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The @opengovpart launched its new strategy & encouraged people to engage multistakeholder fora about it.

The USA never established such a forum, & @WhiteHouse has declined to restore @OpenGov44 & lead a U.S. government revival of #OpenGov domestically: Image
As with #SunshineWeek, this @WhiteHouse is not hosting any public events for #OpenGovWeek, despite the US government being elected to @opengovpart leadership:… & the void in public updates on US commitments. @POTUS isn’t leading by the power of our example. Image
Ongoing efforts to improve public participation in rulemaking at @WhiteHouse OIRA are a ray of sunshine:… as are efforts across agencies, from @USNatArchives to @CommerceGov.
This #OpenGovWeek, this @POTUS should be building on @OpenGov44, not ignoring it.
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Despite @WhiteHouse45:… & @WhiteHouse acting "contrary to process":
in the last 2 cycles – which @OGP_IRM didn't sanction – folks voted to add the US to @OpenGovPart steering committee?
NB: #OpenGov 404:
I find it encouraging to see @USAID @StateDRL rejoining international open government circles.
It’s discouraging @OpenGovPart @OGP_IRM have said so little about @WhiteHouse45 @WhiteHouse acting contrary to process after @POTUS45 made a mockery of the US being in “good standing.”
In 2022, @WHOSTP didn’t reference @opengovpart or past US #OpenGov commitments in its press release…
In 2023, @opengov44 is history:
& @WhiteHouse never delivered any self-assessments for the 3rd & 4th plans:…
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On CT we often discuss mass adoption of #crypto

But tbh, we are mostly talking about buy muh bags which fuels tribalism b/t networks like $DOT, $ATOM, $ETH, $SOL and more

Let's talk about how @Polkadot connects us all and how actual adoption of the tech is already here...🧵
1/ Connecting a siloed world

As our world becomes more digital, the borders between us become thin

#Crypto is incredible because it opens the doors for a more open and inclusive world by aligning incentives regardless of who you are, what you do, or where you come from

Banking the unbanked, financial freedom and more are all realistic themes enabled by crypto's distributed ledger and borderless payments

Giving global businesses the ability to act without relying on trust or being hindered by the constraints of traditional finance Image
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The not so secret…secret…about #decentralization in #crypto

And why the vast majority of those in #Web3 prefer centralized entities running the show rather than a true decentralized ethos like

$DOT and $BTC

Yes, this is a thread about @Polkadot…🧵
1/ The King 👑 #Bitcoin

Satoshi invented the solution to the _real_ money problem

#Decentralized verification of a shared public ledger; free from the control of centralized actors in our world like banks & sovereign govs

A never ending reflection of the world around it


The key thesis behind Bitcoin is decentralization of power to the free market with blockchain and game theory as the vehicles to accomplish this

@DylanLeClair_ is always spot on here 👇
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#SCCON22 Abendprogramm mit Poetry Slam zu Digitalem Österreich (schade, dass der @open3 #opengov poetry contest schon lange vorbei ist, viele der damaligen 23 Einsendungen würden heute auch gut passen :)… 1/4 Image
Früher war es gar nicht selten
Dass Datensammler sehr viel gelten

Sie saßen auf dem hohen Ross
Hielten ihre Infos hinterm Schloss

Doch sind nicht wir es die euch Daten
Offenherzig & auch gern verraten?

Ist es richtig dass wir geben
Damit andere damit abheben?
Sollten wir nicht alle profitieren
Und keiner mehr dabei verlieren?

Was meinst du – das kann nicht sein?
Mit dieser Meinung bist du bald allein

Offne Daten das heißt teilen
Ein frommer Wunsch war das zuweilen

Aber heute, hier und jetzt
Wird das alte Spiel ersetzt
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#SCCON22 "#opendata Klassentreffen" organisiert vom "AK Opendata / Open API" startet mit @denkubatorin & Michael Binzen; Agenda; #SCC2022 #SCS22 1/20 ImageImageImageImage
Entwicklung des AK Opendata/Open API; Leitfaden „Open Data – Neue Konzepte erfolgreich umsetzen“…; weitere Dokumente & Leitfäden:… 2/20 Image
Next "Aktuelles aus der @KAS_Thueringen" von Dr. Pencho Kuzev: klares Statement im Koalitionsvertrag; Rechtsanspruch auf #opendata; aktuell evolutionäre Veränderungen; unterambitionierte Landes-Info-Gesetze; 2. #opendata Gesetz mit guten Aspekten - zu jung für Evaluation 3/20 Image
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Hard to believe it’s been more than 12 years since @pahlkadot founded @codeforamerica:… I’m excited to learn about what @AmandaRenteria & team do next.

