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Dear politicians/ administrators.
I hope by now you have understood that #COVID19 doesn't care about who and how big are you?
*Learn from the mistakes of Trumps and Bolsonaros of the world.
*Encourage authentic data collection. Encourage testing. Window dressing won't help you.
*Between media driven fear mongering and false data driven positive outlook, comes educating relentlessly.
*Stop connecting Covid19 numbers to your performance.
*Positivity at the cost of objectivity will not serve the purpose.
*Do not pressurise the experts to take shortcuts for delivering a vaccine or treatment.
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🚨"Breaking News: Bill Gates Did The Same Thing With The Zika Pandemic; Zika Vaccine was Patented 7 Months Prior To The WHO Pandemic"–Massive Article (Warning To Floridians)

#Trump2020 #CoronaUpdate #Covid_19 #COVID19
#Agenda2030 #GatesVirus
2/Pay attention that the pandemics are no jokes. Just like world wars and people behind them who have funded both sides of wars, pandemics are wars too. The war between a virus and a vaccine and is funded by the same people.
3/Who funds who? And who benefits from who? The agent provocateur (virus) is funded to agitate the target (vaccine seekers) but it is the target who fulfills the financial benefit.
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#COVID19 update
All registered shops regd under Shops & Establishment Act of respective States/ UTs, including shops in residential complexes, neighborhood & standalone shops exempted from #lockdown restrictions.

Prohibited: Shops in single & multi brand malls
Market complexes, except those within the limits of municipal corporations and municipalities, are allowed to open.

Mandatory: 50% strength of workers, wearing of masks & observing #SocialDistancing

Relaxations not applicable in #Hotspots/containment zones
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I don't just know these guys. I worked side by side with them during 12-hour night shifts in ER/Trauma for 2 years on my travel assignment in Bakersfield! These are my friends and are amazing docs.
I would trust them to care for myself or anyone I love.
Listen to what they have to say. They own 8 urgent care clinics and have been collecting data all about corona and questioning the lack of real science lately.
"Who says what's safe? Are you smart enough to know what's safe for you or is the government going to tell you what's safe for you? As soon as they use the word safe, it means control....
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"Protests Rising ~ 2012 UN Document Lays out THE AGENDA ~ Dana Ashlie" on YouTube

I am furious after watching this clip.
What would it take for MORE PEOPLE TO RISE UP!? I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in the several states it is our duty & right to abolish such form of government from the foundation.
This is not about our health, it's about TOTAL CONTROL! I tweeted many times this system identifies as Totalitarianism United States Code, Title 8 § 1101 (37)(a)(b). Yes, #Trump is part of it, whether you agree or not.
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"Horrible: Agenda 2030 Goal 1; Wage-Slavery, Social Settlement, Building the 3rd World By Keeping The West In Hunger"🚩😡

#Trump2020 #propaganda #CoronaUpdate #COVID19 #Corona #CoronaLockdown #Coronavirustruth #KAG #coronapocolypse
#DefundUN #Agenda2030…
2/From the book: "AGENDA 2030; AN Imminent Danger To Humanity, They Are Coming For Your Food & Meat" All Right Reserved.

"Pay attention to the big trick here. People will not live with less than $1.25, so the limit will be $1.25 but they may live on less than $2.25 forever,
3/and that can be a sustainable achievement as more than this salary may not be sustainable. As noticed, we are told how much is the minimum wage but the maximum wage is kept in secret and it will never be definitive because the base is sustainability.
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Now lynching of Muslims in the name of Corona has started.

This is nothing but an inevitable result of irresponsible, islamophobic and communal journalism by Indian Media House.

Video (1/3)

#CoronaJihad #CoronaUpdate #CoronavirusOutbreak #coronavirusindia
Video (2/3)
Video (3/3)
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உலக நாடுகள் எப்படி இந்த #Epidemic யை கையாளுகின்றன என்பதை கீழே பார்ப்போம்!

#coronavirus தொற்று பரவியதும் மிக வேகமாக செயல் பட்டு அதை கட்டுக்குள் கொண்டு வந்த ஓர் நாடு வியட்நாம்!

