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Babies shouldn’t have to fight past this before they are even born.


Brown =vascular= good.
White stuff =useless.

I’m going to take an educated guess and say that vaccination likely would prevent huge damage like this, but I think we are all familiar with the idea that it may vary depending on last dose and variant.

We can’t be living with this virus on the loose. It’s irresponsible!
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Or… and just hear me out please…

We could control disease transmission so we have plenty of healthy adult workers.

When I was a kid, my Dad had a restaurant. I absolutely loved helping out, and yes, I can balance a LOT of plates on one arm.

But kids need to be kids. They should be at school/uni/TAFE/job they chose. Not driving forklifts or stepping in where adults left off.
How about we recognise the fact that we are making kids sick? The imaginary mini workforce is already under attack?

How about we #ProtectKids and give them space and time they need to grow?

Just a thought.
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I promised I would provide a way to calculate room air exchange, using a simple MERV-13 filter & a box fan. The sweet spot seems to be 6 exchanges per hour. This means all the air in the room is moved through the filter 6 times in 1 hour. 1/6 #ProtectHCWs #ProtectKids #Covid #BA2
First we need to get the volume of a room. It doesn’t need to be perfect! But note units are important. We are using feet/inches here. Use this calculator & input the measurements, A, B, & C as shown in the graphic below. Order is NOT important 2/6 #Filter…
I found a company that did calculations using a box fan on high speed & MERV-13 filters of different depths. The thicker the filter the BETTER the air flow! Strange but true. Note I added the Air Volume based on a 20” square box fan. 3/6 #N95 #BoxFanFilter…
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I will be 100% honest with you.

@ScottMorrisonMP speech today made me want to vomit. As in for real.

He is dogmatically preaching “live with the virus”.

There is an alternative, but it’s not on offer from this leader, and it never will be.
The reality is, the Doherty model is not the only model, and it certainly isn’t the best.

Not for health, economics, business, freedom, or anything else.
The Australian people have done everything the government have asked of them, to an exemplary standard. A few hiccups are to be expected.

The Australian Federal Government have not done anything asked of them by the people.

Quarantines/Green lane travel.
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About that pandemic of the unvaccinated...all children under 12 are not #vaccinated ,and try as you might to twist yourself into a pretzel of denial, kids are getting really sick with #DeltaVariant:
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"We must do better on behalf of our children." -@MonaHannaA.

Tune in to listen to this important conversation on how children are being put at risk because of climate inaction. @JonahGottlieb @EJinAction @gennareed @connectwithlevi @CEHN Image
Read our full "Endangering Generations" report.
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We've written a book! 📗 "Breathe in the Smog, Drink in the Lead: A Grim Scary Tale" resembles a children’s book on the surface. But this isn’t a book you read to kids—it's a book you read for your kids. #ProtectKids #TheWayThingsShouldBe
Our story book is for folks who care about kids. From unsafe strollers to harmful chemicals, we illustrate the harms being made by the Trump administration's rollbacks in a new report and book. #TheWayThingsShouldBe
In our research, we found that Trump admin's decisions are putting some children and families in immediate danger, threatening the long-term health of many, and stealing futures of this generation and others to come. #ProtectKids

Full report:
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