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To all the Christofascists, blue checked, #Trump, #MTG, #Boebert, @seanfeucht supporting white nationalist, LGBTQ bashing, white people commenting and praying for us
Keep your God away from us
Trump raped a 13 year old virgin, he’s a pos like you
#Anonymous #OpGOP #Antifa Image
Apparently @seanfeucht supporters like to threaten people. A common theme, Sean threatens to kill when he’s backed by the proud boys and his supporters follow suit

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1/ Three reasons why #oathbreaker #OBK may be the definitive competitive #multiplayer constructed #mtg format everyone is looking for;

- More strategic
- Provides clearer feedback on how to improve
- Better bang for time investment buck
2/ Disclaimers:

- Competitive standpoint (not here to invalidate casual play or pass judgment on which is 'better')
-Perspective is vs #cedh baseline
- I'm <48 hours in my #oathbreaker journey
- Based on qual; no quant data
- I could just be wrong - and that's ok!
3/ What is Oathbreaker?

- 'Lunchtime format'; designed to be quick & explosive
- 60-card 20-life singleton with EDH-like mechanics (PW 'general,' signature spell')
- Self-managed banlist; notables incl. fast mana
- Made by good people who do good
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MTG has always reminded me of that crazy astronaut lady who wore diapers to drive across country (no pit stops) to stalk her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend. A deranged stalker. 1/
Every time I see MTG I think of this lady. 2/…
3/ The video in post 1 is from when she stalked AOC before MTG herself was in Congress.
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惜しい!そいつは『イニストラード/真夜中の狩り』収録だ!! #ChatGPT #AI呪文研究部 #MtG
ChatGPTくんに「MtGのモダンで一番強いカードは?」と訊いたら、タルモ・ヴェリアナ・神ジェイスとの答え。その3枚を含むデッキリストを書いてもらったら、めちゃくちゃ〝ありそう〟なリストが生成されて笑っちゃった。 #ChatGPT #AI呪文研究部 #MtG
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Greetings, fellow Planeswalkers! 🧙‍♂️

The mists of mystery and magic swirl around us.

Today, we shall delve into the realm of possibility and consider the intersection of Magic: The Gathering and the arcane art of StarkNet technology. 🔮
For those unfamiliar with the ancient and revered game of Magic: The Gathering (MTG), let us remind you that it is a collectible card game 🃏 in which players wield decks of enchanted cards, summoning creatures, and casting spells in epic battles of magic and strategy.
One possibility for integrating the power of blockchain into MTG is to create a digital version of the game, powered by the unbreakable chains of the blockchain. 🔗
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Greetings, fellow Planeswalkers! 🧙‍♂️

The mists of mystery and magic swirl around us.

Today, we shall delve into the realm of possibility and consider the intersection of Magic: The Gathering and the arcane art of StarkNet technology. 🔮
For those unfamiliar with the ancient and revered game of Magic: The Gathering (MTG), let us remind you that it is a collectible card game 🃏 in which players wield decks of enchanted cards, summoning creatures, and casting spells in epic battles of magic and strategy.
One possibility for integrating the power of blockchain into MTG is to create a digital version of the game, powered by the unbreakable chains of the blockchain. 🔗
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THREAD: I’ve spent a lot of time in the pro-democracy space over these last few years and have a few thoughts as we are quickly approaching the #midterms.

1️⃣ Trumpism isn’t going away. Try as we might to wish it away, it’s here for now & has spilled all the way down the ballot.
2️⃣ Candidates like #MTG have grabbed the coattails Trump’s supposed “conservatism” and ridden them all the way to the top.

3️⃣ Members of this movement claim to value conservative principles but their actions/lives reflect nothing of the sort.
4️⃣ I’m sure President Reagan is rolling over in his grave over the disgraced name of the Republican Party.

