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Benefits of the Awrād

1 The awrād of the sūfī masters are an encapsulation of the meanings they attained through devout adherence to the Quran, Sunnah & Islamic tradition.

2 The awrād are a form of #inner_recitation. By reciting them, we hope to attain these meanings.
3 The benefit derived from awrād is commensurate to our level of spiritual attainment. We’ll reap from the awrād what we sow with Allāh.

4 They’re also a form of spiritual commentary on the Quran and Sunnah. Both states & sacred knowledge can dawn upon one who recites them.
5 Sufī masters attain fanā’ (annihilation in the divine). Through this they develop special attachment to Allāh that can be transfered to those who’ve reached the realm of souls.

6 Those ignorant of sufi stages of development deny this or reduce it to their personal limitations.
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Things a muslim should remember on Friday.


"The best day on which the sun rises is friday: on it adam علیہ السلام was created; & on it, he descended on earth; & on it, his repentance was accepted; & on it, he died; & on it, the hour will be established."
Sunan Abu Dawud
1. have a bath in the sunnah way
2. wear clean clothes
3. walk to the masjid
4. get there early or earlier than your usual time.
5. sit as close to the imam as possible as he delivers the khutbah
6. refrain from any worldly talk with any other person
7. recite surah kahaf
8. recite plenty of durood

9. listen attentively to the khutbah.
"if you say 'be quiet' while imam is delivering khutba, you have committed al-laghw."

(sunan abu dawud)
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Areeza letter to the Imam of our time Hazrat Mahdi (atfs) -thread 🧵
Areeza can be written to Imam-e-Zamana (atfs) whenever you feel a need or you are

into a problem. No matter how big is your problem.

Imam-e-Zamana (atfs) is the Imam of our time & HE is the Hujjat of Allah (t.w.t). Allah has granted him the power & it because of his existence
this entire universe is existing
Areeza can be written in any language.
Our belief is that Imam (a.s) knows about all our affairs and is always ready to help us. He is aware of our action & he helps us even if we don’t ask or seek His help. Imam Mahdi(atfs) himself says :
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The Colorado class dreadnought USS Washington under construction. The details of her multi-layer torpedo defense system are easily seen.

The United States enjoyed somewhat of a significant advantage in warship development at this time.
Most major powers (such as Britain and Germany) were locked in the dreadnought race. In an effort to outproduce the competition, the implementation of new features was somewhat hamstrung by the rush to get ships into serve as quickly as possible.
The US Navy on the other hand, could take a more leisurely approach (Not to mention take advantage of data coming from foreign experiences).

Extensive testing of various components was conducted. This was especially true for tank testing of underwater protection schemes.
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This will be my thread for the #Uncool50 rundown of 2022! My favorite 50 formally released singles between December 1976 to now.

Come along for the ride it’ll be fun! My personal guardrails for it were a big help w/ hard choices (see below)
#hiphop Image
See here for the rules and other players. Then come back each night to see my next entry - some obvious, some niche, and everything in between!

Much thanks to @nonoxcol for getting this going and giving it clarity!
Chronological order, so not the lowest/highest ranked, but the first (and a trailblazer!). It still sounds like little else and can make me cry. #RIP you legend

1. @DavidBowieReal - “Heroes” (Sept. 1977)

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Hey, maybe I get some #Friday luck today? Image
Decent win though
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Mighty Sovereigns Of Ottoman Throne : Sultan Murad I

By Ekrem Buğra Ekinci

👆🏻 widely used illustration painted by court painter Konstantin Kapıdağlı in the early 19th century shows Sultan Murad I , the 3rd ruler of Ottoman beylik that turned into an empire .

