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#Apologies can be steps towards assisting in #healing #medical #trauma. When my daughter was in @SanfordHealth for 2 months, virtually #secluded bc of accusations by #hospital administration that she causes her diabetic crisis a #hospitalist & #diabetic counselor accused 1
her of ‘stashing’ #Insulin in room. All visitors searched. No items in room unless searched - camera in room 24/7 YET she is accused of injecting #Insulin. My daughter again attempted to educate on post #TPAIT. After additional days, the #Diabetic #Counselor came back & 2
#apologized acknowledging how hard it was to control her #diabetes. It’s hard control when she is at #Baseline but if she is sick nightmare. That #apology meant the world 🌎 to my daughter. She continued to work w this #counselor throughout stay & after. YET #PatientRelations 3 Image
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Warning ⚠️ ⛔️ : Uncomfortable Thread 🪡
My tweets lately have focused on my daughter’s #healthcare at @SanfordHealth & our struggle to access appropriate & compassion care where her agency is not taken away. I know the threads my be uncomfortable for some particularly if you 1
are a #medical professional. I am aware that many are thinking 💭‘what’s the back story’, ‘something they did caused this no #medical facility or #medical #professional would partake in this’. I get that. There IS a back story. A child at 2 wks having her 1st #hereditary 2
#pancreatitis flare. In 1st grade undergoing her 1st #transplant. In 6th grade undergoing 2nd #transplant. Complications, no real follow up. Complications being ignored. Physicians both on #transplant team as well as others questioning her symptoms, her #pain. Dismissing & 3
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⛔️ Alerta de #Fiebre #Tifoidea

Me han llegado múltiples mensajes de mis pacientes con cadenas de #Whatsapp que alertan sobre varios casos en #Caracas.

Así que vamos a explicar un poco. Mi intención no es alarmar, por el contrario, quiero tranquilizar y educar en prevención.
La FT es causada por la bacteria #Salmonella typhi. Se transmite por la ingesta de alimentos y el agua contaminados o el contacto estrecho con un infectado. Sus signos y síntomas son:

⚠️ Fiebre
⚠️ Cefalea
⚠️ Dolor estomacal
⚠️ #Estreñimiento o #diarrea
⚠️ Manchas rosadas en piel
La mayoría de las personas que tienen fiebre tifoidea se sienten mejor unos días después de comenzar el #tratamiento con #antibióticos.

Un 15% de los casos se pueden complicar con #Pancreatitis, #Colcistitis, #hepatitis, #neumonía entre otros.

#NO se automedique.
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Hoy vamos a hacer un hilo del artículo publicado en el @NEJM #pancreatitis. agressive or moderated resuscitation in acute pancreatitis. Y vamos a ver Sí todo el ruido qué a generado es justificado o no.
Estudio multicéntrico abierto de grupos paralelos aleatorizado controlado para buscar superioridad. Se aleatorizaron 18 centros en 4 países ( India Italia México y España).
Se incluyeron pacientes con diagnóstico de pancreatitis aguda de acuerdo a Los criterios revisados de Atlanta(2/3 dolor abdominal aumento de la lipasa o de la amilasa 3 uln o signos de pancreatitis en la imagen). No > de 24 hs después del inicio dolor y diagnóstico no > de 8 hs
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I am perplexed how #RogerChou can not only sit on the #CDCOWG but is a lead author. He recused himself at the #CDC meeting due to #COIs bc of his work as ‘expert witness’ in Purdue litigation but is lead author 🤷🏻‍♀️ @CDCDirector @CDCInjury could you explain how this is ethical? 1/
Listening to the #CDCOWG from perspective of #caregiver & advocate was disheartening. For me @CDCDirector assurances that #patients voices were heard was meaningless. She may say that we’ve been heard but then how are so many feeling as we haven’t been? Why are the #legislation 2
of these guidelines continuing? Why are those who have benefitted from #opioid #pain medications being removed, shamed & stigmatized? Why is care not individualized? It’s very clear our #voices have not been heard. There is nothing that was said that eased my concern for 3/
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I wanted to share some comments by #parents whose children have #pancreatitis. As I have shared before, the #pain care for these kids is NOT adequate. Their #pain is often not being addressed. I have asked parents to start writing up their stories to share. When #pain is not 1/
addressed it causes trauma, not only for the child/youth but parents. We know unaddressed #pain can lead to #chronicpain. I absolutely believe in #biopyschosocial approach but what we are seeing is a #psychosocial approach being utilized and #bio aspect missing. This leaves 2/
#parents and #patients feeling angry & abandoned. One of the reasons I started getting involved in #advocacy is that my kids #pain was dismissed, they were labeled. This leads to #trauma, #chronicpain & distrust of #physician. What HCP need to understand is that when this is 3/
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I am angry tweeting and usually that is never good but I am angry. My heart is breaking for another mother who lost their child to pain. She had her entire life in front of her. Her entire life! For many years she struggled with #pancreatitis. She was 1/
not in an area where there were many #physicians aware of #pancreatitis. I provided the mother names of experts in the field but sadly they never followed up or called. I have often seen this. As a parent I would carry around my husband & kids genetic 🧬 results 2/
in order to ensue that physicians would listen to me. I’d provide them with the names or our specialists. A few times physicians listened many times they did not. So often my husband was questioned about his alcohol use relentlessly EVEN with the test results. It was a 3/
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The number of #patients with #chronicpain being harmed due to false narratives re #opioid #pain medication continues even while #CDC revisiting guidelines as they know it has been misapplied & manipulated by anti opioid entities 1/
Untreated #pain does harm in so many ways. Imagine a mother having to beg for her child not to have to lie withering in a hospital bed in pain due to #hereditarypancreatitis. Being told to have her daughter use #GuidedImagery to address the horrible pain. This is criminal 2/ Image
Imagine having your children begging to just die due to pain. This has been common for many kids w #pancreatitis due to lack of addressing their #pain. #EssentialOils, #GuidedImagery, #Accupuncture will NOT work in the middle of a flare. It is criminal that this still occurs 3/
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So excited! I was selected. I am very grateful to be able to participate in this conversation.
For all those who have #pancreatitis particularly the youth 💜 Image
@LelenaPeacock I got a conversation girl! So excited
Thanks! Even though randomly selected pumped to converse with #CDC on this issue
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موضوعنا اليوم من أهم مواضيع الجهاز الهضمي
#pancreatitis acute

التهاب البنكرياس الحاد تعالوا نعرف تفاصيل المرض في هذا الثريد 👌⬇️

——— Image
عناوين الثريد
1- ايش هو الـ Acute pancreatitis
والـ pathophysiology للمرض
2- Causes أسباب المرض❗️
3- Risk factor ايش العوامل المؤثرة
4-complication مضاعفات المرض
5- sign and symptoms 👁
6- diagnosis التشخيص
7- Goal of therapy 🎯
ايش الهدف من العلاج
8- non pharmacological and pharmacological treatment ?
الخطة العلاجية للمريض

9-managment in pregnancy?🤰🏻

10- Evaluation of therapeutic outcomes ?
المتابعة مع المريض 👨🏻‍⚕️

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