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Is this connected to Operation Cassandra?
It is certainly a #ButNothingsHappening case, $115M illegally laundered to Iran from Venezuela from 2011-2013, but not investigated until the Trump Admin.
Lied to FBI agents about the scheme which started in 2006 in January 2020!
This is a superseding indictment, which likely means an earlier indictment happened under seal. Now this one as an edited version to hide other connections & cases connected to this defendant. ht @ProudBigDaddy2
One of the reasons this may be Project Cassandra related is that they are having the SDNY's Terrorism & International Narcotics Unit leading this investigation.
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A letter hand written by the middleman who is cooperating with authorities, links Fenech & Schembri to #DaphneCaruanaGalizia & it was found at Fenech's property when it was searched! #ButNothingsHappening…
Seems the middleman wrote the note to them implicating them in the murders as an insurance policy in case he was murdered by them!

Oh Lordy, there are tapes!
Even an allegation that one cabinet member tried to pin the murder upon another cabinet member!

Now that's how you drain a Swamp!

Let them argue over who is more guilty of corruption!
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PRESS RELEASE 20.11.2019


1/ If you are a member of civil society, if you feel you’ve been lied to time & time again, if you feel that those who’s duty it is to safeguard the country & institutions have betrayed the country
2/ then you need to be at Castille today, Wed 20 November, at 6pm to demand parliamentarians remove Joseph Muscat from the post of prime minister if they don’t get his resignation first. Muscat should have fired Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi on the spot in Feb 2016. He didn’t.
3/ He protected them instead & still is, even after Schembri withdrew his court case this week. Muscat created the state of impunity – the Mafia State – that not only allowed a corrupt contract to be awarded, but led to the assassination of journalist #DaphneCaruanaGalizia
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As attention rightly shifts to the composition of the Board for the 2 years too late Inquiry into #DaphneCaruanaGalizia’s assassination it’s worth informing the debate on the members nominated by @JosephMuscat_JM: 1/
After asking others (who appear to have refused including due to the imposition of the other 2 members - see why), the Government settled for Ex Judge Michael Mallia as the Chairman. 2/
The main gripe about Dr Mallia is not his integrity but his active involvement in the criminal proceedings reviewing online threats received by Caruana Galizia. Now here is where a mess becomes apparent: the inquiry is expected to go into risk of harm which arises from threats 3/
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RSF Secretary-General @cdeloire is intervening from the plenary floor at #DefendMediaFreedom in London. Opens by noting the World #PressFreedom Map is getting darker every year, with only 9 percent of the world population now living in countries with a good press freedom climate.
.@cdeloire points to visible and invisible prisons for journalists. Counter-models are emerging that work against #pressfreedom. We are at a tipping point, and business as usual is not working. Business as usual will kill democracy. #DefendMediaFreedom
.@cdeloire calls for action in cases that haven’t been mentioned: @raif_badawi in #SaudiArabia. Cumhuriyet journalists in #Turkey. #DaphneCaruanaGalizia in #Malta. And Julian #Assange, whose case has worrying implications for protection of journalistic sources #DefendMediaFreedom
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My latest for ⁦@BylineTimes⁩. Justice for Daphne: Passport Investments Company Replies to Accusations of a ‘Faustian Pact’ with Cambridge Analytica #DaphneCaruanaGalizia…
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1. «Caruana Galizia [@mcaruanagalizia] also used the occasion to call for a change in Malta’s libel laws, so that the burden of proof doesn’t rest entirely with the journalists being sued for libel.»

#DaphneCaruanaGalizia #Malta #JournalismIsNotACrime
2. «“For example, all my mother’s libels have now been passed on to her heirs, but the magistrate and plaintiffs know we cannot produce the key witness, because she has been killed."» #DaphneCaruanaGalizia
3.«“Because of this, under Maltese law, we will lose the cases upon default because the burden of proof is on us.”.“The plaintiff need present no evidence, just file an application without any evidence and they’ll win by default.This is the structural problem with Malta's (...)"»
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1. @gulnozas: "Our main goal at CPJ [Committee to Protect Journalists] is that the masterminds are named and brought to justice. We believe that the independent inquiry into the case would help to achieve that goal." #DaphneCaruanaGalizia @pressfreedom

2. @gulnozas: "Unfortunately, we haven´t seen any political will on the side of the Maltese authorities, including the prime minister, to start such an independent investigation." #Malta #JosephMuscat

3. @gulnozas: "The prime minister Muscat continues with the defamation lawsuit against Daphne, despite the fact that she hasn´t been alive for a long time. The case is now against her son, who is also an investigative journalist, Matthew Caruana Galizia". @mcaruanagalizia
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People really need to focus because there is a scheme underway in #Malta to bury two crimes. These crimes go all the way to Castille. Ignore the noise that @MaltaGov & @PL_Malta have become so adept at creating & focus.

Naturally these relate to @keithaschembri 1/
Besides the high profile #17Black & #Egrant, there are 2 magisterial inquiries meant to be underway. They have been underway now for just under 2 years & there is no reason why they should be taking so long other than due to interference & behind the scenes efforts @ burying 2/
Which inquiries & crimes are these?