👆🏻👉🏻📸 Credits : Büşra Öztürk - Daily Sabah
While his predecessor , Osman & Orhan ghazis , had gathered a nation & created a state , Sultan Murad I improved his lands , making a prosperous country from it for all citizens .
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A fun #Friday thread for Iranian millennials, those interested in childhood games, & street soccer. This is a plastic ball or "toop pelastiki." The object is a source of great joy for kids growing up in #Iran during the 1980s. 1/10
These plastic balls were cheap and ubiquitously available at almost all convenience stores across the country. The kids could easily buy them with their pocket money and set up small games of street soccer, which provided them with countless hours of entertainment. 2/10 #Iran
The balls were, however, low quality and light in weight. So, kicking them a bit too hard would result in them flying all over the place. They could not withstand the hazards of street life either. The smallest prick would ruin them. They'd go flat right away. 3/10 #Iran
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@sunflowercyn @AmyfStuart @MommyGearest @TorontoStar Sadly, the #SpecialEducation portfolio is massively huge &the needs greatly outweigh funding provided. Every school board #budget cycle is like a mean game of Russian roulette being played with our kids' lives. #COVID19 merely succeeded in showing parents & teachers...
@sunflowercyn @AmyfStuart @MommyGearest @TorontoStar ...that heck yeah, it is all about creating/nurturing that #community "village to raise the child"! We all need to work together if the intention to raise confident, educated, happy/healthy kids that are ready to take on the world! We all need to work hard (& together)...
@sunflowercyn @AmyfStuart @MommyGearest @TorontoStar ...if we're going to create the same equitable space & future for kids that need more attention & TLC. Academic/#learning gaps have been around for YEARS as have unrecognized/neglected mental health related issues for #students👉esp those w/#disabilities. What's the...
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(1/9) The main argument "The Science" says is the mRna made #Covid_19 spike proteins from the #CovidVaccine can't leave the cells that make them, & the body can use them to defend against covid. This latest study by Harvard just proved that 100% false…
(2/9) The reason is, each of those cells with foreign/synthetic mRna is deemed irregular by your immune system. When your T-cells (white blood cells, the body's bouncers/army) destroys the, now deemed intruder foreign mRna infected cells are targeted for cellular death...
(3/9) The result being all the covid spike protein that the synthetic mRna programmed the cells to make are then released into the bloodstream.

Now the unsaid concern here in general is that those spike proteins release into the blood, because there is gaining evidence...
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Blowback & retaliation anticipated today (#Friday) for #PTIGovernment banning #TLP. Mosques & seminaries/madrassas continue to operate beyond #Pakistani state's authority & control. Large scale #protests by TLP supporters & sympathizers expected nationwide after #Jummah prayers.
Taking a leaf out of #France's book, #TLP supporters on #socialmedia are using the hashtag #IAmSaadHussainRizvi (#IamSaadHusaainRizvi - with a spelling mistake - is also trending).
It seems like decades ago, but does anyone else remember #JeSuisCharlie #IAmCharlieHebdo from 2015?
Not sure whether this is the 'official' account, but pretty sure this is how it starts...
#TLPProtest #TLP_PROTEST #TLPLive #TLPDharna #IAmSaadHussainRizvi
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¿Una dosis de nostalgia este miércoles? Enlistamos los 10 clásicos del cine terror de los 80 con monstruos, fantasmas, aliens y hasta gremlins 🔪😱💉 ¡ABRIMOS HILO!
#TheShining (1980) Esta película de Kubrick sigue influyendo hasta nuestros días, y aunque a Stephen King no le gusto mucho, no podemos negar el gran trabajo de Kubrick para crear una atmósfera desoladora en el tétrico hotel Overlook. La LISTA COMPLETA👉
#Aliens (1986) Sí, toda la saga es impresionante, pero esta cinta del 86 es sin duda una de las mejores producciones. Es más visceral, los efectos sonoros, los juegos de cámara y las grandes actuaciones crean una tensión única. La LISTA COMPLETA👉
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Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Garaysar Fear 116 Semi-Auto Tactical Shotgun. Sporting a 3" 12 gauge chamber, 20" barrel, adjustable cheek weld stock, 2 5 rnd mags & set of flip sights & more #Trump2020 #MAGA2020 #MondayMotivation #2A #KAG…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Compact Pistol. Chambered in 40 S&W with a 3.125" barrel, 3 Dot Sights, No Manual Safety and 2 mags. A great conceal carry option with excellent reliability #MAGA #Trump2020 #KAG #2A…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the very popular IWI Masada. An Excellent made in Israel pistol, it's chambered in 9mm, 4.1" barrel, Optics ready with 4 plates, 3 Backstraps & 2x 17 rnd mags. A superb deal! #Trump2020 #ThursdayMorning #MAGA2020 #2A…
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🤮🍻🌬 Nový vynález umožní VYDÝCHAT SE z opilosti!
Víc tuna ► nebo v #THREAD níže...

