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Hilo sobre la dominancia de #BTC y por qué creo (YO) que continuará bajando con el tiempo de una manera lógica.
Todos conocemos las ventajas de #BTC y sus puntos fuertes, fue el primer activo blockchain + un antes y después.
La dominancia de BTC (BTC.D) es una cuenta, explico:
BTC.D=Market cap de BTC/Market cap total #CRYPTO (TOTAL).
Añadir que es el resultado, el cociente, de unos hechos, no se mueve primero, si no que su resultado refleja una relación, simplemente. Por lo que para mí, carece de sentido el hacer análisis técnico per se. Otro tema.
"Pero tío la dominancia está muy baja, históricamente ha rebotado y por ciclos debería hacer lo mismo haciendo sangrar a las alts." Aquí hay dos errores evidentes, el primero es que si las alts sangraran más que BTC->La dominancia baja, y no al revés. El otro error es el ciclado.
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oke, looking at dis and i neva learned market profile or whatever these are...
summary should be interesting.

If you enjoy, drop a follow, DM me abouts my arts to support.
Art is my full-time 'job' when im not annoying inversebrah
theres 100 of u sick fucks here on a saturday, like what are you doing.

I longed a sweep of the lows, and kinda had to puke it and happy i did.

Chat asking for Valorant.
Magus lost 4 in a row LMfknWO

Doing #BTC and then #alts
Cascade and then range, was looking for accumulation and then up, that hasnt happened.

We have a kinda fractal'd July and are in a second distribution. The play for most ppl will be to wait for a reclaim of first distrbution. invalidation below.

Build a position
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1/ #BTFD they all say, but they never say HOW.

Buying the dip is a science.

The more $BTC bleeds, the more #altcoins bleed. With blood comes profit. Red is green.

In this MEGA-THREAD I'll show you how to turn red into green.

Like, retweet and follow for more 😘
2/ -- DIP FUND --
I routinely tell people to keep a min of 30%-50% of their portfolio in #stablecoin. This is your dip fund.

When #crypto is bullish, you can get away with 30%. When it's bearish or crabby, 50%+ is a good dip fund.

I hope you have a dip fund ready to go.
My dip fund is split 70% for buying dip (strategically), 30% for investing in projects in a bear market.

More on buying the dip on tweet 6, let's talk bear launches first.
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Some thoughts on the market and a basis for the thesis I formed in November on $BTC and #Alts

CPI print at 6.2% was indeed bearish since markets are forward looking and #Bitcoin is an inflation hedge. It was a great opportunity to de-risk. Enter $ETH
$ETH prints a doji showing waning momentum. At that same time the Eth whale claims a 2.5B position on eth finex closing out the long trade from July bottom and Eth foundation sells a small amount 👇
Now let's look back to the recent past in April. When a huge inflows of participants came. Weird how this works. When the lemmings come in masses it's probably time to sell. Some of us did :)
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I don't think we are in #bear market.
Here is my daily take on the #btc #bitcoin chart
Thread below🧵👇

(adding @MMCrypto thumbnail as it seems to work well at grabbing attention 😅. Big love MM, big fan!)
#cryptocurrrency #crypto

Pls RT/share if useful

In the short term we will go a bit lower, as the the 50 day moving average continues to move away from the 200. No golden cross is forming (yet).
2/ THE 1HR CHART = 🐻

The 1HR looks pretty bearish too having failed to create a golden cross
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1/ $BTC is dipping. I see a lot of degens are trying to pick a bottom and go all in. That's not how you buy the dip. Everyone tells people to #buythedip, but nobody explains how. This is how I buy dips on #bitcoin and all my #alts.
2/ I always keep a healthy dip fund so that I can buy major dips like this one. Imagine my dip fund is 50k and I want to buy 5 cryptos in this dip, I dedicate 10k to each. You could dedicate more to one or less to the other. I am just keeping numbers easy.
3/ If I want 10k worth of BTC, but when do I buy? I scale in at support or on breaks of support. When a major support breaks and price settles, I scale in. I might not buy every support if bearish momentum is strong, this is just a rough outline. Image
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Altcoin Fractals TradingView Guide:
This thread gives a point to point explanation on how to overlay Altcoin fractals on top of Bitcoin so you the reader can see how your Altcoin of choice behaved when Bitcoin peaked in 2017 or mid cycle. Thank you for reading.
1. Firstly you will need to enter #TradingView and bring up the BLX as pictured below:
2. Next you will need to open up the add symbols tab:
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Exiting Altcoins:
This thread explores multiple strategies on exiting altcoins at the end of the bull cycle. Some are more advanced than others but the goal of nailing the peak is not for everyone, you just need to get out somewhere near. Thank you for reading 👇
1. Beginning with some comparisons of where Altcoins in the past have peaked in relation to Bitcoin. First on the list is Ethereum in 2017:
2. Now comparing 2017 to how ETH peaked for mid cycle in 2021:
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Time for a #Crypto thread!!

