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1/ Ik merk dat er mensen zijn die denken dat de energiecrisis door de invasie van Rusland in Oekraïne komt.
Dat heeft zeker gevolgen maar de #energiecrisis begon in de zomer van 2021 toen iedereen nog van het zonnetje zat te genieten en weinig gas nodig had.

Ik leg het uit 🧵
2/ Juist door de energietransitie met renewables heeft NL, de EU en met name Duitsland zich afhankelijk gemaakt van Russisch gas.
Zon- en windenergie kan niet worden opgeslagen dus is er een volledige back-up installatie nodig obv #gas voor als het niet waait óf te hard waait.
3/ De vraag naar gas steeg in de zomer van 2021 doordat wind op zee in Europa en hydropower in Brazilië veel minder energie produceerde dan de jaren daarvoor.
Zon- en windenergie is weersafhankelijk. Toch was op dezelfde hoeveelheid energieproductie gerekend. Gevolg, een tekort!
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⚡️#Türkiye agrees to partially pay for Russian gas supplies in #Rubles.

#Russia supplies around 26 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Türkiye.
Source: The Kyiv Independent

#Putin and Recep Tayyip #Erdogan held talks in Sochi and discussed the following:

— Despite the current regional and global challenges, we have confirmed the will of #Russia and #Türkiye to further develop relations.
— The Turkish gas stream has become one of the most important arteries for supplying Europe with Russian #Gas. It works properly, rhythmically, without failures for consumers both in Türkiye and in #Europe.
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For the first time ever, the #US is supplying more natural #gas to #Europe than #Russia sends by pipelines, according to the International Energy Agency.

“Russia’s recent steep cuts in natural gas flows to the EU mean this is the first month in history in which the EU has imported more gas via LNG from the US than via pipeline from Russia,” IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol said in a tweet.

The EU in March agreed on an additional 15 billion cubic meters of US LNG this year in a bid to displace Russian gas.

Russia ships about 150 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe via pipelines every year, and another 14 billion to 18 billion cubic meters of LNG.

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Time to bust some myths about #sanctions collateral damage! The sanctions debate is heating up in the West and a lot of criticism is focused on two things: High #energy prices and high #food prices. However, most get the causalities wrong: 1/
1.) Why is food expensive? E.g. wheat prices have been rising for a couple of years, partially due to Covid-related supply chain issues. When the war began, prices exploded for a few months, as Russia blocked Ukraine's exports, but right now wheat is cheaper than in late 2021. 2/
A quick reminder: The West explicitly avoids sanctioning anything related to food security. Even when effects are very indirect, measures are taken to mitigate them (like some adjustments in the latest sanctions round - this was no "deal" with Russia but is simply EU policy). 3/
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Why does #Russia not simply turn off #gas, but instead comes up with complicated #turbine excuses? It is important for the political effect of Russia's gas weapon. A straight cut-off would rather unite and strengthen us, but the turbine illusion creates divisions. 1/3
The turbine narrative is: We are hurting ourselves with our sanctions on Russia, that we don't get gas due to our own measures. It is supposed to turn the German population against the government and its sanctions policy, although anything related to gas is explicitly exempt. 2/3
And here is the problem with trying to "take excuses away from Putin": By getting the turbine from Canada, Berlin has basically played along and validated Russia's turbine narrative. One cannot prove Russian propaganda wrong while taking it seriously at the same time. 3/3
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Good simple explainer on Nord Stream ongoing issue. #OOTT #Gas.
Adding few numbers to .@SStapczynski explainer

To move any fluid from point A to B in a pipeline has to be pressurized, be it Oil / Water /Natural Gas

Nord Stream is a 1,224 km (760 mile) long pipeline with most of it undersea

Gas from Portovoya has to travel all this distance
So to pressurize Natural Gas, compressors are used.

