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Fellow tweeps, you might not be as safe as you had thought. Yeah, #Twitter might be posing some risks to you. ⚠👀

In this thread, I’ve compiled some security checks you SHOULD do on your @Twitter account.

You don’t want to read it? As you wish. 🧵🏌️‍♂️ Image
Oh, well, I guess you decided to read it anyway. That’s so thoughtful of you, and while we’re at it, I’ll appreciate and urge you to follow me. I provide exquisite contents that’ll interest you. 💯

For the taking, this thread is not about the internal vulnerabilities of Twitter;
I mean those private data leaks, account hacks, internal errors, and whatnot; no, it ain’t about all that. ❌👎

But you see those access and authorizations you give to external apps and sites via the Application Programming Interface (#API), they’re toast, man. 😂
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🧰 Exciting times at CashmereLabs!

We're back with our Testnet Development Update v1.2. The following changes are the result of invaluable feedback from our esteemed community members.

Let's dive in! 🧵👇
⚙️ First up, backend optimization.

Our new setup means fewer missed or stuck transactions, enhancing the user experience significantly.

We continue to strive for a smoother, reliable transaction experience.

🔨 We’ve established a smarter indexing mechanism. It logs all transactions, making it simpler to backtrack when problems occur.

This step increases transparency, accountability, and the overall reliability of our system.

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Why #Arbitrum could be next big winner in crypto 🚀

Don't miss out 👇 Image

➡️ Arbitrum's TVL soared to $2.3B, making it the 4th largest chain in #crypto.

➡️ Users and investors are trusting and adopting it.

➡️ Stablecoin value grew by $500M in just 2 months since launch.

➡️ The demand is increasing rapidly⚡️ Image

➡️ With over 600K active users, #Arbitrum surpasses #Optimism and approaches #Solana

➡️ It's popular and valuable in the #Cryptocommunity

➡️ Arbitrum maintains the highest liquidity among Layer 2 solutions

➡️ It ensuring smooth transactions and a great user experience Image
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@CelestDefi is a #DeFi project containing a limit order #DEX to place buy / sell orders on all @MultiversX tokens with sell protection limits and buy investment limits.

Apart from the trading platform, it brings a new decentralised launchpad, so let’s spotlight both.🔥

🧵👇 Image
The Celest universe has two community projects ATM, a Rose planet and a Green planet.

The Rose planet is a spot trading and a smart orders platform, where you can trade tokens in real-time at current market prices through a #Decentralized exchange:

It has a user-friendly interface and by using the limit order & limit loss options, one can protect his funds by setting specific trade conditions to automate the trading strategy, which minimize risk and take advantage of market opportunities.

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Exciting to share with you the @meadowlaunch #Airdrop and public sales coming up soon.

#Airdrop is Confirmed

A Thread

#Meadowlaunch #SuiNetwork Image
1/ Meadow is set to propel standout projects on Sui into orbit! 🌐

Don't miss the liftoff on May 19, 1:00 pm UTC. A stellar future awaits!
2/ What is Meadow Launchpad?

A Decentralized #Launchpad for the Future! 🌐

Get ready to discover Meadow Launchpad, a decentralized platform launching projects on the groundbreaking @SuiNetwork - a unique Layer 1 network built for the next billion users!
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1/11 Cryptocurrency #arbitrage refers to the practice of taking advantage of price differences for the same asset across different #cryptocurrency #exchanges.

Let's dive into this concept 👇🧵 Image
2/11 Arbitrageurs buy the asset at a ⤵️lower price on one exchange and simultaneously sell it at a ⤴️higher price on another exchange, profiting from the price disparity.
3/11 This strategy 📊is possible due to the #decentralized nature of #cryptocurrency exchanges, where prices can vary based on factors like liquidity, demand, and trading volume.
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We are super proud to share with you DeepSquare Whitepaper 2.1!

#Decentralized High-performance Computing leveraging #Subnet Technology, providing revolutionary #Tokenomics with a clear #Roadmap

Read 👉…
The team has been hard at work developing a #decentralized platform that allows users to access powerful #computing resources from anywhere in the world.
By leveraging #blockchain technology with @Avalanche #Subnet solutions, we created a network that is both fast and secure, ensuring that users can trust the platform with their most sensitive data and applications.
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🎉Summary of the best #Dapps on #BNBChain

🚀The best #decentralized apps are tools that make everyday life more convenient, accessible, and in some cases, improve your quality of life

🔥See more below and tell me which is your favorite Dapp

#BSC #BNB $BNB Summary of the best #Dapps ...
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Has anyone ever told you that #cryptocurrencies are useless? 💢

Here are 5 simple use cases for #crypto that anyone can understand! 🧠

Level: Beginner 🔰
Reading time: 2 minutes 📚
THREAD 🧵 Image
1⃣Online Payments

With #blockchain technology, we can make online payments without the need for intermediaries like banks or payment processors.

This can reduce transaction fees and increase the speed of transactions.

Anyone can do it, all you need is INTERNET!
2⃣Digital Identity
#Blockchain can be used to create a digital identity that is secure and transparent.

