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🚀New Publication📚We examined the effect of telehealth expansion on counseling service-seeking intention via DiD analysis, providing support for #telehealth. We also highlighted worsened racial disparities in mental health. #TherapistTwitter…
thread (1/8) Image
Results from DiD show the shift to telehealth wasn't associated with a change in counseling service-seeking intentions among clients, both for racial/ethnic minorities and White individuals. (2/8) #MentalHealthServices #Access Image
Implication 1: no evidence suggests declines in counseling service-seeking intentions after the universal shift to telehealth around March 15, 2020. Current policies tied to telehealth should continue beyond the pandemic. @CounselingViews @ACA_CTOnline #TelehealthPolicy (3/8)
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Up next is "Healthcare Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease: Social and Nutrition Deserts" by Joshua J. Joseph, MD, MPH, FAHA (@joshuajosephmd), moderated by S. Sethu K. Reddy, MD (@endocrineguru) at #AACECVMET #AACE #Endotwitter
@joshuajosephmd @endocrineguru There are higher rates of diabetes mortality (2-fold death disparity) in rural areas as compared to urban areas, and a higher mortality in Black patients compared to White patients. #AACECVMET #AACE #HealthDisparities
@joshuajosephmd @endocrineguru Diabetes prevalence & hospital admissions correlate w/ residential security maps. The 1930s Home Owners Loan Corporation redlining score has an impact today: 1 unit-higher HOLC grades assoc w/ 54% higher DM mortality & 67% higher rate of diabetes years of life lost #AACECVMET
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"Biographies of late bloomers...might leave us with lessons about how some people can be helped to flourish earlier— will show us that some talents come to fruition differently. We should encourage a diversity of paths to success." @HenryEOliver…
The secret world beneath our feet is mind-blowing – and the key to our planet’s future | Soil | The Guardian…
#SoilCharacteristics, #EcosystemSustainability
For top-quality patient care, invest in nurses | McKinsey & Company…
#PatientCare, #NursingStaffs, #HealthcareSystem, #COVID19
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The language of quant crit is in its infancy but the practice has a long legacy dating back to Du Bois and Wells-Barnett.

Let's use #QuantCritSyllabus to feature studies that use critical quantitative methodologies and frameworks. I'll start.
#AcademicTwitter #SocAF #QuantCrit
The Racism-Race Reification Process: A Mesolevel Political Economic Framework for Understanding Racial Health Disparities by @aasewell

#QuantCritSyllabus #HealthDisparities #MortgageMarkets
#MergedDatabases #Multilevel #GeneralizedLinearModels…
Collateral Damage: The Health Effects of Invasive Police Encounters in New York City by @aasewell & Kevin Jefferson

#QuantCritSyllabus #Health #Policing
#NYC #CommunityHealthSurvey #StopQuestionandFrisk #MultilevelModels…
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I am a recent but huge fan of @Freakonomics podcast. I've also been enjoying @DrBapuPod by @AnupamBJena

Episode today was about #ArtificialIntelligence in #medicine and I want to share my concerns about the discussion on racial disparities in knee pain (starting at 19:00)

A 🧵
#1 - The suggestion that only pain that can be explained by pathology seen on a knee xray is "real, organic, genuine" and other pain is "in someone's head" is hugely problematic and detrimental to patients seeking care for #Chronicpain and providers.…
This is not aligned with the role of nervous system sensitization, psychological factors, and other mechanisms underlying the chronic pain experience.
Imp to note that #machinelearning model from xrays explained only 16% of variability in pain overall

@NatureMedicine @oziadias
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(1/11) How do you think overall cardiovascular mortality has changed in the United States from 1950 until now? #CVDPrevention2021 #ph260720
(2/11) It has decreased significantly! This has been due to reduction in risk factors and increases in medical and surgical therapies. @American_Heart and George Mensah (@NHLBI_Translate). Read “Decline in Cardiovascular Mortality”…
#hearthealth #ph260720
(3/11) However, health disparities persist. Did you know that black adults are more likely to die from CVD than white adults in the US? @American_Heart and the Center for Health Metrics and Evaluation visual:…
#healthdisparities, #hearthealth #ph260720
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Discharge day

Me: “Couple more updates—so I spoke our social worker. We’ve got some ways to help.”
You: *staring at me*
Me: “Also the pharmacist worked the stuff out with your insulin pen. They’ll be right over to help with that. Oh! And I found the pill box.”

*silence* Image

Me: "You okay?"
You: "Yeah. I’m good.”
Me: "Okay. I thought maybe something was wrong.”

