो तो प्रशासन जगह जगह पर खाना दे, बिस्कुट खाकर चलते जा रहे मजदूर बहुत कमजोर हो चुके हैं

5: शौचालय की व्यवस्था करें, महिलाएं अंधेरा होने का इंतज़ार कर रही हैं शौच में जाने के लिए, दिनभर चाह कर भी कहीं नहीं जा पा रही हैं,
(3/5 )
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A group of 250-300 migrant workers in Ahmedabad are being treated like bonded labour by their construction firm. Employer threatened them to work or move out. They want to go home as government resumes train services.

Read the story of #MigrantsOnTheRoad… Image
In the national capital, where about 5,000 workers are residing at a camp in Karol Bagh, working for realty firm Unity Group, contractors have been calling up to check whether they want to return home or resume work. Most have informed their desired to return to their states.
*Workers are unhappy with the way they were treated during the lockdown

*Anxious about the fate of lockdown even if work resumes

*Want to be with their families

*Worried about the limited number of workers being allowed to work which may leave them unemployed
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Got a distress call from a group of migrant workers (construction sector) in Ahmedabad today. After the government's y'day order, their contractor told them to move to the construction site as otherwise work won't begin. They wanted to go home instead. #MigrantsOnTheRoad
The contractor has told workers that if they don't report to work they will be evicted from the housing colony near the construction site.
This is how employers are holding the workers captive. And then companies expect workers to join back office. Workers say they have been even tested for #COVID19 multiple times but the contractor is not even showing them the test results.
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A report by Jan Sahas on the impact of COVID-19 on migrant construction workers shows that of the 3196 labourers surveyed, 90% lost their source of income in the last 3 weeks, 62% don't have any info on govt's emergency welfare measures, 42% have no ration left for even a day
94%workers do not have the Building & Construction Workers identity card making them ineligible for availing benefits from Rs 32,000 crore BOCW fund. Extrapolated to the 55 million labourers employed in the construction sector, this amounts to an exclusion of 51 million workers
More then half the workers earn just Rs 200 to 400 perday to support an average family of four persons. The central govt's daily wage increase of Rs 20 for MNREGA workers is of little help when 70% of the total labourers don't have MNREGA job cards.
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#SupremeCourt notice to Centre on a #PIL by activists Harsh Mander & Anjali Bharadwaj for immediate payment of basic minimum wages to migrant workers & self-employed poor affected by #Lockdown21. SC seeks response by Apr 7.
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta objects to Mander's plea, saying #PIL shops should remain shut at least in such times.

He adds genuine public spirited people are on ground, helping others, & not filing PILs sitting in AC rooms.

#SupremeCourt has rejected a plea for using hotels & resorts for #MigrantsOnTheRoad due to unavailability of enough shelter homes & issues of hygiene.

Court observes it won't be possible to ask the Govt to examine each & every plea in situations like these.

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#SupremeCourt hearing on PILs relating to #MigrantsOnTheRoad & other steps being taken by the Centre to contain #CoronavirusOutbreak has commenced.

SG Tushar Mehta has submitted a status report, detailing steps taken so far.
SG has emphasised on misinformation & fake news as one leading problem that create panic among people.

Judges favours criminal action against those spreading misinformation on #Corona. They add there must be official channel of communicating to the people.

No #MigrantsOnTheRoad, Govt tells the #SupremeCourt that there is nobody on the road anymore & all have been stopped, housed.

6.68 lakh provided temporary accommodation while 22.88 lakh being provided food, SG tells court.

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India has seen many a challenges like #MigrantsOnTheRoad from inside & outside & combined .... It has come out unscathed . God willing it will come out so this time too with a BAIRAAGI & YOGI to face this challenge ... #IndiaFightsCorona
They both have lakhs of unseen hands to assist them & lakhs of unheard voices praying .. UP will put more than a lakh on quarantine at various locations . When it comes to normalcy vultures who made this happen will be known to the world .
The authorities who cut electricity , water ... the people who spread panic , the powers that arranged DTC buses & usual suspects who gave 48 hours coverage will all be accountable to nation & their consciousness . Your hatred to a system has put nation at risk ..
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THREAD When the nature changes its course, migratory birds travel miles, in search of resources, either for nesting or food. They often move in unison. A similar pattern was seen in India's national capital New Delhi on Saturday - not in the skies but down below. #CoronaLockdown
As soon as word spread that inter-state services are going to take passengers to U.P., migrants gathered in thousands to reach the Anand Vihar bus terminal in the hope of reaching home. #MigrantsOnTheRoad
There was an evident coordination between the govts in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh & at the Centre. Delhi's state-owned buses took the migrant workers to the Anand Vihar bus station so that they do not have to walk till there. Delhi Police ensured people take the buses and not walk.
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@ArvindKejriwal and his @AAPDelhi forced the Labourers by disconnecting their Electricity and Waterline. Even They Psychological forced them to leave Delhi. It is also heard that some of the MLAs involved in #DelhiHinduGenocide have done #migrantcrisis
@ArvindKejriwal and his ISI brigade just conspired to create mayhem in UP
I have 100% authentic information this Moron #Kejriwal_Is_A_Sanke has done it.
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Live from Anand Vihar, Delhi because of shortage of buses per @ABPNews reporter there.

@ArvindKejriwal @myogiadityanath @PMOIndia #MigrantsOnTheRoad #coronavirus #lockdown. Image
In ABP reporters own words : pictures behad kahufnak hain yahan, logon ke family members kho bhi gaye hain.
Excellent coverage by @ABPNews. The story to chase as a journalist. 👏👏.
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Preliminary observations about what I saw today. Detailed report and a separate thread will follow.

Bus servces have started from Anand Vihar in New Delhi for U.P. There was Centre-state coordination in facilitating the migrants. (1/n) #CoronaLockdown #MigrantsOnTheRoad
Ever since the news broke in the morning that inter-state bus services have started since late last night, migrants started flocking the streets and moving towards the bus station on foot. (2/n)
Local buses in Delhi were helping migrant workers reach the bus station. The Delhi Police is helping in coordination. Here is one picture I clicked. (3/n)
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Anand Vihar bus station in New Delhi right now. Thousands of migrants have lined up to catch buses back home. Story out soon on @bsindia: #Covid19India #CoronaLockdown #MigrantsOnTheRoad
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