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"Morning of Dagestan" appeals to all the inhabitants of Russia, to all Russians.
This Chekist regime of Putin must be demolished completely and to the ground!
Resistance must be complete and complete!
#Dagestan #Russia #NAFO #NAFOfellas Image
Tomorrow we Dagestan know that it is the simple Russian people who have experienced and are experiencing the greatest harm!
The entire post-Soviet space suffers from this regime!
#Ukraine️ #NAFO #NAFOfellas #Dagestan #mobilization Image
The old dog wants to live, breathe and drink our blood!
Our children have grown up who have not seen another president except Putin!
#Ukraine️ #NAFO #NAFOfellas #UkraineWillWin #Russians #StopRussiaNOW #RussianArmy #mobilization #Dagestan Image
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🧵 A common question is how should activists and anti-fascists train martial arts for self/community defense. Some say, "Just train MMA". However, it's a bit more complicated. In this thread we will discuss effectiveness, convenience, training ratios, and mental conditioning. MMA class in a gym
The first criteria is effectiveness. Do folks regularly compete/spar using full contact? Are there videos of people using it for self-defense, brawls, etc? Are those techniques going to be effective and easy to use in the situations you anticipate or potentially dangerous?
Striking should be the focus for us. It allows for quick engagement, can be used against multiple attackers, and can deal damage instantly. However, it does have a steeper learning curve meaning it takes time and dedication before you have a decisive advantage over most people.
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This is the (short) story of Askar Mozharov: This fighter had amassed a pro MMA record of 25-7 on some recordkeeping sites. He made his way to the #UFC, and recently contacted Sherdog Fight Finder to demand that losses be removed from his record. Those losses were very real. 1/10
This demand prompted Sherdog into an investigation of his record. Following a substantial review, his W-L record was updated to 19-12, where we nixed multiple fake wins and added legitimate losses. He promptly got finished by Alonzo Menifield at #UFCVegas56 in the 1st round. 2/10
The comprehensive photo- and video-filled story can be viewed here, up to the point of his #UFC debut. It’s got it all: fake names, fictional posters, bogus emails, fight fixing name it. Since that debut, more has come to light. 3/10…
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#WillSmith errou. Não se espanca colegas de profissão durante o expediente. Para o mundo era festa. Para #ChrisRock, era #trabalho.
Aliás, não se espanca ninguém -salvo em legítima defesa de ato similar e com força proporcional-, o que não foi o caso. Ou em jogos de prazer consensual, em rough sex, entre pessoas adultas.
No trabalho, se não for no octógono do Ultimate Fighting Championship ou evento similar de #MMA, jamais.

Você espanca seus colegas hierárquicos durante desavenças profissionais? Acha normal? Valentia? Coisa de "macho"? Triste.
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Ukrainian #Jewish #mma fighter tortured in #Ukraine.
Matched tattoos on his knee to confirm it is Maxim Ryndovskiy. #OSINT #Ryndovskiy
Open source info = 2 versions:
1/ He was Pro-Chechen visiting DPR regularly
2/ Far right Ukrainians (Nazi supporters)
No solid intel yet.
#Facebook ID:100026417802478, so far, no Pro-Russian or pro-Chechen views have been found which would corroborate Version 1. His FB profile has friends in Ukraine and Russia, mostly female, no Chechens, no open source Pro-Russian propaganda. #OSINT #Ukraine #Ryndovskiy
His #Twitch account, he can be seen playing war games…
His videos:
*Note the Star of David on his logo, the only thing found so far in regards to Pro-Russian or Pro-Chechen views is nothing, just a love for #judaism and his roots.
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1/ Thread: Showcasing tons of @ufc statistics for the entire #UFCLondon Volkov vs Aspinall card!

This is your one-stop shop for detailed stats on every fighter & bout, featuring:

✅Overviews of each fighter's #MMA & #UFC career
✅Comparison figure(s) for most bouts


🧵 ImageImageImageImage
2/ Professional #MMA and #UFC career comparison for Alexander Volkov vs Tom Aspinall

74% finish (65% KO) rate in 34 wins for Volkov who won 3 of his last 4 bouts

100% finish (82% KO) rate in 11 wins for Aspinall who is on a 7 bout win streak

#UFCLondon #NumbersByNate ImageImageImageImage
3/ Professional #MMA and #UFC career comparison for Arnold Allen vs Dan Hooker

53% finish (29% KO) rate in 17 wins for Allen who is on a 10 bout win streak

81% finish (48% KO) rate in 21 wins for Hooker whose last 3 wins went the distance

#UFCLondon #NumbersByNate ImageImageImageImage
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CT listen up.

There's a new meme coin on the block.


"aww here we go again."

Easy, anon.

Unlike other memes, this one's different, yeah, it's different, and it's starting a cultural phenomenon.

Pull up to the thread, leave with your ceiling missing:



It's all about dem dogs and damn DOGE started it all.

Reaching a peak Market cap near $80B, it blew the minds of MSM and the general masses.