These comes in all sizes, as small as in you refrigerator to sizes larger than a house

Compressors are a rotating machinery hence it either needs a electric motor or Gas Turbine to rotate it or commonly said as to drive it.
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Revisiting the Oil Bull Thesis in a Tumultuous Market

New @BisonInterests #oil market update out! Thread coming soon.…
The thread is out! "Revisiting the Oil Bull Thesis in a Tumultuous Market" 🧵
Read the @BisonInterests thread first and then this is an addendum that wasn't ready to include for the Bison update
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Just in: New batch of statistics on the Russian economy in June 2022!

Output in June 22 compared to June 21:
Cars: -89% (a few more than in May)
Trucks: -40%
Washing machines: -58.4%
Fridges/freezers: -52.3%

Industrial output in June 22 has not changed from May 22 (accounting for seasonal effects).

2/ Image
We already know from #Gazprom's statistics:

Natural #gas production was down significantly in June, totalling 39.3bcm (May: 49bcm).

Russian gas production is now 23.3% lower than in June 21, reflecting the gas cut-off of the EU.

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People asking all the time, why #Russia isn't telling straight forwardly, that the reduction of #gas flows to #Europe is a counter sanction. It annoys me as well, that they don't communicate it straight "in their face" that they are being recked currently. Well...
Russia can't do that currently.
Because #Russia needs to be a reliable partner for the emerging new order and the (now overtaking) global south.
#Ukraine #BRICS #Europe #EU
Russia wouldn't be in the best position internationally (global south), if claiming that it wants to fight such behavior, but on the other hand is applying it on its own.

That's why I expect some more ridicules and awkward games, until #Russia can eventually fully cease #gas
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#Gas war billig, für die Kapitalien der BRD.
Foto: Wintershall, Zentrale in Kassel. Belege folg(t)en, wenn Zahlen aus internationalen Bilanzen vorliegen würden.
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“La settimana che cambiò l’Italia: dalle dimissioni respinte a quando ha rassegnato il mandato”

🔺 A poche ore dalla caduta del Governo si sfaldano le innumerevoli idiozie divulgate *da quelli* secondo cui è stato #Draghi a volere la fine del #governoDraghi

Secondo il #premier, la #crisidigoverno è stata un «divorzio unilaterale», deciso dal #centrodestra dopo l’«ingenuità» del #M5S

- riporta oggi Francesco Verderami in un articolo sul Corriere

#dimissioni #elezionianticipate
#Salvini e #Berlusconi hanno sfruttato l’occasione offerta da #Conte (…)
È l’imperizia del Movimento ad aver compromesso irrimediabilmente l’equilibrio

Senza la sciocchezza del Movimento il #governoDraghi avrebbe proseguito

#crisidigoverno #elezioni #Draghi
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What the Ship!
July 20, 2022

Updates on Previous Stories
1⃣Supply Chain & Rise in US Container Imports
2⃣Brazil, Bulkers & China's Mineral Resource Group
3⃣US Energy Exports Increase
4⃣Labor Strikes Around the World
5⃣ US Inland & Coastal Waters

1⃣ U.S. Container Imports Rise in June as Congestion Shifts East

H/T @gCaptain @theloadstar


#supplychain #ports #rail #containers…
2⃣ Fertilizer Inflation Forces Overhaul of Brazil Ports, Railways

