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Regenerative Finance in DeFi:

How is LandX creating a positive change? 🧵

As a sponsored LandX ambassador I’m bringing you a thread that aims to teach you about the following:

- What is regenerative finance?

- ReFi in crypto

- Growing population

- Food shortage

- The problem LandX is solving
1: What is regenerative finance?

Regenerative finance is not just about carbon credits - it includes all financial instruments that use capital to achieve positive change in a sustainable way.

The guiding principle of regenerative finance is to incorporate the negative……
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Estamos recorriendo #Rootstock poco a poco, encontrando información que te sea útil para tú gran salto a las Finanzas Descentralizadas y HOY vamos a hablar de Tropykus!🌴🌴

Un protocolo bien establecido y con una visión clara acerca del problema que busca resolver!


@tropykus es un protocolo DeFi creado para latinoamericanos y para quienes buscan alternativas para ahorrar y pedir dinero prestado, como respuesta a las instituciones financieras y sus altos márgenes de intermediación…
¿Porque pasar por rigurosos sistemas o colas interminables afuera de un banco?

Solo para llegar y encontrarse con burócratas que te califican de una persona no apta para ser financiada. No obstante, no podemos perder de vista la agresiva devaluación que azota a las 🪙 locales⬇️
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Public, open, permissionless systems can catalyze change in existing markets.

The Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) is an incredibly important market in our fight against climate change—but to scale, change is needed.

KlimaDAO aims to offer an alternative approach to the VCM.
Automated Market Makers are one of the core open-source technologies that define DeFi, and they can be applied in a variety of markets to create greater transparency and equitable access.

Establishing liquidity is key for the market to operate efficiently. AMMs enable this.
KlimaDAO uses AMMs to enable transactions in the VCM. Protocol-Owned Liquidity was established immediately after launch, forming the financial rails of the emerging Digital Carbon Market.

KlimaDAO has since deployed tooling that enables the consumption of on-chain carbon.
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I would like to invite all of #ReFi to participate in a public retro on @KlimaDAO. 📉

ICYMI - $KLIMA is a billion dollar ponzi scheme which promised to finance climate action... instead it made a small group of VCs, carbon brokers & founders millions. 💸

Here's the story.

Firstly, I want to start with my motivation.

1. I'm a committed husband and father of two young boys.
2. I am gravely concerned about our planet's future.
3. I have dedicated my entire life to building a better world for generations to come.


2/ Image
I believe public ledgers paired with digital measurement reporting and verification (dMRV) are the critical tools to unlock trust and enable trillions of dollars of critical climate financing within the next 30 years.

Capital flows at the speed of trust.

3/ Chart taken from: https://w...
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Excited to end the week with two big announcements! 👏🎉

1⃣ We have selected the next batch of grantees that will receive our support during this event season. 🫶

2⃣ The @ReFiDAOist #ReFi Event Organizers Guild is kicking off! 🪩

Let's uncover some more info. 👇🧵
Meet our next grantee of this season - @KuzyTheAwsomest of @builtndifferent, the organizer of "ReFi 101" in Harare, Zimbabwe! 🇿🇼

The event will be directed towards #web3 curious individuals, enthusiasts, developers and founders to learn about and adopt #ReFi in Africa. 🌱

Meet @aida_eze of @refibysouth! 👏 She will be the organizer of "Educating Nigeria Women in #Climate and #Web3" in Lagos, Nigeria. 🇳🇬

The event will cover the topics of cextreme weather events, climate adaptation policies and bridging the gender digital divide. ☀️

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I'd like to host a public retrospective on "The Rise and Fall of $KLIMA" in order to move the #ReFi space forward.

We need to know what happened...
Who made money.
What mistakes were made.
What we learned.

How we can improve.

Who's with me?
I'd like to invite @ArchimedesCryp1, @Dionysus_Klima & the rest of the founding team of @KlimaDAO to the table.

Along with @gregory_landua, @erde_kette from @regen_network and @josephpallant from @BICOWG.

Also the folks at @SCB_Tweets & anyone else who bridged credits for $BCT
I'm happy to host this at a safe space in-person in Lisbon with all stakeholders present and off-the-record if necessary.