#Quarantine க்கு எனக்கு அர்த்தம் தெரிந்ததே அவர்களின் செய்திகளை பார்த்து தான்!


வியட்நாம் குடி மக்கள் 16 பேருக்கு மட்டுமே தொற்று பரவயிருந்த போதே, சீனாவில் இருந்து விமானங்கள் வருவது தடுத்து நிறுத்தப் பட்டது!

தொற்று பரவி இருந்த ஓர் நகரம்
தலைநகர் Hanoi -ல் இருந்து கூப்பிடு தொலைவிலேயே இருந்தது! 20 நாட்களுக்கு அதை முடக்குவதாக அறிவித்தது அரசு!


#Vietnam ல் முதல் நோய் தொற்று January 23 அன்று உறுதி செய்யப் பட்டது!
பிப்-1 ம் தேதி கொரானா நாட்டின் கடுமையான பெருந்தொற்று நோய் என அறிவித்தார்
பிரதமர் @nguyenxuanphuc0


அப்டியே இந்தியாவுக்கு வருவோம்!
முதல் தொற்று Jan-30

March-13 ல் அதிகாரிகள்
கூறியது அப்படியே கீழே👇

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I am a recovered #coronavirus case. It took 15 days of being sick before anyone believed me that something was wrong. My first symptoms were 5 days before Italy had any corona deaths and before we knew community spreading was occurring. I was very early on in this epidemic.
This is a consolidated version of what we experienced.

I had 2 peaks of the virus. At first it seemed like it was pretty rare but it seems to be a hallmark of more severe cases. Most of my friends were sick for 3-7 days, very cold like. For me it was unlike any cold or flu
I know 3 people who were as bad as I was and 3 that were worse. No deaths, but 1 still in the hospital. The severe cases are not like any cold or flu I have experienced

my experience by day:
Day1: light fever, sore throat, and dry cough
2: fever 101, cough and throat worse
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Here's the consolidated helpful links, phone numbers & details.

🔗 [single link to access all information]

#covid19 #TNAgainstCorona #21daylockdown #covid #CoronaAlert #CoronaUpdate
Sources: Official Twitter handles of TN Chief Minister @CMOTamilNadu, Greater Chennai Corporation @chennaicorp , Dr. Alby John IAS @albyjohnV, Chennai Police @chennaipolice_ & others. Note: Call helpline numbers only when needed. Stay Home & Stay Safe.
🆘 Helpline - Chennai Zone Wise 🏙️

Link -

Any issues or have any important queries, please call your respective Z.Os or RDCs and get it resolved.
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These ‘reporters’ are only there to ask questions to get sound-bytes to fed their narratives. And they’re soooo pissed they are failing at it. Recently @SpeakerPelosi said Trump has “blood on his hands.” So have many leftists.
The more they lose, and the more their narratives fail, the angrier they get.

#fakenews #circlejerk

They pretend they want to ensure Americans are getting truth and transparency, then they ask questions WE aren’t ASKING. They try to pit the medical experts against the president, they ask him to clarify comments he never made. It’s a blood sport🩸 for them.

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For me, “trouble breathing” were the magic words; I remember gripping the ER admissions counter at @nyulangone because I couldn’t stand. They took me back immediately and put me on oxygen (and a few days later, intubated me). #coronavirus #COVID19 #Covid_19
Today marks two weeks at @nyulangone for me. It will probably be another few days before I’m released - but given how close I came to dying of #coronavirus (as a healthy 44-year-old), I’m not complaining. #CoronaVirusUpdate #COVID19 #Covid_19 #CoronavirusUSA
Thanks again to the people of many different faiths (or no faith at all) who sent healing thoughts and prayers and good wishes my way over these past few weeks; it means more to me than you’ll ever know. #coronavirus #CoronaUpdate #COVID19 #Covid_19
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A thermometer manufacturer in China told other manufacturers:

"Produce some fake thermometers and sell them to the US. They should read 36.5ºC (98ºF) when the actual temperature is 39ºC (102ºF). So more and more Americans will be infected [with #coronavirus]..."