5️⃣ As a former Republican, I celebrated the power of the free market to lift our economy & prosperity to new heights. Now I see Rs trying to use big govt. to self-serve.
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The full list of retro artifacts in the "mystical archive" slot have been revealed! #mtg #MTGBRO ImageImageImageImage
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Standard Qualifier #1 Top 8 decklists for Oct 29 #mtg #mtgStandard

The MTGO decklists are still bugged, in that the ranks displayed after the player name are after swiss. I've reordered them based on the bracket, so top left is 1st, top right is 2nd, etc.… Grixis MidrangeGrixis MidrangeGrixis MidrangeEsper Midrange

Don't play Ludevic on MTGO, it won't let you transform. Jund MidrangeEsper MidrangeEsper LegendsEsper Midrange
Standard Qualifier #2 Top 8 decklists for Oct 29 #mtg #mtgStandard Grixis MidrangeEsper MidrangeEsper LegendsGrixis Midrange
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“Reserve list” chatter is still good for getting #mtg players riled up. Let’s talk about a different, but serious, game building challenge I call “Schrodinger’s Goyf…” 1/
#mtg players want to open expensive cards that are “worth money.” It’s exciting to find a chase card, and the idea of turning that card into currency to pay for your hobby feels good. You see this when folks like @TolarianCollege try to go infi’ with box openings 2/
But players ALSO want the game to be “accessible.” When not talking ADA, that universally means “cheap for me to buy the things I want when I want them.” So… 3/
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The #mtg Reserve List convo has bubbled back up. My stance as it was when I was #wotcstaff: you can’t abolish it for legal reasons that would bankrupt the game. But you don’t need to… 1/
You can smash it by just printing improved versions of the cards. Make a Black Lotus that sacs for CCCC. Make Mox that gain you life when they ETB. But a better solution to solve the problem is a design like: 2/
White Lotus 0
When <CARDNAME> ETBs you gain an emblem with “If you would cast or have cast a card named Black Lotus, you lose the game.”
Tap/sac: add 3 mana
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Great convo started by PV. If you want to be a great #mtg player long-term, you will grow much better learning from playing the “best” deck. However, you’re NOT the best player. So if you want to spike this tournament, you probably should min/max luck, including matchups. 1/
It’s the tricky thing about competitive #mtg: today versus tomorrow. There are upsides to “going rogue” for building a brand because the crowd thirsts for something new constantly, but innovations almost always fail to what already exists. 2/
Case in point: when I started it was to highlight how I play #mtgarena: focused on going Mythic each month with a unique deck. What you don’t see are dozens of tweaks and discarded piles. That’s natural in deckbuilding, but it’s not sexy. 3/
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Oh look! MTG’s close friend, Anthony Augero (who stormed the Capitol), was a Director of Latinos for Trump with indicted Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio! #MTG #ProudBoys h/t @LeaLovesUSA cc: @ronfein @KFILE 1/
Another close friend of MTG, Genevieve Peters, also stormed the Capitol. What a coincidence. 2/
👀Another close friend of MTG, Elsa Aldeguer, is shown here, mugging with indicted Proud Boys leaders Enrique Tarrio & Joe Biggs. My God. 3/
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Closing argument from lawyer representing voters in Georgia’s 14th Congressional district:

“Our proof started with the oath…to uphold and defend the Constitution…against all enemies foreign and domestic…that is what the disqualification clause is all about.”
“We’re talking about what happened at the Capitol…insurrection…in the disqualification clause, an insurrection is more than these things…the purpose of it is to block, impede, disrupt a Constitutional process or to overthrow the very existence of the government itself.” #mtg
“Leaders…who justified, promoted, supported, encouraged this in the days leading up to January 6. Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of those people. How do we know this? We know this from the evidence.”

(Like the Independence Day movie 😆)
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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has entered the building. #MTGHearing
“The evidence will show that Marjorie Taylor Greene was one of [the insurrectionists].” @ronfein, representing Free Speech For People, co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs.
Jim Bopp, lead counsel for Rep. Greene: “The evidence you’re presenting violates the First Amendment of the Constitution…Voters have the right to vote for the candidate of their choice.” #MTGHearing
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This might change your view on the @MTG_Arena economy update!

We looked at the top 8 Standard decks and compared the paper price to the Arena price 💲

The results were a little surprising to us... Check it out! 🧵 (1/16)
@wizards_magic announced a Wildcard Bundle for Arena. 12 rare and 4 Mythic wildcards for $50.

Making wildcards directly buyable without variance allows us to do something we’ve never been able to do before. Compare the cost of building a deck in Arena, to paper. (2/16)
We looked at the top 8 decks, removed all the uncommons and commons, and calculated the cost of the remaining cards in paper.