Let me share you about $XSN @StakenetDEX @XSNofficial

🧵👇 1/ 19
$XSN It is the native cryptocurrency of Stakenet
and powers its decentralized applications.
What is Stakenet?

Stakenet is a decentralized blockchain with Layer 2 solutions, Stakenet nodes, and dApps, such as a Layer 3 DEX

Cross-chain platform built on top of its own cryptocurrency- $XSN

Individuals can easily operate with any blockchain by using XSN and its dApps
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$ETH is going to 13K min, and it’s probably hitting 20K. On the same path as #BTC 2017.

If it does 5x from here, what do you think the rest gonna do?

Prepare yourself for many of your targets being low.

The emotions will get out of control.

Safest way to exit #alts? 👇

At every local / cycle top since #alts existed, #BTC peaks first, then #alts explode as #BTC retraces to its .702 fib.

So, wait for a sharp #BTC fall and the bounce.

Draw the .702 from peak to bounce.

Look up Fibonacci Retracement Tool if needed👇

If alt cap makes a new high before #BTC gets to the .702, that was probably the top.

Alt cap will then likely peak as #BTC reaches the .702.

Not a bad place to exit.
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“How do I know when to sell #alts?”

Probably the question I get the most.

2 main options:

1️⃣ Develop fib-based targets for each and exit/ladder out as they approach

2️⃣ Sell everything as #BTC reaches the .702 retrace from its peak

Will dive more into 1 in the weeks ahead.

Getting many questions on 2.

For new followers who may have missed past posts, here’s a summary…

The .702 Fibonacci retracement is measured from recent high to recent low. So if you think #BTC has topped, wait for the bounce, and measure the .702. If it was the top, alts should run hard and alt market cap should put in a new high (and its peak) as btc reaches the .702. Image
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#Bitcoin - Most of us probably know, some of us don't:
#BTC Dominance is a measure of how much of the total market cap of crypto is comprised of Bitcoin
🔹If BTC Dominance increases #altcoins lose value against BTC
🔹When BTC Dominance decreases #alts gain value against BTC
To keep it plain and simple; If #BTC dominance rises, #Bitcoin will outperform #altcoins, if it decreases vice versa. Seeing $BTC dominance drop can be an indication of an incoming 'alt-season'. Atm dominance is rising. As you might have noticed, your #alts look weak..
..while #bitcoin shows strength. This is (for now) nothing to worry about. Money flowing into the #crypto market finds #BTC first. Sooner or later, this money will find #altcoins. This is the moment #altcoins will start to outperform $BTC and dominance drops.
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Most Likely scenario for $QNT:
Repeating fractal with a 15 Day consolidation period that puts us right on September 25th - 3 days before rumored OVN launch.

If $QNT is the $XRP of the 2021 bull cycle. That could mean it flips $ETH market cap (1/2)
Profits need to go somewhere after a bitcoin bull cycle. 2017 and 2018 saw smart money taking profits into $XRP because of its utility. This led to XRP flipping $ETH MCAP multiple times in the past. $QNT is negatively correlated to $BTC as of now. Same Story different coin
The fat finger buy and upwards trending QNT/BTC chart clearly show the exit out of $BTC. The Zero-Liquidity zone pushed price and rejected, further suggesting a period of consolidation.
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Will be interesting to see if and how far NFT's correct in the next few weeks. Here's the problem with NFT's and #Alts

Example 1: When things get frothy, hundreds of tokens launch a day. Which spreads out capital as market becomes over-saturated.
Eventually there's no new buyers and profit taking begins, but bc things are so spread out. There's really not much support bc of liquidity + how rapid things went up

Same outcome with the Altseason in NFT's we just had. SHORT TERM. Will be interesting to see how supports build
Essentially we just had 100's of NFT's launching a day. Same thing with DeFi season, alt season, uniswap you name it. The good ones will survive and carry on. This market always gets too over-saturated. I'd like to see flight back to quality across the board. Blue chips
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We gonna look very in-depth at the current situation discussing possibilities easy to understand even for dummies but deep enough to see hidden value

▪️ Long-term outlook
▪️ Fractals
▪️ On-chain Data
▪️ Fear & Greed
▪️ Bitcoin.Dominance
▪️ Summary

▪️ Long-term outlook

In any #Bitcoin prediction, the best thing to start with is to remind ourselves of this Monthly channel and understand we are bullish.

A logarithmic chart is the best tool to see true value trends without any clouded judgment.

Any time you are gonna see anyone making catastrophic predictions, go back to this chart & remind yourself of the truth

Charts don't lie, people do

Any dips below the midpoint of the channel & 50% retracement of the current cycle have been historically a great investment

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Global markets will likely crash in the next ~2 months, and how I believe #Bitcoin & #crypto will be affected.

/1. Unemployment Benefits Ending

Enhanced unemployed benefits for ~14m+ (in US alone) are scheduled to end completely by Sept. (~10 states have ended early).

