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Here’s an interesting problem regarding the #aesthetics in reproduction of #digital #image|s. (Interesting to me, at least, and also, maybe, to people like @_menkman, @jbirken, @Sierra_Offline, @kevindriscoll and @GIFmodel). 1/38
What I’ll say is true for all digital images, in a way. (And more generally, for all works of art.) But I want to focus on one type of images and on one set of aesthetic qualities in particular here. 2/38
The problem that’s bothering me is this: What is the proper way to show an early digital #screen image in #print? (Reproduced as a figure in an academic monograph, for example.) 3/38
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🧵It's #InternationalWomensDay and given the uptick in media coverage of #digitalsleuths: Let’s talk about representation in open source research!

When we use open sources to report on war, whose voices, experiences are we amplifying?

#Russia #Ukraine #OSINT #OSINTUkraine
Like most groups, @amnesty is publishing analysis partly based on open sources from #twitter as well as Telegram, Facebook, VKontakte, etc. For us the focus has is on possible war crimes.

E.g. this thread by the Crisis Evidence Lab ↓
Social media is a critical source (great!) but it privileges certain types of violence. Violence that is less spectacular e.g. dehydration, starvation, lack of access to medical supplies and electricity, or racism.

HT @bobtrafford 🙏🏻…
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📣In one hour we'll be discussing the impacts of #redistricting on #Latino voters in Florida, who make up 1/4 of the state yet who stand to lose #Representation under newly drawn maps. Follow the discussion
👉LIVESTREAM: @EthnicMediaSvc
@kiraromero @latinojustice
Welcome to today’s briefing on Florida’s redistricting process and what it means for Latino voters, co-hosted by @EthnicMediaSVC, @LatinoJustice and @scsj and moderated by @PilarMarrero.
Read our report on how #redistricting in Southern states is eroding fair and equal #representation for communities of color. 👇…
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Good to see #motivation in addition to #competence, #honesty & #reliability.

It always bothered me that #sociopaths could pass Onora's three tests of #trustworthiness*; they can be entirely #competent, brutally #honest & (predictably) #reliable but...

...I still wouldn't necessarily feel comfortable #trusting them. (The same applies to corporate entities - some possibly even more so.)

@medConfidential's formulation - #consensual, #safe and #transparent - addresses a subtly different problem, which is that NO system will...
...always be 100% #trustworthy, and certainly not 100% #trusted - given #trust is ALWAYS 'in the eye of the beholder', and NEVER a property of a system.

#Governance and #accountability are key, of course. And maybe this time, we'll actually get what is #needed - rather than...
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With 4 states and 1 UT due to get new govts next month, we looked at political representation of women in India. Of the 4,235 members of legislative assemblies (MLAs) in India, only 11% are #women. Follow the thread to know more:
Among states that had elections in March & April 2021, #WestBengal had the highest representation of #women, at 13% of all MLAs. 7% of MLAs in #TamilNadu are women, 6% in #Kerala & 6% in #Assam, data from @GoIStats recent collation of #gender data show:…
In the last 20 years, no more than 6% of MLAs in Kerala have been #women. Our report on how mainstream political parties in the state have denied women political and leadership roles at the state level:…
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@JamesSt29455524 @EHoffFL @trekonomicsbot @nation_orville @TweetleDee2b @doomcock @startrekcbs @StarTrek @startrekfans @Alex_Kurtzman @Captain_Trek_ @RoddenTrekker @startrekfan @StarTrekFan15 @startrekfansuk @startrekfanz @startrekfans_1 @TheExpanseWR @AnasAbdin @Nerdrotics @bowlestrek @ExpanseOnPrime @lotro @TheOrville @CaptainPicard3 @CaptJaneway2017 @BenjaminSisko @JusticeCaptArch @SpockResists @PozzedSulu @SheisStarfleet Datz da diff between 2days TV n back den. Back den dey ACTUALLY knew how to write n develop characters properly. Besides who wants to see an engineering ep? Doesnt sound very interesting to me.
Dats ANUTHA diff. Back den no1 cared about NAMBY PAMBY #Representation IT DIDNT MATTER
@JamesSt29455524 @EHoffFL @trekonomicsbot @nation_orville @TweetleDee2b @doomcock @startrekcbs @StarTrek @startrekfans @Alex_Kurtzman @Captain_Trek_ @RoddenTrekker @startrekfan @StarTrekFan15 @startrekfansuk @startrekfanz @startrekfans_1 @TheExpanseWR @AnasAbdin @Nerdrotics @bowlestrek @ExpanseOnPrime @lotro @TheOrville @CaptainPicard3 @CaptJaneway2017 @BenjaminSisko @JusticeCaptArch @SpockResists @PozzedSulu @SheisStarfleet Why would you want a scotty ep? Hell am scottish n u dnt see me asking for it. I sont care about #Representation. Unlike you I DONT NEED to see myself on screen to enjoy a show.
I liked the way it was dun on TOS coz it focusses on STORY 1ST... THEN CHARACTERS 2ND! The RIGHT WAY!
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“Waaaaah! Waaaaah!” The first initial joyous cries of a newborn are followed by the
proclamation of, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” Upon a cursory look at a newborn’s genitalia,...

