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As we march for education, let’s stand tall on the of our #ancestors with a RICHMOND review:⠀

In March 1865, Congress created the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, popularly known as the Freedmen’s Bureau.
It was intended to address another major problem created by the war, the disposition of property abandoned by or confiscated from planters and property owned by the Confederate government and seized by Union forces (the winners). Those lands were essential to the original design
of the bureau as Congress figured the new agency wouldn’t need federal funds cuz of the sale or rental of tens of thousands of acres of abandoned and confiscated property (EQUITY).⠀

Guess what ain’t happen. 😐 President Andrew Johnson, who opposed the Freedmen’s Bureau...
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I guess I'll take the opportunity of this sleepy Xmas break Thursday afternoon to do a thread of the pieces I wrote this year that I'm most proud of.
First, a little cheat. @MosheMarvit & I landed an op-ed in the @nytimes a few days before New Years last year.

American Workers Need Better Job Protections
.@MosheMarvit & I continued to write about just cause. Here, in @newlaborforum, we make an activist argument for a "right to your job."…
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@POTUS @realDonaldTrump

In #Arizona midterm elections, we get 45-55% turn out
We're currently at almost 62%
Majority of newly added ballots are going to Sinema
KEEP IN MIND Dems would vote for Dem governor candidate, but GOP @dougducey won.
Ducey w on with about 56.9% of the vote, beating Garcia handily (Garcia got 41.8%)
#RedForEd came out strong AGAINST Ducey.
Red for Ed was not just typically Democrats.
So logic is the DEM vs GOP senate race should be pretty close to the governor race.
But it isn't.
Logic with this election in Arizona is that if:
GOPe Ducey got 57% of the vote and
Socialist Garcia got 41.8% of the vote....

GOPe McSally should have about 57% of the vote and
Socialist Sinema should have about 42% of the vote.

But that's not happening.
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🚨Arizona Alert 🚨

Do not be fooled by the red signs attempting to be in line with the #RedForEd movement

These are a sad tactic paid for by dark money designed to make you think you are supporting teachers wages and public education

Nothing could be further from the truth
We are asking every Arizona resident to vote #NoProp305

It's bad, bad, bad

We already understandably have quality teachers leaving the state because Arizona salaries do not compete, and do not provide a living wage

Prop305 will misdirect funds that could fix this problem
We must vote against this DeVos privatized charter school takeover

This is how we #ProtectPublicEd

This is how we say #NoNewVouchers

Remember, vote NO on Prop305

For more info, please visit

Do it for the kids!!
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There's an interesting parallel between the record industry's experience with file-sharing services and the GOP's experience with public sector unions.
Back in 1999, there was Napster, and it had a CEO, and venture capital, and a business plan. Napster's pitch to the labels was "Just tell us how many zeroes to put on the end of the check to get legit, we just polled our users and they'll pay $15/month"
But @RIAA killed Napster, and then successive generations of file-sharing platforms; each "victory" begat more decentralized -- and less label-friendly -- platforms. It was like breeding antibiotic resistant bacteria.
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Some points to consider about the Colorado teacher rally:

1) Teachers were required to take a day of personal leave to participate. For many teachers at the end of a school year, that means that it is an unpaid day of leave.

#RedForEd #ImAColoradoTeacher
2) This was not an easy choice for us. I am nervous about students eating before a weekend. I do worry about breaking the routines of children in trauma. But I worry more about the repetitive inequities students face every day, esp. kids of color.
3) When you read about the increased funding for education from the Colorado government, you have to keep in mind the Colorado "budget stabilization factor." In short, 7.5 BILLION dollars has been withheld by the government from education spending in the past 10 years.
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Media reports that tomorrow’s walkout is likely to be the nation's largest in recent history. (Cont'd)
But, let’s be clear: We don’t want to walk out. We don’t want to march in 100-degree heat. We’d rather be in our classrooms, teaching.
But, we are dedicated to our students; we care about them and their futures. We did not come to the decision lightly—it was something years of funding cuts forced us to do.
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