Neutral moderator.

This is not about my brand, this is about building a movement with integrity and solving the most pressing challenges of our time.
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Hey Regens!

In the latest ReFi Roundup, we'll examine the future of distributed #MRV, exploring the work of @regen_network, @BICOWG, @OpenForest_ , and other key players in the space. This one also bursting w/ #ReFi news and events.

Let's go


This roundup was done by yours truly. I weave regenerative values, design thinking, and universal principles to accelerate systems evolution. You can check out more of my writing on medium - here's my latest piece…

Let's get it started! 👇🏼/2
📈 distributed MRV is rising.

After @guardian article criticizing carbon markets -… -

More focus is going to transparency and equity of carbon and impact projects.

We cover the great work and key orgs in distributed MRV the outlook for it's future 👇🏼

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😤We do a little writing 🤓

Regenerative Finance is a mission-driven movement that is leveraging blockchain technology to create financial incentives for lower carbon emissions and regenerate the environment.

Here’s why #ReFi matters 🧵👇
1/ Regenerative finance uses blockchain technology to create financial incentives that promote inclusivity and sustainability in the rebuilding of our economies 🌱
2/ ReFi takes a long-term perspective, looking beyond short-term financial gains and considering the long-term impacts of investments on people and the planet 🌎
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We’re excited to announce that @Ledger_Works ‘Eco Connect’ is now live on the @Hedera mainnet - enabling us to address the most critical issues with offsets in the voluntary carbon market (VCM) today 🌍 #COP27 #TogetherForImplementation
Ledger Works’ Eco Connect will benefit the #Hedera ecosystem by providing an API and explorer (Eco Explore) to make Guardian assets discoverable and searchable. They will serve as the foundational layer of the carbon offset marketplaces on the network.
Through this, digital environmental assets generated by the Guardian (e.g. @TymlezBV, @dovuofficial, @civicledger) are now discoverable to Regenerative Finance (#ReFi) markets and any stakeholders interested in auditing credits, emissions, and other ecological assets on Hedera.
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Earlier this month, the SIF began a program of close engagement with @verrastandards & @goldstandard, the standard-setting NGOs that verify & register the majority of the world’s voluntary carbon offsets, including carbon reduction & removal credits 🧵 #TogetherForImplementation
As we approach #COP27, it's clear we have a lot of work to do building on #COP26 milestones. In partnership with government institution's, we must create & adopt new innovative tools to accelerate climate action. This is where regenerative (#ReFi) and #Web3 can play a key role.
In two detailed policy commentaries, one with 24 other climate-forward teams in the #ReFi community, we submitted a strong case for tokenization & dMRV driven traceability of carbon credits in the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs) - focussing on Verra & Gold Standard's registries.
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first ever tweet of this #P2P #opensource initiative called #ReRe (regenerative resources) of the nascent #ReFI BR moviment \o/ it aims not only to empathically include everyone, but also establish a totally new #wealth generator based on #commonsship for #web3 at large ... Image
a totally new #web3 wealth generator ? how so ? today´s #blockchain web3 footprint is basically attached to fiat money as it´s main economic grounding and all coordination efforts are done by decentralized protocols that depends on generating through #PoW or/with #PoS consensus
that said #ReRe aims not only to treat all sorts of human #resources (tangigle / intangigle) that you, me and everyone can empathically share as it´s economic grounding - because it´s part of each one`s abundant or idle wealth - but also low cultural barriers for #web3 adoption
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Back with our weekly spotlight on #NFTForGood project! 😍

Spotlight on:
@ecosapiensxyz 🐒🚶‍♂️
- A #ReFi project promoting social goods for the planet. 🌍

We talk about it more in our 🧵

#NFTCommunity #ImpactNFT
#SaveThePlanet #NFTs #ReFi
@ecosapiensxyz 🐒🚶‍♂️ WHAT IS @ecosapiensxyz?

It's a #NFTForGood project with a collection of unique carbon-backed NFTs called #Ecosapiens ♻️🚶, allowing you to push the door to their EcoVerse while having a real-world impact by saving our real ecosystem. 🌳🌍
🐒🚶‍♂️ HOW @ecosapiensxyz DOES IT?