You fixed your eyes on me and shook your head. Hard.

Me: “What?”
You: *sigh* "I'm just tripping, that’s all."
Me: *squinting* "Tripping off of what?"
You: "I was just thinking. . like every time I see y'all . . .everybody be hustling to help me. Almost like y’all really, truly give a shit about whether I live or die."


I placed the pill container on the tray table and sat down.
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As a clinician trained in chemosensation, early reports of taste and smell loss with #COVID19 piqued my curiosity, and I knew it was something that needed attention. Image
An NIH librarian (who knew what my lab studied) reached out and helped us tremendously by curating the literature on taste and smell. I am still using those resources to develop a #COVID19 #taste and #smell long-hauler study.
A few colleagues and I started a consortium in March 2020 to understand more on #tasteloss and #smellloss with #COVID19. Read our paper here: Image
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Good news: 1.7M #COVID19 #vaccine doses given in #LosAngeles!
Bad news: vaccination program is leaving behind Black and Hispanic seniors, perpetuating existing #healthdisparities

This is an *access* issue, as current system relies on technology, outreach, and transportation
These are the same maps we saw for access to testing and #COVID19 infections throughout the pandemic.

It is disheartening that the same communities that were hardest hit by the pandemic have the lowest access to #vaccines @skarlamangla

Community health should not be based upon community wealth, but we see this throughout our health system. Sadly, our vaccination program feeds directly into this system. We need to remove barriers to access for our underserved communities. @ronlin…
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CCHP’s Executive Director, Mei Kwong, kicks off today’s webinar with an introduction to @CCHPCA and @TheNCTRC! #MedicaidTelehealthCCHP
Sheri Gaskins from @CMSGov provides a great overview of telehealth in Medicaid! "Telehealth is not a service - it is a delivery mechanism." #MedicaidTelehealthCCHP
A telehealth toolkit has been developed by @CMSGov and provides an up-to-date view of telehealth in Medicaid! #MedicaidTelehealthCCHP
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Wonderful presentation by Dr @TSNolanPhD in the @OSUCCC_James Spielman series this morning on her research on #survivorship needs of Black younger women #survonc #supponc #bcsm @osunursing 1/
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1/ Wow! What intervention showed a 56% REDUCTION IN CANCER MORTALITY? MUST READ in @AnnalsofIM. Bariatric Surgery and All-Cause Mortality: A Population-Based Matched Cohort Study… Image
2/ Overall, #bariatric surgery was associated with...
✅47% reduction in cardiovascular mortality
✅56% reduction in #cancer mortality
✅36% reduction in other medical mortality at 4.9 years of follow-up.

Lets dive into the study in latest @AnnalsofIM…
3/ The mission was simple (👏👏to @McMasterU &
@STJOESHAMILTON): Determine the association bw bariatric surgery & all-cause mortality. Esp since other studies of mortality post bariatric surg were limited by cohort selection bias, completeness of follow-up, & confounders.
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Over the next month I'll be sharing thoughts from the 32 articles in our new special issue of @PXJournal: Sustaining a Focus on #HumanExperience in the Face of #COVID19.

Generous contributions of action & hope from authors around the world. Stay tuned: Image
Starting my review of @PXJournal special issue with our editorial "A Commitment to Hope" co-authored by our Assoc Editor Geoffrey Silvera of @AuburnU.

"In this moment, the humanity of healthcare continues to shine."

Read more:…

#HumanExperience #COVID19 Image
Next in @PXJournal: #Leadership matters: A conversation w/ Dr. @JamesEKHildreth

Need to start having honest conversations. They're difficult to have about who we are, what motivates us, but the results could be really powerful.…

#COVID19 #humanexperience Image
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1/ I'd like everyone to meet @UCSF med student @Abdi_Abdullahi_ (right). Abdi will be taking over my twitter feed tomorrow, June 26 for #ShareTheMicNowMed where we're giving focus and attention to #BlackMenInMedicine