To put $80B in perspective, DOGE's MC ranked higher than CVS, Target, Uber and AirBNB.


With that kind of bark, DOGE also got the attention of the world's richest man, and arguable one of Twitter's most infamous trolls @elonmusk.

How can we discuss meme coins and not mention the most shameless shill of all time?
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A quick 🧵 thread 🧵explaining why I believe $MRI will be the #1 traded #memecoin in 2022… 👇🏽
1. The Team : $MRI dev team has made it clear that Actions, speak louder than words.

They rallied a community of #Crypto investors OVER NIGHT towards one vision. #FightingForFighters Image
2. Community : in under a week the $MRI holder count went from 0-4000.

The $MRI Fighters have been attacking Twitter aggressively, making $MRI one of the most mentioned coins next to $LOOKS & $MCC

Let’s not forget, organically Trending on @DEXToolsApp every day since Launch. Image
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🧵 It's the weekend so let's have some fun. It's #memecoin season! Incredibly I've actually made money on a #dogcoin. That coin is @RoganInu $MRI. It's an incredible experience seeing the power of #crypto to rapidly mobilise a hive mind and create something unique 👨‍🦲🐶🥊 1/13
Despite success in #DeFi I've always lost money on #memecoins. I saw @ChadCaff and @chirocrypto mentioning $MRI. Good guys who put in the work, share gems with followers early, and work hard for their bags. I thought @joerogan narrative, dogs, @ufc... yeah that could work. 2/13
The marketing angle was clear, but through the team and power of the community a greater utility emerged... leveraging the treasury to support underpaid fighters. As a massive #boxing and #mma fan I love that. These guys are warriors and the pay structure is very top heavy. 3/13
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1 - #Taliban won’t allow #TTP to use Afghan soil against Pakistan, hopes Sheikh Rasheed (17 Aug 2021 The News)

#Pakistan , particularly the KP / FATA under #Talibans Rule

#Afghanistan #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans #CPEC #OBOR #China #HaqqaniNetwork
2 - Propaganda against #Taliban proving false, says FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi (19 Aug 2021 Dawn)

#Pakistan the KP / FATA under #Talibans Rule


#Afghanistan #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans #CPEC #OBOR #China #HaqqaniNetwork #TTP
3 - TTP maintains ties with #Afghan Taliban, says UN report (27 July 2021 Dawn)

#Pakistan the KP / FATA under #Talibans Rule


#Afghanistan #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans #CPEC #OBOR #China #HaqqaniNetwork #TTP
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1 - Propaganda against #Taliban proving false, says Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi (19 Aug 2021 Dawn)

Mr Imran Khan had said this 7 years ago in India

#Afghanistan #Taliban #TTP #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans
2 - Propaganda against #Taliban proving false, says Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi (19 Aug 2021 Dawn)

Mr Imran Khan had said this 7 years ago in India

#Afghanistan #Taliban #TTP #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans
Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi while talking with Al Jazeera , condemned The Taliban for their acts of Terror & Bloodletting in Pakistan

Ref :

#Afghanistan #Taliban #TTP #AlQaeda #Daish #ETIM #USA #FATF #Kabul #Talibans
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معروف افسانہ نگار و ادیب مرحومہ عصمت چغتائی صاحبہ کے افسانے “لحاف” پر راحت کاظمی صاحب نے اچھی کوشش کی ہے مگر کثر رہ گئی ہے فلم کو مذید explicit ہونا چاہئیے تھا تاکہ مشرقی تہذیب کی منافقت ننگی ہوکر رہ جاوے Image
Lihaaf: The Quilt a film based on Ismat Chughtai short story is a good effort by Mr Rahat Kazmi but should have been more explicit to expose the decadence of “Eastern Civilisation” of the subcontinent | Film should have produced by Zalman King , Paul Verhoeven or Bob Guccione Image
سنہ ۲۰۰۲ تا ۲۰۰۷ تک صوبہ سرحد میں متحدہ مجلس عمل (جمیعت علمائے اسلام - ف ) اور جماعت اسلامی و دیگر مولویوں کی حکومت کے دوران #پشاور سے ننگی پتنگی فلمیں پورے پاکستان میں سپلائی ہوتی تھیں | @SalmanHydr @MaqsoodAsi @Rafi_AAA @AdeelZebJanjua @mumti

مکمل :
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Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #boxer #boxing #champion #light #heavyweight Matt Fl Image
Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #light #heavyweight #boxing #mma #fitness #fit Image
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With the launch of, let's see what X Stream Channels, Inc. brings to the table.



X Stream Channels (XSC) is a video streaming service. The company produces and distributes physical and digital content.

XSC is entering a hot market where, per Statista, nearly 80 percent of consumers in the US has a subscription video service.


X Stream Channels primarily focuses independent entertainment. In fact, their massive content catalogue allows them to be the largest independently owned streaming service in North America.
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La directora #KatCoiro (Modern Family, Shameless, Mozart in the Jungle, entre otros) se suma al equipo de #ShueHulk como productora ejecutiva, y quizás dirija el piloto, y varios episodios mas!!

