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#Apologies can be steps towards assisting in #healing #medical #trauma. When my daughter was in @SanfordHealth for 2 months, virtually #secluded bc of accusations by #hospital administration that she causes her diabetic crisis a #hospitalist & #diabetic counselor accused 1
her of ‘stashing’ #Insulin in room. All visitors searched. No items in room unless searched - camera in room 24/7 YET she is accused of injecting #Insulin. My daughter again attempted to educate on post #TPAIT. After additional days, the #Diabetic #Counselor came back & 2
#apologized acknowledging how hard it was to control her #diabetes. It’s hard control when she is at #Baseline but if she is sick nightmare. That #apology meant the world 🌎 to my daughter. She continued to work w this #counselor throughout stay & after. YET #PatientRelations 3 Image
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1/4 "In this cohort study, more #severe acute illness, a higher #Charlson #Comorbidity #Index score, and being #unvaccinated were associated with a higher risk of reporting #COVID19 symptoms lasting 28 days or more."

#Unvaccinated and #immune naive or #convalescent?
2/4 "Participants with #COVID19 were more likely to seek medical care for #diabetes, #pulmonary, #neurological, and #mental health–related #illness for at least 6 months after onset compared with their pre-#COVID #baseline health care use patterns."
3/4 "These findings may inform the risk-benefit ratio of COVID-19 #vaccination #policy."

#SARSCoV2 #CovidIsNotOver #PASC #LongCovid

All were not checked for viral reservoirs and/or persistence, not tested in upper and lower respiratory tract and in the gastrointestinal tract.
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1/7“The cardinal symptom of ME/CFS – PEM or post exertional exacerbation of symptoms.
……the fact that by definition, patients with ME/CFS are made more ill by aerobic exercise.
This has been unequivocally and repeatedly demonstrated by several research groups and confirmed by"
2/7"major govt. bodies in the US: the National Institutes of Health, the Center for Disease Control and the National Academy of Medicine.” #MECFS #LCME #ExertionIntolerant #EnergyLimitingConditions #PostExertionalMalaise #StopRestPace…
3/7 #pwME "need a level of discipline at least as high as the average Olympic athlete to control and restrict all their activities so completely for years." #MECFSWarriors
#Baseline #FineLine
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1/46 Ενώ ο ΠΘ έκανε συγκινητικό #διάγγελμα αξύριστος και αποφασισμένος να αντιμετωπίσει την ακρίβεια με μέτρα/ τομές στην καρδία της οικονομίας, και εν μέσω εξελίξεών στις υποθέσεις #πατρα, και δίκες #λιγνάδης/ #φιλιππίδης πάμε σε θρεντάκι για να παραθέσουμε τις επεξηγήσεις και… Image
2/46 …το γλωσσάρι για όλες τις έννοιες που χρησιμοποιούνται (στα αγγλικά) στα θρεντς, με πολλούς φίλους/ ες να επισημαίνουν (με το δίκιο τους) ότι τους δυσκολεύει στην ανάγνωση.
3/46 Ειδική μνεία πρέπει να γίνει στις αγαπητές @SiliaBou & @AthinaKe για την πολύτιμη βοήθειά τους στο προτζεκτ αυτό. Gracie ladies <3
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Excited to announce all #baseline #models for EPIC-KITCHENS-100 #Challenges are now public. Check updated ArXiv "Rescaling Egocentric Vision" for results
Challenge winners will be announced @CVPR. Models and features available 2 download [see thread]
EPIC-KITCHENS-100 – Dates (for all challenges)
May 28Codalab Submission Deadline
Jun 4Deadline for Submission of Technical Reports
June 19-25Results will be announced at full-day EPIC@CVPR2021 workshop

Check our FAQ on all challenges at:
C1: Action Recognition Challenge
Watch @will_price_94 explain this challenge at:
Get Started (code+models):…
Public Leaderboard with baseline results:…

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Our article is now online @nresearchnews Read more on our work on using #AI to count trees 🤖🤓🌳🌴 in #africa to understand soil degradation & #ClimateChange Thanks to all collaborator @unibremen @uni_copenhagen #GSFC @NASA @WWU_Muenster @KU_Leuven @CNRS
1/8 Our paper in a #nutshell 🌰The prevailing view is that dryland areas like the Sahara or Sahel are largely free of trees and shrubs 🌴🌳. However, we find that’s not the case!😯🤓🤖the relatively high density of isolated trees challenges prevailing narratives #desertification
2/8 Although the overall canopy cover is low, the relatively high density of isolated trees challenges prevailing narratives about dryland desertification (see photo below) 🌴👉
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Well, this is an interesting document. My thoughts on a first read.
1/ it makes very clear indeed how disjointed, underfunded and undervalued our #earlyyears provision isa nd now this has been dismantled over the last 10 years; >>
>> 2/ it fails to make any recommendations that even come close to the fully-funded, state kindergarten system we all know we need, with a valued and well-paid workforce;
>> 3/ It seems to assume "nursery classes" are widespread - they are not. And fails to acknowledge the vast childminding sector;
4/ Finally, it makes reference to #baseline ( p31) with no apparent appreciation of the issues surrounding it. >>
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Twitter Thread - #NewStartforLibya

Ladies and gentlemen, the political and economic situation in #Libya today makes life hard for everyone, for #Libyans, our neighbours and the rest of the world. But we may still have hope that this can change.
I tweet today, not as a representative of any institution, faction or interest group but as someone who only wants the best for Libya; and #Libya surely deserves much better than she has had for the last fifty or so years.
I want to give you a summary of ideas that I have been developing for some time with a group of friends, professionals and academics which has become something of an informal think-tank.
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