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At the exact time when SC gave decision on #PegasusSnoopgate both India Today and NDTV showing Capt Amrinder Singh's press conference. Technically he is a nobody except an old disgruntled man. But for media he is more imp than SC's decision against Modi govt's snooping.
I am watching TV for past 15 mins and they have not yet cut the Capt Amrinder press conference and gone live to Supreme Court. Million times in a Rahul Gandhi presser they had cut abruptly saying, "we have fresh reports coming in, we have to cut in."
Now @IndiaToday is running HUGE Bold letters headlines "Breaking Capt Amrinder announces new party". How they are trying to avoid the most damning headlines for Modi in 7 years. #PegasusSnoopgate will be investigated by SC appointed Committee. Centre's stand dismissed by SC.
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#Pegasus row: SC appoints expert committee to investigate spying allegations

The functioning of the committee will be monitored by the Supreme Court, the chief justice said.…
#Pegasus row: Supreme Court appoints expert committee to investigate spying allegations

The committee will be headed by former Supreme Court judge RV Raveendran.…
#Pegasus row: Supreme Court appoints three-member committee to investigate snooping allegations

Chief Justice NV Ramana said the Centre had not specifically denied allegations that it had used the spyware developed by an Israeli company.…
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#PegasusSnoopingCase: #SupremeCourt verdict shortly

Bench: Members of a democratic society have reasonable concern of privacy. Citizens need to be protected from violation of privacy.

#Pegasus #SupremeCourt Image
'Citizens need to be protected from violation of privacy', says #SupremeCourt while pronouncing order on #PegasusSpywareCase

#Pegasus #SupremeCourt #PegasusSnoopingCase…
#FPJLegal: #SupremeCourt constitutes #IndependentExpertCommittee to probe #Pegasus snooping allegations

The committee will be Supervised by Justice Ravindran, former SC Judge, assisted by Mr Alok Joshi and other experts.
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CJI NV Ramana led bench to deliver judgment on a batch of petitions seeking an independent probe into the #PegasusSpyware scandal which had allegedly compromised privacy of individuals and institutions

The judgment will be pronounced at 10.30 am today

The three-judge bench to assemble shortly
#SupremeCourt #PegasusSnoopgate
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#BREAKING: Almost 2 years since the 2019 Pegasus hacking scandal, IT Ministry which was tasked to “look into” the entire issue is itself unaware of the final outcome in its *own inquiry*.


The now sacked IT Minister @rsprasad said in Parliament that his Ministry is “looking into” the issue and that it is a matter of concern.

This was raised recently in SC hearings by @KapilSibal

RTIs reveal that towards the end, this inquiry into the whole scandal vanished.

Ministry officials are clueless about the final outcome in the matter.

RTI further reveals-
The “Notice” issued to WhatsApp was more of a routine email- mere 2 lines saying “we are keen to have your response” (I can draft a better “notice”).

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Important hearing at SC:

Batch of Pegasus petitions — seek probe into the #pegasus Controversy.

On the last date, Centre had told court that it will file an additional affidavit in Court.

#pegasusproject Image
The position is like this : petitions before your lordships seeking inquiries into unauthorised surveillance. I have filed an affidavit stating that in view of prevailing statutes, we are in compliance: Solicitor General Tushar Mehta
Nonetheless, issue is important so inquiry committee will be set up: Tushar Mehta, SGI
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[#PegasusSnoopgate #SupremeCourt]

CJI NV Ramana led bench to hear petitions seeking a court monitored probe, a judicial inquiry & directions to the government to reveal details about whether it had used the Pegasus software to spy on citizens @nramind @JagdeepChhokar
Centre had earlier filed a short affidavit to inform that it will form a committee of experts to probe #pegasussnoopgate .. Today SG Tushar Mehta is expected to inform the stand on an additional affidavit.
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#SupremeCourt to hear a plea seeking to disband the two-member Commission of Inquiry headed by retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice Madan B Lokur formed by West Bengal govt to probe allegations regarding #PegasusSnoopgate #JusticeLokur @MamataOfficial
Adv Saurabh Mishra: Senior Adv Harish Salve is to appear. This challenge is against the notification by the WB government under Commission of Inquiry Act. Please let me read 2A of the Act
CJI: There are inconsistencies in your affidavit. THe you want technical committee and constitution of committee is unconstitutional. you have to be consistent in the prayer. you want enquiry or not?
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[#PegasusSnoopgate #SupremeCourt]

CJI NV Ramana led bench to hear a batch of petitions seeking various prayers including a court monitored probe, a judicial inquiry & directions to the government to reveal details about whether it had used the Pegasus software to spy on citizens
Centre had informed #SupremeCourt it will form a Committee of Experts in the field which will go into all aspects of the Pegasus snooping scandal

#PegasusProject #SupremeCourt
Senior Advocate Shyam Divan to continue with submissions today #SupremeCourt #PegasusSnoopgate
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[#PegasusSnoopgate #SupremeCourt]

