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@OmarAbdullah #kashmiris know all this and if you do not go with what our people want and that is #KashmirDemandsSelfDetermination
#KashmirRight2SelfDetermination you and your ilk will not be accepted and continue to be recognised as a #Collabarator of the occupying force .
I recall when I was young and met sheikh sahib after my and only visit to #Pakistan in 1980 to attend a cousin marriage he accepted the mistake of choosing #India and completely proved by what #India did on 5th August 2019 and his justification was 1971 debacle which led him to
1975 debacle after the 1947 . Your father in 1996 did the same when we were loosing youth everyday and again opted for #IndianDemocracy which is proved once again as you people where looking for autonomy and he did not get that as that was treated as tissue paper in #DelhiDarbar
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THREAD: In case anyone is interested in seeing how Indian American fascists respond to exposées, here is a glimpse. This is the exec director of the Hindu American Foundation - an org that supports casteism, Islamophobia, & the occupation of #Kashmir. (1/11)
Shukla claims that HAF is not a pro-India group. Then why have they worked closely with the Indian govt to defend its actions (Kashmir/CAA-NRC) in the US—using their resources to deflect any and all criticism of the Hindu nationalist regime? (2/11)
Why would an org that claims to speak for issues that are of “critical importance to Hindus” support legislation that has currently placed #India on a genocide watch? Why is it so important for “Hindu advocacy” to include the settler colonialism of #Kashmir? (3/11)
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#IndianAmericansAgainstHindutva: If you are Indian or HIndu, based in the US, and disgusted by #ModiTrump and #Hindutva, don't simmer inside. It's time to take action. Here are 7 things you can do. Which action will you pick this month?
1/7 #IndianAmericansAgainstHindutva: South Asian students around the country are planning a #HoliAgainstHindutva, happening on college campuses in March. Visit to learn more, including how to organize your own event.
2/7 #IndianAmericansAgainstHindutva: Ask your local city council to pass a resolution that condemns efforts to deny rights to religious minorities and Dalits in India. Follow the lead of the Seattle & Cambridge City Councils:…
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Game plan to depict #Kashmir 'normalcy'
-Bring Neo-Nazi friends to #Kashmir
-fill o/w empty schools by forcing compulsory exams for 60k students
-Stage sycophantic pictures/tweets

Dear #India, why work so hard?According to u hasn't Kashmir been normal all along?
Imp Thread👇🏾
22 out of the 28 @Europarl_EN's members visiting #Kashmir are far-right MPs who are visiting India in a private capacity - organised by an NGO (2/21)…
#India is orchestrating the visit of these far-right politicians to show the world that #Kashmir is normal despite India's illegal actions in Kashmir; especially given that India is facing extreme international condemnation on this issue. (3/21)
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Today, Sun Oct. 27th, marks the 72nd yr of a brutal Indian military occupation of Kashmir. There are ~1 million Indian troops currently on the ground, making Kashmir the most militarized region in the world. Today in Chicago we demand an end to the occupation & #standwithkashmir
The poetry of resistance: "We were and we shall be" #standwithkashmir
95,000+ killed
20,000+ orphaned
8,000+ disappeared
4,000+ raped (India uses rape as a sanctioned military tactic)
6,000+ mass graves
72 years of military occupation

#standwithkashmir @standwkashmir
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A huge thank you to @NitashaKaul for your courage, honesty & bravery on the @HouseForeign committee held on Oct 22nd. You demonstrated the power & significance of Kashmiri voices in Kashmir's path to liberation. You were nothing short of remarkable ♥️

@NitashaKaul @HouseForeign .@NitashaKaul in her opening, draws apt parallel comparisons between #Nazi Germany and current day #India. She boldly demands India be held accountable for their arbitrary use of power in #Kashmir.
@NitashaKaul @HouseForeign Here @NitashaKaul answers some of the lies spoken by another co-panelist earlier.
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Day 0: Terror threat
Day 1: 370, UT, precautionary measure
Day 2: Everything is normal.
Day 10: Everything is becoming normal
Day 20: Kashmir is returning to normalcy
Day 30: Kashmir is normal, but you can't go there.
Day 40: This is normal for Kashmir
Day 50: ...1/
Day 50: Kashmir is normal only but can't disrupt militants communication without shutting off ALL communication
Day 60: Soon there will be normalcy.
Day 70? 80? 90? 100?........

Govt keeps bringing "normal" to normalcy and gets further and further away. #StandWithKashmir 2/
Forget sympathy for Kashmiris. Forget any "human" feelings for them. Say Kashmiris are evil and must die only. No one cares. Ok fine.

How is it helping the ANYONE?

Are Kashmiri Pandits closer to going home? 3/
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I am back from Kashmir after spending 26 day's at home.
The experience as a whole was scary!
Kashmir has lost its charm completely with desserted street's and heavy deployment of security personnel.
There's a Civil Curfew in place.
A Thread.
#RedForKashmir #StandWithKashmir
1. Schools, colleges and universities are non functional. In some private schools parents are even asked for monthly fees without students attending the classes.
Students prefer private coaching as year end exams are nearing.
2. There is less movement of vehicles during day time in uptown areas of Srinagar. Local buses do not ply. Only private vehicles can be seen on the roads. There have been many incidents where private vehicles have been set ablaze.
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Thousands of people from different districts of Azad Kashmir are marching towards Tetrinot, LoC today. This video has just been uploaded from Rawalakot city. People are charged. Violence may erupt if govt tries to stop them. Local and int'l media needs to cover it.
Pictures shared by the participants when rally reach Hajira. As per estimates, 20k plus people are in the rally. People from all political and social backgrounds are participating.
As per last reports, violent clashes are going on between protestors and the police at Dawarandi near Hajira. Administration is trying to stop masses from marching towards Tetrino LoC.
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Dear IPS, ask Indian state to lift the communication blackout so people and media can talk to local psychiatriss. Supporting state policies seriously shadows your credibility for blind nationaism. #StandwithKashmir…
I am a Kashmiri psychiatrist and sadly member of IPS. I have worked & researched in #kashmir. There are 💯 of papers documenting the trauma and torture of local population. Sadly you stand with psychiatrists like the ones in Nazi Germany who put ethics behind. #StandwithKashmir
It would be good to know if you have spoken to any of your member in Kashmir chapter of IPS? Probably you don't care as it's about national interest and blind faith in propaganda news. You even planned to troll @TheLancet
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Who has the most right to speak about the #KashmirIssue? #Kashmiris, of course. Speaking with @tmturkee about her perspective on #Kashmir. #KashmirBleeds #KashmirBleedsForJustice #StandwithKashmir #KashmirWantsFreedom #EndKashmirBlockade

Full interview:
@tmturkee "The Indian media, it's corrupt. The narrative that's in the mainstream media is totally corrupt because they tell you a one-side story.... They tell you that everything perfectly fine in #Kashmir. How can everything be fine when people are not allowed to go out?" #KashmirBleeds
@tmturkee #Kashmiris on #Kashmir. Speaking with @kingaamir29 about his perspective: "Scrapping #Article370 is like UK revoking independence." #KashmirBleeds #KashmirBleedsForJustice #StandwithKashmir #KashmirWantsFreedom #EndKashmirBlockade

Full interview:
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What a world we live in. It’s the 21st century and I am still feeling the shocks of this. #kobahumanrights?
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