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recap of a lil #hydration #sciencefromhome #experiment me & some mates ran over the last ~year. analysis not finished, but will release #bloodsugar data before H4H conf starts🤓

Pt 1. A fair while back we had a rather exciting delivery...What have we been up to?1/ Image
Pt 2. After the rather exciting delivery (and some more) arrived, the study design needed to be finalised:

Non-randomised controlled study where we *planned* for experimenters to do the CONTROL arm first, followed by the INTERVENTION arm

#hydration #sciencefromhome Image
Pt 3. Equipment ordered & study designed.

Minor problem: i hadnt cannulated in > 1 y & my mates had never learnt at all

Cue odd evening remembering/teaching cannulation on poor Snuffles belly...

My ❤️of #science > my fear of needles it seems
#sciencefromhome #hydrate Image
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Is your computer taking too long to process data? Spare a thought for the team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory back in 1965, waiting for their computers to process the first closeup images of Mars taken by Mariner 4. Their solution - colour by numbers! #tbt #AstronoMay (1/9)
On July 15 1965, Mariner 4 obtained the first closeup images of Mars and stored them in its onboard tape recorder. Over the course of three weeks, the data acquired during the flyby was transmitted back to the Earth. #AstronoMay #MuseumFromHome #sciencefromhome (2/9)
At JPL, a "real-time data translator" machine converted the image data into numbers which were printed onto strips of paper. The team knew the computers would take some time to process the images and they were anxious to see them. Then, they had an idea... #AstronoMay (3/9)
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Wow! So much fun being a scientist and still learning cool stuff after all these years. What colour is milk? (see thread for some #homeschooling experiments about blue skies and red sunsets with a bottle/glass of milk) 1/9
I was doing some research for a new text book on #EarthObservation (via @SpeckledPress ) by reading my very old (25 years?) “Flying Circus of Physics” (an excellent book, by the way) and it had an experiment that showed Rayleigh scattering using milk. Milk!?...🤔
But milk is an optical/geometric scatterer. No wavelength (λ) dependence. That’s why it’s white — it scatters all incoming light equally, regardless of wavelength.
Surely everyone knows that!?
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Welcome to the Global Science Show

A chance to learn some science & meet more than 50 scientists from around the globe

First up we head down under at 09.10am BST to meet @JesseChambers_

Follow along using #GlobalScienceShow & #ScienceFromHome

RT, comment, question & enjoy
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Dino prints are sometimes seen on cave roofs. How did these 4-foot wide dinosaur footprints form?

1. The dino’s walked on mud that hardened over coral debris?

2. A volcanic eruption lowered sea-level and ash covered a shallow ocean?

3. Evolution is a lie...

#Science #puzzles
1500 feet down in a French cave, the #dinosaur footprints are some of the largest known, made by titanosauriforms 167M years ago. Tracks show impressions of digits, digital pads, and claws - from a new species they name Occitanopodus gandi. #ScienceFromHome...
Dino prints have been found in cave roofs before. Here’s a famous set from Fireclay caves in Queensland, Australia. You can read @NatureNews story here #facts
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What is a #virus? How #small or #big are they? Take a look at this colourful #infographic aimed at #kids here -…
The image can be downloaded nd printed from -… #SciComm #LockdownLessons #COVID19 #ScienceFightsFiction
What exactly is a #coronavirus? How do these viruses affect the #RespiratorySystem? Here is an explainer #FunToLearn #ScienceFromHome
How does #soap exactly work against the #coronavirus? Lean about all the #lipids that fight the #virus to keep us healthy. So don't forget to #WashYourHands and #StaySafeStayHealthy
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I wanted to tweet out a thread for parents suddenly #homeschooling their kids with some of the amazing #science content that I’ve come across. If you have any other suggestions feel free to recommend them! Here we go… #homeschool #Homeschooling2020 #HomeschoolingUK
.@maddiemoate and @gregfoot are doing a daily live show for younger children. Every day at 11 AM, and all the episodes so far are here:
.@Frans_facts and the amazing team at @Ri_Science (of Christmas Lectures fame!) will be doing ExpeRimental live every Thursday at 2 PM
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Good morning and welcome to the Global Science Show

We have a jam packed day with almost 100 contributors

We're heading down under at 09.05am GMT to meet @DrGrahams

Follow along at the hash tag #ScienceFromHome and RT, comment, question and help create a buzz
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