#Marvel #MarvelPodcast #MCU #MarvelStudios
En su película de 2011, Life Happens, tuvo como protagonista a @Krystenritter... nuestra querida #JessicaJones.... se vendrá un cameo en la serie de #SheHulk para #DisneyPlus???? ImageImage
Y ya que de [TEORIAS] viene la tarde, le proponemos un #SheHulk #Fancast #MarvelPodcast!!!
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Tonight, live sport returns to the west in the form of the #UFC249 event in Jacksonville, Florida with an absolutely stacked card. I will be bringing previews, live tweets, and analysis of the fights all night. To start, Cerrone vs Pettis, the headliner of the undercard! #UFC
Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, Dana White’s @ufc is ploughing on as usual, with a Bantamweight title fight between the champion @HenryCejudo and former two-time champ @DominickCruz, and a Lightweight interim title fight between @Justin_Gaethje and ‘El Cucuy’ @TonyFergusonXT.
The big news so far however comes out of the prelims, as the fight between Uriah Hall and Jacare Souza is OFF after news broke that Souza has tested positive for Coronavirus.

#coronavirus #UFC249
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Neonazis im professionellen Mixed Martial Arts: @BellatorMMA schickt den Ukrainer Maksym Tkachuk in den Käfig zu Bellator 234 am 15. November in Tel Aviv / #Israel. Er trägt eine schwarze Sonne auf seinem rechten Ellenbogen - mehrere übereinander gelegte Hakenkreuze. #mma Image
@BellatorMMA Das Bild wurde beim Staredown aufgenommen. Hier das Video, bei Minute 5:46:…
@BellatorMMA Kleine Korrektur: Bellator 234 in Tel Aviv findet heute Abend statt, nicht morgen.
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Save the Date – Abendveranstaltung zur Professionalisierung extrem rechter Gewalt und Präventionsansätzen im Kampfsport – 24.09., 18 Uhr in Berlin. (1/4)

Gerne RT.
Die Professionalisierung des #Hooliganismus & extrem rechter #Gewalt im #Kampfsport – insb. Mixed Martial-Arts – werden derzeit viel diskutiert. Denn die extreme Rechte investiert gezielt in den Bereich, baut u.a. Großevents wie den „Kampf der Nibelungen“ auf. (2/4)
Mein KoFaS-Kollege Olaf Zajonc und ich haben Akteure der MMA, des #DOSB und der #Sportpolitik zum Stand der Prävention von Gewalt und menschenverachtenden Einstellungen sowie der Strategien gegen den extrem rechten Einfluss in den #MMA interviewt. (3/4)
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Neonazi-Hooligan kämpft im neuen deutschen #MMA-Format auf @ranfightingDE!
Timo Feucht aus #Leipzig soll am 13.04. bei der "Nova Fighting Championship" kämpfen. Mehr Infos über ihn und sein Umfeld:…
Wir sagen: #RunterVonDerMatte und #KeinHandshakeMitNazis
Feucht (1. v. r.) war 2016 beim Neonazi-Überfall auf #Connewitz beteiligt und gehört zum "Imperium Fight Team“ in #Leipzig. Sein Trainer ist Benjamin Brinsa. Sie und ihr Umfeld gehören zur #Neonazi-#Hooligan-Szene in #Leipzig.
Auch bei den Promotern sieht es schlecht aus: Peter Sobotta (1. v. l.) und Tim Leidecker (2. v. l.) wollen mit "Nova Fighting Championship“ #MMA in Deutschland wieder etablieren. Beide unterhalten gute Kontakte zu Neonazis (s. Bild B. Brinsa 4. v. l.) bzw. trainieren diese sogar.
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It's the end of Quarter 1 and SO MUCH maths in #Room805! Let's start with #WIM from @joboaler and @chaoskeeper11. After our investigations, we wrapped up with our first ever #Colloquium using Two Stars and a Wish Feedback! 1/
You're gonna want to read what the student wrote there Jo and Cathy! I wouldn't have believed if I didn't see it for myself! Next, let's visit #MMA! We are a Math 8 and Algebra 1 community of learners. Hang on to your hats!
We've got multiple perspectives on that Promethean Board there @caguilarmunoz! But wait, there's more!
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There was a young archer who was winning competition after competition. Riding high on success he challenged the old master to a test of skills.

The young archer let the first arrow loose and it landed dead center of the bullseye. The second found its way home too.
"Ha! Beat THAT, if you can!" he boasted.

The master smiled nodding his head slowly. "Impressive. Let's take a walk," he said as he headed towards the nearby mountain.

Up they climbed all afternoon. The master said nothing. The young challenger grew more curious.
They finally reached a deep chasm with an old fallen tree acting as a natural bridge. The master calmly strode to the middle of the log, called a distant tree as his target, took aim, and let the arrow fly.

Dead center of a tiny knot in the trunk.
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