...he continued:

"Let's see if they (America) still have people left to go to other countries to harm others! Isn't that a great idea?"

Here is a video showing one of the fake thermometers reading about 36.5ºC no matter what temperature it is actually measuring...

The instigator of this act of biological warfare is Zhang Xuandong, owner of Haofeng Electronic Technology Co. in Dongguan, China.

BEWARE of products #MadeInChina!


#CCPVirus #ChinaVirus #ChineseWuhanVirus #Covid_19 #COVID19
#CoronaUpdate #CoronaVirusUpdates #BoycottChina
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ह्या #कोरोना मुळे देशाचे बरेच प्रश्न दाखवून दिले. सध्याच्या परिस्थितीला योग्यरीत्या हाताळून,येणाऱ्या काळात उचलायची पावले.

१. गरीब-श्रीमंत ही दरी ठळकपणे अधोरेखित झाली. एकीकडे विमान; दुसरीकडे पायपीट आणि भुखमारी.

२. अर्थव्यवस्था शेतीवर जास्तीत जास्त अवलंबून आहे.

शेतकरी अन्नधान्य पिकवतो, म्हणून आपण पोटभर जेवण करून जगू शकतो. उद्योग तात्पुरते थांबले; शेती चालूच आहे.

३. रोजगार/नोकरी: स्थानिक पातळीवर जास्तीत जास्त रोजगार कसा उभा होईल हे बघायला पाहिजे. मोजकेच उद्योगपतींना मोठं केलं तरीही अशा आणीबाणीच्या परिस्थितीत ते सुद्धा हतबल होतात.

४. औद्योगिकरणाचे विकेंद्रीकरण: राज्यापुरतंच बोलायचं झालं तर पुणे-मुंबई वर जास्त भार न देता ते उद्योग नागपूर-औरंगाबाद-लातूर-नांदेड-जळगाव-गडचिरोली सारख्या जिल्ह्यात पण वाढायला पाहिजे.

५. शिक्षण: उच्चशिक्षणाचे महाविद्यालये फक्त जिल्ह्याच्या ठिकाणी/शहरांत न ठेवता त्यांना

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here’s the video of them loading up 17.8 tons of US medical equipment to send China back on Feb 7. Trump knew by Jan. 20 at the latest we had cases. Pompeo even tweeted about it 1/?

Then I started wondering what news was going on Feb. 7 to distract us... I always try that. App failure at Iowa caucus. Trumps hissy fit at the prayer breakfast. GOP wanted Hunter Biden info.... but that’s not all... 2/?
The White House said they had killed the leader of Al-Qaeda. Trump was pushing a jobs report. Trump was taking protected land in Utah. That’s a hell of a lot for one day. They did their best at distracting us even though it’s on record. 3/?
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A Spanish doctor's cry for help. This is unbelievable. Whoever withholds drugs or medical equipment...why?… #CoronaUpdate
Well since I'm up now, let's see what we can find out.
About the current situation.
Anecdotally I am hearing about friends of friends getting sick in NYC. I am hearing about religious Jewish neighborhoods being especially hard hit ("Monsey, Borough Park,Paramus")
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THREAD: Covid-19 : Myths vs Data.
I've been hearing numerous media narratives, each pulling selective truths or misreading data points to propogate their editorial line. Will keep visiting this thread, one myth at a time. Here we go #CoronaUpdate #Covid_19
Biggest myth overplayed is around low levels of cases in #India . Folks are calling US health system as failure with such high case. Nothing could be farther from truth. US now has highest cases in the world. However that's because USA is testing the highest. See below data
USA has tested almost 800 K & Italy tested 430 K. India has tested just 26 K till now. India is not "safe or climatically immune" to #Covid_19 . It is simply not testing enough. Remember below chart. 80% of infections may never experience symptoms.
To be continued....
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THREAD When the nature changes its course, migratory birds travel miles, in search of resources, either for nesting or food. They often move in unison. A similar pattern was seen in India's national capital New Delhi on Saturday - not in the skies but down below. #CoronaLockdown
As soon as word spread that inter-state services are going to take passengers to U.P., migrants gathered in thousands to reach the Anand Vihar bus terminal in the hope of reaching home. #MigrantsOnTheRoad
There was an evident coordination between the govts in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh & at the Centre. Delhi's state-owned buses took the migrant workers to the Anand Vihar bus station so that they do not have to walk till there. Delhi Police ensured people take the buses and not walk.
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Today I'm a livid health worker. A patient comes to hospital, downplays her symptoms and blatantly lies about her travel history during triage. By the time the attending clinician thinks of COVID19, a bunch of unsuspecting health workers are already exposed. #CoronaUpdate
These health workers are then put into a 2 week quarantine. The remaining colleagues now have to do longer longer shifts to bridge the deficit, keep in mind the fact that we have no idea how many more COVID19 cases are going to pop up soon. We cannot afford a deficit.
The exposed health workers could potentially be infected from the encounter, they also have family at home that is now at risk and have to be alienated from their loved one for a minimum of 2 weeks.
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As different countries battle the #COVID2019 pandemic, there is much debate as to which country acted in which way and whether their actions were timely or not?