This can help to prevent identity theft and fraud, as well as make it easier to manage our personal information.

Some companiesare already working on these solutions.
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[1/12] 🧵 @Conste11ation ( $DAG) is a highly scalable and secure distributed ledger technology (DLT) that achieves zero/low trust interaction platforms, peer-to-peer (P2P) internet overlay protocols, and platform-neutral computation description language. Let's dive in! 🚀
[2/12] 🔐Zero/Low Trust Interaction Platforms (Shared Security):
@Conste11ation creates a shared security environment through its L0 consensus mechanism. L0 allows metagraphs (custom consensus apps) to maintain their own L1 layer while sharing L0 security with the global network.
[3/12] 🌐This shared security model reduces the need for trust as metagraphs inherit the security of the global L0 network. It's similar to Polkadot's shared security model, where parachains share security provided by the relay chain. #cryptocurrency #DAG
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As we all know the bread and butter of the blockchain space are smart contracts.

Though moving beyond traditional transaction management, let's delve into niche applications and the transformative potential of this tech across various industries.🧵
#MultiversX #EntityFinance
1/ But first, a quick look into the past: Conceptualized in 1994 by Nick Szabo, smart contracts had to wait for the arrival of #blockchain technology to be viably implemented in economic systems. They're now a game-changer for decentralized P2P economies.
2/ Fast forward to today, smart contracts have evolved beyond their initial #applications, permeating various industries and enabling novel use cases:
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1/ To be honest, I'm having a hard time comprehending this one, but I came up with a simple example that could help. 🧵

@woj4ke Please correct me if I am incorrect.

I'll probably delete this later if it doesn't make sense.
2/ Assume I develop a #decentralized gaming app (L2-Smart Contract) with 10 nodes hosted all over the world to be redundant and reliable while processing #smartcontract data in the #network.

➡️ The purpose of this #game is to walk from the starting point to the finish line.
3/ On the players route to the finish line, there are rocks to leap over.

After successfully leaping over a rock, a #transaction on the #dApp gets crafted, granting the player 1 issued #Token labeled "JUMP".
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🚨𝘼 𝙏𝙝𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙🚨

What has been going on in March in the @Aleph__Zero $AZERO Ecosystem and other news in the #crypto space!
- Banking crisis
- SEC / Coinbase
- EU MiCA regulations
- Nasdaq
- #AlephZero new projects
- #SmartContracts launching
- The flippening

and more... 🤓🧵
To those of you living in a cave for the last few weeks here's a recap of what has been going on;
Due to the Banking crisis and the bankrupcy of several big Banks like Crédit Suisse, Silicon Valley Bank and now Dutsche Bank coming next, markets have seen increased volatility...
As a matter of fact as the news hit the markets we saw panic selling and the mother of all bear traps where #bitcoin fell to the 19k's and was followed by a rapid recovery and pump to the 28k's as smart money moves from Banks to #Crypto
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1/6 Today we're gonna give a shoutout 🙌to the awesome work that a DEX like @jexchangeP2P is doing for the @MultiversX ecosystem, especially in the early stages of a project when credibility and #liquidity are crucial for survival.

Let's get started! 🧵👇
2/6 One of the big challenges for a project when it's starting out is getting the necessary #liquidity and, once you've got it, building a #community. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

#JEXchange is super valuable, especially for projects just starting out🌟, before they face the challenge of creating a LP.
3/6 Bear markets make it even tougher 🛠️- liquidity tends to gravitate towards more established projects.

That's why #decentralized exchanges that make it easy to create liquidity pools 🌊are key to a project's success and growth.

#crypto #liquidity #dex
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A new era of interoperability is here!

#MultiversX Bridge opens its gates and now enables assets to flow freely between @MultiversX, @BNBCHAIN and @ethereum!

