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1️⃣ Ever driven on the highway and found yourself in a trance-like state? That's Highway Hypnosis, a dangerous phenomenon where you become mentally disengaged from driving. Let's dive deeper! 🛣️😴
2️⃣ Highway Hypnosis, also known as "White Line Fever," occurs when monotonous road conditions lull your brain into a state of relaxation, leading to decreased awareness. It's a serious safety concern! 😮
3️⃣ To combat Highway Hypnosis, try:

✅ Take regular breaks during long drives to refresh your mind and regain focus.
✅ Engage in conversation, play music, or listen to audiobooks to stay mentally alert.
✅ Avoid driving when you're excessively fatigued or sleep-deprived. 💤
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Please note. At noon on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, the blue areas are where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will serve as President and Vice President respectively. #justsoweareclear #america #stayalert #joebiden #kamalaharris
trump as expected was the worst to hold the office of #potus All of his supporters may not be racist (but clearly they are ok with racism so 🤷🏾‍♂️) but all the racists love and support him. #sedition #trumptreason
I thought trump said that he would join the racist riotous mob at the Capitol during their violent takeover attempt? #coward
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Hello all. Just checked in on Twitter and appears things are kicking off on my tweets from yesterday. So, in the interests of full clarity and to make sure I am not spreading misinformation, here is precisely what happened and some verifiable information people have added.
I woke up feeling ill (cough, sore throat, sore muscles, fatigue) I am in contact with fairly high risk people so thought I would look into getting a home Covid test. I did this through the website. When prompted I said I did not have severe symptoms...
I know my NI number, do not now my NHS number. I am self employed so submit taxes through this website & am on the electoral roll. I then saw the page asking me to allow TransUnion to verify me. I did a quick google of TransUnion and this came up clearly labelling them American.
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Woke up a slight sore throat so thought I'd do the right thing & get a Covid test. Official website now demanding I share my information with an American Credit Check Company.
No way that's good news.
This is the same website that I could already log into and pay my taxes, so why this? Quick search shows that not only does it look like our govt are using the pandemic to sell some data harvesting to the US, but it's actively stopped people being able to get home tests.
Think I am right in saying, under the EU's GDPR rules a company would not be able to hold onto information given in this way. Those rules do not apply to the USA.
So, if you had any doubt whether Tories would dare make money off the NHS in a global pandemic, sure looks that way.
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Watch ye therefore, because you know not what hour your Lord will come.

But this know ye, that if the goodman of the house knew what hour the thief would come, he would certainly watch, and would not suffer his house to be broken open. (Mt24:42-51 #HolyMass #Aug27) ~ DR #Bible Image
2. Wherefore be you also ready, because at what hour you know not the Son of man will come. (Mt24:42-51) ~ Douay Rheims #Bible
#JesusChrist #Jesus #religion #StaySafe #StayAlert #Christianity #ChristiansOnTwitter #CatholicTwitter #Christiantwitter #quotesaboutlife
3. Who, thinkest thou, is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath appointed over his family, to give them meat in season.

Blessed is that servant, whom when his lord shall come he shall find so doing. (Mt24:42-51) ~ Douay Rheims #Bible
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*Long thread*
Fantastic to see & meet so many ppl out exercising. What makes me nervous is when I see them alone.

I am 35yrs of age and have been:
▫️Stalked for 2yrs+
▫️Followed/cornered 3 times when training.

More information on situations ⬇️
Up until now those closest to me were the only people aware of the above plus the gardai. I was always afraid to tell others because having this happen so many times almost seems unbelievable.

Starting with the stalker. I have still no idea where they came from..
All I know is I recieved a call one night when out with friends from a private number. When I answered the male told me they were standing at my car. When I called their bluff they described the car and what I was wearing . That night I was escorted to my car by security..
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There are five levels of #UKHeatwave alert the Met Office can issue.

This is Level 1... Image
This is #UKHeatwave Level 2... Image
This is #UKHeatwave Level 3... Image
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Very much enjoying making silly things throughout lockdown, so am putting them all in a thread here. If you like what I do, the dream is to get about 500 people to buy me a £3 coffee a month so I can just continue pumping out nonsense here for free.
If you can't afford that, obviously don't do it - I'll still be an idiot! Likes & shares give me delicious dopamine, so are a sustainable alternative. Or if you're a reckless millionaire a one off donation of a cool 20k? Anyway lets start with good old Liz
Here's the Stock Footage recreation of Buffy the Vampire Slayers intro that still keeps my notifications busy.

