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1/ Today (JULY 31, 2019) is the Public-Feedback DEADLINE for the first-round of @_CreateTO Consultations on the Four (4) #HousingNow "PRIORITY" #AffordableHousing sites at WARDEN, WILSON, MERTON & VICTORIA PARK in #TOPoli...

@_CreateTO @TORHousing @CityPlanTO 2/ In 2018, Mayor @JohnTory announced his #HousingNow plan to build "40,000 new affordable housing units over the next 12 years" - and our @HousingNowTO volunteers started "Running the Numbers" on each of those #AffordableHousing sites from @_CreateTO...…
@_CreateTO @TORHousing @CityPlanTO @JohnTory 3/ In January 2019, we launched our Free, Public, Interactive MAP to allow anyone to "visit" the Eleven (11) proposed #HousingNow sites for new #AffordableHousing development-proposals by @_CreateTO. In Seven (7) months - we have had over 19,000+ Views...
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I’m back at the @uscapitol, this time for a Congressional Transparency Caucus event on tools for Congressional staff:… Impressive line up of speakers & organizations. Thanks to @RepMikeQuigley for hosting & championing #opengov! #CivicTech
First up: Michael Horowitz, the inspector general (@JusticeOIG) of @TheJusticeDept, talking about, which brings together IG reports from across US government. @OversightGov tweets out every new report when it’s posted. Goal: inform the public! #opengov
1 million hits/year for @OversightGov, Horowitz says. Enhancements are planned. Public will see thousands of recommendations that have not been implemented & would result in cost savings, he explains, & a IG vacancies dashboard. Cc @POGOBlog… #opengov
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Top Ten Rules of Technology for Social Change: A Thread.
The 140 character version of what I'm learning and teaching
about technology for development and social justice.

#ict4d #tech4dev #ict4dev #civictech
1. Technology is not inherently good or bad; nor is it neutral
(Melvin Kranzberg 1985).
2. Technology is inherently political (@langdonw 1986). Technologies are compatible with certain political configurations and relationships.
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Follow me on a little recap of my time at @nycplanning over the last 3 years. I was recruited after @arielmai introduced me to @fuchsnyc . He was building a progressive, data-savvy team focused on analyzing and influencing NYC’s Capital Budget. 1/
@NYCPlanning @arielmai @fuchsnyc The team had been assembling new data products and cleaning up old ones, and the missing piece of the puzzle was a digital platform to make the data more accessible. The simplified dream: see all of NYC’s capital projects on a map instead of parsing through 4000 pages of PDFs. 2/
@NYCPlanning @arielmai @fuchsnyc I like to describe @fuchsnyc as having a clear-as-day vision in his head for what this product could do, but didn’t like his options. (1. Figure out how to get it built in-house in the agency’s IT team. 2. Find money and hire a vendor to build it) /3
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Há algum tempo atrás baixei um PDF com a lista de beneficiados pela Lei da Anistia. Hoje fui procurá-lo na página do @JusticaGovBR e *o arquivo não está mais disponível*, daí comecei uma investigação, segue o fio. #opendata #DitaduraNaoSeComemora
A URL original era:… (dá pra encontrá-lo pelo Google, mas a versão em cache não está mais disponível).
Parece que o primeiro arquivo foi liberado em jan2015 (notícia:…), mas depois existiram outros.
Buscando um pouco mais encontrei um outro arquivo, de 2018, mas também não acessível (sou redirecionado para uma página de autenticação):…
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Gather round, children, as I share a timeless tale of fundamentally broken #GovTech:

At the end of 2018, before I started my new job, my fiance explored the possibility of applying for Medicaid until we found a private insurance option that would let her see her doctors. (1/n)
Like many states, Illinois's digital infrastructure for public benefits case management leaves a lot to be desired. So even after we found private insurance, which meant that all we had to do was withdraw her case in their system, I knew I had to set significant time aside. (2/n)
We received a letter containing instructions to access the system. But when we went to the site, the path outlined in those instructions didn't match what was there. Account creation is easy enough to interpret for us, but what about for somebody with low digital literacy? (3/n)
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back in the day (2014 is back in the day now, don't @ me) we made a reader for incoming Code for America fellows. reflecting on the things I chose for it (several folks contributed), I think they really stand up.
1. Spreading Slow Ideas by Atul Gawande.… the point of this article is that people - friendly people - are much more scalable than anything else, for scaling major change in any kind of practice or culture.
I would really love to put this into practice in #civictech. we do this, but not with very large numbers. we staff our work more like build teams, when the best of them are really build-and-coach teams. (or migrate-and-coach teams or make-better-forms-and-coach-teams)
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Today we release 'Poisoning Democracy: How Canada Can Address Harmful Speech Online' by @cjtenove, @heiditworek and @mckelveyf offering 3 solutions to online hate, harassment and threats.

Read the report -…

#cdnmedia #cdnpoli #harmfulspeech
The speed, scale & global reach of harmful speech online cannot be addressed by current regulatory approaches. And this speech, in its many forms, undermines the quality of democratic participation.

It excludes vulnerable people from politics and encourages social tension. 🤬
So what can we do? Let’s walk through the 3 recommendations in this report:

#1 calls for greater cooperation between Canadian gov, police, civil society & online companies. We already moderate social media & enforce community standards. We can respond better if respond together.
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So much to say about this…
Reid Hoffman, Jeff Katzenberg, Fred Wilson and Sunil Paul threw good money at this.
And because it was Pincus and Hoffman’s thing, it sucked oxygen from other folks.
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The first thing that stands out to me about the #MoreThanCode report is that most practitioners they surveyed feel excluded, in one way or another, from the various civic tech spaces #MoreThanCode asked them about. (1/n)
This resonants with a picture becoming more and more clear over time that there is no #civictech movement anymore. There are no shared visions that bind more than a handful of practitioners.

It may be time to stop framing things in meaningless terms correlated with exclusion.
The second thing that stood out to me about the #MoreThanCode report is that it is largely about things practitioners are unhappy about: funders, solutionism, procurement, and much more.

It's rare to see the failings of #civictech addressed head on. Great work.
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Spent some great time today in conversations about #civictech, its possibilities, limits, needs and absences.

Met many folks interested in challenging what it means to sustain digital communities AND build alternative infrastructures to do so. #femtechnet #AMC2018
Some takeaways I want to keep in mind as I continue work in this field:

- how do we shift tech resources where they’re needed most
- (hyper)local communities have ideas/solutions for transformative change, tech needs to be built from place of support, not ownership

- Power dynamics need to be disrupted at every level including tech & edu infrastructure; everything isn’t a “pipeline” problem
- critical ethics standards in digital research is needed
- we can have, and deserve to experience, joy in our advocacy

#AMC2018 #femtechnet
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Smart City vs. Menacing City: A Wakanda Deferred, Matt Mitchell talking about the intersections of urban development and social justice #PDF18 #civictech
Comic nerd vibes 🤓🖖🏾 | @geminiimatt showing us the complex ways worlds (imagined and real) collide and show us the reality of unintentional harm that tech reproduces #PDF18 #civictech
Gov’t officials and law enforcement are monitoring social media and your digital footprint, defining targets as dangerous as a result. Guess who this serves and who it oppresses. So why/how do we trust tech? | @geminiimatt #PDF18 #civictech
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