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1/9 - “Figures from ONS, based on swabs collected from randomly selected households, reveal that in the week ending 18 June an estimated 1/40 people in England are thought to have had #COVID19, 1.36 mn people, up from 1/50, or 1.13 mn the week before.”…
2/9 - “The estimated number of people testing positive for #COVID19 also rose in Scotland and Northern Ireland and, to a lesser extent in Wales, with levels highest in Scotland where around 1/20 people, or 4.76% of the pop are thought to have had Covid in the week ending 17 Jun.”
3/9 - “In England, infections increased across all age groups, with the lowest level of infection seen in school-aged children. These increases are largely driven by the #Omicron #BA4 and #BA5 variants.”
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1/9 - “European countries are experiencing a surge in #COVID19 hospital admissions driven by sub-variants of the highly infectious Omicron strain, threatening a fresh global wave of the disease as immunity levels wane and pandemic restrictions are lifted.”…
2/9 - “Admissions have risen in several countries (FR,UK). The #BA5 sub-variant of #Omicron now accounts for >80% of new infections in PT. In DE,where admissions have been rising for over a week, the share of #COVID19 infections ascribed to #BA5 doubled at the end of last month.”
3/9 - “Experts warn that the widespread scaling back of testing and surv may be compromising the ability of countries to spot new mutations and react quickly. They fear this could lead to waves later in the year that will put pressure on health syst and prove harder to contain.”
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⚠️My god — #COVID19 hospitalizations up ⬆️ 33% in just 1 week in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿!📌Plus COVID deaths rose ⬆️ 8% in a week too! #BA5 and #BA4 are surging like mad in England - not even dominant yet - and it’s already bad. 📌Hospitalizations in young kids up 30% too! #CovidIsNotOver 🧵
2) Look at the COVID hospitalization turnaround - it’s quite sharp!! Across all ages!
3) Hospital admissions in England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 among 0-5 years olds! Look at that swing — it’s over 36% jump in a week!
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The 6th #COVID19 surge in the US is deepening each day, driven by the highly infectious Omicron #BA2 & #BA2121 subvariants, and the Biden administration has made clear that it will no nothing to slow or stop the spread. #CovidIsNotOver A🧵1/…
On Wednesday the US recorded nearly 190,000 new cases, pushing the 7-day average of daily new cases to well over 100,000. According to the New York Times, hospitalizations now stand at 22,875, a 27 percent increase over the last 14 days. 2/
These figures are known to be significant undercounts due to the bipartisan undermining of testing & data reporting at the federal & state levels since January 2022. Only 4 states now report #COVID data daily, while 13 states report once/week or less. 3/
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1/ As we observe this new #BA2 fueled wave pick up real steam, I have my doubts about the signal value of wastewater as an early indicator for rising transmission rates compared to testing.

Some data points below from Silicon Valley. 🧵
2/ In Santa Clara county in California, COVID cases are now well past the height of the Delta surge and will likely approach the peak of the first Omicron wave.…
3/ Based on wastewater sampling in the area, you might have “called” the rise in late April/early May but there are some puzzling head fakes of plateaus and declines in the last week.

The data is far too noisy to understand what is happening real-time or to make predictions. Image
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It seems like everyone is coming down with #covid19 right now.

It's NOT a scarlet letter.
But you DO need to know your risk, and what to do.

So here's an honest thread (with receipts!) on what this means for you. 🧵
1⃣ How at risk are you of catching the virus?

Approximately 2/3 of people who live with someone diagnosed with #Omicron, get infected - assuming no vaccines & no isolation.…
The vaccine + booster reduces that risk by 30-50% -

So you're probably looking at ~30% risk of infection (maybe lower, if your infected household member isolates & masks)!