CJI NV Ramana led bench to hear a batch of petitions seeking various prayers including a court monitored probe, a judicial inquiry & directions to the government to reveal details about whether it had used the Pegasus software to spy on citizens
Appearing for the Central government, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta had sought for more time to reply. Hence the matter is listed today. No official notice has been issued to the Centre yet
#supremecourt #pegasus
Former RSS ideologue KN Govindacharya has filed an application to revive his 2019 petition seeking a probe into the #Pegasus scandal which he had withdrawn to explore alternative remedies
#supremecourt @KGovindacharya
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[Crucial #PegasusSnoopgate Hearing in #SupremeCourt]

The top court will resume hearing a batch of petitions seeking an independent probe, judicial inquiry and directions to the government to reveal details about whether it had employed the pegasus software and how
#SupremeCourt had earlier remarked that while the allegations in news reports regarding the Pegasus controversy are serious in nature if true, no efforts seem to have been made by the affected persons to file criminal complaints with the police before approaching the top court
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Former Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad addresses media along with BJP Leader Sambit Patra

@rsprasad @sambitswaraj
"Has anyone given a complaint regarding their phone has been tapped. No prima facie evidence, just before onset of parliamentary session an orchestrated complaint comes up." @rsprasad @sambitswaraj
"They also said a Supreme Court judge's name also came up. But he has surrendered his phone in 2014"

(This is wrt to Justice Arun Mishra)

@rsprasad @sambitswaraj #PegasusSnoopgate
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[#PegasusSnoopingScandal Hearing in Supreme Court]

CJI NV Ramana led bench to shortly hear a batch of petitions by journalists, alleged victims of the scandal and Editors Guild of India seeking an independent probe into the #PegasusSpyware issue

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Petitions filed on the #PegasusSnoopingScandal till now:

1) ML Sharma
2) CPI MP John Brittas @JohnBrittas
3) N Ram @nramind
4) Jagdeep Chokkar @JagdeepChhokar
5) Narendra Mishra
6) Rupesh Kumar Singh
7) Paranjoy Guha Thakurta @paranjoygt
8) SNM Abdi
9) Editors Guild of India
Five journalists, who as per media reports were targets of Pegasus spyware, had moved the Supreme Court stating that the unauthorized use of surveillance by government agencies have violated their fundamental rights #PegasusProject
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Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal mentions the plea filed by Journalists N Ram and Sashi Kumar before a CJI NV Ramana led bench
#SupremeCourtOfIndia #pegasus @nramind @karuppadanna
Sr Adv Sibal: The civil liberties of citizens, politicians belonging to opposition parties, journalists, court staff have been put under surveillance. This is a issue which is making waves in India and world over and requires an urgent hearing.
CJI NV Ramana: We will hear the matter next week

@KapilSibal : Please dont keep it on Tuesday or Wednesday

CJI: we will take care of it

#pegasus #snooping @KapilSibal
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Following the revelations about NSO’s #Pegasus spyware being used to target journalists, activists and politicians, all of us are worried about the safety and security of our own devices. #PegasusProject #PegasusSnoopgate

Thread: 1/n…
While it is virtually impossible to protect yourself against #Pegasus zero-click attacks, it is possible to check if your device has been infected through the help of an open source Mobile Verification Toolkit developed by @amnesty's #SecurityLab. 2/n…
MVT facilitates the consensual forensic analysis of devices that might be targets of sophisticated mobile spyware attacks, especially members of civil society & marginalised communities. Instructions included 👇🏽

RT and share 👉🏽 #Pegasus #Pegasusleaks 3/n
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24/. It may be tempting to frame this as “a battle btw democracies & autocracies” BUT the problem of malign surveillance is inseparable from the wider assaults on our privacy that are intrinsic to our daily online life.
#Pegasus #PegasusProject @NewYorker… ImageImageImageImage
25/. “My work to expose the crimes of the Saudi regime led to a hacking attempt on my phone. Today, I am overwhelmed by feelings of vulnerability & intrusion.”

Analyst @MadawiDr, on how #PegasusProject findings have affected her. #Pegasus @declassifiedUK…
26/. Alarmed by #PegasusProject revelations that #Pegasus has been used to facilitate worldwide human rights violations on a mass scale, 146 NGOs call on states to implement an immediate moratorium on the sale, transfer & use of surveillance technology… Image
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128 Names revealed on #PegasusSnoopgate.

