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Been getting some harsh criticism for homeschooling my son. One of the main reasons we have homeschooled since 2022 is because when he was infected with delta in 2021, the school removed the infected student in his class at 10AM that day and didn’t tell anyone to come get their
kids, nor did they air out the classroom or remove the kids from the class, or do anything to decrease his chances of getting infected. Instead he sat in the classroom where his infected classmate was and breathed in the virus.
After that my trust was completely depleted and I took him out of school when omicron started smashing our province and our leaders started with their “it’s mild” BS.
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This may be a spicy homeschool take, but here it is.

I am very concerned about the growing "unschooling" movement in the homeschool community.

This is a🧵 that I may add to throughout the day while I think about it. 1/

#homeschoolmom #homeschool #homeeducation
I DO understand that there is, likely, a wide variety of unschooling families. Generally, I hear unschooling families use the terms: child-led/interest-led, real-life,& application.

Maybe I will break down my thoughts by those terms. 2/
1. Child-led/interest led

Children don't know what they don't know. This is why they need fathers & mothers. Thousands of years of history, scientific discoveries, cultures, wars, & civilizations are unknown to children. They need to be led. 2/
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What I mean is that this court decision has huge implications for #schoolchoice. Whether private schools, religious or not, or #homeschool, every stitch removed from the seam that binds American children to public schools - an increasingly debased institution - is critical.
New York's regulatory attack on Jewish religious schools was instigated largely by self-exiled former hasidim lashing out at the school systems they blamed for their unhappiness. See this by @JaneBColeman:…
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🧵 Ready? Here are 20 things you can do with your homeschool kids that you may haven't thought of before. #homeschool #familytime #projects #fun
1Create a nature scavenger hunt
2Practice yoga or meditation
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Imploring #edchat journalists to ask these data questions of current/proposed #SchoolVouchers schemes.

It’s how we know the so-called #COVID19 exodus for private/#homeschool will come back.

5-year voucher exit rates *before* COVID were near 💯

There are 3 groups of #schoolvouchers users—each giving lie to #EducationFreedom:

🤑 long-standing #privateschool parents cashing in—far the largest group

🤔 voucher-curious kids leaving soon after (most of the rest)

😵‍💫 some stray sorters—often susceptible to recruiting

2/ Image
There is NO evidence that #schoolvouchers give long-term “lifelines” out of so-called failing schools. They’re a tax-giveaway to parents already sending kids private…

…and for the rest a crypto-like short-term gamble that they usually back out of soon after enrolling.

3/3 Image
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When I say that #homeschooling will eventually embed caste-system, am I not seeing the 100000s of kids who get bullied in schools in the name of disabilities and abilities and either need traditional schools to be inclusive or need homeschooling?

As someone who had faced bullying in school (both from teachers & peers!), I can assure you I see them first when I disagree with our current enthusiasm around making homeschooling mainstream and pitching it as a better option than schools.

#Thread ↓↑
Research has already established that the best approaches to schooling are the ones that encourage healthy parent-school partnerships around the life of a child trying to learn.

#Thread ↓↑
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Some people want to promote #homeschooling that will eventually embed caste system back in India because they feel Indian schools unfairly promote class-system and class-discrimination based on parental income.

1. They clearly seems to have not attended their Social Science 101 lessons.

The struggle against caste, class, racial, color discrimination is a perpetual struggle. What they do not know is our common schools are at the forefront of these struggles, against odds!

2. When India introduced RTE and allowed 25% 'poor' children to attend a private school near them for free, it was the upper-middle class parents who were up in arms against it, not schools. Imagine, you are pushing the same parents to do #homeschooling!

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Whenever I come across an attempt to promote #homeschooling in India, I feel compelled to discourage it as a responsible citizen and a conventional educator. Since this video is no different, here is another 'homeschool-bashing' #thread.

@SamrajSanjana & @aramanujaa are great tweeple to follow. I am merely voicing my disagreement with the idea of #homeschooling in India here, and it has nothing against them, personally. They are amazing people, from what I know about them so far.
My 'resistance' to #homeschooling in India is not the mere fear of a 'traditional' teacher about a new and revolutionary education movement. Like many of you, I loved the idea of the possibility of #homeschooling in India when I first heard about it.
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Ok, #Bitcoin Twitter plebs.

Ready from some thunder from down under with @BitcoinMaxiHodl ?
Today's guest on the show is @BitcoinMaxiHodl who joins me to talk about living a self-sovereign lifestyle, escaping fiat hell, selling all his shit and taking his kids out of the #education system.
What was it like in the dark days of making @BitcoinMaxiHodl biggest life decisions and how did that affect his relationships with others close to him?
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THREAD: So much wrong with this pre-paywall it's not worth reading. Cheryl doesn't #homeschool & doesn't mis-term #homeeducation #homeed (which is not 'excusing' from school, it's the default).…
Last month we polled our most recently-joined members on their school vs. #homeed intentions post-lockdown. School lost the popular vote by a wide margin with only 8% definitely returning thier children.…
Our membership has increased by nearly 600 since March. We have admission criteria and rules that prohibit the use of #homeschooling misterminology, which means we decline requests from those who believe we support the replicatation of schooling at home.
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Sure, #posttranslational modifications rock our cells' world but where do they come from? We wondered for our favourite one and the answer floored us!