This giant leap forward will speed up the adoption of the ecosystem, accelerating growth for all parties 🧵
@MultiversX @BNBCHAIN @ethereum 1/ 🤝 As one of the trusted relayer node providers, Istari Vision takes immense pride in contributing to the growth and interoperability of the MultiversX ecosystem. We are committed to fostering a secure and efficient bridge for cross-chain transactions.
@MultiversX @BNBCHAIN @ethereum 2/ The integration of #Binance Smart Chain on MultiversX Bridge marks a significant milestone, opening up new opportunities for users to access a broader range of assets and services across both networks.
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1/ Solidity is indispensable for developers building #decentralized applications‼️ This article will discuss how the delegatecall in #Solidity can introduce vulnerabilities in #smartcontracts and highlight measures for preventing issues associated with using it in your code.💡
2/ 𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗜𝘀 𝗗𝗲𝗹𝗲𝗴𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗰𝗮𝗹𝗹?
In #Solidity, call and delegatecall are low-level interfaces for interacting with contracts. Triggering the call function in a contract causes the code at that address to execute in the context of the target contract.
3/ #delegatecall works differently because execution occurs in the context (programming environment) of the caller contract. For example, a delegatecall from contract A to contract B would modify contract B’s storage using functions in contract A. #smartcontracts
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Bear market is a great time to learn something new. Today I will share with you what I personally had the pleasure of delving into - the technical solution of @MantaNetwork product:
MantaPay - Decentralized Anonymous Payment
1/36 Image
The Manta payment protocol is designed to protect the identities of people who make private transactions. It does this by hiding the type of asset being transferred so that attackers cannot figure out what is being transferred.
It also mixes all private transactions together in a single pool, which makes it harder for attackers to identify individual transactions. All processes are under protection of zero-knowledge proofs.
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The 2022 UCC Amendments help promote stability & predictability in commercial transactions related to a variety of cryptocurrencies (whether intrinsic, non-intrinsic, NFT, or otherwise). A thread clarifying some of the critiques by @theblaze's Daniel Horowitz & @1MarkMoss 1/n
@theblaze @1MarkMoss First, it is worth noting that the UCC is maintained as a joint project of the Uniform Law Commission and the American Law Institute. I am neither a ULC commissioner, nor a member of the ALI. I am a #law #prof @SMULawSchool & have been a #blockchain lawyer since 2011-ish 2/n
@theblaze @1MarkMoss @SMULawSchool I was, however, an observer on the 2022 UCC Amendments project over the long-haul of the project, and it was a long-haul - years in a process that was open to the public for participation...I am not sure changes to the UCC have ever been accused of being "sudden" before 3/n
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Introducing Empower⚡️- our premier product group designed to supercharge your interactions with builders and communities in the #MultiversX ecosystem!

With versatile and intuitive tools, Empower will be a game-changing addition that drives further progress.🧵
1/ We understand that the success of any #Web3 project is not only dependent on its utility, but also on #community support and engagement.

In this area, Empower's tools will provide a comprehensive solution that ensures effective engagement and cooperation.
2/ The first appearance of one of the Empower tools was during the final test phase of the @EntityFinance Battle of Launches, where participants got a sneak preview of what the suite has to offer.

Despite being in the beta testing phase, the tool performed flawlessly.
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👋Hey folks, if you're not familiar with Nostr, we've got a thread for you!

But if you already know what it is, here's our public key to follow us:


Also, do drop yours below…🧵👇 Image
Now, for those who don't know, Nostr an exciting new protocol that allows for the creation of decentralized social networks and other solutions using self-owned account/identities. 😎 Image
The Nostr social network is built much like Twitter, where you can create posts (or "notes"), like posts, follow and unfollow others, and even retweet/repost. It's a new way of social networking that puts the power back in the hands of the users. 👥
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Confused by what #SingularityNET is, and how all the Ecosystem projects fit together to build a whole?

The ecosystem leads recently collaborated on an article to give a full overview:…
2/ The article discusses Artificial Intelligence and how the SingularityNET Ecosystem and its projects are creating a network of narrow #AIs that all interconnect using #blockchain technology to create a #decentralized and benevolent Artificial General Intelligence.
3/ Comment from @bengoertzel

"The emergence of true #AGI... will be in many ways the most complex achievement...of the human species — as well as presumably the last ...since once AGIs exist they will be more adept at science and technology than human beings."
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[1/12] To understand what else is needed to create a financial future based on #blockchain technology, just consider what the #Interledger #Protocol was NOT designed to do. 😉

[A #Thread 🧵] Source:
[2/12] 🤔 What problem does #ILP genuinely address?

Just like the #internet will never agree on a single #protocol to fix everything, the world will never agree on a single #blockchain or ledger [#DLT].

What must be resolved is:
🔹 Addressing
🔹 Fragmentation The Interledger
[3/12] ❗️ To make it easy and #ELI5-friendly here is everything in one picture:

When Alice wants to send money to @bob_way, #ILP will perform all the heavy lifting so she doesn't have to worry about #wallet addresses (#PubKeys) and the like. Source:
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1/5 - Are you an #AI enthusiast?

We invite you to test our #Decentralized Infrastructure by deploying #Upscaling and #Text2Image #AImodels to unleash your creativity and upscale your memories like never before.

All you need to do is fill out this form:…
2/5 - We've deployed 3 pre-trained models

Real-ESRGAN, for image restoration;
#stablediffusion v2.1 and #waifudiffusion v1.4 to create realistic images and art from descriptions in natural language.
3/5 - We've received some fantastic feedback from users who have tried these new features. It is exciting to see our community members sharing their #aigeneratedart Image generated by Charly Mancel, DeepSquare Head of Product
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Curious about #Bitcoin, but not sure where to start? Fear not, $QUACK! In this epic Twitter thread, We'll share some of the most revealing takeaways from 'Undressing Bitcoin' by @LayahHeilpern, and show you how this revolutionary asset is changing the world of finance. 🧵👇
1/10: First things first, #Bitcoin is not just another digital currency. It's a #decentralized, open-source, peer-to-peer payment system that operates without a central authority. This means that it's not subject to the whims of governments or financial institutions. $QUACK
2/10: Unlike traditional currencies, #Bitcoin is finite. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin in existence, which makes it a valuable and scarce asset. As the demand for Bitcoin increases, so does its value. $QUACK
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