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We have cause to be grateful to #Sunak, yes grateful. For he has done what no one else, not #Boris' friends, allies or supporters, could.
He has finally woken the sleeping giant.

#Sunak has been a very silly boy. Even after everything #Sunak did to him, #Boris was content to sit quietly in the backbenches as a loyal #Conservative. But tonight, there was a turning point, the letter to the Privileges Committee. Finally #Boris had had enough.

The trigger was the Honours List, what #Boris might well have seen as closure: recognition of those who had been loyal to him and good servants to the nation. But all #Sunak could do was see #Boris in the light of his own behaviour and personality.

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Why #Kwarteng should have sacked the #Governor of the Bank of England.

Kwasi #Kwarteng would not have realised, when he first announced his intention to be a tax-cutting, pro-growth, fiscally-responsible #Chancellor that he had immediately set in motion the daggers that would be thrust in his back 38 days later.
The Bank of England, guardian of the nation’s wealth and cornerstone of its economic management originally started life as a private company, funded by subscription under Royal Charter in 1694, as a means to finance the public purse, depleted by various wars.
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An excellent summary of the cost of living in Germany vs in the UK.

This has very little to do with the EU. It's about corruption in politics.

One country invests in the long term future of its citizens

The other gives out backhanders, crony contracts and dodgy deals to donors
One thing @skedeschi doesn't cover is a comparison of the two political systems.

Like the UK, Germany is a collection of smaller states working together under a United Federation.

But unlike the UK, each state is fairly represented. In the UK, England gets a 90% block vote.
Lke the UK, Germans value both their local representatives and the ability to choose between various policies offered by political parties.

And both countries have roughly 600 MPs, albeit Germany makes this work with a much larger population

But there the similarities end
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At the beginning of February 2022, #Biden warned that "if #Russia invades #Ukraine with tanks and troops, then there will be no more #NordStream2"
#ItsDone #NordStream: Fourth leak found as Russia and West trade blame over alleged sabotage of gas pipeline | Sep 29
- #EU and #US have stopped to directly accusing Russia, a #Kremlin official was rebuked after hinting that #Washington was #responsible.
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#BoJo branded '#provenliar' as Met Police issue fines over Downing Street parties -2 hrs ago
- #ScotlandYard statement confirming twenty fixed penalty notices will be issued for breaches of Covid-19 rules following lockdown-busting parties in #SesameStreet
#SesameStreet's Awards, The Worst Actor Winner.
The #UK health secretary, #Hancock #CrocodileTears | Dec 09, 2020
- “It’s been such a tough year for so many people and there’s William #Shakespeare putting it simply for everybody...
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🔴 #RussianUkrainianWar Secrétaire du Conseil de sécurité russe Nikolai Patrushev :

✔️ Littéralement dès les premières minutes après les rapports d'explosions sur les gazoducs #NordStream1 et #NordStream2, une campagne active a été lancée pour accuser la #Russie. Cependant 🔽
force est de constater que les #USA sont le principal bénéficiaire de ces attaques. La participation à leur planification et à leur mise en œuvre, selon le ministère russe de la Défense, a été devoliée par des représentants des forces navales britanniques. ✔️ Il est 🔽
impossible de ne pas prêter attention au message SMS, qui à l'époque, la Première ministre britannique Liz #Truss, après l'explosion des gazoducs, signale immédiatement au secrétaire d'État américain Anthony #Blinken que "c’est fait".
✔️ Selon des informations, des travaux 🔽
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'De klus is geklaard,' stuurde Liz Truss naar Anthony Blinken na het opblazen van #Nordstream 1 & 2.

Zelfs de best beveiligde mobiele telefoons kunnen gehackt worden, maar #Truss lijkt haar telefoon niet echt goed beveiligd te hebben. Damage control voor #MI6 nu.
Britse pers onthulde op 29 oktober dat de hacking reeds ontdekt werd tijdens de zomer en dat de telefoon van #Truss in quarantaine werd gelegd. Vóór de aanslag op #Nordstream dus. Maar dit soort informatie kan enkel door de inlichtingendienst gelekt…
De vraag is waarom de Britten dit nieuws niet in de zomer vóór de aanslag op #NordStream publiceerden?
De Britse timing van dit nieuws op 29 oktober komt overeen met de timing van de Russische claim op 29 oktober dat er bewijs is dat de Britten de aanslag hebben uitgevoerd. Image
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The #Braverman #leaks have wider implications that speak to basic technological & governmental competencies for elected representatives & officials alike! Thread....… via @GuidoFawkes
@GuidoFawkes 1. Why was the Minister of State for the Home Office, a department responsible for national security, not herself aware of the #cybersecurity risks which attend e-mails.
2. Why was #Braverman not #briefed accordingly upon taking up the role? Or if she was, why take the risk?
3. Why would she even think asking someone to delete an email was sensible? Any business person would know that:
a) they are virtually impossible to retrieve ad hoc: &
b) this violates the electronic record.
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#BREAKING Sunak appointed Britain's PM by King Charles III: palace ImageImage
#UPDATE Britain's King Charles III on Tuesday appointed new Conservative leader Rishi #Sunak as the second prime minister of his reign, shortly after accepting the resignation of Liz #Truss