H/T @gCaptain @business @BloombergNRG


#bulk #fertilizer #sugar #ore #china #australia…
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"L'#euro sta diventando la lira, la #Bce una bad bank. Italia tra i famosi peccatori del debito, #BCE smetta di acquistare spazzatura"! Il quot tedesco Die Welt sbotta. Volete Draghi a casa? Vedrete che festa faranno i populisti europei @heimbergecon Image
1/La notizia è stata riportata dall'economista @heimbergecon che si dissocia. Il Die Welt contro l'Italia VIA @welt I populisti stranieri si stanno già sfregando le mani (come ha fatto la #Russia di #Putin) all'idea che l'Italia rimanga senza #Draghi #19luglio2022 Image
2/E non è finita qui perchè sia l'@FT che @Reuters riportano l'indiscrezione secondo cui la #BCE di #Lagarde starebbe discutendo l'eventualità di alzare i tassi di #50pb subito, già dopodomani. Motivo? I falchi tedeschi e dei baltici terrorizzati dall'#inflation
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On Friday, @CarolinasCEBA filed our comments on @DukeEnergy's 2022 Carbon Plan. You can access those comments and the several attachments here:…
@CarolinasCEBA is a non profit advocacy organization made up of clean energy developers, suppliers, customers and professional service providers in the Carolinas. It is our goal to promote the adoption of clean renewable energy and advance energy market reform in the Carolinas.
.@DukeEnergy's #CarbonPlan is the company's effort at complying with #HB951, adopted by the @ncga in 2021. It calls for NC to reduce CO2 emissions from power generation by 70% from 2005 levels by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050. It's an ambitious goal, but a necessary one.
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Nobody really knows if #NordStream1 goes back online, but the bigger picture is clear: #Russia is tightening the screws with a slow-motion gas cutoff. And Russia will have to continue to tighten: The European energy crisis is one of the few successes of #Putin in this war. 1/
The underlying motivation for #Putin for cutting off gas is only becoming stronger: 1.) The West's role in the Ukraine war is increasing. It may not have been crucial in the first phase, but it is important now, and over time, Ukraine will be fighting mostly with Western arms. 2/
Motivation 2.): #Russia will fall into a deep economic crisis towards the end of the year, the situation will be much worse than now, and Putin needs a crisis in the West for his propaganda to work with if he doesn't want to look weak. 3/
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[thread] Il #gas è diventato un combustibile verde? La #tassonomia dà il via libera al metano, nonostante la sua combustione produca CO2 e perdite di CH4 durante il trasporto? Davvero l’Europa ha ceduto al #greenwashing? NO. Vediamo perché 1/n
Anzitutto, cos'è la tassonomia? E' un set di criteri sulla base di quali viene stilata una lista di tecnologie, che possono essere considerate sostenibili o comunque utili alla transizione… 2/n
Dal punto di vista formale, la tassonomia è un regolamento europeo, entrato in vigore il 12 luglio 2020, da cui discendono dei provvedimenti attuativi – che materialmente contengono le liste delle tecnologie nei vari ambiti – chiamati atti delegati… 3/n
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"Die #Energiestrategie 2050 ist auf Sand gebaut", sagt der Präsident der Netzbetreibergesellschaft #Swissgas, André Dosé, in der @NZZ: "Es handelte sich um eine Träumerei, die so oder so nie funktioniert hätte", meint er zum Konzept von #Bundesrat und Parlament. (1/5) Image
Der #Ukraine-Krieg zwinge die Schweiz nun dazu, "auf dramatische Weise umzudenken", erklärt Dosé: "Ich habe nicht den Eindruck, dass man sich hierzulande bewusst ist, wie gefährlich die Situation ist". Man verkenne die Tragweite der Probleme "in fundamentaler Weise". (2/5)
"Wir haben ein riesiges Problem", stellt der Swissgas-Präsident fest. Es brauche "nur ganz wenig", dass im Winter in der Schweiz sowohl #Gas wie auch #Strom knapp werden könnten. Diese Situation sei selbstverschuldet, betont Dosé. (3/5)
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Thread: andiamo al solo, senza fuffa:

Ma perché dobbiamo disimpegnarci dal #gas dalla #Russia se

1) Tolto un fornitore dal mercato, i prezzi energia salgono, e con essi i ricavi della Russia. Quindi il disimpegno finanzia la guerra
2) Ce lo avrebbero continuato a fornire in quantità se non avessimo, noi, prima minacciato e poi ritirato #Sanzioni
3) Non abbiamo alternative per 2/3 anni. Tutti gli accordi sono di carta:

3a) la #Libia ha gasdotti limitati per la Sicilia ed alzerà il prezzo (facendo guadagnare anche alla Russia che gestisce con #gazprom parte del gas della gioco dell'oca.
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❗️ This is huge: 🇺🇦 Ambassador in 🇩🇪 @MelnykAndrij turns to @Europarl_EN and voices strong concerns about the #EUTaxonomy proposal to label #gas as #green.

