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I did an article about the curious case of poisoning #Bulgaria citizen mr Elimian Gebrev, of which 3 #Russia #GRU operatives are sought for. The article is behind a paywall and in Finnish, so a thread will follow.…
At least 1 of the Gerbev poisoning suspects is related also to the #Salisbury poisoning incident which almost lead to the death of Sergei and Julia #Skripal . That was 2018. Mr. Gerbev was attacked in #Bulgaria in 2015, three years prior to Skripal. 1/…
The poison that was used in the murder attempts of Gebrev is yet unidentified. Was #novichok used in Europe already in 2015? 2/
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Reddit Bans Users for Telling the Truth.

Honesty is now “Russia-like activity” according to Reddit's "advisers" from the War Criminal & Treasonous Neocon Fascist Atlantic Council - Ben Nimmo & Jessica Ashooh (Reddit's new "Director of Policy")…
Oh Those Embarrassing Moments: Atlantic Council's Ben Nimmo Outs 'Russian Bot' That Turns Out To Simply Be A UK Citizen Tired Of UK Government Warmongering…
Ben Nimmo should be in jail for TREASON, under the UK's 2006 Terrorism Act, for providing material support to al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists - al-Nusra, #WhiteHelmets & Jaish-al-Islam.

Nimmo & Atlantic Council brazenly lied about the #FalseFlag in Douma…
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After providing Trump with fake stories about dead ducks&sick from #Novichok children (& being caught), Mi6 decided to have another go.
Mark Urban, who made good money on his #Skripal alleged poisoning book (after so fortunately interviewing Skripal a few months before the alleged poisoning) wrote it.
For those who forgot, Mark Ukran & Mi6's Skripal's handler's Pablo Miller's served in the same regiment at the same time
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Different Twitter accounts love different things and when you're @ElectroWave, apparently most of those things are tweets from RT and Sputnik.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
For folks who ain't RT and Sputnik, the tone of @ElectroWave's replies can be less friendly - this account has a fondness for threats both veiled and overt.
Other than professing love for RT/Sputnik reporting and threatening random Twitter users, what does @ElectroWave tweet about? Electronic music seems to have been the original focus, but pro-Kremlin tweets re Ukraine began in 2014, and things get more interesting from there. . .
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Despite our best efforts, spirited and productive discussion with @OffGuardian0 has failed to be forthcoming. Thankfully, they have a website (off-guardian(dot)org) and thus we decided to check out the Twitter traffic linking it.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded original tweets linking to off-guardian(dot)org, yielding 36650 tweets from 9156 accounts. Of these, 10308 (28.1%) were posted via automated means, with crossposted/copied material from Wordpress and Facebook being the most common automated content.
1180 of 9156 accounts (12.9%) linking off-guardian(dot)org are bots, based on 24/7 activity/posting 90%+ of tweets via automation tools. An additional 1002 accounts (10.9%) post at least 50% of tweets via automation tools. Combined, account for 41.7% of the volume (15285 tweets.)
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Theresa May is #NotOnMySide.
She voted Remain & sabotaged #Brexit from Day One to keep us as EU slaves.
She is a Mass Murdering War Criminal who commits Genocide in Yemen.
She committed Treason by arming & funding al-Qaeda & ISIS.
She works for the bankers.
She is my ENEMY.
Theresa May is #NotOnMySide
She is conducting a Propaganda War against the British people, using sock puppet mainstream media hacks; to tell lies, push for more war & destroy democracy…

She is my enemy. She is your enemy too
Theresa May saying "I'm on your side" is like Big Brother saying "I'm on your side".

She is building an Orwellian Nightmare Fascist State, with Mass Surveillance, #Censorship & Perpetual War; to control the people & keep them in poverty.

She is #NotOnMySide.
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We did a couple of experiments this week with techniques we haven't used frequently (sentiment analysis and clustering). Here are some early thoughts. . .

