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I find President Trump’s use of my father’s image in his political ad beyond insulting and not reflective of #MLK’s commitment to creating the #BelovedCommunity. My father should not be used in ways strongly misaligned with his vision and values, @realDonaldTrump. (1/3)
My father was working for an America with leaders who have answered the call to conscience and compassionate action. He said, “We need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice. Not in love with publicity but in love with humanity...” (2/3)
“...Leaders who can subject their particular egos to the pressing urgencies of the great cause of freedom…a time like this demands great leaders.”

America needs this type of leader NOW. #VoteAmerica #SkeeWee #BreonnaTaylor #BelovedCommunity #FierceUrgencyOfNow (3/3)
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S. D. Morrison tackles the issue of #LawAndOrder in his book "James Cone In Plain English" in this paragraph: Image
#LawAndOrder was a theme of the #PresidentialDebate2020 last night that highlighted the brutality of police and the call for change.
James Cone taught me that "law and order" is code for white supremacy, and is a violent attack against oppressed people by an oppressive state. It is no wonder that Trump shouts "LAW & ORDER" and would not denounce white supremacy. Law and Order is means for oppression.
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Capitalism feeds Racism.

White supremacist cries for “Law and Order!” are about maintaining a thing-oriented, not a people-oriented, society.

Dismantling unjust systems includes confronting the gross capitalistic spirit and the role it plays in racism, war and poverty.
“We must rapidly begin the shift from a “thing-oriented” society to a “person-oriented” society. When...profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.” #MLK Image
We need to examine and reckon with what my father called the Triple Evils: Racism, War and Poverty.

Clearly, my tweet about capitalism had nothing to do with supporting “rioting.” But many people would rather talk about “rioting” than about eradicating racism.

Why is that?
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Dit is wat je krijgt wanneer zwarte amerikanen *bewust* de gevoelloosheid mimicken die onder (alt)rightwing mensen heerst rond #BLM , #PoliceBrutality , #Racism en #Slavery


En als *iemand* dit gevoelloos vindt, besef dan dat bij het verschrikkelijke 9/11 ongeveer 3000 mensen omkwamen (maar wsch nog +/-500 PoC “illegalen”

Daarna volgde een domme oorlog met 10duizenden PoC moslim (!) Burgerslachtoffers
Daarmee werd ISIS gekickstart dat vooral in Arabische landen PoC slachtoffers maakte, maar intussen was Islamofobie voor Westerlingen “normaal”. En hoewel iedereen zich Theo Van Gogh en Charlie Hebdo herinnert, BLEEF men in heel EU PoC moslims, Sikhs en Hindi belagen en doden
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Thread will be added to as time permits


We must know & understand our founding documents so 1st thing 2do is to READ the Declaration of Independence in its entirety, next read the Constitution & ESPECIALLY BILL of RIGHTS
I will start with the deception briefly such as we are a democracy - NO democracy always leads to COMMUNISM
& why James Madison our 4th potus said this:

“Democracy is the most vile form of government.”

AND why they gave us a REPUBLIC of, by, & 4WTP rule of law NOT MOB RULE!
Democrats refer to Democratic Elections leading us to believe the only way to remove them is by elections THEY RIG

#SES LAWYERS/JUDGES WRITE LAW & Legislate from bench.
Original #13A banned ‘titles of nobility’ from public office (B.A.R. British Accredited Registry) ...
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@_Truthbe Yes

I understand

You didn't want to read it

You don't like learning either

And so you did neither

Nowhere in that does he support condone or agree with violence

He's only understanding why it happens

He's NOT promoting it!
@_Truthbe PS Hint:

The first bit is someone else's interpretation

The bit between these symbols:

" and " - quotation marks -

Is what MLK actually said

Or at least what he is supposed to have said
@_Truthbe Even in your quote MLK says:

"They may be #Deplored, but they are there and should be understood"

And just after quote says:

"he is shocking it by abusing #Property rights...catharsis in the violent act...physical harm done to..people...infinitesimal

ie Vandalism NOT violence
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If you really want to make a change in the world, do something hard like #nonviolent #resistance. Read up and learn #satyagraha or change. It takes #strength & #courage; physical force is forbidden even in the so-called most favorable circumstances.…
If your cause is #righteous, Gandhi believed, the movement would speak for itself.