It's a funny thing: we're literally all at risk... but also, #VaccinesWork…
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VARIANT UPDATE—#BA2 subvariant family continues to grow to now 96.8% with the more aggressive sub-subvariant BA.2.12.1 now at 28.7% and surging quickly. Old #Ba1 Omicron nearly extinct. Be cautious folks. #CovidIsNotOver

Figure Ht @DrWilliamKu
2) Are there more potentially dangerous variants out there? Oh yes, #BA4 is really worrisome for example. It’s not in the US yet but it is growing in South Africa.
3) this surge in deaths is almost all #BA2 wave deaths in the UK 🇬🇧— it’s sad people ignore it and don’t care about others dying anymore.
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📍“IT SPARES NO ONE”—new @JohnsHopkins evidence has revealed that anyone infected with COVID is at higher risk for heart issues—clots, inflammation, arrhythmias—a risk that **persists even in relatively healthy people** long after the illness has passed 🧵… ImageImage
2) “The major finding was that people with COVID-19 have a higher risk of all sorts of heart problems at one year. That included arrhythmias (irregular heart beats or the heart beating too fast or too slow) and atrial fibrillation (a fast heart rhythm in a particular pattern).
3) “We found evidence of an increased risk of stroke, of blood clots in the legs and the lungs, and of heart failure and heart attacks. The increased risk of a broad spectrum of heart problems was evident.
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SPF remonte deux nouveaux décès DU covid d'enfants. Les deux de moins de 10 ans.

4 mineurs décédés en trois jours.
8 en ce mois d'Avril.
40 depuis le 1/1/2022.

Stop ou encore ?

#Covid19 #Enfants #ecole #BA2 @jmblanquer @Ecole_Oubliee @TigressEllie @nicolasberrod
Vacances Zone B+12 A+5 / Levées mesures +38

526 enfants hospitalisés, dont 67 réas.
J-7, 583 (-10%), 78 réas (-14%)

Les 0-9 ans:
Ajd, 274 hospitalisés, dont 49 réas.
J-7, 298 (-8%), 54 réas (-9%)

#Covid19 #Enfants #Ecole #Omicron #BA2 @jmblanquer @Ecole_Oubliee @TigressEllie
Baisse des cas recensés🛑Effet Pâques

104.007 cas (137.342 J-7 -19%)

Incidence : 1116,5↘️
Positivité : 30,4%↘️
Hospitalisations : 1842 ↗️0,4% J-7
Entrées en SI : 181 ↘️-4% J-7
Solde hospis Covid+: 25.018↘️
Solde SI Covid: 1684↗️🛑
Décès : 167 ↗️36% J-7

#Covid19 #Omicron #BA2
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Unklare #Hepatitis-Fälle bei #Kindern - eine Einordnung meinerseits. Seit einigen Wochen werden vermehrt Hepatitis-Fälle bei Kindern unter 10 Jahren (Gipfel 2-5) gemeldet, bislang aus UK, Dänemark, Niederlande, Spanien, Israel und nun auch USA, mit Beginn wohl schon in 2021
Aktuelle Daten findet man hier (ECDC)… und auch hier (PromedMail), bei letzterem allerdings auch ungeprüfte Quellen. Vorläufige Falldefinition & erste Publikation aus Schottland hier:…
Vorab sei gesagt, dass es noch sehr früh ist & man wirklich noch nichts genaues weiß. Es ist im Moment wichtig, nicht zu schnelle/voreilige Schlüsse zu ziehen. Man kann auch alle nur darum bitten, Thema nicht für eigene Agenda zu missbrauchen & Fehlinformationen zu verbreiten.
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Ich hatte gestern auf der Konferenz hier in Turin ein fast 60min-Gespräch 1:1 mit einem Mediziner zu #COVID19-#Reinfektion & #PostCovid-Sport und er hat meine Perspektive vom Kopf auf die Füße gestellt.
Jetzt frage ich mich: War ich vielleicht in einer Bubble?
... war ich gestern einfach zu offen & gierig auf eine andere Perspektive zu meinem persönlichen Risiko, die ich nur allzu gern so hören, verstehen & in meine eigene Handlungsregulation übernehmen wollte/will.
Also, liebe Menschen, die ihr euch mit Corona beschäftigt habt ...
Was würdet IHR mir raten?
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NEW KID ON THE BLOCK—#BA2’s new spin off #BA2121 sub-subvariant is now surging exponentially—so infectious that it is outpacing even #Ba2 and completely displacing #Omicron, which is now near extinct. Together #BA2 and #BA2121 are now 94% of all strains in US.