A preamble for what's to come... Image
2/ From @Abdi_Abdullahi_ : "I’m a 3rd yr med student @UCSF, originally from San Diego and a proud first-gen student. Interested in #MedEd, #healthdisparities, politics, writing, and for the sake of speaking it into existence: future Med/Peds physician and Dean of Admissions!" Image
3/ Also, in picture above is @UCSF med student @KidaneMD - another rising star here in SF. Both deserve your ear and hope #ShareTheMicNowMed urges further conversation and understanding around #BlackMenInMedicine
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𝘗𝘢𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘯𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘗𝘳𝘦𝘫𝘶𝘥𝘪𝘤𝘦 wishes to express sympathy for the families, friends and communities of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks, and indeed for the many other people of colour around the world who have suffered at the hands of individual racist police, [1/14]
racist police practices more generally, and the systemic racism that runs through criminal justice systems. We also wish to extend our solidarity with the many thousands who have been moved to protest on streets all over the world in response. [2/14]
𝘗𝘢𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘯𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘗𝘳𝘦𝘫𝘶𝘥𝘪𝘤𝘦 has been documenting and analysing all forms of racism, historical and contemporary, throughout the world for over fifty year. [3/14]
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Lots of critical conversations happening this week around #COVID__19 #racism #healthdisparities & the path to #HealthEquity. Peep the lineup:
Friday 6/12 12:00-1:00pm EST
Join us: @HYAdames @CRMHVanderbilt @BrianDSmedley Dr(s). Y. Joel Wong & Ronald Levant. #COVID__19 #EquityFlattensTheCurve #HoldingSpace4BMOC
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Its Sunday and we’re doing a long thread on past medical abuses against Black communities to try to help science Twitter understand why “trust” is not the goal – the goal is empowerment. #blacklivesmatterinhealthtoo
When we talk about representation of Black folks in #clinicalresearch, the term “trust” is often used. “Trust” is too big a barrier and it can easily go away. The feeling is, “We’ve tried, but it’s too hard.”
But leaving communities out of advances in medicine is not the answer – we’re seeing the deadly results of this in #COVID19. But, still, we need to talk about why there is a lack of trust and why that is deserved.…
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The coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately affected black and brown communities in the US. The same holds true in many ethnic minority communities worldwide, including the #Somali community. Image
Because of these significant #healthdisparities, we must ensure the delivery of culturally-appropriate health and prevention information to people in underserved communities.
Thank you to the @SomaliHB for their tireless efforts in serving the Somali community overcome the barriers contributing to health inequality. We will be collaborating, along with the Somali Medical Association of America to provide more awareness and education.
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Next #FreedomRoadPodcast episode, recorded in collaboration with @PantsuitPolitic! Listen in on both platforms #tomorrow as Lisa, Beth and Sarah talk COVID-19, sci-fi movies canaries in mines and one hard question: What will alliance w/ WOC require of White women in 2020?
NOTE: #COVID-19 stats by race were released last week. The stats make three things clear: 1) Media reporting has been white-centered 2) The impact of COVID is racialized and 3) response to COVID is being politicized. #WisconsinPrimary #HealthDisparities Imprisoned w/ Coronavirus.
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I've known I have #ADHD for 4 years. I've known I'm #dyslexic & Autistic for 2 months. This semester, I've spent enormous time/energy understanding what this means for me. I am relieved & unbelievably excited; I've found an incredible #ActuallyAutistic community through Twitter;
& for the FIRST time in my life (let that sink in) I'm seeing other people talk about experiences that mirror my own. I understand myself in a way that I have tried to find words for my entire life. (TY @SNeurotypicals @steve_asbell @autistictic @A_Silent_Child) #ActuallyAutistic
I'm also navigating grief. I now see the ways I'm called to & do invalidate, erase, & hurt myself in the "necessary" betrayal of my needs to exist in a neurotypical, "appropriate" way. Camouflaging causes negative health outcomes & creates #healthdisparities #NMHM2020 #Autistic
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For the most part, asthma, hypertension, and diabetes are inequalities — differences that are a direct result of racism, poverty, disinvestment, and other structural barriers — not “pre-existing conditions.”
#publichealth #healthequity #covid19
Here’s an excellent article by @uche_blackstock that provides an overview of the barriers to equitable treatment and other inequalities that emerge during the #covid19 pandemic and similar disasters: #healthequity #phealth
Most US cities have a 15-year gap in life expectancy. Neighborhoods that have seen these catastrophically-high premature death rates for decades, due to inequality, racism, & incarceration, are also likely to be impacted by #covid19 at 2-5 times the rate of affluent areas. #nnip Image
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Re: the recent report on racial differences in AD biomarkers in CSF ( & the superb commentary by @beyoung40 ( This thread details another issue in this study: analytical decisions in #healthdisparities research ...
1/19 @ManlyEpic posted a terrific comment in @alzforum abt the study 👆, highlighting, w/ data, its vulnerability to selection bias & its unsettlingly small number of African American participants (which is a fast, though not a guaranteed way to end up w selection bias).
2/19 Looking at the analysis description, one additional feature of this study stands out: what question(s) was it answering?
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