Journalists, Politicians, SC Judges, Businessman, activists, and some others phones were tapped with #Pegasus

Detailed thread on that 128 People 👇🏻
1. J. Gopikrishnan: An investigative reporter with The Pioneer, he broke the 2G telecom scam.
2. M.K. Venu: A founding editor of The Wire. His phone was also forensically analysed and traces of Pegasus were found.
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#PegasusSnoopgate हा काही मोदींना धक्का देणारा राजकीय मुद्दा होऊ शकत नाही असं बऱ्याच जणांना वाटतं. हा मुद्दा लोकांना कनेक्ट होत नाही असं त्यांचं म्हणणं आहे. यापेक्षा ढासळलेली अर्थव्यवस्था, लोकांचे बुडालेले रोजगार, कोविडची ढिसाळ हाताळणी यावर बोलायला हवं असं ते सांगतात. ठीक आहे.
अर्थव्यवस्थेत जी घसरण झालीय ती जवळजवळ चार वर्षांपासून आहे. रोजगार जाण्याचं प्रमाण ढासळत्या अर्थव्यवस्थेला समांतर आहे. मोदी सरकारने कोविड कसा हाताळला आहे हे गेली दीड वर्ष आपण पाहतो आहोत आणि सर्वसामान्य लोकांनी वेगवेगळ्या प्रमाणात ते भोगलंदेखील आहे.
#PegasusSnoopgate हा केवळ
विरोधकांवर बेकायदेशीररित्या पाळत ठेवण्याचा मुद्दा नाहीये. याचा थेट परिणाम भारताच्या सुरक्षिततेवर होणार आहे. आपले धोरणकर्ते, आपले न्यायाधीश, आपले विरोधी पक्ष यांचा डाटा नेमका कुणाकुणाला मिळू शकेल याची माहितीदेखील आपल्याला नाहीय. ३५ वर्षापूर्वी बोफोर्स घोटाळा बाहेर आला तेव्हा
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#WestBengal CM #MamataBanerjee's virtual speech is being telecast on giant screens across Tripura, Assam, Odisha, Bihar, Punjab, UP & Delhi.
CM Mamata Banerjee: We want to congratulate the people of the country and my state. We fought against money, muscle, mafia power & all agencies. Despite all odds, we won because people in Bengal voted for us and we received blessings from people in country, world.
CM #MamataBanerjee: #BJP took country to darkness, 'Khela Hobe' till it's ousted from Centre.
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We need to stop and take a moment to recognize the #PegasusProject consortium as a historic thing in itself, separate from its chilling findings. It's an unprecedented alliance of media and watchdog entities spread across the globe. First coordinated pushback against fascists.
Fascists have come to power across the world in the past decade by using social media to demonize the "newsroom, editorial meetings, fact checking" type media entities. This is the first global alliance to push back.
Cos substack and podcasts are nice and all, but something like this.... This requires teams. Big teams. Resources. Standards. Coordination. Forensic analysis. Multiple confirmations and triangulations. This takes a village. Hundreds of people make investigative journalism happen.
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1/. Gross press freedom violations revealed by #PegasusProject can’t be met with impunity

Govts & agencies who’ve spied on journalists must provide answers on this misuse of NSO technology #Pegasus #PegasusSnoopgate @amnesty @globalfreemedia @pressfreedom…
2/. Journalists, MPs & human rights activists were selected as targets for surveillance by authoritarian regimes

#Pegasus is the spyware developed, marketed & licensed to govts around the world by the Israeli company NSO Group.
@citizenlab #PegasusProject
3/. In the months before he died & a year after his murder, people associated with Jamal Khashoggi, were selected for potential surveillance by clients of NSO

Hungary’s far-right govt is suspected of hacking phones of journalists & targeting owners
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It's one hell of a Monday. If you haven't had time to read the #Pegasus hacking revelations in detail, here are a few observations from day 1 & 2.
A thread I'll keep building.
1. Today we learnt from #PegasusProject & @thewire_in that potential targets for political spying, ahead of the 2019 election, include Congress president Rahul Gandhi and – equally shocking – Ashok Lavasa, the most independent of India's three election commissioners.
... @PrashantKishor is on the list, and offered his phone for forensic analysis, which proves that he was being spied on from before the election until as recently as July 14, 2021. Right through his crucial role helping the TMC through the West Bengal elections.
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Former Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad speaks to media -

"Why was this issue raised 1 day before the Monsoon Session. What is the agenda"

#PegasusProject #PegasusSnoopgate #PegasusSpyware
#Parliament #ParliamentMonsoonSession @rsprasad
Former Law & IT Minister RS Prasad

"Is this some kind of revenge for the way India handled Covid, Vaccination and more than 75% of population are getting free vaccines"

#PegasusProject #PegasusSnoopgate #PegasusSpyware
#Parliament #ParliamentMonsoonSession @rsprasad
Former Law & IT Minister RS Prasad

"There is a robust legal framework available in India when only national security phone tapping can be done"

#PegasusProject #PegasusSnoopgate #PegasusSpyware
#Parliament #ParliamentMonsoonSession @rsprasad
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Rumours, of the tapping of Indian political, judicial & media figures, using Israeli NSO Group's Pegasus platform, are circulating. The Modi govt has allegedly purchased the platform (Pegasus is only sold to govt agencies).

This thread might be worth re-visiting:
Compromising phones thru Pegasus mirrors the phishing attacks that allegedly compromised computers of civil activists Rona Wilson & Surendra Gadling and planting of forged documents in the #bhimakoregaon "case":
Some seem to think that anyone can buy a copy of Pegasus in the local Chroma outlet. The vendor, NSO, sells it only to Govt agencies. Also, NSO is supervised by Israeli Ministry of Defence like other Israeli Def/Sec vendors.
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