HT @DrWilliamKu
2) Hospitalizations are surging. We can debate new variants if more dangerous or not— but more infection, even if mild, means more problems. And don’t forget #LongCovid that doesn’t show up in hospitalizations.
2) I’m very worried about the sudden rise of the new #BA2121 sub subvariant. These are log linear which means they are exponential increase. Figure by @trvrb

*earlier above I meant old classic #Omicron is extinct.
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First sequence of BA.2.12.1, the #BA2 #Subvariant with #Spike #L452Q mutation is uploaded in @gisaid from #Arkasnas

This #Omicron #Sublineage has significant growth advantage over BA.2 and BA.1.1

Please get #Boosted!

Get #tested if you have any #COVID19 symptoms
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Instead of alerting American society to the dangers posed by the deepening surge of #BA2 and the disastrous state of #COVID19 surveillance in the US, every effort is being made to conceal this reality from the public. #CovidIsNotOver 1/…
The official 7-day average of daily new cases was 37,810 on Saturday, an increase of 38% over the past two weeks. According to @IHME, the likely real number of daily new infections in the US is far higher at roughly 270,000 per day. 2/…
32 states have seen an increase in daily new cases over the past 2 weeks. The Northeast has been hardest hit so far, as BA.2 first became dominant in that region of the US, with New York and other states now seeing a growth in COVID-19 hospitalizations. 3/…
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⚠️“HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS NEW VARIANTS”—New York State Dept of Health announced the emergence of 2 new Omicron subvariants, BA.2.12 & BA.2.12.1—estimated to have 23%-27% growth advantage above #BA2. ➡️NYS says “highly contagious new variants are likely contributing to rising cases”🧵
2) Department's Wadsworth Center Identifies Two Sub-lineages of BA.2—BA.2.12 and BA.2.12.1—Potentially Contributing to Increased Transmission Reported in Central New York and Surrounding Regions.…
3) “Both variants are sub-lineages of BA.2, which now accounts for 80.6% of COVID-19 infections in New York. The subvariants have been estimated to have a 23% – 27% growth advantage above the original BA.2 variant.”
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I'm getting asked a lot lately what's going on with #COVID19 in #Indiana right now and... I'm not sure. Are we at the start of a new wave of cases? Maybe? Let's look at what we do know.🧵
First, let's look at cases. Average daily new #COVID19 cases in #Indiana have been ridiculously flat since the start of April, holding at between 168/day and 172/day. These are also pandemic record low levels of cases, which is great. /2
The positivity rate of #COVID19 tests administered in #Indiana has risen since the start of April, from 2.2% to 3.3%. This is the first rise since the start of the year, but 3.3% is still insanely low. I'm not sure we should really worry much about anything under 5.0%. /3
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@IndependentSage 🇬🇧 briefing excerpts:

@globalhlthtwit 🦠 still soars, highest-ever hospitalization since 2nd wave.
ONS yesterday *record 2,7%* suffer #longcovid, yet gov ending of protective measures & crucial data collection means an environment of uncertainty prevails..

@chrischirp situation

- highest-ever prevalence to #BA2 🌊 at 6,37-7%, maybe peaking but will cases come down or stay high?
- led by unvaccinated 1ry school kids (8,8%) & elderly (7,2%)
- 2000 hospital admissions/day
- 7% NHS staff absences
- 12% 🚑 handovers longer than 1hr Image
Mental health of ICU workers — after large wave 50% suffer mental illness (depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress)
—> we’re asking so much of all NHS incl social care

🚨 We’ve had ‘winter pressure’ for almost a year, still ongoing & backlog is continuing — NHS needs support ImageImage
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#SARSCOV2 hat den Jackpot geknackt: Ohne Isolations- und #Maskenpflicht kann es sich nun auf hohem Niveau verbreiten und seine Evolution vorantreiben, während die #Immunität schwindet.
Und das Mutationspotential ist gewaltig: #BA2+#L452R, #BA4, #BA5. Die Spitze des Eisbergs. 1/3
Selbst wenn nicht jede Re-Infektion schlimmer verläuft - #SARSCOV2 hinterlässt seine Spuren im Körper.
Die Liste der Organschäden wird immer länger.
„Super-Immunität“ ist eine reine Erfindung der #Durchseuchung-Fraktion.
Der häufige Kontakt wird uns langfristig schädigen. 2/3
Die Evidenz ist erdrückend:
Es gibt keine bleibende Immunität gegen #SARSCOV2.
Die Zahl der chronisch Kranken und deren Krankheitsbilder nimmt ständig zu.
Die Zahl der Varianten mit Fluchtmutationen ebenso.
Mit Wissenschaftsleugnung werden wir diese #Pandemie nicht beenden. 3/3
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Watching—Just two new rising variants… #BA4 (yellow) and #BA5 (orange) now rising and displacing #BA2 (blue) in South Africa. Nothing to see here. Cases not rising much. Close your eyes. No hospitalizations yet. Put your heads in the sand. Go back to the parties. #CovidIsNotOver
2) the L452R is a known troublemaker mutation shared by both BA4 and Ba5.
3) the good thing is that you can find BA4 and BA5 indirectly again using a PCR s gene dropout shortcut test again. (You couldn’t with Ba2).
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1/ Is the #BA2 surge here in the US?