#veda #věda #science #sciencenews #alcohol #sober #sobering #friday #booze #breathe
#Alkohol je metla lidstva… Vědátoři z Univerzity v Torontu pod vedením JOSEPHA FISHERA však teď přišli s mašinkou ClearMate, která by mohl proces střízlivění až třikrát urychlit DÝCHÁNÍM. 😱
Alkohol se v těle metabolizuje zejména v játrech, z těla ale jde i jinými cestami, například PŘES PLÍCE. V plicích totiž dochází k výměně plynů mezi krví a vzduchem. Z krve je odváděn oxid uhličitý a další zplodiny organismu, a ze vzduchu je na oplátku vstřebáván kyslík. 👌
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Israel Joffe may have alot of Israel Joffes on Google lol, there is Israel Joffe from FDA, from WUW, Israel Joffe for US Government, or state government. lots of Israel Joffe on Google 😜 #israeljoffe #israeljoffefda #israeljoffewuw #fda#joffe #israeljaffe #izzyjoffe #coronavirus Israeljoffe.comImageIsrael Joffe FDAIsrael Joffe WUW
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Once one major party is committed to smashing all norms & using the rules of democracy to create an illiberal democracy, the other party can't simply stay committed to good governance that acts in good faith. GOP won’t act in good faith. Democrats can't govern as if they will.
Republicans are accustomed to holding the levers of power despite being a minority, so they act tyrannical. Is small 'd' democracy an effective counter to that behavior?  I don't think it is.  
The #GOP @GOP NEVER engages in problem-solving, and they are ALWAYS angrily deflecting to some non-productive time-wasting topic that they have zero intention of dealing with.
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Many mainstream rights groups and media organizations have a mixed history when it comes to opposing Washington’s agenda. The case of #JulianAssange has been no exception.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #AssangeCase #AssangeTrial #FridayVibes #FridayThoughts #Friday
#AmnestyInternational’s Europe Director described the hearings against #julianAssange as an “assault on the right to freedom of expression” that would have a “chilling effect on media freedom.”
by @AlanRMacLeod… #AssangeCase #AssangeTrial #journalists
#JulainAssange, left, with Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, June 16, 2013.
Photo by Frank Augstein | AP
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امریکا میں 2001 میں ہونے والے دہشت گردی کے حملوں نے دنیا کو بدل کر رکھ دیا۔ سابق سینیٹر اور رہنما پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی فرحت اللہ بابر بتا رہے ہیں کہ ان حملوں کے پاکستان پر کیا اثرات ہوئے۔1/3

#September11 #September11attacks #USA #Pakistan #Musharraf #Sujag #Friday
امریکا میں 2001 میں ہونے والے دہشت گردی کے حملوں نے دنیا کو بدل کر رکھ دیا۔ سابق سینیٹر اور رہنما پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی فرحت اللہ بابر بتا رہے ہیں کہ ان حملوں کے پاکستان پر کیا اثرات ہوئے۔2/3

#September11 #September11attacks #USA #Pakistan #Musharraf #Sujag #Friday
امریکا میں 2001 میں ہونے والے دہشت گردی کے حملوں نے دنیا کو بدل کر رکھ دیا۔ سابق سینیٹر اور رہنما پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی فرحت اللہ بابر بتا رہے ہیں کہ ان حملوں کے پاکستان پر کیا اثرات ہوئے۔3/3

#September11 #September11attacks #USA #Pakistan #Musharraf #Sujag #Friday
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There are two main types of twins.

The woman ovulates ONE EGG which is joined by ONE SPERM & becomes ONE ZYGOTE.
This now splits into 2 babies

This type of twins are usually so similar you can barely tell them apart
They are same sex. Image
The woman ovulates TWO EGGS & they are joined by TWO DIFFERENT SPERMS to become TWO ZYGOTES to become 2 different babies.
They may look alike but not like the identical twins,more like siblings.
They can be same/different sex.
This type is more common
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Happy Friday everyone 🥳!

I hope your week has been productive, share something new you learned or something you accomplished this week below 🔥 !

#100DaysOfCode #Friday
I can start, this week I learned about thread starvation because of a lock on access to our DB (a huge problem we had 2 weeks ago). I also learned some nuances about ngxs, stores, and how to use variables with 2 possible types in typescript to avoid repeating code or adding ifs
And I accomplished a good closure to the phase of our project with a demo that went great!

I´m also happy that I got back to upload videos this week ^^!

It was a great week for me! Let me hear about yours!
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"The appointment of perhaps the most hardline neoconservative hawk to the new position of Special Representative for Iran is the latest in a long line of escalatory measures the #TrumpAdministration has taken."
By @AlanRMacLeod… #ELLIOTABRAMS #Trump
#IlhanOmar shot back: “Yes or no, do you think that massacre was a fabulous achievement that happened under our watch?”
by @zerohedge… #ElliottAbrams #ElSalvador
"...over 70 #academics and experts signed an open letter demanding that the U.S. “cease encouraging violence by pushing for violent, extralegal #regimechange.”
by @commondreams
#JohnBolton #ELLIOTABRAMS #Friday #fridaymorning #warmongers
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