Also, which country model, on balance, works better than others? A thread, on Indian action since January 2020.
China notified on 7th January about #COVID2019 (without details).

8th Jan: India did its FIRST mission meeting.
17th January: India started screening of all passengers from China.
25th January: PM Modi's Principal Secretary chairs high level review meet.
#CoronaUpdate 2/15
India's #COVID2019 response is moving ahead.
29th Jan: Exports of N95 masks and PPE prohibited
30th Jan: 6 labs identified for testing (The day India reports first case)
31st Jan: 6 Quarantine centers established
1st Feb: India's begins evacuations. #CoronaUpdate 3/15
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Thread - Quid pro quo b/w WHO top man Tedros & China?
Tedros certainly looks indebted to China its strong backing in winning WHO election. Many extolled his appointment as the representative from AfricanNation (Ethiopia), others questioned his not so sanguine intentions. Contd.
Tedros who is not a trained doc & is also the executive member of TPLF, a party with staunch Marxist- Leninist ideals. Its an open secret that TPLF history is tarnished with bloodshed & brutality, placing Ethiopia as a perpetrator in Global Terrorism Database. 2/n
While another interesting coincidence is how Tedros's homeland, Ethiopia is also called "Little China" because of the huge investments done by China. 3/n
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Pakistan always wanted to get due recognition by the Muslim world.

It finally is. It is the country responsible for spreading Corona to the entire Ummah.…
Communist China spread it to the world. Islamist Pakistan spread it to the ummah. "A friendship higher than mountains, deeper than ocean."

Just like between #Islamofascists and Communists in non-Muslim countries.

250,000 people gathered in Lahore two weeks ago, to participate in the Tableeghi Ijtema—"a congregation for outreach" from all over the world. Pakistan govt allowed this.

They were serious about outreach.
Of #coronavirusinpakistan.


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Coronavirus Crisis in #Iran
Dimensions, Causes as #MEK Announced Exceeded 11,000 Deaths
#CoronaUpdate #coronavirus #COVID19 #CoronaLockdown…
Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of #Iran , addresses the causes for the spread of coronavirus in Iran #Iranian regime’s cover-up, mismanagement and politicizing the issue to get international sanctions lifted.
The world is dealing with Coronavirus crisis. The situation in Iran is different in many respects, it is alarming, catastrophic and is getting worse by the day.
#CoronaUpdate #coronavirus #COVID19 #CoronaLockdown #Iran
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Do you know that Yemenis have been facing Cholera, Diphtheria, H1N1 since 5 years?
With a health sector severely damaged by US bombs?
Under a siege on patients, drugs, medical equipment?
Imagine #Yemen's situation if #COVID19 comes in! #5YearsOfWarOnYemen
60% of the health facilities in #Yemen went out of service due to direct targeting by US-Saudi airstrikes, which killed many patients. You can imagine what could happen if #Coronavirus reached #Yemen! #5YearsOfWarOnYemen
In light of the siege on #Yemen the countries of aggression bear the responsibility for an outbreak and spread of #Coronavirus or any other epidemic! #5YearsOfWarOnYemen
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