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Day 124 of #Russia war in #Ukraine: 4 #HIMARS in Ukraine - "All indications are they are employing them very well" per senior US defense official

Says US working to get the additional 4 HIMARS in country, training wrapping up soon
#Russian missile strikes vs #Kyiv - "We're not quite sure abt the #Russian objective of the strikes", per senior US defense official

Says could be protest vs #G7 or due to introduction of #HIMARS to #Ukraine
Little #Russia|n movement out of #Severodonestk, per senior US defense official
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#Ukraine is weathering significant attrition in the battle to defend #Severodonesk in the #Donbas.

Given the losses in lives and the relatively static front line, some are beginning to dismay that perhaps the tide is turning to #Russia.

That could happen. But it hasn't yet. 1/
#Ukraine is still winning the war strategically. It survives as a state & a people & has secured its capital. It has denied #Putin his ambition to seize the entire country & has forced Putin to fight extremely hard for a limited goal of seizing the Donbas, at which he may fail 2/
Operationally, Ukraine is nearing a grinding stalemate in the East. As we @TheStudyofWar warned in March, stalemates are bloody & dynamic at the tactical level. This is already on display in the brutal attrition battle for incremental advances in #Severodonesk 3/
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1/ Goooooooooood Mooooooooorniiiiiing #Ukraine !
17 Juin 2022
Destroyed Russian materials by the Artillery Assault Troops, in cooperation with the Сухопутні війська ЗС України artillery, 2 of the BM-27 Hurricane are out!
(from Gen staff report) Image
2/ Dang! only "Green" in this morning report!
5th day in a row Russians aren't going anywhere... Image

so....? i guess #Severodonestk still not under Ru control right?!
so I guess the famous "Osint-lol academy" reporting for Russia are, one more time, getting this all wrong...Hummmm how surprising. Image
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Upgraded Ukrainian ZSU "Shilka"
Georgian Legion praying before the battle.
Battle video will follow.
Yesterday's video of the battles of the Georgian Legion.
Video Released by Avto K.
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1/ Information update : #UkraineMap #Severodonestk
Russians are still totally in the city & about 50% reamins under control of strong UA forces. but contrary to some reports yesterday saying they pushed Ru away is false. it"s quite hard now. and it's going to be harder as i said
2/ Good #Ukrainians troops have been killed and wounded in the last days of this epic battle and as i told you the "seconds couteaux" (territorial defense helping or ex soldiers, can't outnumber the actual Ru forces in the area) the fight could go on couple of days like that..
3/ but don't expect much more really (i mean the simple fact that Ru troops are massively destroyed here is as perfect as it gets of course), because ru artillerie/aviation is also playing a big part here, and Ru still have lots of supports and a good supply chain in this area.
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1/ big news of the day (be let see how it unfolds in the coming days before shouting victory)
Source is Arestovich (but Gen staff don't talk about it yet)
#Severodonesk #Asterovich #Ukraine #Russia ImageImage
2/ reportedly some Ru prisonners in #Severodonetsk Image
3/ so now you know why this guy is banned from #UAarmy #Ukraine from reporting with the troops. that's why i'm always telling you to wait and double check all the infos.
this guy is ridiculed now. your word as a value; the fame of the day as none. #Severodonetsk Image
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