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We used VADER for the sentiment analysis portion. This tool scores individual words on a negative/positive emotional scale, and then combines those scores to give an overall score for a piece of text ranging from -1 (most negative) to 1 (most positive).…
These charts show the results of running a few accounts' tweets (retweets excluded) through VADER sentiment analysis. Apparently we're both a bit more positive than negative. @PamelaGeller, on the other hand. .
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In the linked thread, we explored networks of accounts amplifying the #Bernie2020 hashtag by looking solely at interactions between mutual retweeters (accounts that RT'd one another's tweets containing the hashtag). Let's apply this to a couple other hashtags.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
First up: #OpMayflower (dataset from October 2018, hashtag has been pushed a few times). This is a far more extreme case of the mutual retweeting seen in the #Bernie2020 set - every account that received retweets is also a major node in the network.
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#Sripal #Novichok
1. On 26th July 2018, way before the info about Petrov & Boshirov went public, Russian very anti-government site RBC published an article about the interview with Josh Harris, Charley Rowley's & Dawn Sturgess's friend referencing DM article that I cannot find.
2. In this RBC (with ref. to DM)publication Josh Harris describes the photo of a man that was shown to him by police on July 22. Harris said that he saw that man from a photo with Rowley & Sturges at Queen Elizabeth Gardens on the day of their poisoning.…
3. Police showed Josh a photo of a man in profile:
black hair,beard& mustache. He wore leather jacket, black pants & sway shoes. "He looked like a European"
Did somebody dressed like #Boshirov on the day of Charley Rowley's & Dawn's poisoning to impersonate him?
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Dutch and British revealing more evidence of Russian GRU attempt to hack into the OPCW - the independent body testing #Novichok
Hacking attempt disrupted on 13th April. Four Russian officers were escorted out of the country on the same day.
Dutch Defence Minister says this pubic disclosure is an "exceptional" step but is being done to hamper operations and send a message.
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@Belligcat's new opus on #Skripal's alleged poisoning