Then, we calculated how many Wildcard Bundles you’d need to buy at $50 each to build the deck in @MTG_Arena (3/16)
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(Thread) Let's talk Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty pack odds. Standard disclaimer - the odds I'm posting here are my own observations and based on secondary market pack opening (both us and other vendors I've spoken to). These are not official @wizards_magic posted odds. #MTG
Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos (NEON variants)
My estimate is that any Neon Variant of Hidetsugu appears 1:40 Collector boxes (1:480 Collector Packs). This would make the odds 1:480 packs for Blue, 1:960 packs for Green and 1:3,840 packs (1:320 boxes) for Red. (/2)
Wizards alredy talked about this, but each R/M card has their normal odds of appearing, and the split is 1:1 for every specific variant in that slot. This applies to both the foil and non-foil slots.There are 59 Rares and 18 Mythics in #MTGNEO. (/3)
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🏆🏆🏆I have found my personal lane/plan in #MTGNeon and am having succes thanks to it. Let me elaborate 🧵.

p.s. Note I am mostly playing BO1 at this stage of the format to see what other people play.

#MTG #MTGNEO #Limited @ArenaDraftlists @limiteddecks @fireshoes
Lets start with the logs of these 7-X decks so you get a feel for how I navigate:



All 3 of these decks are pretty heavy B and this is no coincidence. First reason for this is very well captured in this slide from the Archetype breakdown stream @JasonILTG, @Sierkovitz and I did before the set came out.
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Let's talk Innistrad: Double Feature. In particular, let's talk the finances of the foils in this set. They have a unique treatment, they are one per pack, but most importantly - they are all going bonkers in price right now. (Thread) #MTG
There are 24 foil cards in a box of Double Feature. On average, people are reporting opening 2 foil Rares and 1 foil Mythic per box. There are 128 Rares and 40 Mythics in the set. (/2)
In order to open one of every Foil Mythic rare, you'd basically represent 40 boxes of Double Feature being opened. There are 24 packs a box, and most places are selling at $10 a pack. Getting one of each Mythic Foil represents $9,600 worth of packs having been opened. (/3)
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(Thread) In honor of #SCGCON Philadelphia and the giant multiple Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty prerelease events we're running this weekend, here are five fun facts about #MTG Prereleases!…
1) The first official #MTG Prerelease ever was for Homelands! @wizards_magic rented out two floors of a New York Hotel, had a ton of decorations and special guests, and it paved the way for future Prerelease events.

2) Pro Tour Atlanta in 1995 was a Mirage Prerelease event! The players =went in blind as the event started, as the cards hadn't been spoiled prior. Imagine playing in a tournament where you didn't know any of the cards before you started playing!
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(Thread) Here's my top 10 cards from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. These are the cards I think will hold value long term. This would normally be a premium article, but I'm not currently writing / don't have time to flesh this out @starcitygames. #MTG #MTGNEON.
This list includes cards from Neon Dynasty and Neon Dynasty Commander (New cards, no reprints). They release at the same time so I'm going to include them together. Some of these cards might drop from preorder pricing in the short term, but will be great long-term picks! (/2)
10) Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant. Solid Praetor, excellent reanimation target, playable in multiple formats. Phyrexian version will be worth the most, but the Soft Glow frame is going to be undervalued to start.
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(Thread) Hasbro released their Q4 2021 financial results, and #MTG was the brightest spot in Hasbro's entire company! There are some some extremely interesting takeaways from the report. Let's discuss! (/1)
1) Tabletop gaming and digital gaming revenue accounted for 74% and 26% of total revenue for WOTC. No matter what doomsayers are putting out there, physical play is essential to the long-term health of #MTG. Hasbro recognizes this! (/2)
2) WoTC growth in 2022 is expected to be mid-single digits. 2021 was WoTC's best year ever, with $1.287 billion in revenue (up 42% year over year). Hasbro forecasting a much slower growth this year means that Hasbro feels they have found the equilibrium for product releases. (/3)
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Incoming long thread: I've been putting this off for a few days, but I wanted to break down the current state of @MTG_Arena, and what issues the client faces. @CubeApril inspired me to finally talk about this with her tweet a day or two ago on Twitch numbers. #mtg #MTGNeon
For starters, I will point out that the cloud of negativity surrounding both the client and the Alchemy format, which I mentioned last week, still lingers, and is driven by content creators and social media. This is not to say there isn't reason to be upset, but it exists.
That being said, I want this thread to primarily focus on the other challenges I feel the client is facing, and how I think they can best be fixed. I'll be discussing economy, card pool / format options, and general client features, just to be clear.
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