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*Thread* If Islington wonders why some see it as weird and nasty, it need look no further than its most famous political denizen, Corbyn. For more education, turn to Islington Labour councillor Matt Nathan, elected to the council in 2018. Let's start with hate and violence. 1/12 Image
Nathan would have you believe he stands against hatred. No, he lives it. His Twitter account bursts with vulgarity, aggression and abuse. Guillotines galore! 2/12
In May, he called for violent death for the “ruling class”: “Now that 60,000 of us have died needlessly to protect the economic model of the ruling class I can publicly lobby for their bloody end. Rejoice.” 3/12 Image
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(01/31) The late film critic @ebertchicago was not a huge fan of @rolandemmerich’s “Independence Day”. His review of the larger-than-life, schmaltzy blockbuster noted that it was little other than “silly summer fun”, which was reluctant to “slow down for the small details”.
(02/31) ‘Not slowing down’ is very much part of the modus operandi of blogger, hat model and occasional-#PrimeMinister Dominic Cummings. Particularly when maximising the fuel efficiency of the vehicle transporting his symptomatic family to medical facilities in Northern England.
(03/31) Cummings favours haste, brevity and a broad-brush approach over ‘the small details’. This is perhaps best demonstrated by his relentless promotion of catchy-yet-meaningless slogans, such as #StayAlert, #GetBrexitDone and #ConsiderTheMatterClosed.
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🚨Important thread Alert👇🏻🚨

🤔We know you may have Q’s about this new data & what this means to you, your loved ones & diabetes📊

⁉️We’ve tried to compile a list of FAQ’s to answer queries

Please read this thread all the way through & share widely! 🔁
#GBDoc #BeKind
🚨@ACDC_UK - 👶🏽👧🏻🧒🏼👦🏿👱🏻‍♀️👩🏼‍🦰
Association of Children’s Diabetes Clinicians statement on children returning to school:…
🚨 Sick Day Rules: ⬆️🥴🤢🤒😷

👨🏻T1 Adults:……

👩🏽T2 adults:…

👶🏼Children :…
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1: You must #StayAlert to help control #coronavirus and save lives. Yellow and green graphic. T...
2: 🏠 Stay at home as much as possible. Blue graphic showing a pers...
3: 💻 Work from home if you can. Green and yellow graphic sh...
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For our #MondayMotivaton today I try to work out which sports we can still play whilst socially distancing...

...explained through the medium of Hot Hits compilation albums! Image
Association Football? NO! Keeping two meters apart is too difficult in soccer, unless we use the rules of table football for each match (note: no spinning and no tilting the pitch!) Image
Angling? YES! Social distancing is the reason most people take up this pastime in the first place, plus the smell of bait keeps most people at least two meters away from you. Image
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1/8 We can all help control the virus if we all stay alert.
2/8 Stay alert by staying at home as much as possible.
3/8 Stay alert by working from home if you can.
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I've seen this spoof of the government's ridiculous #StayAlert many times today

But I think it's onto something. The Chicken Song in fact has many relevant lyrics and should be adopted as the official anthem for the #Covid19 pandemic.

I'll explain. #TheCovidChickenSong

/1 Image
🎵Hold a chicken in the air...🎵

It is important to avoid having your produce come into contact with other surfaces or people, due to risk of contamination


🎵Stick a deckchair up your nose...🎵

All outdoor leisure should be avoided, or at least kept within the realm of your personal space


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⬇️ THREAD ⬇️

To chart our progress and to avoid going back to square one, we are establishing a new COVID Alert System run by a new Joint Biosecurity Centre.

That COVID Alert Level will be determined primarily by R and the number of coronavirus cases. #StayAlert
In turn that COVID Alert Level will tell us how tough we have to be in our social distancing measures – the lower the level, the fewer the measures. #StayAlert
The higher the level, the tougher and stricter we will have to be. #StayAlert
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This Govt is appallingly, consistently inept. By not taking obvious decisions in Jan/Feb it has already unnecessarily killed tens of thousands & is destroying our we’ve got this idiotic #StayAlert message. It is hard to stress enough: IT DIDN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS
No one with half a brain could read about #ExerciseCygnus (based on a relatively mild ‘flu for which a vaccine would have been available quickly) & *not* conclude that we were hideously unprepared for the more virulent and not-yet-treatable #COVID19…
In these circumstances, ANY half decently-motivated Government that was reasonably balanced would put measures in place early to contain the virus and protect people, particularly those most at risk, while working for a global solution (we won’t be safe unless everyone is).
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There’s often a moment in the third act of a Hitchcock thriller – “the big reveal” – when the scales fall from the eyes of the hapless central character & he realises the answer he’s been searching for has been in front of his nose all along. That is how I felt last Thursday. /1 Image
Before I go on with this #THREAD, I should make clear, I’m NOT a scientist.

Two months ago, what I knew about epidemiology, virology & communicable diseases
could have been written on the back of a postage stamp. /2
(Video by @markhumphries) #COVID19
I started becoming more concerned about #coronavirus in late February after talking to a friend who’s husband is a scientist. Then, in early March, I stumbled into something which had implications far greater than anything I could've imaged at the time. /3
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