My personal justification for it is #psychological/#neurological (#CNS/#HPA).

If you use #violence, well the one with the biggest #ego or the biggest ego-extension (guns, tanks, war) will win.
Removing tools of violence (words, arms) from the equation, you form a mirror.

It's not easy though. You'd have to refine/drop/manage/elevate past your own #ego.

People - depending on personal history & psychology - sometimes become enraged at what they see in the #mirror.
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An open thread to @JamesMartinSJ regarding abortion:

Dear Fr. Martin,

According to your America Magazine op-ed in January, 2019, you hold that abortion is one issue in a spectrum of issues that people of good will should take steps to address.

You say these include immigration, LGBTQ acceptance, access to healthcare & refugee crises.

As a Catholic human rights activist, I appreciate your encouragement of respect for the lives of ALL human persons.

This is absolutely essential to the work of ending human rights abuses
Where we diverge in our thinking, Fr. Martin, is in considering the moral priority of ending abortion.

Abortion is, without question, the most pressing and egregious human rights violation in our day.

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@Apple wants to silence #political opinions, that it should also stop manufacturing black and yellow #iPhones, and only make products in blue, red and white.” 1/n

@SolomonYue⁩ ⁦…
『但近日經理限制口罩款式,黃色、寫有香港字樣、及有「#FDNOL」(Five Demands, Not One Less縮寫、五大訴求缺一不可)字樣的口罩均屬禁止之列,但藍色口罩則獲允許。』 3/n

@Apple Store禁員工戴港產黃口罩 職員證肖像不許穿黑黃色衫…
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1. News: Dr. Fauci: ‘No Reason Why We Shouldn’t Be Able to Vote, in Person or Otherwise’

Can't President Trump make an EO Based on This Scientist's Conclusion!? - Thread 8.15.20… #Trump @realDonaldTrump #Fauci #MailInVoting
2. News: Rudy Guiliani recalled the moment that Harris laughed about smoking marijuana after prosecuting marijuana smokers in California. #KamalaHarris #Harris #Hypocrite #Biden

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) August 15, 2020
3. News: Nolte: New York Uses Coronavirus as Excuse to Cancel 9/11 Light Tribute… #DEMOCRATS
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If you read one #book before November's contentious, horrifying #election, "We #Recommend" you check out this seminal, groundbreaking one on #democracy and #voting by #RollingStone and #Guardian reporter Greg Palast!…

#Vote #Votes #Elect #Fraud #Theft
In his inimitable, rousing, feisty fashion @Greg_Palast within chronicles past & present weaknesses & vulnerabilities of #voting in America & provides crucial instruction on how to assure yours gets counted and is not thrown out.

(Real possibilities you might be unaware of!)
The short, highly readable, artfully #illustrated work also contains an informative treasure trove of excellent research and #information regarding deceptive practices and unnerving implications, from willful #purging of #blacks, #seniors and #collegestudents from #voter rolls...
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6 months ago, we were in #Montgomery, #Alabama, & when we stopped by Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, our tour guide, Wanda (standing in 3rd pic), mentioned about Rep. #JohnLewis’ diagnosis of pancreatic cancer so we mentally wished him a speedy recovery. ImageImageImageImage
A few days ago, Rep. #JohnLewis passed away. He was the youngest & last survivor of the #BigSix civil rights activists - one of them being #MLK. #RestInPower

