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We need to come together to come up with a solution to this problem

Aunty Colleen Wall on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples:…

Queensland Human Rights Act 2019:…

#Pacesetters: Aunty Colleen in red on stage
Today is about truth-telling, storytelling and listening.

- Yvette Walker, Artistic director of BlackBleep Productions, producing partner of today's event

#Pacesetters QLD LIVE: Yvette in Black on stage
We set the terms of engagement...It's time for you to walk behind us...For years, you have sat in the seats of power.

- Nadine McDonald-Dowd, Executive Producer @QPAC on Indigenous power.

#Pacesetters LIVE:
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Prom Sunday

Spiraling downdowndown roundroundround as the wheel turns
relentlessly across the vast indifference of the cosmos,
a lone small voice calls out in the chaos:
The time, the time! What TIME is it?
Is it time to splash across the firmament in a gaudy crescendo of color,
unmistakable and wild,
or is it time to be stone, mosscovered, unremarkable except for the
Who is entering through the revolving door – who is heading out to where
no one can see the end of all the light there ever was?
Is there time enough to live without regret, or have there been so many wrongs
that nothing we can ever do will right them?
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Uranium Daughter

I am the product of decay.
The inevitable radioactive breakdown that occurs silently
as the cosmos whirls through the silent blackness
of space and time has produced me:
the uranium daughter.
I am the basest form of my mother,
I am heavy and mute and poisonous to the unwary.
My leaden reality is the final degradation in the long unknowable
history of creation.
There is no further evolution possible for me:
I am what I am.
Nothing man can do can change me.
I am here forever in my present incarnation.
You can step around me,
you can shield yourself from my reality
with rose-colored lenses,
you can remake my image into false idols
that allow you to sleep at night,
but I am the uranium daughter.
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Things about me I do not apologize for:
-I use a lot of words
-I take up a lot of space
-I am "too much" for many
-I don't stay neatly within boxes
-I do not accept others' labels or definitions
-I have emotions sometimes
-Other times I communicate very factually & directly
But I balance it out with rainbows, unicorns, and butterflies.
And, no, it is not selfish because, first of all, in a world where women, especially woman of color, especially Black women, are not taking up enough space, have not had their contributions recognized, not had voices heard, not had labor paid...then what is "too much" anyhow?
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My amazing superstar friend is putting together her 2nd show this summer!☀️ I cannot prepare you for the incredible #spokenword talent you’re gonna catch at this event. Find more info on Instagram at wordspoken.toronto & buy tickets via the link in the bio. #spokenwordpoetry Image
My friend, @MmeAsante , is a talented spoken word artist herself & runs a spoken word club for elementary school students. She is a passionate teacher and critical thinker, & her students are very lucky to have her. Come out to support her advocacy & love!💖🌈👌🏼🗣
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My Last Canvas

Tonight I'm tired to the bone, wasted from too little sleep
and the same amount of love.
It's difficult to keep life in perspective.
The looming unfamiliar, so easily dismissed during daylight hours,
hunches menacingly right over there, occasionally giving out
a short sharp bark of what must pass for laughter in its tribe.
Undaunted, I stare into its face,
searching those pitiless features for some clue
to its intent, its content, its torment.
There it waits, mostly silent, daring me to walk right up and own it.
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I want to create a thread of poems. Anyone interested in joining in? #Poetry #Poem #poetrycommunity #Friday #SpokenWord #artists
Self Pity.

A dusty path,
But there are cleaner routes,
Yet, you chose to be soiled with earth,
Standing mocked before elites,
Your confidence muffled by a swathe of flies,
Your nose piling up unused water that dripped down your jaw.

You chose to be robbed of choice.

The mother of errors,
Always unknown,
Muddling right in a wrongful way,
Pointing evil in an unstoppable direction,
It never meant harm,
But brings blood to the table,
How did it nestle all alone?
Waving to no-one in motion?
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at the barre

i live life en pointe these days,
always poised for the next wave,
alert, with nostrils open,
sniffing for the swift salt tide incoming

how i cling to that bright barre
because i know i’ll need
its safety, its sure clamping
to the wall of what is real
if i let go i will be washed away
to those deep currents
from which there is no rescue,
my spirit willing but my arms too weak

how ill-equipped am i
after decades of bought courage
i have no coin remaining with which
to buy another swimmer for to save me
and though i’ve tried repeatedly
to buff my soul and body
to withstand whatever’s coming
it has, even now, all been for naught
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