#trans #mtf #transgender #transsexual #sculpture #representation #art


1/4 Image
the infant’s #sex is identified and declared as either male or female. While this is a seemingly trivial
moment, for #transgender individuals it is a defining moment they cannot escape for the rest of
their live....

Transgender individuals are often confused as #homosexual, #crossdressers, #gay, #queer, or........

#trans #mtf #transgender #transsexual #statues #sculpture #representation #art
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This is my little nephew's school-issued #poetry #textbook that's part of the curriculum. He's in 4th grade.

Annie Shrestha (@scoannie) & I did a little #analysis of d contents of this textbook & made some interesting discoveries.

#Nepal #Caste #Gender #NepalEducation
As you can tell (see image), Rato Bangala Kitab is the publisher. And this one is the 5th edition, published a year ago. The 1st Edition came out in 2062 BS (16 years ago).

#Nepal #Caste #CasteIssues #Gender #NepalEducation #NepaliLiterature #GenderIssues
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📢📢 THREAD: Why Must the Criminal Law Reform Committee be Disbanded?
#DisbandtheCommittee #NotLikeThis #NotRightNow #NotWithoutUs

Source: @citizensspeakup

In May, the Ministry of Home Affairs commissioned a #committee for reforms in our criminal #laws. In simple words, a #committee to rewrite all our criminal #laws.

Experts fear that the committee will dilute safeguards that exist to prevent unfair prosecutions & wrongful convictions. Several #lawyers, #activists, & academics have raised concerns about the #committee and called for it to be disbanded. But why? Let's take a look ⬇️

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Hi everyone!👋🏼

I’m back after a year away from the #kink #fetish #bdsm community.

I want to share why I haven’t been around, why I’ve decided to return, and how I won’t be taking any shit from racists and white supremacists any longer.

#latex #rubber #gaylatex #gayrubber

As the first @MIRubber of color and the first international titleholder of Asian heritage, I knew my journey would be difficult.

From the very first day of my title year, I received racist hate.

#leather #fetish #leatherfetish #gayleather

After sharing the experiences of racism I’ve had at many events over the years (and I’ve only barely scratched the surface of what I’ve gone through and what I’ve seen), I began calling out events where I had experienced racist abuse and hate to warn other POC.