#civilrightsmovement #FreedomRider #martinlutherking #themarchcontinues @eji_org @splcenter #BlackLivesMatter #BLM
“Freedom is not a state; it is an act... Freedom is the continuous action we all must take, & each generation must do its part to create an even more fair, more just society.” - #JohnLewis, 2017
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It's been difficult to focus on what to post today w/ the news abt #JohnLewis & #CTVivian. Like others I'm feeling this great loss. I was reminded of an Old English poem that I hope you all can draw comfort from. ~MRO #medievaltwitter #shakerace #blacklivesmatter #MLK 1/ Image
This poem called "Deor" (in the Exeter Book) is named after the oral poet mentioned in the text. It's abt loss, sadness & hope & reminds me of the giants of the civil's rights movement #johnlewis & #CTVivian. The speaker talks of different ppl's pain, suffering, exile & loss. 2/
The narrator lists these struggles &ends each line w/ hope. I watched some footage of #johnlewis & #CTVivian talking separately abt hate, &how hate wasn't part of their lives. Even through struggles, they remained hopeful that these horrible times would 3/
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#1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Tech #Startup issues the AOE Slave Purchase Challenge to the #BLM White Leftists who are funding & organizing it. BUY YOUR VERY FIRST BLACK SLAVE out of slavery & bring him to #America & we will match the cost, to #Charity.
These TOTAL LYING FRAUDS 🤥 Have STOLEN over 50 MILLION DOLLARS, in a FINANCIAL CRIME BAIT AND SWITCH program, LYING to Black people, USING them, STEALING FROM THEM, they think they give to BLM but its just going to the Democrat Party WHITE Bigwigs out the back door.
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#CameronBoyce - Assassinated
#CurtCobain - Assassinated
#AmyWhinehouse - Assassinated
#ChesterBinnington - Assassinated
#JFK - Assassinated
#Tupac - Assassinated
#Biggie - Assassinated
#LisaLeftEye - Assassinated
#Aaliyah - Assassinated
#RobbinWilliams - Assassinated
#JFKJR - Assassinated
#MLK - Assassinated
#MarilynMonroe - Assassinated
#AnthonyBourdain - Assassinated
#AlexanderMcQueen - Assassinated
#PrincessDiana - Assassinated
#MichaelJackson - Assassinated
#JimmyHendrix - Assassinated
#JaniceJoplin - Assassinated
#XXXTentacion - Assassinated
#NipseyHussle - Assassinated
#BernieMac - Assassinated
#JohnRitter - Assassinated
#Prince - Assassinated
#MacMiller - Assassinated
#KateSpade - Assassinated
#LilPeep - Assassinated
#IsaacKappy - Assassinated
#JohnLennon - Assassinated
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Daddy, although I only had you physically for 5 years before an assassin’s bullet cut your life short, you have had a profound impact on the woman and leader I am today. Your powerful examples of love and revolutionary nonviolence have been a blueprint for my life. 1) Image
Even in death, your words and messages continue to inspire and teach humanity on our journey to a more just, equitable, peaceful, humane world. The dream still lives and your legacy continues. Missing you, your moral leadership and your voice greatly in today’s climate. #MLK 2) Image
I will continue to represent you and my mother as best I can as long as God gives me the breath and strength to do so. We won’t stop until systems, institutions and policies reflect that #BlackLivesMatter in this nation and across the globe. #HappyFathersDay, Daddy. #MLK Image
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This Friday, for the first time, @meyermt will close to honor#Juneteenth, a celebration marking the 155th anniversary of the day in 1865 when the last enslaved Black Americans in the United States were declared free. (1/23)
President Abraham Lincoln issued the first draft of the #EmancipationProclamation in 1862, but news traveled slowly across Confederate states even after the end of the Civil War in April 1865. Texans learned of the proclamation 30 months after the original announcement. (2/23)
Gen. Gordon Granger delivered the news in #Galveston on June 19, 1865: “The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free.”(3/23)
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Thank you, Dr. Bernice A. King ❤️ and others...
#nonviolence #OnlineProtestForJustice
Bringing people together.
@farmerdarrell a start 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼…
Please encourage Young Black Americans not to follow the instigating black backpackers, you’ll only hurt yourself
Everyone has #Covid_19 fatigue on top of everything else.
I wrote down Dr. King’s 4 main points to start
@DisabilityJ praying for America 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
See thread for Common themes.
You can stay home and still connect ✌🏿✌🏼✌️
@threadreaderapp #unroll please ☮️
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Hey ya’ll! As we support Black companies and creatives and more using #BuyBlack, I want to highlight Black museums who could use our $$$ support because we know now more than ever, we need to invest in the institutions that sustain & educate us on OUR history.