If you’re going to be at #CFASummit tomorrow & want to talk about #civictech & #opengov, pls reach out.
“We are designing for our shared humanity, in a world that sometimes feels like we’ve lost sight of it”-@AmandaRenteria:
Meet people where they are.
Understand their experiences,
Gove public servants what they need to service the public.
#cfasummit #civictech
“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.” ~President Franklin D. Roosevelt, April 1945, as quoted by @AmandaRenteria.

#cfasummit #civictech
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A historical note from AOTUS @dferriero: Before FDR signed a law creating @USNatArchives in 1934, @librarycongress held some public records & others were scattered across our union.

(In 2022, many records are digital & online:…)

#SunshineWeek #OpenGov
@dferriero @USNatArchives @librarycongress AOTUS: That's the plan, to digitize everything, but we won't see it in our lifetimes.
Most info generated today has no paper equivalent: it's born digital.
What we're talking about is digitizing our history.
Cf @USNatArchives strategic plan:… #SunshineWeek
AOTUS: All of the #JFKFiles are not disclosed yet, but NARA is working on it:…

If @POTUS invested more time & $$ in declassification, maybe @USNatArchives could hit a 2023 goal?
#SunshineWeek #OpenGov
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Yesterday, the @WhiteHouse hosted its first public meeting on open government in the Biden-Harris administration. There still has been no official administration response to the #opengov coalition letter we sent in February:…
I bumped it to @PressSec today.
@WhiteHouse @PressSec 2 weeks ahead of the global @opengovpart Summit, the @WhiteHouse has still not brought back

Many /open pages across the US government still link to it, as you can see at, but it’s a 404.

#OpenGov "lives" at
@WhiteHouse @PressSec @opengovpart This @WhiteHouse has begun disclosing visitor logs online again, posting them as open data at

But it has refused to disclosed logs of the virtual meetings it has held since January which replaced in-person meetings in the pandemic:…
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Today's meeting virtual public Meeting for the US Open Government National Action Plan has begun. @philipashlock kicked off. He notes is the first #OpenGov meeting in many years. (True!) Justin Vail says @WhiteHouse is excited to re-engage on @opengovpart & #opengov more broadly ImageImage
"Open government is a priority of the Biden-Harris administration," says Justin Vail, who says the work to rebuild an opengov community in US government is underway & continuing, & that a "year of action" will follow the #SummitForDemocracy & #OGPSummit, including 5th NAP for OGP
Vail acknowledges that it's been "years" since a @WhiteHouse met with US civil society groups around @opengovpart.

That's true – as is the fact that the Biden-Harris administration has neglected re-engagement in 2021 until weeks before the #OGPSummit.… Image
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Taiwan is the world's best experiment in participatory democracy, says @piawaugh.

They're changing the approach to encourage people to co-create approaches to wicked problems.

The notion, she says, is that government is *part( of society, not separate from it.

@piawaugh My mistake: @piacandrews.
She's talking now at #FWD50 about a wicked problem for governments everywhere: how to provide trustworthy public services & info, both of which are mission-critical in war, peace, pandemic, & disasters.

High veracity:
"Rather than asking for trust, you need to start being trustworthy"– @PiaCAndrews

One way to do that for digital government services is to use open source code, with audits to ensure algorithmic accessibility & "explainability."…

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Watching @cwardell talk about equity in pandemic relief & delivering ARP funds to families through a mobile-friendly website.

This @WhiteHouse defines equity as "the consistent & systematic fair, just, & impartial treatment of all individuals":…
@cwardell @WhiteHouse Per @cwardell at #FWD50, @WhiteHouse achieved equitable delivery of American Rescue Plan funds directly to families with a mobile-first, bilingual website.
90% receiving direct deposits.
He says 3 million kids are kept out of poverty each month this way.

@cwardell @WhiteHouse This work is critical, says @cwardell, not only for how we respond from this pandemic, but for how we deal with future challenges; not just as America, but as a global society.