Transfer payments are a big component of 'CARES' act that helped boost incomes above normal levels since the pandemic. Image
/2. Rent Eviction Moratoriums, Mortgage Forbearance, Student Loans Deferment Periods, etc

Along with the phase out of Enhanced UI benefits / PUA, we have a number of factors on the opposite side of the equation that will increase expenses / debt payments for millions. ImageImage
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Are $ALTS really bearish?
Is it over, can we pack it all up?

Let's compare the current situation to what we saw in 2017.

A little thread


#Altcoins #Alts #Crypto Image
I will value the $ALTS versus their $ value.

Will write another updated version of it soon where I compare both pairs HTF.

We did a ~40X from the march '20 bottom.

Muh Altseason.

2/12 Image
So, when we flipped the multi year resistance last summer, we did a 11X

May the 19th, we saw a brutal massive massacra, resulting in a very fast 58% drop.

That is a massive drop and many out here probably got liquidated using 2x leverage or more as well.

3/12 Image
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Thread for Weekly Review. It's been a long while since we used this format for our review so here goes.
#TOTAL Marketcap on the Weekly tf has flipped the 20 Ma and the 1.75T Weekly level into resistance. Price is trading well below the monthly level. No sign of strength for the bulls to hold onto on this TF.
On the Daily TF the #TOTAL chart has very clean SR levels. Daily close below 1.37T opens the market up for significant downside. Price can confirm strength on a reclaim of 1.82 + monthly open as support.
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I reckon we've got a few months left of this cycle. I believe it's going to top out around September. Based on Stock to Flow. Whether Stock to Flow is correct or not, it is a meme, so will be manifested by traders who are setting bids/asks based on it, etc.
I think in the nearterm, a rising tide can lift all boats. BTC can keep rising. That means hodlers and good traders have profits to deploy to alts. It also means more and more normies enter and go, "Oh BTC is way too expensive now. What's cheap?". That can drive alts up too.
I also think alts can have big drawbacks and the setups would still be in tact/healthy. ETC was vertical. I don't know if the others will be. Here's LTC making its way up. It's messy, but see the red highlighter over those retracements? The alts could do this while BTC flies.
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[Point de marché]

Comme tous les Lundis, on fait le tour sur le marché pour avoir une vision a court / moyen terme. Je vais essayer d’être clair pour que chacun puisse construire sa stratégie, ou à minima élargir sa vision sur les potentiels du marché
#trading #cryptocurrency
Comme d’hab le $BTC est à l’honneur dans mon analyse. Partons tout d’abord sur une vision macro de ce dernier. Comme dis la semaine dernière, le mois de mars est correctif sur l’ensemble des marchés. On a donc un marché qui évoluera plus sur des mouvements de côté (range).
En vue semaine on observe deux choses importantes :

1⃣ Lors d’un bullrun, les corrections peuvent venir toucher l’EMA 21 sans clôturer en dessous
2⃣ Globalement, la structure haussière est tout à fait saine
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Making a thread within a thread on $BTC vs #ALTS

Will discuss fully on Monday's video

Worth a read going into the next few weeks and from someone who's experienced a few market cycles now

Please RT + Like. It may save you and others a ton of money. Food for thought
August. Red flags thread before alts nuked 30-50% in a matter of days

The BTC dominance at the time. As you can see we are now finally almost back. Note the disagreement and euphoria at the time + low engagement. That was when alts topped

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Time to look for #alts that are showing strength in this #btc move
Little cheat sheet we used last run

How to choose coins to trade depending on BTC trend?

Following rules I follow, feel free to add your comments.

1. Is BTC moving up against USD > look for BTC pairs moving up

2. If BTC is moving up but ETH moving up against BTC > look for ETH pairs moving up. ( same with BNB pairs)

3. if USD moving up against BTC ( aka Bitcoin dumping)> look for USDT pairs moving up
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1/ Hello hello! A November to Remember – November 2020 Monthly Crypto Report is fresh off the press!

Snatch up the full report here:

👇 For a snippet, read on👇 Image
2/ 📈 Another yearly high for the crypto market! With $554B, it overtook the previous record $378B.

This shows a growth of 46% in comparison to October's 20%. Image
3/ 🔥 #Bitcoin touched its new ATH at $19,725, surpassing its previous record if $19,665.

This was likely bolstered by the positive sentiment towards the crypto market by the mainstream and mass media. Image
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At this point, it looks kinda inevitable for #ETH to do a larger correction

312 is a done deal and then I expect 294 with a temporary bounce with a final push to a MACRO RANGE LOW at 276-263 where I expect us to bottom

That will also mark the true beginning of #ALTseason Image
Until then you shouldn't really play much with #alts unless you truly know what you are doing. Which, let's be honest, most of you don't.

When bottoms at IMHO HTF Range Low it will start it's macrocycle bottom run (Target 0.07) and all alts will follow
0.0312 swept / 0.0294 next

Just sit back and enjoy the show

#ETH #Ethereum Image
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