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12 New Bills are listed for introduction in #MonsoonSession of #Parliament
These are:
1. Multi-State Co-operative Societies Amendment Bill- to rationalize Govt role & members participation in working of multi-state co-op societies
2. Bilateral Netting of #Financial Contracts Bill
3. Factoring Regulation (Amendment) Bill - to allow #NBFCs, other than NBFC-Factors to undertake Factoring business as well

4. #Pension Fund Regulatory & Devl Authority (Amendment) Bill - Separation of #NPS Trust from #PFRDA, and to provide for #UniversalPension coverage
5. Nat'l Commission for Allied & Healthcare Professionals Bill - set up Central and State Council

6. Assisted #Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill - regulation, supervision of ART Clinic, Banks

7. J&K Official language Bill- for language to be used for official purpose
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I'm working on a piece about social justice movements and lessons from Avengers: Endgame/the MCU. This reflection isn't going to be part of this piece but one thing that still makes me sad whenever I think about the MCU is the erasure of South Asian & Middle Eastern #superheroes.
The Middle East does show up... in the form of Stark Industries' weapons of war and as a vehicle for Iron Man's origin story and character development. We see terrorists as well as innocent civilians in caves and war-torn rural villages in the desert.
In Agents of SHIELD, we see a visibly Arab man (wearing a Gulf headdress) & an Indian man (Sunil Bakshi) as Hydra leadership. Later, there is more South Asian #representation for heroes, but even then, this idea of duality or being torn between good & evil is still present.
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Thread. As @naima says downthread, there's a diff between fraudulent vs not being a very good steward of crowdfunded money, and that's why I ask non-Black Muslims in particular to reach out to multiple voices under the BLM banner for events + listen to intra-community critiques.
Similarly, if you are not Muslim and booking a Muslim speaker for your event, please do some due diligence in seeing what people from the community say about that person, what events that person does within the community, and what community they are rooted in. #representation
When celebrity culture is so linked to activism, we can easily start taking public faces without a strong organizing resume as teachers for the movement, and different people have different roles to play. Clout ≠ experience. A large following ≠ strategic vision for the future.
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Bangladeshis stay doing it up in beautiful, authentic, nuanced ways. ❤🇧🇩