(He's right: equitable service delivery of relief in pandemics shift the arc of life & death)

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"Transparency is core to our mission. We've created a website that allows the public to be citizen watchdogs"– @JusticeOIG:

$5T in spending.
@JusticeOIG But this @COVID_Oversight report notes @USTreasury & @SBAgov officials kept PPP loan data secret until a court ordered transparency!…
Takeaway: @ProPublica & FOIA informed Americans when @WhiteHouse45 censored info:… #opengov #ddj
Our system for reporting pandemic relief is broken, says @lizhempowicz

Data collection that doesn't work.
Data gaps.

This is what @USASpending was supposed to fix.

It's not an accident that @stevenmnuchin1
went around it, & tried to hide waste, fraud, & corruption in secret.
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1/ Looking forward to the launch of @GenomicsEngland's #newborndialogue report which starts in a few minutes. I'm going to be live tweeting. With over 1000 people signed up it's full, but you can follow along here
2/ The #newborndialogue was supported by @Sciencewise and you can find out more about the dialogue here…
3/ If you are interested in finding out more about @sciencewise and the support it offers government bodies to engage the public effectively, you'll find that here -…
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Today is International Parliamentarism Day:…
I'm not sure what Congress is doing, but I'm going to log on shortly for a conversation at 12 PM ET with @MarceloRamos & others.

You can watch the debate online:… #OpenGov #CivicTech
@MarceloRamos 9+ years since I spoke about #edem #civictech & #opengov in Brazil's Congress with @Participatory @agm3dc @felipeestefan:

Somewhat ironically, I can't find the archived video, but my photo with @DeputadoFederal endures on Twitter:
@MarceloRamos @participatory @agm3dc @FelipeEstefan @DeputadoFederal I see I tagged the wrong account: it's @MarceloRamosAM. (He should be @verified, @TwitterGov.)
Listening to @elaforde, who emphasized how crucial online access is to digital democracy.
Per @StatistaCharts, Internet penetration is 68% in 2021.
Brazil needs to bend the curve up.
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Our new @Newsweek op-ed with @SenJoniErnst:

"While we can't force Communist China to be more forthcoming about what was happening at the Wuhan lab, we can at least expect our own government to be open and transparent, right? Think again."…
"the Wuhan lab received $ through @NIH since 2015, something that should have been disclosed to US taxpayers as required by federal law...NIH needs to answer ?s about why it allowed funds to go to this lab & what it knew about the reported problems there."…
"@CDCgov directors for former Presidents Donald Trump & Barack Obama, former @US_FDA commissioner @ScottGottliebMD & others believe a possible source of the virus was a leak from the controversial Wuhan Institute of Virology"…
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Lecturas #SemanaSanta: En 2021 se cumplen 10 años desde el lanzamiento de la Alianza para el #GobiernoAbierto. Para celebrar comparto diversas publicaciones que he realizado en el tema (en orden cronológico y en acceso abierto), incluso desde antes que se creará OGP. Abro hilo!
1. Innovación en la Gestión Pública y Open Government (Gobierno Abierto): Una vieja nueva idea.. [2010]…
#OpenGov #GobiernoAbierto #InnovaciónPública #EstadoAbierto #SmartGov #Gobernanza
2. Gobierno abierto y modernización de la gestión pública. Tendencias actuales y el (inevitable) camino que viene. Reflexiones seminales [2011]…
#OpenGov #GobiernoAbierto #InnovaciónPública #EstadoAbierto #SmartGov #Gobernanza
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Today’s hearing on #HR51 will be on Monday AM at 11 AM:…
Some Washingtonians will be showing up at the @USCapitol in support of #DCStatehood this morning. We may go as our daily civics lesson. 🇺🇸
We were late to the #DCStatehood demonstration outside the @uscapitol, but I marched with the native Washingtonian in the family down through newly opened streets to peacefully protest for redress of grievances & freely express ourselves about Congress making DC the 51st state.
We're listening to House hearing on #HR1: Making DC the 51st State…
Livestream: #DCStatehood
It is constitutional for Congress to carve out a federal district & enfranchise ~712,000 Americans.
It should so so.
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The @WhiteHouse posted something to /Disclosures: a link to financial disclosures…
No ethics waivers yet. (Best not to grant them at all, IMO.)
Like @ObamaWhiteHouse & @whitehouse46, public must request access to disclosures.
Still no /opengov
#SunshineWeek ImageImage
If @WHCOS @WHCommsDir are listening, I'd suggest editing menu down to /Disclosures, where Americans would assume @WhiteHouse visitor logs will be, & welcome any answers they @POTUS +@VP have to the coalition's questions on #opengov… Image
This would be a good day for @OMBPress to tweet a link to its FOIA page:…
Ditto @WHOSTP…
The Executive Office of the President is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, but @WhiteHouse can & should celebrate it.
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Now listening to the 2021 DC #OpenGov Summit.…
In past years, the annual #SunshineWeek event was at @PressClubDC. The wifi is (much) better at home, but I miss seeing people. Thanks to @DCOGC for putting this together!
To lead off, @GingerMcCall asked @CouncilOfDC Members @chenderson & @CMBrookePinto why #opengov is important.