📸 Sunak is greeted as he arrived at Buckingham Palace for an audience with the King Image
#BREAKING UK's new PM Sunak vows to fix Truss's 'mistakes', warns of 'difficult' choices ImageImage
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Non sarà #Borisback, con sommo dispiacere dei cronisti politici, alla disperata ricerca di personaggi - caratteri - da raccontare. Precipitarsi a Londra dai Caraibi non è bastato. Rovinare la vacanza alla moglie Carrie - chissà come l'avrà presa, i vicini di casa ricordano
nitidamente le sue urla, qualche anno fa, nell'atto di dare al povero #BoJo del viziato per un po' di vino versato sul divano (e che sarà mai!), e subito dopo il "crash" del suo portatile scaraventato chissà dove (non solo gossip, c'è dell'epica).
Boris si fa da parte
dalla corsa per la leadership dei Conservatori (e dunque del governo del Regno Unito).
Per ora, per l'unità del partito, per il bene del Paese. Sì, ma chi lo conosce assicura che il motivo è un altro: "Johnson si ritira da una corsa solo se è certo di non poterla vincere",
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1 soutien inattendu et majeur dans la course pour devenir leader Tory et PM en Grande Bretagne: Kemi Badenoch, étoile montante du conservatisme culturel droitier, issue de l'immigration nigériane, vote Rishi #Sunak. L'ébauche d'un tout sauf #BorisJohnson?…
2. Le ralliement de #Badenoch à #Sunak semble indiquer qu'1 éventuel duel avec #BorisJohnson- toujours pas candidat- ne se fera pas sur 1 clivage modérés/radicaux chez les conservateurs mais bien plus sur le degré d'adhésion ou de rejet de la personnalité et du style de l'ex PM.
3. #Badenoch, qui a étonnamment brillé lors de 1a précédente course au #leadership en juillet sans se prononcer alors entre #Sunak et #Truss, joue aussi clairement le coup d'après #BorisJohnson s'il est écarté. Très jeune (42 ans), elle peut mener l'aile droite Tory à l'avenir...
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Why do tax cuts have to be "funded"? Why not just cut government? 🤷 #Truss
All Liz Truss & Kwasi Kwarteng did was try to reduce the tax burden on their citizenry & let people keep more of what they earn.

The "problem" is this would've created economic growth, and the central banks and pension funds have already placed their bets in the other direction.
Our governments have created such a monetary problem over the last few decades, with endless QE and the recent trillions & trillions, that the think the only way out of this is… tanking the economy.

Think about it: what an absolutely insane predicament these fools have created.
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#Truss quits after turmoil obliterated her authority | 1h ago
- Making a hastily scheduled statement outside #SesameStreet 10 office, Truss acknowledged that “I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party.”…
#SesameStreet Elmo's World:
You've got mail.'
#SesameStreet Elmo's World
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Der Rücktritt von #Truss zeigt 🇬🇧 , dass wir vor den Trümmern des "modernen Konservatismus" stehen.

Der Trend aus 🇺🇸 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 bestätigt sich.

Keine Überraschung, aber in dieser Deutlichkeit doch heftig - und vor allem kein Gewinn für die Demokratie.
Ein kleiner Thread

Ein konzeptloser Konservatismus, weil ein permanentes "Migranten sind Hauptproblem!" nicht nur falsch ist, sondern auch keine Richtung vorgibt - UND die Energie für reale gewaltige Herausforderungen (Klimakrise, Gesundheitssystem & demographischer Wandel...) wegnimmt

Ein daher planloser Konservatismus, weil die Probleme ja nicht verschwinden - aber wer "Cancel Culture" oder "Migration" als Kernprobleme aufgebaut hat, kommt davon nicht wieder weg. #Glaubwürdigkeit

Mit #Ukraine, #Klimakrise & #Energiewende einfach zu viele Zielkonflikte

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🚨Liz #Truss ha annunciato le sue dimissioni da leader del Partito Conservatore.
Con soli 45 giorni di servizio, Liz #Truss diventa il primo ministro in carica meno politicamente longevo nella storia del Regno Unito.
#Truss ha iniziato la sua dichiarazione affermando di essere entrata in carica "in un momento di grande instabilità economica e internazionale". La Gran Bretagna, ha detto, è stata "frenata per troppo tempo da una bassa crescita economica".
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🔵 NEW: #LizTruss will be entitled to claim up to £115,000 per year from the taxpayer for the rest of her life once she leaves office, despite likely being one of the shortest-serving prime ministers in history.…
🪙 The Public Duties Cost Allowance allows former prime ministers to claim back money toward the cost of maintaining activities in public life.

Former PMs have claimed back millions through the scheme since it was set up in 1991 following the resignation of Margaret Thatcher.
🤝 The costs are a reimbursement of expenses for necessary office and secretarial costs arising from their position in public life.

