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🧵Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has swiftly changed the security landscape of Europe. And as our own @ckafura lays out in @Diplomat_APAC, the war has also opened up a debate in Japan. For #ThreadThursday, we take a look at that debate:
The war in #Ukraine has prompted a much different reaction from Japan than past international crises. Since February, #Japan has imposed broad and escalating economic #sanctions on Russia in coordination with G-7 allies.…
The stronger Japanese response to this crisis is not solely driven by policymakers, but also by the public’s reaction to the war in Ukraine. In @nikkei polling, 61% favored sanctioning #Russia– 2x what polls found after Russia annexed #Crimea in 2014 📊⬇️
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How real is the threat of #NuclearWar ?
In 30 minutes, @EthnicMediaSvc goes live with four eminent experts on the issue: @mklare1 Michael Klare @DarylGKimball @AndrewNynka @ArmsControlNow Watch here:
We are in a heightened state of nuclear danger, says @DarylGKimball Putin has made nuclear threats which are unprecedented.
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Questo thread nasce dall'indignazione verso la truffa creata dalla TV Italiana che invita come ospiti i più spudorati propagandisti del Cremlino presentandoli come giornalisti, scrittori, opinionisti.

In Italia in questo periodo viene spesso ricordata Anna Politkovskaya. La giornalista russa scrittrice, attivista, difensore dei diritti umani uccisa il 7 ottobre 2006.
Lei era diventata un simbolo tragico del giornalismo russo.

Scrivere o parlare di qualsiasi cosa non gradita dallo Stato o dai potenti in Russia resta ancora molto pericoloso.
Secondo I registri del CPJ, dal 1992-2022 in Russia sono stati uccisi 82 giornalisti.
L'elenco non è nemmeno completo

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The Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part 5 - The world is closer to witnessing the use of some type of #NuclearWeapons due to war in the Ukraine than during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 - by @TraderStef #TacticalNukes #WW3… Image
#LittleGreenMen #Russia #Ukraine #NATO #War - #TacticalNukes - a bunch of high-ranking Russian military suits were taken out by a Ukrainian hit in #Izium
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#Russia is claiming that the #USA is planning to use chemical, biological OR nuclear weapons in #Ukraine in a false flag attack. The claimed goal would be to blame 🇷🇺 for the attacks. 🇷🇺 supplies a list of targets that includes #Kyiv, #Kharkiv, #Azovstal or #Zaporizhzhya.
🇷🇺 continues it target list with #Kramatorsk, #Slovyansk and #Kamenskoye. It further states that an incident like this has a “high likelihood” of happening in the near future w the consent and knowledge of the 🇺🇦 govt. these are all large population centers spread throughout 🇺🇦.
#Russia states that should this highly likely scenario occur that responsibility will rest exclusively with the #USA. The press release then goes on to note that only the #USA has ever used #nuclearweapons during a conflict.
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How the US prepared for World War III

Please share this 🧵

Seemingly overnight, the terms #worldwar3 and #NuclearWar are everywhere.

In reality, the US military has been expanding its #NuclearWeapons fight 🇷🇺 and 🇨🇳 for years.

This 🧵 is a 📰 recap of WSWS articles.

23 September 2014 - The Obama administration is planning to spend more than $1 trillion over the next three decades to significantly upgrade its nuclear weapons capability.

30 March 2016 - Stratfor declares that the world is in the midst of a “new arms race,” with major global powers, led by the United States, working aggressively to modernize, upgrade and expand both their conventional and nuclear arms.…

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#UkraineWar #NuclearWeapons #UK #FakeNews

