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Twitter will definitely shadowban this tweet... bye bye twitter!
blockchain privacy people powered social media will destroy msm and twitter
twitter loses... look at some of these features!
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During #occupy and #blacklivesmatter the right wing @GOP #whitesupremacists constantly trolled/attacked the movement.

Today in #occupyottawa I see so many so called BLM and other activists attacking the protests and they aren't even watching the streams. They sound like msm!
it doesn't matter who started it. The people on the ground are the voice not the originators. The facts are that the government & left media continue to call these canadians right wing white supremacists just because the usa right wing is trying to coopt the movement!! #chudwatch
Don't agree with me??? then #occupy your own idealogy and make the change you wish to see but do something other than help the governments/media/police shut down a people movement calling out the corruption and demanding change! #chudwatch
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On #FaceTheNation, Trump's #WarpSpeed chief Moncef Slaoui now trying to claim credit for @POTUS @JoeBiden's success w/ #COVID19vaccinations.

Reminder: Trump wanted much lower $$ for #vaccines R&D. Congress went higher with $8.3B/rejected Trump's $2.5B.…
Another reminder: Trump had no idea #NIH & $MRNA had started on a #COVID19 vaccine in mid-January 2020 based on research funded by the @BarackObama administration.…

Trump himself claims he first heard of #coronavirus in late January.

#FaceTheNation #FTN
Also, NIH & U.S. companies were long into #COVID19 #vaccines R&D before Moncef Slaoui came on the scene with Operation #WarpSpeed.

Slaoui doing a lot of rewriting of history on #FaceTheNation today.

#FTN #COVID19vaccines #COVID19 #COVIDvaccinations #OWS
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LIVE: Operation Warp Speed's Moncel Slaoui said @modernatx vaccine has efficacy of 94.1% overall, 87% efficacy in preventing moderate disease in adults over 65, 100% effective at preventing severe disease in all ages. #HHS #OWS
LIVE: Slaoui says we should be able to vaccinate 100 million people by end of February, protecting most of the higher risk people. #ows #hhs
LIVE: Gen. Perna says OWS has shipped 6.4 million doses of @pfizer vaccines to states, territories, major cities, and 12.5 million doses for @modernatx. They're shipping first doses only, to avoid sending more than states/clinics can store. #ows #hhs
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What better way to take notes for #StrikeSchool than a twitter thread?
YES I’m glad I haven’t been crazy to say it! The divisions between “private” and “public” sector are less real than you think. Like all industries, the intersect.

Should we be using the word “strike” when talking about strikes and labor actions? YES! We should get used to talking about our powers as workers, don’t do your employers’ intimidation *for* them

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1) #2020Election F.U.D.

We've always been gaslit by FakeNews every election year. This year is no different & worse.

FEAR: Demonrats will steal the election😱

UNCERTAINTY: Can Silent Majority win?🤔

DOUBT: Joe out-polls Trump👀

Let's explore a bit…🧐👇
2) #2008Election

To look ahead, we need to look back. 2008 is a good frame of reference to start with. #HopeAndChange 1st black, yada, yada.

Impressive, but pales in comparison to Reagan's #MorningInAmerica landslide.

NoName threw the race by backstabbing Sarah Palin🙄👇
3) #2012Election

2012 is also a good reference.

The trill is gone. #Obamacare... Shovel ready jobs that weren't… #OccupyWallStreet (#OWS)...

Simply put , Middle America didn't care for fundamentally changing America.

And RINO @PierrEDelectO threw the race…😡👇
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I am done with voting for one dumpster fire over another? FUCK IT. A vote for no one is a vote for everyone.STOP LOOKING TO SO-CALLED LEADERS to do anything REAL or LASTING to improve society. IGNORE THE POPULARITY CONTEST and #SHUTITDOWNNOW. #KEEPITSHUTDOWN #NoOne2020
#FuckIt Time to start to use their tactic of #ShockDoctrine to catalyze Revolution AKA How to use this crisis to everyone's advantage.
I know shit is bad. It's going to get worse, before it gets better. We know that. MUCH WORSE. We are going to have to accept that many of our friends and relatives won't make it through this shit show. We need to bite the bullet and make sure we #KEEPITSHUTDOWN #GeneralStrike2020
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