"To be able to do a cookery show and be this British, Bangladeshi, Muslim woman of color—that’s a big deal.” - @BegumNadiya…
"Time to Eat’s recipes are explicitly targeted towards parents, professionals, and other “time-poor” home cooks, one of whom she travels to tutor in person every episode. The dishes themselves are unfussy and often proudly all over the place."
"But Time to Eat’s greatest distinction is one that’s largely unstated, but powerful. “I didn’t grow up watching Muslim women on television. I didn’t grow up watching Bangladeshi women of color on television,” Hussain told The Cut in an interview in April."
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The recognition that psychology/therapy/counselling sits within political, societal, cultural, prejudiced structures needs to be addressed and highlighted, ironically it needing to be addressed within the very training which doesn't acknowledge it! (1)
Not helped by lack of representation of diversity across all levels of profession (clinical, policy and teaching/training roles) and professional bodies, to address structural inequalities within profession & across society (2)
To sit with any single client in therapy, is to acknowledge their lived experience and therefore their pain, trauma, hurt and distress, within a prejudiced, racist, structurally unequal system. All of us exist along those spectrums whether at the privileged or prejudiced end.(3)
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Y aurait tant de choses à dire sur ces passages de #Trump s'interrogeant sur le soleil voire les détergents pour remèdes au #COVID19. Mais si peu de choses nouvelles. Ah si une. Les #EtatsUnis atteignent ce matin 1 total de 50000 décès. Le discours présidentiel est-il idoine?
2) Pour le reste, que dire sinon que D.#Trump a été élu pour et par ses outrances complotistes (Obama), ses propos irrationnels et sa démesure? Il exerce son pouvoir comme il l'a conquis. Représentant démocratique d'1 partie des Etats-Unis qui l'a choisi en connaissance de cause.
3) Et pour ceux/celles qui, loin de l'Idaho ou de la Virginie Occidentale, auraient tendance à se moquer de #Trump pour le disqualifier comme ses électeurs, je renvoie à ce #thread récent sur la #représentation en #démocratie US et le paradigme Hruska.
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There was an announcement that @nyav_post & @GKIDSfilms cast a trans actress for the role of Hana in #TokyoGodfathers. Reading the comments I’m seeing some questions about why it matters. So here goes... (1/6)
Including #Diversity & #representation in your casting decisions is not about quotas or being PC. Every actor brings their life experience to each role. When you have a role that is part of a minority group, by casting from that group, you are enriching that role. (2/6)
The actor can offer different points of view, context & authenticity. This happened on #ASilentVoice when we cast a deaf actress, on #Funan with Khmer actors, on #Kingdom with Korean actors, & it happened o #TokyoGodfathers with @Shakeenz who is a fantastic actress PERIOD. (3/6)
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Caste Based Reservation in India Started in 2nd Century BC. In #Manusmriti - the law book of Brahmins all the laws were based on #Caste and no Merit was ever considered. It divided people into High & Low Castes on the basis of their birth and not on the basis of Merit.
Wealth, Political power, Spiritual leadership, Education, Ownership of Land, Trade and all lucrative aspects were reserved purely to the higher castes. This system of caste based discrimination entrenched in day today social life since ages.
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"I really respect what she's done in terms of recognising the error of the approach that she set out and putting in place something to potentially rectify that." @ManduReid on @BBCNews discussing the diversity of @CarolineLucas's all-female #cabinet proposal
"We are facing a national emergency. We need different approaches, we need to break the deadlock, we need to change the perspectives that get in the room & get air time. & actually, bringing women around the table would be a completely different dynamic to the macho war cabinet."
"[Boris Johnson's war cabinet] have taken us to the precipice of no-deal, which will hurt women and that is reason enough alone for women to be involved in the decision making that actually helps us get through this as a country."
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Today, I will try my hand at live tweeting insights from "A #Home of One's Own", a two-day #researchworkshop on socially & economically #marginalised women's experiences of and negotiations with #genderinequalities in #informalurbanhousing in India.
This workshop has been organised by #JadavpurUniversity (School of Women's Studies), #RabindraBharathiUniversity (Centre for Women's Studies) and #Parichiti, a women's organisation. All three are research partners on a #GCRF project funded by @GoldsmithsUoL.
Since Oct 2018, I have collaborated with Dr. Henrike Donner, who is leading it, to develop #researchcollaborations with #educational and #development organisations in India to implement a pilot study on #genderurbanhousing. This workshop marks the end of the first phase.
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Excited for the next talk, "A Feminist Agenda for Science Communication: Necessary and Timely" here the @aaas #AAAS2019 Annual Meeting! Image
"[Science communication] has become a field for women which means that it is looked at subordinate to science in the same way that education, which is also primarily female, is seen as subordinate to gaining knowledge [research]."
“We are seeing that in current times, with current political leaders, facts are not just facts, the possibility for evidenced based policy is not actually based on evidence. We are struggling how to deal with this as scientists.”
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Slogans "Simon Go Back🔙"
Is still fresh in memory's of every Indian but d hidden fact/Agenda behind opposing committee of Simon is still unknown to most of the People of India.
👉Simon commission was formed by BritishPM to analyze ground status of SC/St
👉Educational status
👉Social status
👉Economic status
👉Spread of Untouchability
Discrimination with sc/St by Upper caste Hindus on rural & urban areas.
✔️Purpose of data collection by committee was to implement demands of Dr B R AMBEDEKAR as per Round table conference 1&2
Dr BR AMBEDEKAR demanded separate electoral mandate for Sc/St people by logic if they are given single voting rights den dey will be ending in losing sides and inequality will always be there in d system.
But HMS & #LalaLajpatRai along with congress decided to Oppose them
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You have heard about our #AI Code and #global summit, but take a look at some of our other recommendations in the #LordsAIreport #justkeepreading:
We had a lot to say about #data and #AI, and who should have access to it.
We also thought carefully about #diversity and #representation in #artificialintelligence and how we should address #bias and #prejudice
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