Henderson it's not just posting info online, but helping people to understand & engage, helping govt to be more responsive.
#OpenGov is fundamental to everything we do, said @CMBrookePinto, who was at the Office of @AGKarlRacine, including we're doing, why, & what our processes are as we go.

Pinto also said residents should be educated about how to make FOIA requests. cc @CouncilOfDC @DCOPENGOV
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Could @VP @AmbRice46 @SamanthaJPower @SpeakerPelosi @SenWarren lead efforts to co-create commitments on anti-corruption with the American people in 2021?…
(Enacting laws >> voluntary commitments, but the latter could drive progress.)
#SunshineWeek #OpenGov
It seems inconceivable a @POTUS wouldn't join Merkel, @JustinTrudeau @EmmanuelMacron & other world leaders in a global #opengov partnership the USA founded, under @POTUS44:

…but this @WhiteHouse still hasn't celebrated #SunshineWeek or responded to Q's.
12 years ago, @ObamaWhiteHouse began trying to engage Americans with Change .gov, an @OpenGov44 Initiative, @WeThePeople44, @ChallengeGov, & 3 national #opengov plans for @OpenGovPart.
Record on FOIA + transparency was *mixed*:… but intent & action mattered
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📣 We won! 📣

Following a year-long battle to find out how @thurrockcouncil spent £1 billion of public money, we've won our tribunal case.

The ruling could force councils to tell their voters how they are spending public money. #opengov…
We’ve found that councils up and down the country have been borrowing and gambling huge sums. The risks to the public purse are clear and yet decisions often happen behind closed doors.

This ruling is “a victory for taxpayers," said @Meg_HillierMP, chair of @CommonsPAC.
"Taxpayers have a right to know how their taxes are invested and where," says @thatginamiller. "This transparency should be mandated across all public sector orgs, esp post-covid when councils may be tempted to take higher risks due to funding blackholes and government cuts.”
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Last year, I published a survey of transparency in legislative support agencies, which are exempt from FOIA:…
@USCBO & @USGAO were open & responsive.

@librarycongress @USCapitol & @CapitolPolice …were not.

@USCBO @USGAO @librarycongress @uscapitol @CapitolPolice Of note: Acting @CapitolPolice Chief testified to Congress she has not held a press conference, & expects she never will:…
USCP is the least transparent law enforcement entity of its size in the USA, & should be subject to the FOIA:…
@USCBO @USGAO @librarycongress @uscapitol @CapitolPolice The @CapitolPolice budget is $515 million for FY 2021 (~10% of TOTAL Legislative branch funding!) ~2,450 employees, ~2,000 of whom are sworn officers, & is now asking for more $ after the worst leadership & management failure in its history.…
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The @opengovpart put the United Kingdom “under review” for failing to involve its public in co-creating an #opengov plan & submitting 2 late.
I remember when OGP restored the US after we released a weak “action plan”…
Wait until OGP learns what @POTUS45 did
When @opengovpart put the US “under review,” who noticed?
Watchdogs had decried corruption & illiberalism; most didn’t participate in the forums.
No far-right media reported “censure.” (Sure wasn’t on Fox.)
After 4th NAP submitted, OGP acted as if US was healthy, & lifted review.
The Biden @WhiteHouse has been silent since January 21 on @OpenGovPart & many #opengov policies, personnel, & programs. @WeThePeople44, the “flagship commitment” under @POTUS44, is gone. @POTUS still hasn’t answered questions about any of it:…
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