- Kickbacks in relation to the sale of #GoldenPassports from Brian Tonna to Keith Schembri via Pilatus Bank
- Kickbacks & laundering of proceeds paid to Adrian Hillman by Schembri the disgraced & planted ex-head of Times of Malta 3/
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“I came to the issue of vexatious defamation suits including #SLAPPs following the assassination of #DaphneCaruanaGalizia when we noticed the disappearance of news stories about #Pilatus bank - which she was investigating - from news websites in Malta,”
Many news outlets, threatened with potentially ruinous vexatious lawsuits by Pilatus through their London law firms, had removed this content.
The practice of #SLAPPs circumvents due legal process and effectively silences media reporting where the client has enough money to pay London law firms to make these threats. It fundamentally undermines any right to a fair trial.
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1/2 With this beautiful and powerful public protest, you, @Il_Kenniesa, honor your right to demand that the @MaltaGov put in prison who ordered #DaphneCaruanaGalizia’s murder. The place of criminals is in prision. Your protests, @Il_Kenniesa, are democratic acts with meaning.
2/2Monuments, like the Great Siege Monumentin #Valletta, were not created to adorn a city, they’re a living part of a city.Public monuments remind society of the importance of mobilizing people to express, with dignity and respect,their right to justice and freedom of expression.
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In case anyone is wondering what to get @RosianneCutajar for Christmas, I’d recommend (a) a couple of solid dictionaries, (b) a treatise (preferably in very simple & plain language) on the role of dictionaries & (c) a reality check as a stocking filler. 1/
Here’s @RosianneCutajar. Rosianne is a tool (not a particularly sharp one) in Muscat’s toolkit that he whips out for comic relief / sympathy / distraction.

An insidious circus sideshow. This is her latest advertorial “opinion piece” in the ever obliging MaltaToday 2/
Rosianne has a past which she is somewhat ashamed of. Which is fine, we all did stupid stuff 3/
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1/ @MaltaGov doesn’t really have a choice

2/ @VeniceComm was asked by @coe for opinion to assess whether #Malta should be added to the “bad boy” list (hence #1)

3/ perspective- left to its own devices @MaltaGov thinks a shrine to a murdered journalist is a threat to #ruleoflaw
Here’s the Minister of Justice of #Malta referring to #DaphneCaruanaGalizia’s memorial as a threat to the rule of law:…
Here’s a bunch of other disinformation by @MaltaGov about the state of the #RuleofLaw in Malta:…
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Thread: #Valletta2018 was an international cultural & moral catastrophe, demonstrating the complete lack of accountability with which the @MaltaGov operates.
.@JasonMicallefPL Chairman of Valletta2018, tasked with promoting culture & media freedom, repeatedly and publicly attacked and ridiculed assassinated journalist #DaphneCaruanaGalizia on social media & ordered the removal of banners calling for justice for her murder.
On the 6 month anniversary of the assassination #DaphneCaruanaGalizia, @pen_int & + 250 writers led by .@MargaretAtwood & .@Elif_Safak wrote an open letter to .@TimmermansEU to protest the actions of .@JasonMicallefPL & call for his resignation:
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1. Let's analyse where we are with #DaphneCaruanaGalizia's murder after a over a year:

A. The case vs the 3 purported assassins is still languishing in court without them being actually indicted yet.
2. Instead the defence lawyers are using lines (eg where is the laptop or why did @mcaruanagalizia park outside that night) borrowed straight from @JosephMuscat_JM's "blame the victim" playbook:…
3. If this farce continues until August, 2019, the 3 purported bombers will be entitled to be out on bail. Something their defence lawyers are well aware of & something one begins to suspect may well be planned.
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Time did the right thing today by awarding #TimePersonOfTheYear to journalists. It inspired me to look back at how @UN_SPExperts have emphasized the epidemic of attacks on journalists/ism just this year
following are just some of the attacks on journalists we highlighted. a core fact is that most attacks, and most abuses of human rights, are not held accountable.
the @Time 'award' takes place against the backdrop of @realDonaldTrump's attacks on truth
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Is this the most “busy” square & monument in Malta or even Europe?

It started on 17 October 2017 when a day after #DaphneCaruanaGalizia’s assassination in a car bomb, her husband & children were required to go to court to defend the 50 odd libel cases her abusers brought vs her.
Family friends aware of the injustice of it all, placed flowers on the monument opposite the law courts as a reminder that justice should be seen to be done.
Days later those flowers multiplied and were joined by a photo of #DaphneCaruanaGalizia along with candles and messages of support.
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“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

Longish thread on the shutting down of journalism (and whistleblowing) that makes people uncomfortable…
When @TaxJusticeNet was getting started in the early 2000s, @jechristensen56 and others were opening up a whole new area
In many countries, there had been little or no public scrutiny of #taxjustice issues like the widespread abuse of ‘tax havens’ by elites, or the systemic nature of tax avoidance by major companies and their enablers like the big four accounting firms
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