Don’t be fooled. It most definitely is here.

Just because the official case rates look low right now doesn’t mean that transmission isn’t rampant already. Would expect #COVID to ripple across the country in the coming weeks.🧵
2/ Lots of confident takes like this one that this surge won’t be big or that the confirmed case counts look really low right now.
3/ The problem with trying to compare case counts between prior waves and the current one is that testing behavior has fundamentally changed. IHME estimates that for every 100 infections right now, only 7% are recorded in official tallies.
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Residents in #Shanghai screaming from high rise apartments after 7 straight days of the city lockdown. The narrator worries that there will be major problems. (in Shanghainese dialect—he predicts people can’t hold out much longer—he implies tragedy).
2) “yao ming le” & “yao si” — both expressions meaning “life and death” but they also more literally means “asking for death”. Narrator eventually implies shit is gonna hit the fan soon if this continues.
3) The video has been verified by @patrickmadrid’s family. It has also been verified by my sources as commonplace. Also, Shanghainese is a local dialect (not really propaganda useful)—only 14 million out of 1.3 billion Chinese even speak. I only speak it because I was born there.
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I now have something in common with Speaker Pelosi, AG Garland, Sec Raimondo, Senators Collins, Warnock, & Reps Craig, Schiff, Castro—

Now caught the ‘Rona too. Having some cough, chills & small fever tonight, but doing okay. Luckily boosted. Please #GetBoosted folks.
2) Never went to any parties/social events. Haven’t met with anyone outside family. My son was positive yesterday—he’s been video gaming since. I was negative & no symptoms all yesterday & this morning. This new virus comes on fast. Take it seriously folks. Stay safe.
3) I do wish I had all of my right lung 🫁 though - lost part of it when I was 17 years old. A thymus gland would give me more peace of mind too. But such is life. Many people have unseen immunocompromised/ risk factors. Let’s all try to protect each other. 🙏
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A major new study estimates that global life expectancy declined by ~0.92 years in 2020 and 0.72 years in 2021 due to #COVID19. These are the 1st declines since the UN began tracking this figure in 1950 and the worst since WWII killed >70 million people 1/…
The study, written by UCLA sociologist @PatrickHvl, is highly significant in that it is the first to estimate global life expectancy declines from the COVID-19 pandemic. #CovidIsNotOver 2/…
8 countries saw life expectancy decline by >4 years. These include 5 Latin American countries: Peru (5.6 years), Guatemala (4.8), Paraguay (4.7), Bolivia (4.1) & Mexico (4.0) & 3 in Europe: Russia (4.3), Bulgaria (4.1) & North Macedonia (4.1). 3/…
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👀WATCH THE SEWER CORONAVIRUS—Wastewater #SARSCoV2 is increasing in the Northeast & South. This general trend is seen in both CDC and in @BiobotAnalytics national sewer testing data—more accurate & unbiased. #BA2 is now 72% this week says CDC. Get boosted.… ImageImage
2) honestly I don’t trust the slow case reporting anymore. Why? Home testing of most often never reported. And home testing is now ubiquitous ever since kits mailed out for free. Furthermore, many states shuttered the mass testing sites. Sewer best. 👇
3) REMINDER—the overall data hides that PEDIATRIC hospitalizations are rising again. Not just cases. Kids hospitalizations folks! Don’t leave them out in the cold without boosters or any vaccines or masks!
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