Thanks to the #Ecosapien collection as each NFT sequesters carbon in perpetuity, being an actual vehicule to carbon reduction through the first ever "payback-to-offset" smart contract. 🤯

Read 👇
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The importance of #NFTs in the #ReFi space is something many may overlook as just another expected component within ReFi given that we are operating on the blockchain.

There is something very unique that is inherent to NFTs that the ReFi space in general is lacking.

It is all too easy to end up in echo chambers.

Spending time amongst our fellow ReFi brothers and sisters discussing the importance of acting now and what that action might look like.

Many of the engaged members we see in one ReFi project's community, we see in others.
This is key in such a young space, where collaboration will lead to a flourishing ecosystem for all to enjoy and continue building upon.

However we struggle to reach new members and audiences outside of the ReFi space.
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#DAOs enable rapid allocation of value for influencing human action through on-chain democracy. We can incentivize the change we wish to see in the world.

👇🧵 👇 Image
Mahatma Gandhi changed the world. He led non-violent protests that catalyzed a generational movement for Indian independence…. He said:

> Be the change you wish to see in the world.
He meant that people should take action in their own lives to change things they felt should be changed. If the world does not conform to our expectations, we should take action to make it so.
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This week in State of the DAOs:

🌲 ImpactDAO #ReFi Impact @0xSardius
👉 Unpacking ImpactDAOs
👉 Case Studies
👉 Evolving Public Goods

↔️ From P2E to PA2E @humanDAO
by @Value_Strat
@0xSardius @humanDAO @Value_Strat 2/ DAOs at a Glance:

👉 WTF is an ImpactDAO @dadabit
👉 Cultivating Catalytic Communities @tinyrevver
👉 Regen Web3 movement @owocki
👉 Community Saves the World @gideonro
👉 DAOs transforming social impact @Crypto_Altruism

💡 #DAO Spotlight @lex_DAO
@0xSardius @humanDAO @Value_Strat @dadabit @tinyrevver @owocki @gideonro @Crypto_Altruism @lex_DAO 3/ Ecosystem Takes:

🔑 How Web 3 Changes Philanthropy @RhysLindmark
🔑 Crypto Can Fix the World @owocki
🔑 Incentivizing Communities @mycodotspace
🔑 Reimagining Public Goods In the #ETH Age @tinyrevver @notscottmoore
🔑 Building Regenerative Systems @0xSiddhearta
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11 @CeloOrg projects to keep an eye on 👀

Check out these exciting projects utilizing tokenized carbon credits on the Celo blockchain — from #NFTs & decentralized climate investing to #DeFi applications & #ReFi indexes! 🧵

#ReFlySummer Image
@celostrials is integrating NCT into their NFT collection, so that Celostrial holders can carbonize their aliens and earn climate activity rewards with them
Celostrials is also working on an open source, green ERC721 standard
@SpiralsProtocol builds regenerative infrastructure directly into proof-of-stake blockchains

Members directly invest in climate impact projects, by allocating a portion of their yield rewards to an impact treasury
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Regen, short for regeneration or regenerative, is an emerging, living philosophy that can order and organize our actions, desires, ethics, and economy for the 21st century. #ReFi, as a cryptoeconomic marketplace, is built on this foundation.
Many participants in the refi space don’t know the origins of the movement they are building. It is not the same movement as the environmental movement, or the sustainability movement, It sources understanding and wisdom from a different tapestry of linages.
A few humans worth following who embody the living exploration of regeneration:
@carolsanford, @NoraBateson @cognitivepolicy, @Seleyn, @Ethan_Soloviev, @cognazor (to name a few non crypto voices we should be learning from and co-creating with)
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En nuestra visita a @eth_barcelona se hizo más latente la cultura #Solarpunk y el movimiento #ReFi, la unión de todos aquellos que buscan un mundo mejor y crear impacto positivo a través de #Web3. 🌴🏝️ Image
Desde #tropykus🌴 nos sentimos parte de esta visión y buscamos estar alineados con los marcos de desarrollo e impacto a nivel mundial. Uno de los marcos que nos guía son los objetivos mundiales de desarrollo sostenible. Image
Si somos capaces de dar mejores opciones de ahorro y préstamos a los latinoamericanos, y educar para potenciar sus finanzas personales, esto tendrá un impacto en sus vidas, mejorando sus condiciones económicas, la calidad en educación y nutrición, libre de brecha de género.
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1/ Retiring my first CO2 certificates from the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) on the @0xPolygon blockchain with @ToucanProtocol's Nature Carbon Tonne and offsetting my travels for the first half of this year (Q1/2022 + Q2/2022).