If you're also curious about the #evolution of #citrullination (and who isn't?🤓), here is the #preprint
#Tweetorial to follow once #HomeSchool is finished for the day (your guess as to when that will be is as good as mine🎻🎻)
OK, here goes:

So when I started the lab, I never imagined we would carry out an evolutionary study. But as is often the case (and the fun!), Science takes you to fantastic new places. And this was quite out there!

We’d love to hear feedback/comments/criticisms on the work...1/
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Good morning, Shapiro School students! We've just posted the current events discussion for week 8, about where our food comes from. Check back later for the video introducing the topic for week 9!
Tomorrow we'll post the "Introduction To Moral Philosophy" conversation with @krupaddesai. (Or as I like to think of it, "The Good Place" lesson.) If you haven't already, watch this intro video and join in the conversation with the hashtag #ShapiroSchool!
If this thread is the first you've heard of #ShapiroSchool, I'm teaching my 5th grade niece & nephew in Seattle #homeschool current events classes with contributions from friends, and we're posting all the lessons at to help meet your #homeschooling needs!
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Parents are finding it tough to teach kids at home during #coronavirus pandemic. #abc730 @P_McCutch…
“They’ve been pretty well-behaved and accepting of the fact that they’re going to have to do some school work with me rather than at school, so that's been good.” – Mother of four Sarah Praag. #abc730 #coronavirusaus
Complete Education produces materials for home schooling. It has seen a 40-fold increase in hits on its website and hundreds of new customers. #abc730 #coronavirus #homeschooling
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I wanted to tweet out a thread for parents suddenly #homeschooling their kids with some of the amazing #science content that I’ve come across. If you have any other suggestions feel free to recommend them! Here we go… #homeschool #Homeschooling2020 #HomeschoolingUK
.@maddiemoate and @gregfoot are doing a daily live show for younger children. Every day at 11 AM, and all the episodes so far are here:
.@Frans_facts and the amazing team at @Ri_Science (of Christmas Lectures fame!) will be doing ExpeRimental live every Thursday at 2 PM
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#ScienceLessonAtHome of the day!

Julius Freezer!

This is a tasty way to demonstrate energy transfer during changes of state. It is also how the Ancient Romans made their ice cream!

#Homeschooling2020 #homeschool #HomeschoolinguK #Science Image
You will need:
✅ Two large, strong ziplock bags OR two plastic tubs with secure fitting lids, one must fit inside the other with plenty of spare space.
✅ 150ml carton of cream
✅ Vanilla extract
✅ 3 tsp of caster sugar
✅ Plenty of ice
✅ 6 tblsp of salt
✅ Wooly gloves
1. Put the cream, sugar and vanilla into your first bag (or the small plastic tub). Seal it well. Make sure there are no leaks.

2. Place the ice in the second bag (or large plastic box) and then place the first bag or box inside too. Image
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I've had a go making some content for parents in #lockdown with their kids doing #homeschool and wanting to do something fun and creative and also learn some science 🧪 Let me know if it's helpful and I'll do more
@DrLucyRogers @EmmaMBearman @LMcUnderwood @Workshopshed You might like this. Any advice for improvement appreciated too!
There are other great ideas for crafty things to do at home over on @EmmaMBearman's YouTube Makers Club
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ATTENTION ALL NEW YORKERS: The corrupt swamp in Albany, New York is working on banning homeschooling in NYS by 2021. Ever since they banned Relgoius exempts on June 12th 2019 and Medical exemptions in July 2019 homeschooling rates have sky rocketed 56%. A homeschool ban would
mean there is no choice when it comes to vaccines. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. They want 100% vaccination rates, no excuses, no exemptions, ever. Why not just mandate vaccines for homeschoolers instead of outlawing it you may ask? Because they want full control of our childeren through
the public school system. After NYS mandates the Flu Shot and the HPV (Gardsil) vaccine in this 2020 legislative session they will put the nail in the coffin and end the option to homeschool before the adult mandates roll out. Make sure everyone call Governor Andrew Cuomo
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I was home schooled with #AcceleratedChristianEducation as well- and it is hard to know where to begin. The years of isolation? The flat-out lies? The misogyny and gender roles and loch ness monster cited as proof evolution is a myth? #ChristianAltFacts
How about this fact about my homeschool- my "diploma" is absolutely meaningless.
Unaccredited, counts for nothing.

I was told by church members god had other plans for me than college- I'm a GIRL so have babies.

I try to stay positive, and look to the future and what I can do- but seriously, having been taught a bunch of lies as #homeschool that lead to a useless diploma has been a huge (avoidable) problem.

#ChristianAltFacts aren't "just words". They have real life consequences.
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A thread of things I’ve been reading and watching recently that you may enjoy reading and watching yourself!

If you’re interested in space 🚀 then @skyponderer has written this lovely book packed with almost everything you need to know to live in space! 🛰

It’s also full of cool images (if you’re a pic person) and plenty of ace facts to impress friends & fam ☄️

2/n Image
More into #sport or #engineering? ⚽️ Prof @stevehaake‘s new book tells the story of 4000 years of evolving sports tech - from golf ⛳️ to tennis 🎾 to bobsleigh ❄️.

Super interesting and written by a leader in the sports technology field (pun intended 😉)

3/n Image
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