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My '#Bitcoin is Bearish' thread.

I'll break down my analysis and reasoning as to why I believe the #cryptocurrency markets are bearish.

For those of you that don't know, my style of trading & analysis involves analyzing the momentum shifts with correlated assets, such as $DXY.
Some basic things to understand about $BTC & it's common correlation with popular Forex pairings such as $DXY (the $USD index) or $EURUSD (the most commonly traded Forex pair).

1. $BTC is inversely correlated with $DXY. (duh)
2. $BTC is 1:1 correlated with $EURUSD.
Breaking this down, Barney-style:

1. $BTC is inversely correlated with $DXY because it's the most commonly traded #bitcoin pair. From Leverage exchanges, to $USDT; $BTC is almost always traded against the $USD.

Therefore, you can try to trade the 'opposite' of what $DXY does.
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Unpopular decision:
I'm reducing my alt exposure by 75%. My focus will be on $BTC and here's why.

1. The halving nears. If BTC pumps, alts get rekt. If it dumps, alts get rekt.
2. #alts are just a game of musical chairs and the music always stops. I don't want to give
back to the market at a time when new CME contracts are starting, and the halving as stated
3. Over the last 2-3 years, alt pumps when BTC has gotten near the .618 fibs typically have been short lived. I will say they look better now than before in saying that, but they can
signal the end of a cycle.
4. I might miss some pumps. That's fine. This market provides new opportunities daily. Opportunities don't ever stop if you have gun powder on hand. Being over-exposed to alts at this inflection point, seems risky. The ending has been the same every
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I might not be making money yet myself, waiting for my #ALTs to moon, but at least I'm useful to someone(my best friend since Jr. High and college roomate).

$PINK $PIVX $ONG $MTL $LIFE (I'll mention the other good coins when I'm able to get in on them 😀). Must pump these first.
#bitcoin doing well since my "extremely bullish" proclamation to my friend about 25 minutes ago at the bottom of the most recent short-term dip.

Give the fuck up, bears! You're done for! #MuellerMayhem incoming!

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Wanted to mention some projects I think have a lot of potential for growth in the coming months. Various caps. #Alts are risky, don't be dumb. These posts are not meant to be comprehensive. Will add to this list soon (if needed). Feel free to comment to add info.
OTC only (~800 sats)-
Built from scratch project using "mesh" concept
Brand new concept using proof of diversity
No mining or staking. Participating in the mesh earns coins.
Unique solutions to problems larger chains face.
Mochimo $MCM (
Estimated OTC price ~$5 -
"Quantum-proof" cryptocurrency
Very miner focused
Premine a little high (6%)
Built from scratch
Fixed tx fees, ASiC resistant
Proprietary method of controlling overall blockchain size
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Pourquoi avoir une stratégie de cash out?

Il est important tout au long de la montée de vendre vos profits en #bitcoin ou #altcoins dans le but de sécuriser vos gains. Bien qu'on voudrait toujours tout laisser en #crypto, un gains qui n'est pas encaissé n'est PAS un gain.
Premièrement, il faut déterminer des objectifs de ventes pour vos $BTC ou #altcoins (avoir plusieurs prix de ventes) et s'y tenir. Même si la hausse semble vouloir continuer, ne soyez pas gourmand et respectez vos plans. C'est plus facile de perdre que de gagner.
Vos 3 possibilités lors d'un bullrun:
1 - Sécuriser des gains en FIAT.
2 - Déplacer vos profits dans les #alts.
3 - Sécuriser ce que vous voudrez réinvestir en $USDT.

Généralement, je fais les trois.
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1/ It seems every #trader has to do the same mistakes as their predecessors. There are #wisdowms you will only understand, if you have experienced them yourself. In this thread I will give you the #wisdom, which can make the difference between being broke and driving lambos #btc
2/ Money is made in big swings

When realizing what profits can be made with trading, many start daytrading and want to #profit from every movement. You won't make more #money. Instead you will lose plenty of time. Watch big time frames and take positions for weeks #btc #trading
3/ When entering a #trade, have targets and a stop loss order

There is nothing more for you to do. There are two outcomes:

-you being stopped out
-you reaching your target

either is fine

realizing losses > being a bagholder
realized profits > unrealized profits

#btc #trading
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#ALTS $ALTBTC - TOP 10 (Large caps)
#ALTS $ALTBTC - Top 10 with:

- Consolidation / impulsion (arrows) #consimp
- 4 Stages
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