Let's see how its going! 🧵 #carbonOffsetSunday
2/ First things first: Regenerative Finance (#ReFi) is in full swing in #crypto #web3.
Not a single ethereum conference without a ReFi group meetup and climate friends.
Unfortunately I could not make it to @eth_barcelona :(
3/ Teams building at this intersection between climate and crypto solve real world problems!
ReFi is sustainable Decentralise Finance (DeFi) due to trading assets are backed by real-world CO2 certificates.
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1/ $BTC marked an 8%+ drop in the past 24h and dropped to below $20,700 at the time of writing. With the price action, many analysts doubted #BTC's ability to sustain the low $20,000 zone for long.

$BTC number of addresses in loss (7d MA) reached an ATH: Image
2/ $ETH was bleeding to under $1.1k following $BTC's plunge. The percentage of @ethereum addresses in profit has dropped to the lowest level since April 2020, as per @intotheblock:
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@KlimaDAO might introduce inverse bonds. What are they, when could they come into effect, and how can they impact the #ReFi ecosystem and on-chain carbon market?

We'll dive into the good, the bad & the ugly 🧵
@KlimaDAO 1/
A bit of context: KlimaDAO is by far the largest holder of tokenized carbon, with +18m tonnes locked away in their treasury

Carbon gets sucked into KlimaDAOs treasury via bonds

But if inverse bonds for tokenized carbon are introduced, it won't stay in there... 👀
@KlimaDAO 2/
Inverse bonds are KlimaDAOs way to protect the value of its currency, $KLIMA

They could be launched if KLIMA trades below intrinsic value (IV)

A proposal for this was approved in Feb 2022…
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Everyone in #ReFi has been talking about #CarbonBridges since the @VerraStandards announcement came out last week

Bridges connect the legacy carbon market with #Web3 carbon market infrastructure

How does an ideal bridge look, and how do we get there?

Let’s dive in 🧵
@VerraStandards 1/
An ideal bridge is a two-way bridge where carbon credits can freely flow between the off-chain and the on-chain world

Whatever is bridged on-chain can be bridged back, anytime and autonomously ↩️

The bridge should be deterministic and won't need a custodian
@VerraStandards 2/
This has a few key benefits

- Everyone can take advantage of arbitraging opportunities
- This creates more trading volume in carbon markets
- Bridgers feel more comfortable bridging because the tokenization isn't irreversible
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We don’t deserve someone so thoughtful and considering in the SEC, but I’m grateful @HesterPeirce is there. More and more, I’ve been thinking that “carbon accounting” as it exists and is evolving, is a dead end for reversing climate change. There’s far too much ambiguity.
Q: How much carbon would be removed if all Fortune 500 companies offset their entire Scope 1, 2, and 3 footprint?

A: Not anywhere close to enough.
We have to think bigger than corporate carbon offsetting! There are 1.5 TRILLION tonnes up there that we need to remove from the atmosphere. The govt has a hammer (disclosure mandates), and so everything looks like a nail. But for us nimble #ReFi startups, we can be more creative
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Did you know that 20-50 billion mangroves, when taking seagrass recovery into account, is equivalent to 1 trillion terrestrial trees in terms of carbon drawdown? 🧵 (1/5)

#Earthbanc #EarthbancProtocol #Ecosystem #RestoringMangroves
That means a global effort to halt climate change would require up to 50-fold less trees than the proposed 1 trillion tree target from the ETH Zurich study. (2/5)
Restoring 20-50 billion mangroves could provide us with about 15 years extra time to draw down our emissions and reduce our ecological footprint in order to mitigate climate change. (3/5)
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