👉 He says it's clear #Russia will profit through the Act, and speaks of a "fatal signal" to 🇺🇦. A 🧵 1/6
@MelnykAndrij @Europarl_EN @LudekNie @Urmaspaet @ijabs @nicustefanuta @KGroselj @guyverhofstadt @LeszekMiller @Andi_Glueck @susanasolisp @hildevautmans .@MelnykAndrij has been one of #Germany's most vocal voices to push the 🇩🇪 government towards more help for #Ukraine.

In his letter, he thanks MEP @ViolavonCramon for supporting sanctions on 🇷🇺 #energy, given 🇷🇺 "considerable income through sale of #naturalgas" to the #EU. 2/6
Melnyk cites the #Russian energy minister who said that 🇷🇺 gas industry sees a "range of opportunities" through the #EUTaxonomy, while #LNG terminals are excluded. Its conditions thus "clearly favour #Russian #gas." @ijabs @CiolosDacian 3/6
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I did some more calculations regarding #power supply in #France. Unfortually, my initial estimation turned out too optimistic. If #EDF does not get at least 15GW of #nuclear back to the grid, we are very likely to see forceful disconnections or rolling #blackout|s this winter
As usual, during Winter the situation in France is always narrow. On the 6th of January at 8am, even 9.2GW of #gas was insufficient, requiring 9,4GW of imports to manage 84.4GW of load. This was when France had about 51GW of nuclear available.
CW 2/2022 was similar
Right now we are sitting on just ~28GW. That's 23GW missing!

The highest import I found was 13,5GW (highest export: 17,7GW).

Given that the avg. import on these days was ~5GW, less than 39GW avail. nuclear capacity would very likely make a 84GW scenario impossible to handle!
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Ich durfte heute bei der #gerechtgehtanders Demo gegen die #G7GER reden und erklären, warum die #G7 so ein großes Problem sind. Volle Rede im Thread
#stopg7 #stopg7elmau

Überschwemmungstote in Bangladesh. 60 Grad Bodentemperaturen in Pakistan und Indien. Trinkwasserrationierung in Italien und Deutschland. Mörderische Dürre im Horn von Afrika.

Wie viele Opfer der #Klimakrise muss es noch geben, bis unsere Regierungen endlich merken, dass die Erde brennt? Ich sage es euch: Sie haben es schon längst gemerkt. Die #Klimawissenschaft ist seit Jahrzehnten eindeutig.
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Our new report: 'Unburnable #Carbon - 10 Years On' finds global stock markets 🏦 are financing energy companies which are sitting on 3x more #coal, #oil & #gas reserves than can be burned without breaking the 1.5°C Paris climate target… #CarbonBubble
🧵Despite growing urgency to tackle #ClimateChange, 'Unburnable #Carbon' reveals “embedded #emissions” in the #FossilFuel🛢️reserves of companies listed on stock exchanges – the CO2 released if they’re extracted & burned – has grown by nearly 40% since 2012…
@CarolineLucas @EdwardJDavey @Ed_Miliband @MichaelEMann @CFigueres @AnnPettifor @billmckibben @martinwolf_ @AlokSharma_RDG The report warns that 90% of all known #FossilFuel🛢️reserves & resources held by companies must stay in the ground as 'unburnable #carbon' to limit global warming to 1.5°C🌡️🛑… #KeepItInTheGround
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Bundeswirtschaftsminister #Habeck will am Vormittag zur angespannten Lage auf dem Gasmarkt Stellung nehmen. Beobachter halten es für möglich, dass er die nächste Stufe des "Notfallplans Gas" ausruft. #Gaskrise…
+++ EIL: Bundeswirtschaftsminister Habeck ruft wegen der von Russland gekürzten Gaslieferungen die zweite Stufe des #Notfallplan|s Gas aus +++
Vom "Preisanpassungsmechanismus" macht Habeck aber noch keinen Gebrauch. Damit würde es Versorgern erlaubt, hohe Einkaufspreise für Erdgas auch bei langfristigen Verträgen direkt an ihre Kunden weiterzureichen.…
#Gaskrise #Notfallplan
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