1. This is becoming hilarious🤣🤣
Person who filled the alleged passport form also forged the С.С. on the other form- its the SAME handwriting!
2. In my previous tweets it is explained that the "completely secret/confidential" marks were always made by a stamp, not handwritten. (& this stamp will be never placed on the empty form).…
This form is filled in by a forger
3. The same forger that worked in 2016 in the same "we'll get you foreign passport in 3 days" private company and had access in 2016 to some number of passports and applications. He/she forged Shirokov's passport copy for the Montenegro false flag op:
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1. ATlantic council's fellow Higging and @bellingcat created a new opus on Petrov and Bashirov, implying that they are members of GRU, Russian secret service. Lets look at "facts" they provided to prove these allegations.
2. Bellingcat implies that there is an alleged stamp on Alexander Petrov’s passport dossier:“Do not provide any information”and his handwritten name. All passport documents in Russia are typed,without exclusion. There is no point to duplicate the name on top.Real 1P form below
3. This conclusion Bellingcat supports with another EMPTY document
with a handwritten note on top stating that somebody recommended to make is confidential "совершенно секретно" "С.С."We have to BELIEVE that its Petrov's form. BTW,those words are always stamped, not handwritten.
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Russia is main suspect in mystery attacks on U.S. diplomats in Cuba… via @NBCNews
Terrifying read on 9/11. US now calls Cuba embassy mystery that caused brain damage to 26 US personnel intentional “attacks”—likely by #Russia. If so, more stunning Russian aggression to add to the recent use of military-grade #Novichok nerve agent on #Skripal in #Salisbury UK.
>> GOP Senator Cory Gardner Introduces Legislation Designating Russia "State Sponsor of Terror" After Reports on Sonic Attacks. Also renews call for vote on Russia sanctions bill.… via @nielslesniewski h/t @InvestigateRU
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Russian hitmen are literally killing people who threaten criminal Kremlin networks. Yet Trump and GOP are bent on bringing down people whose life's work is protecting Americans from Russian organized crime. Bruce Ohr witch hunt sure looks like somebody's protecting the criminals
Illicit financial dealings—money laundering—between Trump’s business and Russia is the scandal that explains targeting of obscure bureaucrats like Ohr. Just coincidence Trump is purging DOJ experts on Russia, organized crime and money laundering??… #maddow
#Salisbury was a wake-up call about the risks corrupt money brings with it. UK confirms 700+ wealthy Russians among those facing visa crackdown after #Novichok attacks.… #Skripal #Russia #corruption
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This tweet from @shocker_daily was cloned by ten other accounts shortly after being posted. Some kind of automation is the obvious explanation, and the "RT shocker_daily" instead of actual retweets is a telltale sign of IFTTT (TY @MikeH_PR for the lead).
The @shocker_daily account was created recently (7/27/2018) and is almost exclusively focused on posting dubious claims about the #Skripal #Novichok poisoning. It has an associated "news" site (dailyshocker(dot)news), registered the same day with similar content.
The ten accounts that copied @shocker_daily's tweet have been copying its tweets ever since the account started tweeting. The cloned tweets are, as suspected, posted via IFTTT. The majority of @shocker_daily's reach is via the bots, as @shocker_daily has very few followers.
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In response to #Novichok use in #UK, fresh sanctions are reportedly to be imposed on #Russia by US.
Confirmed now by @StateDept.
New US sanctions on #Russia for #Novichok attack to go into effect ~Aug. 22.
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There must think we're all stupid
#Amesbury poisoning victim & drug addict Charlie Rowley looks remarkable well after being in a coma for weeks.
Why would anyone go to the trouble of putting "#Novichok" in a bottle inside a brand name sealed perfume box?…
So if the perfume bottle was in "a sealed box in a cellophane wrapper" it couldn't have been the source of whatever poisoned the #Skripal's.
Why would poisoners bother to carry 2 sources of poison?
Why would the poisoners travel to QE Park to dump it?
As @MrMalky pointed out:-
Why does Charlie Rowley look like he's just been for a 2 week holiday in the Med with a lovely suntan and not gaunt & white like he'd be after suffering a near death experience with 3 weeks in a coma in an ICU?
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It occurs to me the questions I'd have asked at the #HelsinkiSummit press conference were:
Mr. #Trump, you were just in the UK where PM May pressed the issue of #Novichok poisoning of 5 ppl on her soil, 1 Brit citizen having died. She & EU are clear: #Russia did this. [MORE]
[CONT2] And just weeks ago the Dutch govt released its final report saying w/out a doubt the #Russian military shot down MH17 over Crimea in 2014, killing all on board, mostly Dutch citizens. So 2 questions. First, Mr. Trump, do you agree with your close [MORE]
[CONT3] allies, the UK & Netherlands, that these two acts of heinous murder were committed by elements working for or in the Russian government? And 2nd, Mr. Putin, what on behalf of the Russian people do you have to say to the British & Dutch people regarding these incidents?
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BREAK - @metpoliceuk announce that they believe a "small bottle" found on Wednesday was the source of #novichok that killed a British citizen and left a second critically ill in hospital #Skripal #Salisbury
The small bottle was found during search of Charlie Rowley's house in #Amesbury. Scientists at Porton Down ran tests to confirm a substance it contained is #novichok. Further tests will be conducted to establish whether this is the same batch as was used against the #Skripals
Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, Head of UK Counter Terrorism Policing, said: “This is clearly a significant and positive development."
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#Breaking: Trump says interview in @TheSun is fake news and White House has tapes made on "recording machine" to prove it.
Standing next to "Theresa," Trump claims US & Britain both want excellent relations with Russia, makes no mention of #Novichok
Trump on immigrants in Europe: They should watch themselves, they are changing culture, look at what is happening to countries that never had problems... We have laws so bad I don't even call them laws... The craziest thing anyone has ever seen.
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Two days ago, the news broke that two people in #Amesbury, England (not far from the site of the Skripal poisoning) were poisoned with an unknown chemical agent. Police have since announced that the two recent victims were, like the Skripals, exposed to #Novichok.
Here's an analysis of the first ~40 hours of Twitter traffic related to the #Amesbury poisoning. This dataset contains 34848 tweets from 21500 accounts containing the word "Amesbury" - almost all are related to the incident.
Retweet network for Amesbury tweets. The disinformation category was determined by checking the tweets of the 50 most retweeted accounts in the set for #Amesbury #FalseFlag theories and the like. Accounts which exclusively RT'd accounts in the disinfo category are also included.
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Some background on this 2nd nerve agent attack in the UK 1) Per @OPCW nerve agents - one kind of lethal chemical weapon - got their name because they affect the transmission of nerve impulses in the nervous system
2) #Novichok is a group of nerve agents developed by the USSR starting back in the 1970s under a covert program code-named Foliant. The scientist who developed Novichok exposed it publicly in 1991 and defected to the US
3) The component parts, or "binary agents," that make up Novichok aren't banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention - when combined they make Novichok which is a banned chemical weapon.
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