“The allowance is not paid to support private or parliamentary duties. PDCA is in addition to any constituency office which they maintain as MPs.”
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Se pensate che il caos politico sia all'ordine del giorno solo in Italia allora non sapete cosa sta accadendo in Inghilterra, dove la premier Liz #Truss ha appena licenziato il suo Cancelliere dello Scacchiere, l'equivalente del ministro dell'Economia, Kwasi #Kwarteng. Image
Trattasi di mossa disperata da parte del primo ministro, decisa a sacrificare il suo uomo dei conti per provare a salvare se stessa. Dopo poche settimane a Downing Street, infatti, i Tories che l'hanno issata alla guida del partito sembrano averne già piene le tasche. Image
Nei corridoi di Westiminster gira voce che 20 e + parlamentari siano pronti a chiedere le dimissioni di #Truss, favorendo l'ascesa di un ticket composto dall'ex Cancelliere dello Scacchiere, Rishi #Sunak, e dalla leader dei Comuni, Penny #Mordaunt. Image
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#BREAKING UK's Truss appoints centrist Hunt as new finance minister
#UPDATE British PM Liz Truss has appointed Jeremy Hunt, a former candidate for the Conservative leadership, as her new finance minister in place of sacked Kwarteng. She is expected to stage a major U-turn on her right-wing economic plan following turmoil on financial markets.
#BREAKING UK's Truss says govt will U-turn and raise corporation tax
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I’m in #Prague for tomorrow’s 1st summit of the new #EuropeanPoliticalCommunity.

The 27 🇪🇺 leaders will be joined by #Truss, #Erdogan, #Zelensky & others.

The big question: what the hell is this thing? The answer depends on what happens tomorrow in a battle between 🇬🇧&🇫🇷. 🧵1/9 Image
The idea is that this is a wider European bloc which will include countries not in the EU, either because they’re waiting to join, they don’t want to join, or they’ve left (🇬🇧).

But there are already such groupings, like the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and the OECD in Paris. Image
What’s the point of the EPC then?

The idea is that, unlike CoE & OECD, this will be a forum for heads of state and government to meet and discuss major issues.

Such leader meetings don’t happen in those other organisations. Image
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Here we go again! The 1922 committee will stop at nothing to get their man Rishi as PM. What is playing out now is a conspiracy to bring down #Truss by MPs loyal to Rishi supported by the 1922 committee. They will stop at nothing until their man is the leader. 1/10
There is no way Rishi can become Prime Minister without the help and support of the 1922 committee, as they control the rules and the processes to elect a new leader. 2/10
The big problem is that Rishi is not popular with the members who have already rejected him as their leader. So 1922 will have to elect Rishi by blocking member's votes and eliminating them from the leadership campaign. 3/10
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@UnrollHelper "Liz Truss’s and Kwasi Kwarteng’s 2012 free-market treatise Britannia Unchained has shot up the sales charts, hitting the top spot on Amazon rankings for books on “economic conditions”. It costs £19.55 for the paperback."

Read/Download FREE here 👇…
@UnrollHelper Ought to come with a health warning for the nation's economy!
@UnrollHelper “The key is to make sure that failure is survivable,” is one of the book’s insights. “In the early stages of a project, failure need not be a disaster.”

"This is likely to provide scant consolation to Tory MPs facing the threat of losing their seats at the next election."
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"I do accept that we should have laid the ground better." Truss
She thinks it's a comms problem. Sigh.
Saying "I want to reassure people" repeatedly is profoundly unreassuring. #Truss
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Die drastisch zunehmenden ökonomischen Probleme Großbritanniens sind ein Beispiel par excellence wohin libertäre, marktrsdikale Politik führt.

Die @FDP und unser Finanzminister sollten dies als mahnendes Beispiel nehmen.
Wir können von Glück reden, sowohl…
in der #EU, wie als auch im #Euro zu sein. Aber auch das hätte uns nicht gerettet, wenn die #FDP ihr Wahlprogramm hätte umsetzen dürfen.
Ein Steuerloch von 80 Mrd. €, hauptsächlich um die obersten Einkommen zu entlasten, hätte uns das Genick gebrochen.
UK versucht es gerade mit
gut 50 Mrd. € und scheitert dramatisch.

Das 2. Entlastungspaket in Deutschland ging zu 90% an die obersten 30%, oder 50% an die obersten 10%. Je nachdem, wie man es sehen will. Auch beim 3. Entlastungspaket profitiert man um so stärker, um so höher die Einkommen sind.
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“Economic orthodoxy is not ideological but simply the accumulated knowledge &experience of what tends to work best

“It is .a constantly evolving body of thinking &experimenting in the real world

“It is always open to challenge”

“We have had a consensus of the Treasury, of economists, with the Financial Times, with other outlets, peddling a particular type of economic policy for 20 years. It hasn’t delivered growth,” #Truss said

Lessons for when economic orthodoxy bites back
“There is no doubt that the orthodoxy can get things wrong. But it learns from its mistakes. Far from every element of the “Washington consensus” — the economic orthodoxy of the 1990s — survived the Asian financial crisis in the latter part of that decade.
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