Keep in mind, because of COVID, it’s been predicted that 13% of museums won’t open back up. Due to a lack of funding, a large number of those museums may be Black museums. We can’t afford to lose our history and our story. #BuyBlack ⬇️
When your allies reach out to ask questions about Black history and culture, tell them to #PullUp by donating to a Black historical site or museum in appreciation of doing the work of telling our story. Here’s a SHORT list:
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1. #FFS #BBCNews @BBC

Why you spreading divisive inflammatory violence rioting+arson normalising enabling promoting encouraging & glorifying left-wing propaganda

Why you broadcasting views of ignorant uneducated idiots

And I don't mean just your "liberal" staff

2. #FFS #BBCNews @BBC

More whites than blacks killed by police in US

Black cop more likely to kill black than white cop

Considering VASTLY higher level of armed violent & lethal crime carried carried out by blacks are FEWER blacks killed by police even pro rata

3. #FFS #BBCNews @BBC

Most killing by blacks

More whites are killed by blacks than blacks by whites

Most blacks are killed by fellow blacks

So stop spreading #BLM spin lies & propaganda

Stop being riot arson murder normalisers apologists enablers facilitators

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I want to take a moment to remind people,

the history of all these types of "movements",

back to the #FrenchRevolution & beyond,

Is one of controlled opposition--#SunTzu, #Machiavelli, #GameTheory--and beyond.

If you don't think they stage all this with outcomes in mind...
Please keep reading.

You'd be better served to look up #Cointelpro, especially in relation to past movements in the Black Community i.e. #MLK #MalcolmX and even #TupacShakur [LINK: ]
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In Feb 1968 #MLK went to Memphis to support the #IAmAMan (black sanitation workers on strike for a living wage, right to form a union, & dignity in the workplace) April 4th 1968 ##MLK is killed in Memphis. 2020 #IAmAMan has been co-opted by 😡white #ShelterInPlace protesters ImageImage
In 2020 Conservatives’ co-opt the language of the women’s movements WHICH THEY OPPOSE to claim they are practicing civil disobedience(@StephenMoore compared them to Rosa parks)breaking #ShelterInPlace order an refusing to wear a mask put in place to save lives. ImageImage
The #ShelterInPlace protesters have went full on slavery analogy? #MorningJoe ImageImage
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Join us at 7pm EST TODAY, via @TheKingCenter's Facebook Live, for #TheNecessaryShift. @SamCollier & I will talk with @marwilliamson about how distancing & devastation during this global pandemic is showing us that becoming more #OtherCentered is, indeed, ‘The Necessary Shift.’ Image
“I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture of their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits. I believe that what self-centered men have torn down, men other-centered can build up.”
“I still believe that one day mankind will bow before the altars of God and be crowned triumphant over war and bloodshed, and nonviolent redemptive goodwill will proclaim the rule of the land.” #MLK
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52 years ago today.

I’m sharing this thread of photos, not to cause sadness, but to remind us of a cause as critical today as then.

The racism, poverty & militarism that my father was working to eradicate still persist.

As a result, families are mourning at this very moment...
Yet, we can overcome these persistent evils with persistent, consistent good, as demonstrated by honesty & strategic, love-centered, courageous action.

My parents believed.
I believe.

📸 My sister, Yoki (Yolanda), carrying me at the public service for my father @Morehouse. #MLK
Grieving parents.

My paternal grandparents, Reverend MLK, Sr. and Alberta King, at the funeral service for my father at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

This service was followed by a procession to @Morehouse for a public service. #MLK
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