#Fake: The #West has never supported #Ukraine in its plans to get nuclear #weapons.
Truth: #British Defence Secretary Ben #Wallace has publicly admitted () that the United Kingdom is ready to support #Ukraine if it starts developing its own nuclear programme.
Mr #Wallace said this during a video call. The Defence Secretary thought he was talking to his Ukrainian counterpart at the time. But, unfortunately for him, it was the well-known pranksters Vovan and Lexus. 😄
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Looks like #western & #Australian analysts are finally waking up to what I've been publicly stating here for the last two weeks .
#Kiev & #Kharkiv are distractions , the real game is in #southeastern #Ukraine .…
In the Southeast sector #Russia has no #logistics problems with supplies getting trucked in via the DPR & LPR .If anything the #Ukrainian forces stuck here have logistics trouble with supply lines stretching to #Lviv nearly 1200km away ,nothing is getting out of #Kiev ,#Kharkiv .
To their credit #Ukrainian forces seem to have Prepositioned significant ammunition , troops & equipment in hardened dispersed storages in the east which they're using to fight on .
Of late #Russians have been Targeting these stores unerringly.
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#ICJ Prelim Measures hearing #Ukraine v #Russia #Genocide Convention begins. Camera lingers on the Russia table, which is notably empty... #intlaw
#ICJ Pres makes clear RF was immediately notifed of the filings, & RF ambassador to NL has indicated RF will not participate in the proceedings.
#Ukraine has chosen ad hoc judge Prof Yves Daudet.
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#MonroeDoctrine is a United States foreign policy position that opposed European colonialism in the Western Hemisphere, treating any intervention in the political affairs of US by foreign powers as a potentially hostile act. #RussiaUkraine #DigitalIndia #Russia #Ukraine #NATO
#Russia has similar concerns that is why US and NATO agreed that NATO would not expand even an inch towards East (Russia). But that promised was breached on numerous occasion in the past by US and NATO. Russia has been betrayed continuously and systematically. #DigitalIndia
#Russia has been betrayed by US, #NATO and EU. This would have serious consequence in future and US must stop its global hegemonical agenda now. #RussiaUkraine #Ukraine
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The madness & insanity of a nuclear war. People should understand that there is no victory. From neither side. Therefore only powerhungry suicidal psychopaths threaten with nukes.
Source below:
#nuclearwar #nuclear #atombomb
Russian Czar bomb explosion on Nova Zembla 30 oktober 1961 The most powerful detonation in history. Now imagine a mentally ill person in charge of many if these.
#ufotwitter #UFOB
#nuclearwar #NuclearWeapons
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OK, so in response to the content of the video in the link given below, I would like to address the thread further below especially to @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @POTUS @vp @EmmanuelMacron @NDeRiviere @jensstoltenberg
In case you prefer to read this online rather than from tweets, here’s the link to the material I will be discussing :…
And before I start I finally want to thank @ZevShalev ´s @NarativTv for bringing this to my attention in the last episode of his podcast where the no fly zone is discussed very astutely by two of his guests @mhmck and @ericgarland .
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Here is Part-IV of my series on the #RussianUkraine crisis and possible #NuclearWar and use of #NuclearWeapons. Things are still under control but with the passage of each day, they are getting worst. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75 #Russia #Ukraine #NATO #RussianUkrainianWar
This thread covers the entire series along with related issues like #COVID19, #ClimateChange, #GlobalWarming, etc . COVID-19, War and Climate Change Narratives are part of a single Narrative meant for Global Hegemony and Totalitarian Control. #DigitalIndia
The @NATO rejects Ukraine's demand for no-fly zones. "We are not part of this conflict, and we have a responsibility to ensure it does not escalate and spread beyond Ukraine," NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference. #RussiaUkraine #Russia #Ukraine #NATO
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Let us discuss Part-III of the possible use of #Nuclear weapons in the #RussiaUkraine crisis. Russian President Putin has put #NuclearWeapons on high alert anticipating involvement of NATO and this has happened when peace talks are due. #DigitalIndia #Russian #Ukraine @P4LOIndia
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Let us discuss Part-II of the possible use of #Nuclear weapons in the #RussiaUkraine crisis. Russian President Putin has put #NuclearWeapons on high alert anticipating involvement of NATO and this has happened when peace talks are due. #DigitalIndia #Russian #Ukraine @P4LOIndia Image
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@27khv @john_sipher @AtlanticCouncil “States generally define lobbying as an attempt to influence government action through either written or oral communication…”… #lobbyist #lobbyists #lobbying
@27khv @john_sipher @AtlanticCouncil “…However, each state may have unique elements for what constitutes lobbying, exceptions to the definitions, and exceptions to those exceptions.”… #lobbyist #lobbying #lobbyists
@27khv @john_sipher @AtlanticCouncil @AtlanticCouncil site:“Driven by our mission of “shaping the global future together,” the Atlantic Council is a nonpartisan organization that galvanizes US leadership and engagement in the world, in partnership with allies and partners, to shape solutions to global challenges.”
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#Medium #Mediumship, was reading an old #Tufts@TuftsDaily⁩ article from 2008 interviewing ⁦@jessicaalba⁩ about her film #TheEye, watched the trailer:
you do see how see people died, though, if contacted by the deceased, they share their personality, images of what is relevant, what they think is, which can be difficult; I take #antidepressants, and, am #healing myself from illness, some #trauma, too, and, was seeing more,
earlier in my healing, and believe it is crucial to have a filter/level of #health with, a pretty well-known #medium told me he also got very sick with #pnemonia, I had #mycoplasmapnemonae, in #MeCFS #CFS, had #Lyme #LymeDisease, too, and, the information is for #healing,
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It's an awfully poignant & sad allegory for how humanity & #neoliberalism is failing to address both chronic problems like #poverty & #publichealth & existential threats to humanity such as #nuclearweapons, #ClimateCrisis, #biodiversity loss & even approaching asteroids.
The best line is towards the end when @LeoDiCaprio's character, his family & the two scientists who attempted to warn humanity are eating their final dinner together & they are bantering about relatively mundane things like store-bought vs homemade cake & brewing coffee.
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Today, my #book

“The Treaty Prohibiting #NuclearWeapons: how it was achieved and why it matters”

is published by @routledgebooks, written during my 2019-20 sabbatical @KingsCollegeLon

➡️ more information see
#nuclearban #TPNW #HINW
2) I am very proud of and grateful that my book on #TPNW has received such great endorsements from
Mohamed @ElBaradei, Angela Kane @kaneview, Desmond Browne, @JodyWilliams97, Ramesh Thakur, Bill @PotterCNS and @DarylGKimball
The book presents the history of the #HumanitarianInitiative & the process leading to #TPNW from 2010-17.
Having been centrally involved in this process, it is a first-hand account of how the extraordinary cooperation of #states & #civilsociety made the #TPNW happen @nuclearban
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#Venäjä'n viesti on helposti tulkittava.

#Ukraine's military intel says #Russia to amass 110,000 soldiers at Ukraine border by Apr 20… #Hybridisodankäynti Image
Nato kehottaa kohteliaasti #Venäjä'ä vetämään joukkonsa.

#Germany, #US urge #Russia to pull back troops near #Ukraine… #Ukraina Image
Yhdysvallat ei halua kiristää Ukrainan tilannetta ja myötää.

#US cancels warships deployment to #BlackSea: Turkish officials… #Ukraine #Ukraina #Russia Image
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Según informa el diario @nytimes (El New York Times) funcionarios de inteligencia estadounidenses e israelíes, afirman que #Israel 🇮🇱 jugó un papel en la explosión en el sitio de enriquecimiento de uranio de #Irán 🇮🇷 en #Natanz Image
El corte de energía eléctrica en #Natanz, la mayor planta de enriquecimiento de uranio, se llamó “terrorismo nuclear”, para presuntamente entorpecer las negociaciones adelantas en #Viena con varias potencias, con el objetivo de tratar de salvar el acuerdo nuclear de 2015.
“Adentro mira en #Iran la instalación nuclear de Natanz, cuyo reciente ciberataque supuestamente fue el #Israel Lo está haciendo el #Mossad”.
(Reporta el @Jerusalem_Post)
Para más información visite:
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#Thread about #NearEast #China #Oil #Iran #nuclearweapons #5G #geopolitics :

Beijing is counting on reviving the nuclear deal with Tehran

Historically, China had maintained relationships with the Middle East to secure and diversify energy supplies.…
In the ranking of those countries from which China imports the most oil, five still come from the region. Saudi Arabia leads the ranking ahead of Russia.
The main oil suppliers of China
Import in 2020, in millions of tons

#Oil #SaudiArabia #Russia
by @NZZAusland @NZZ
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